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Table of Contents



Is Focusing and Concentrating the Mind a Masculine Force?

Feelings and Emotions in Relation to Mental Focus

The ClearTalk Method for Using Your Personal Power to Focus and Concentrate Your Mind

Why ClearTalk Works So Beautifully

Regarding Having a Relationship With Computers To Help You With Your Spiritual Growth

The Work You Do With Your Consciousness

How To Do ClearTalk




1. ClearTalk Journal

ClearTalk Journal Part 1

ClearTalk Journal Part 2


2. The Key

In the Universe, In My Own Universe

ClearTalk Journal Part 3

Computers or Not To Use Computers?

ClearTalk Journal Part 4


3. Results Journal


4. Win List


"The Key" Revisited

The Philosophy Behind ClearTalk

Some Potential Benefits of Doing "ClearTalk Practice"

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The one success that brings all other success. I keep saying that to myself as if it is this infallible knowing in the deepest place of me. A life purpose to enjoy the benefits of knowing what that is and putting that into practice as I do. That infallible knowing is coming from inside of me and yet I have discovered by looking and searching and by having it show up on my doorstep metaphorically speaking, that many other people have come to know this one success.


So this book is all about you becoming able to enjoy that one success that brings all other success for your self, your life, and your fulfillment. Whatever that means to you. It's not a secret. It's not a hidden treasure that you need the key to unlock. It's been presented that way. It's not even a ladder that you have to climb rung by rung or a game you have to work through level by harder level.


It's about using your personal power to focus and concentrate your mind.


Now let that sink in because that is it.


This book is about making it easy for you to truly accept and understand about that. And to build on what you already have, and what you already can do, to work with your already existing abilities to help you demonstrate to yourself how easily you can accomplish now more than ever before in all of human history that one accomplishment that so many ancient masters and mystics and gurus and the like have said is the best and most difficult success to accomplish.


Which is not a secret. It's about using your personal power to focus and concentrate your mind. That is the the whole truth of what it is. By "it" I mean to say the one success that brings all other success in life is the ability to use your personal power to focus and concentrate your mind. If you don't know for sure if that really is the one success that brings all other success then have a visit to my quotes page on my web site which that page is filled with inspiration and help to allow yourself to accept that life could be that easy. If only you could do it.


You can do it. You can focus and concentrate your mind masterfully and in so doing possibly achieve whatever your heart desires to achieve and I want to help you do that and I intend to provide that help for you clearly and concisely and miraculously here in this book. It's up to you to apply what I am sharing and experience it for yourself. Honestly I think that a great part of the success of doing this is knowing in the first place that focusing and concentrating your mind is the critical element in all success and achievement of any kind.


When you don't know that, it can be very confusing like a never ending labyrinth or when you face two mirrors towards each other. When you simply accept and allow that the evidence that is out there that focusing and concentrating your mind is absolutely the thing to do for any form of success or achievement in life at any level then you are truly almost already there.


You can read testimonials here from some of the many people that have already had great success with the Elprehzleinn brand in their own lives by applying the knowledge and ideas and various things and feelings and energies we share.


Something else I would like to mention right up front here in the introduction is that it was the year 2000 when I first published, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" with the amazing and unbelievable Robyn Elprehzleinn. That book includes an introduction to the ClearTalk practice which is fully outlined in this book. So what I mean to say is that what you have in this book is the first time ever that this full ClearTalk practice has been given to the public. Yes it is true that I have shared various parts of the ClearTalk practice before now. However I really like to test something in actual application before I release it, and so as it turned out I tested and developed for 13 years what you are about to read and can make use of in practical application in your life. This just wasn't available before now.


So as you read through this book and you find me saying things about how certain I am about the results you COULD attain and things like that, it's due to the experience I have of MY SUCCESSES and the successes I have heard from others using this. I have so much confidence that the application of the materials presented here will be of great value to any being who uses them that I have chosen in writing this book to stay focused on doing the best I can to provide you with a method that has previously been unavailable so that you can try it for yourself rather than a book that attempts to convince you that this sort of thing is effective. Now that we have crossed the threshold of the year 2012 into the new world of human consciousness, I present this to you with great joy and satisfaction the consciousness technologies that are fully spelled out herein for you to use them and to help you identify and delineate and achieve your goals and dreams. To help you find and discover and live your destiny. You already know what that is in your heart and soul.


Finally as introduction to the materials I want to say that this book is an extension or further development for the readers of "The Practically Magical Use of Lists". It would be most elegant to do that book FIRST and then subsequently to do this book. Even more elegant and comprehensive to do the full set of three books that now make up the Life Transformation System A-Z trilogy. This is book 3, "Practically Magical Use of Lists" is book 2 and "Life Transformation System A-Z" is book 1. Life Transformation System A-Z provides motivation and inspiration and a structure of a 9 week home study program that incorporates the other two books to make up the total program. However each book is very effective on it's own. I just wanted you to know that up front. The added depth that could add to your experience of this book is unimaginable and unexplainable if you include the other two books, and in order. At the same time it is my passion to offer here a method that is absolutely concise even as much as it's complexity is comprehensive, and that is not dependant on the reader having read or applied the knowledge in the "Practically Magical Use of Lists" or "Life Transformation System A-Z". Even just the Win List exercise from the first book has been reported to be enormously successful on its own by many people. And so it is really your choice. The way our offerings are designed is that even doing a small part of them has a holistic integrity that works independently of the possibly greater effect of synergizing more of the parts or doing the full sequence starting from the first book and going through to the end of this one. Different people have different approaches and this is designed to work well as a linear progression out of that first book, or on it's own.

MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: While the complexity of learning and doing the entire ClearTalk system for the first time is a bit more difficult than writing your name on a piece of paper or pressing a button in an elevator it is not that much more difficult than that if you go step by step with me and stick with it until you have done all the steps. I am literally going to walk you through what many ancient masters have clearly said is the most difficult accomplishment in the world, that easily. This is way easier than for example learning to use your computer or phone or device for the first time. And I know you can do that. So you can do this. Only this is learning how to operate the most important "app" in all of the known universes. Your own body. That body of yours is one powerful computer capable of generating your own reality, or stopping you from generating your own reality. And our mission is in part to help you to make the most of your computer:) So let's continue?




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Is Focusing and Concentrating the Mind a Masculine Force?


Yes I think so that it is. So does that mean that women should not or could not do it? Women and men due to the way our bodies are electrically organized in terms of male and female polarities we have both within us. So surely it is different for men than for women in absolutely every arena of life. Of course it is. A woman focusing and concentrating her mind is going to be just that. A woman doing it in her feminine way of doing it. And a man will do it in his masculine way. Forming and focusing thought is certainly a premium asset whether your being is currently residing in a male or a female body.


And not only can men and women do it, in fact doing it together with some body else who is your lover, whether she is your lover or he is your lover or however you have that all arranged in your love life it is going to greatly benefit you as lovers to intertwine your minds as well as your bodies and do some ClearTalk practice together.


I know that we have been living for quite some time in a male dominated world and that even women have been forced to adapt and or chosen to adapt male ideas about how to live and how to be successful. I also know this is now a time of the world coming into balance and harmony and so today is a new day, in a new world. That being said, please consider with caution that many of the venerable meditation masters and success teachers that the ideas and principles of generating success that are consolidated into a working practice here are from men who even at their most exquisite levels of personal development may still have been tainted with the chauvinism and even misogynistic poisons that have imbalanced all of us. I mean even some of the truly great leaders and teachers and writers and ancient and modern inspirations. Envisioning, choosing and allowing the diamond scepter of male focus, the Shiva Lingham of rock solid beautiful life giving male aliveness at it's healthiest and beautiful best, the art of focusing and concentrating may all well be very male, and even purely male. And embracing that with femininity and all of the feminine powers is as bliss generating and ecstasy creating as the harmony and balance of yin and yang, and the fullness of life and love itself.


That being said, let's keep in mind that the even the Dalai Lama himself, (whom I quite feel is Buddha himself) has addressed this issue in a much quoted statement: "The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman". My intention is that this ClearTalk technology is a gift to the western woman that can help her embrace the masculine powers of focus and concentration in such a way that her feminine powers can flourish and grow and bring life to what she imagines, desires, and expects in her heart/womb centered wisdom is best for the world, and for humanity, and to express and create that life as only woman do. To offer something masculine for women to enjoy, if that is what this is, then so let it be. And for men who choose this practice I strongly recommend that you relate to how creative and feminine the practice can be, and your success and accomplishments in life can be with this methodology, and how you can handle anything at all like this. And consider doing this with women, or one special woman, if you are so inclined.


No matter how it is, I feel yes, the power of focusing and concentrating is somewhat of a masculine force, and the power of embracing that is somewhat of a feminine force and I know you can work that out for yourself whatever is your gender and whatever is your inclination, and whatever is your orientation, and whatever is your relationship passion and spiritual sense of being this ClearTalk practice is an excellent experience, as men can be an excellent experience, as the masculine force can be an excellent and beautiful loving force for all to relate to with love and respect and caring and responsibility and the global and personal healing that can come from that.


Feelings and Emotions in Relation to Mental Focus


Focusing and concentrating the mind is considered by most venerable masters of this illusion to be the most difficult accomplishment even though it is also considered to be the best accomplishment. In other words doing it has lots of obstacles. My intention in making this book is to share the method I already know will definitely and without any doubt give you the ability to focus and concentrate your mind IN SPADES as it is said.


"Spades in a deck of cards is considered the highest point counting group of cards of the four suits in the deck. To have it in spades, means you are fortunate to have the highest level of satisfaction, or respect, or integrity or whatever you can refer to being the best of the best." -Yahoo Answers


To really truly do it and do it very well. So I am not too much into or going to get into describing all the obstacles and how to get around them. I am just going to show you how to do something that eliminates all the obstacles just by doing it. I feel that by staying focused on your intentions or goals, that in itself releases all obstacles to achieving them.


The method I offer is a way of setting and holding the intentions. By practicing this art you are doing something which is considered to be the one action that brings all success. Of course I can't guarantee that you will I can just say that I personally think and feel that you will for certain if you can apply the method fairly workably.


Now at this point having said that it is essential to realize that focusing and concentrating on intentions is a form of making a choice. You are choosing how to direct your personal power. This is not to be confused with taking the actions to achieve a goal. Many people tell you that it is not enough to just have a goal, but that you must take action to achieve it.


This I feel is not the truth. The truth I experience is that practicing to focus and intend your dream, choice, goal, on a regular basis is going to by it's very nature COMPEL you to take the correct actions or refrain from actions as needed to accomplish what is being intended. It is the art of practicing the focus and concentration on what you desire, imagine, and expect to achieve that is the only doing that needs to be done.


All else will come from that. Including any additional doing or not doing, miracles, hard work, relaxation, who knows what you need to get to where you want to be? It is through the action of doing the intending and holding that focus that the knowing is found of how to get there, and the manifestation of actually being there.


So please do not be distracted in your practicing of this art by feeling that it is not working and you need to be doing something to make it work.



As for the relationship between thoughts and feelings I would like to share that thoughts and feelings can and do seem to get disconnected. It can be difficult to form thoughts about how you feel, or to have feelings that go along with what you are thinking. So yes, the alignment of those two is a wonderful and important thing that is not always happening. However I can tell you for sure that properly doing ClearTalk meaning - just doing it at all is properly doing it - and thusly you can experience that when you think clearly your feelings come into alignment and come alive with your thoughts. And your thoughts come into balance with your feelings. It's my experience and knowing that ClearTalk practice is very healing for your chemistry in that regard.



The ClearTalk Method for Using Your Personal Power to Focus and Concentrate Your Mind


The beauty of the ClearTalk method is that by simply doing it you develop the one success that brings all other success. And it is also a beautiful method in the sense of it being elegantly effective because it handles the ancient to modern day problem that has been written of and spoken of so much as well as complained about by so many who wish they could do it.


That problem is that even though it is easy to tell some body to "believe in their dreams" or otherwise stay focused and concentrated on whatever it is they want to accomplish until they succeed at accomplishing it we all know that sometimes it's hard to stay focused even for a few seconds on what we want to stay focused on.


Due to the unruly nature of the mind perhaps? I don't know. That which is important is to do it. To experience it. And I can tell you how to do that in a way that will work and I am about to tell you why it works so beautifully.


Why ClearTalk Works So Beautifully


What if you had to focus on something you were already focused on would that make focusing and concentrating your mind easier? So what is the one thing that we human beings most love to focus on? Our own lives. And what is it necessary to focus on when you are trying to heal every problem in your life, and have every success you want in your life? It is necessary to focus on you and your life.


Therefore you can discover that when you practice the ClearTalk method there is a built in feedback mechanism that soon develops that generates a self-motivating loop effect. The more you do the method, the more you feel drawn to use it, because it works so well. There are so many testimonials from people using it that say basically the same thing, "there is nothing else out there that works so well".


And I am pleased to say that even though ClearTalk very well seems to be amazingly unique and effective and ultra productive for people that enjoy it the sweetly successful thing about using it is that it actually draws to you like a magical magnet whatever ELSE you might be needing to try out or do or get involved with or change or read or whatever it is. So if you like you can put any worries or fears aside about having to only do this, or not do what you already know and love. Whatever you are doing or going to do for your life improvement and spiritual development this will incorporate it or make use of it, or help you find it. ClearTalk is beautiful that way.


So how about learning how to do it easily enough and then trying it out for yourself?



Regarding Having a Relationship With Computers To Help You With Your Spiritual Growth


The ClearTalk method originated from inner visions that came about the same time in the world as computers landed on the desktop. The visions I had were that I would in the future design electronic art that would heal people's brains. I feel and have experience that the new handheld devices, our desktop and laptop computers, the internet, all of these types of computers and the software that is so abundantly available that works with them is an absolute abundance of opportunity to accomplish the most challenging and difficult tasks that the ancient masters of the mind and thus of success in life have tried to teach people.


So I strongly encourage you to realize that all this focusing on your little and big screens is already a kind of focusing and concentration that you are willingly and joyfully and for many people feeling very strongly compelled to do. And that powerful magnetism that you feel towards staring one point focused on your screen is absolutely already part of the success of focusing and concentrating your mind, already manifest in your life. We are going to take full advantage of that here, and this was always designed with that in mind.


I have an incredible experience knowing about and seeing the potential dark future of computers and machines and or beings that don't have our best interest in mind and yet who appear to be providing us with all these "wonderful tools" with a totally creepy hidden agenda. If you have ever worried about or feared the dark side of mind control or world domination and take over by malevolent forces or computers that become intelligent then trust me I have probably not only heard about it but been given a great experience of how to handle all that so it doesn't turn out that way at all.


And this book and more so if you do it is a great contribution towards the end of having a certainly bright future for our world and for ourselves and for each other with stunning and regular success starting so right now! By using computers and software and devices like this to enhance your own powers of imagination and to take responsibility with your creative magical powers and those of expectation and desire. Like that YOU become incredible rather than being dominated by unseen forces of control. Love really is the most powerful positive emotion of them all more powerful than any negative emotion. And what you love, what you truly love in your heart and soul your real desires for fulfillment and happiness and joy the way you like it to be that all has a lot of power.


Love power. And Love Itself, the divine being, I feel and know is in full awareness and full support of all the beings in the world using computers for our well-being. The Nameless One Supreme Being also in awareness and support of using computers to develop and recover our powers and full freedom and our connection with (them) All That Is and each other in love and peace. And they that is all that is they are fully aware of any so-called dark forces. And so I encourage you to embrace these ClearTalk practices as a way of empowering life, and love, by empowering your own ability to be what you desire to be, with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, and thusly using computers for the purpose of self-development and life improvement, and learning to focus and concentrate on what you want to, as that is what grows whatever you focus on. Be amazing, be loving, be yourself, and use computers like that, and let go of the fears of being controlled by them, or overtaken by them even if others or even the computers themselves actually have such dark intentions. Know that ultimately the computers are under the auspices of the All That Is and must comply with the supreme authority of love itself, and that there is a divine plan for the computers.



The Work You Do With Your Consciousness


I like to be productive. Do you like to be productive? Maybe it's a guy thing but I sense that woman appreciate productivity too. And what about ultra productivity? What I want you to share in the awareness of the idea that being productive in our world is possibly a tremendous current problem on the global level. The so-called age of mass produced goods the so- called industrial revolution the unbridled insatiable possibly insane consumerism of things. The giant corporate entities involved with these kinds of productivity. Our personal involvement with that kind of productivity.


There is a lot of physical doing involved with that kind of productivity. The people involved are meant to produce results, to reach quotas, to put in the time. To be physically involved with their time and energy. Factory workers, executives, delivery drivers, manufacturers and skilled labor.


Productivity is I know for many people this outer thing. When it comes to " doing something" on the inside in the inner worlds accessed by thoughts and feelings and beyond thoughts and feelings there is the working of consciousness. This entire endeavour of taking up a ClearTalk practice is all about shifting into the experience of living life from the inside out. That does not mean retreating to the inside to escape the outer life.


It means to take responsibility for having the awareness that how things are produced on the outside always starts on the inside. Being more loving, more excellent, more caring, about how you are being and what you are being and how that goes forth into manifestation. Being more willing to create more skillfully on the inside first knowing it comes out into manifestation rather than not knowing doubting or fearing that it will or won't.


You can discover ultra-productivity on the outside by arranging your life to spend more time doing your inner work. This ClearTalk practicing is unbelievably effective which you can discover for yourself by doing the inner work involved as explained.


In summary I want to say that people seem to me to currently in the world consider that what you do in the inside isn't productive on the outside. That dreaming is relegated to " being idle " and that internally working or meditating in various ways on self- development needs to be done in your " time off" or worse is considered "sitting on your ass". I want to conclude that some of the greatest masters of success in the material world have valued sitting practice and what gets done in meditation as the ultimate productivity.


ClearTalk is designed to help you transition FROM being engaged so much on the outside that you lose or give away your power. ClearTalk practice helps you to transition TO being consciously and thus powerfully actively engaged with your thoughts and feelings and the rest of who you are on the inside, more often. And realizing the value of DOING that and how that does show up most productively in the materialization of the things you have, and do, and be in your illusory life that seems so real.

How To Do ClearTalk

Near the end of this book I am going to put a list of potential benefits of WHY to do ClearTalk. For now, allow me to assure that simply learning how to do the method in the first place should definitely make major joy and improvements and pleasurable feelings of success and accomplishment. Just getting clear about how to do it and setting up the various things you need to is a process. Accomplishing that process in itself I expect you will find the very thing that this is most meant to bring to you. The powerful feeling of accomplishment and achievement that is yours to apply however you want to in any area of your life.


So set a goal perhaps of just seeing if you can actually get the entire practice set up and running for maybe a few days or up to ten or twenty days, and then plan to let it go for a while. I feel if you do just that the effectiveness should activate and then you will know if you want to take it up as a more regular and steady thing.



ClearTalk has four parts. The working idea is that you practice each part each day. The practical reality of applying that idea into real life is something we need to discuss now.


ClearTalk Journal

If you write down your goals and dreams then how are you going to update that list as you accomplish things? It is very powerful and effective to put on paper the wishes you have, or otherwise get them out there in the universe. There are lots of ways to do that. However this is a way that goes way beyond all that in terms of effectiveness. You can use paper and pen. However if you use your computer skills, whatever they may be, you can really take this to another level of functionality. And keep in mind when we say functional we mean this is where you can really start playing the game of your life and winning. It's that much of a quantum leap.


Just to give you an example for comparison let's say that each week you chose some goal that was important to you and you wrote it on a piece of paper and you put it in your bathroom mirror where you would see it every day. Let's say you took that even further and added a fabulous and inspiring image or graphic symbol that represented your goal as if it was all ready accomplished.


ClearTalk Journal Part 1

If you did that you would probably be way ahead of the game. However what if you started off by dividing your life up into 12 areas that comprised every possible category of your life and you then prioritized what was most important that you wanted to accomplish or achieve or have, or do , or be (no limits) in each area. And then you wrote that out, and then you got or created an image or symbol that represented that which you were desiring and imagining and you started to expect each one of those 12 scripts to come true?


Oh and I forgot to ask: and what if you put all twelve of those statements of intent and the images that go with them on your bathroom mirror (or bulletin board) somewhere in your home or office where you see it most every day?


Can you see the quantum leap from just picking one thing you want to accomplish to having not only twelve "things" but actually 12 AREAS OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE completely comprised all in one place? If you are feeling excited and eager to try this out right now I absolutely understand. And that means some part of you really knows the value and power of this. However we have only just begun to clarify how innovative and incredible the WHOLE IDEA that we have to offer you here now is.


I am sure that if you finish understanding and put into practice just this one journal component of the four components of the full Cleartalk system that you will definitely feel much better about even those things you feel the worst about in your life, and you will have at least one and probably many things you want easily materialize into your life. And you will have insights, and realizations you never had before. And so many other benefits.


And that I am saying you will get all that, and be so happy that you got this book, and read it, and did what I telling you in your own personalized way. Because you do have a magical power inside of you and you do deserve to actually experience how it can fairly easily work very effectively on everything you need to do, be, and have in your life, according to your wishes and desires. And this helps you even be able to wish and desire and feel and think in the first place. More brilliantly and beautifully than ever.


ClearTalk Journal Part 2


So what we have done already is evolve the idea of writing down a goal in other words a statement of conscious intention along with a symbol or imagery that represents the achievement of it. We evolved that into the idea of having 12 goals divided up into 12 areas of life and prioritize what matters most in each area for you right now. Now to make this really click in we are going to need to stop looking at the idea of doing this, and actually do it. I mean you are going to have to do it, in order for us to properly continue. Because in the doing of this things will change for you, and we need those changes to happen to go on.


Now wait a moment. I know that if I send you off to divide your life up into 12 areas that comprises your entire life, and come up with a written statement of conscious intention that represents what matters most for you to achieve in each area, written out as if already achieved and a symbol or picture to go with it...even now MY HEAD IS SPINNING!


Wait, don't do it yet, let me help you with "The Key".



The Key

Now, "The Key" is a magical mystical symbol that is connected with Hermes Trismegistus which means "Thrice Magical Hermes" and according to me he was probably an Atlantean (from Atlantis) and probably realized immortality, wrote the Emerald Tablet, was revered as the God Thoth in ancient Egypt and who knows what else. The mystical symbol we put together that we call "The Key" is also formulated with the graphical representation of an ultra powerful divine female being named Shekinah to provide balance and the creative force to the imagery we put together. By the way Hermes Trismegistus is also known as perhaps the greatest true magician ever known and certainly capable of consciously creating reality and he was also known as Metatron. Archangel Metatron to be precise.


We felt that if we are going to focus all the 12 areas of our life that we needed a powerful image that could help us harmonize and synthesize all those 12 areas into one life picture. We felt that if we were going to stare at something each day or however often we did look at our statements of intention and the images that go with them we ought to have a very mystically empowering way of organizing all our life energies like that. So this is what the key is. And the key also serves as a guideline to what to name those 12 areas.


Would you like to have a look at this key? Just click here to go to our web site page where we keep it so that we can use it to do this "The Key" component of our most every day personal ClearTalk practice ourselves, and to share that with you and others who may choose to partake.


I want you to notice there is an ORANGE UP ARROW pointing to a small image that you can click on there on that "The Key" page. That smaller image leads to a zoomed in version of the part of the key that has the "12 areas" listed out for you. And the icon here in this book that says, "The Key" and has an actual key graphic on it, just a few paragraphs before this text. That graphic icon here is also click able and takes you to the page with the key. So that in the future you can easily get there directly from this book any time you need to if you choose to take on the ClearTalk practice. And / or you can print out whatever version of "The Key" you like the most. You will see by exploring around on that "The Key" page that there are multiple versions of it for various uses and computers and devices.


So just have a look at all that and notice there on that page there is also an audio of a teleseminar that we did that fully explains how to use "The Key". Only I did that a while ago so let me give you the updated version now of how to use it in regards to the ClearTalk Journal practice I am outlining for you here so that you can actually try it for yourself and experience the benefits of doing so. By the way, we also sometimes refer to "The Key" as "The Magical Star Talisman". Just having that imagery around in your life, just seeing it on your screen, is beneficial. You are most welcome to print it out.


SPECIAL NOTE: What I am going to share with you now you would already know and have done it if you enjoyed our book, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" and worked your way through the steps to the end of Chapter 5 of that book. So if you already did that or if you want to do that there are additional rich benefits for working your way into this like that. Or if you want to do that then now is the time. Or later after you overview how that integrates with this. Or not at all because I am going to give you a way to move forward into the full ClearTalk practice right from here and now.


In the Universe, In My Own Universe


Using the 12 areas listed out on "The Key" imagery, and using a piece of paper and a pen or pencil draw a line down the center of the paper and write across the left column "In the Universe" and across the right column "In My Own Universe". Now you are ready to take the first area from the key that you choose to work with. For example, "Work, Career, Job, or Business". Write that down on the left side and on the right side across from it. And then starting on the left side write out any statement with feeling that you can about what is your current life situation in that area.

MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: I can understand that at this point you might feel like you are back in school and about ready to cut class or turn your desk over. So let's keep in mind that the amount of time that it takes to do this is going to be extremely small compared to the benefits you can receive from doing it. And that once you do it you will know how to do it and you won't have to "learn" how to do it ever again because you will know how to do this. And by doing that you will "know how" to materialize your thoughts into reality and how to solve any problem in your life using only a pen and paper AND we will be able to continue and finish giving you the entire method which I feel and know will literally help you make your own miracles in life out of your own life using the power within you. And a pen and paper. So, the choice is yours. Quit now or continue. Come on, let's continue.



Try to keep that statement about your current life in that area as focused and simple as possible. If you you need to work it out on a separate piece of paper until you get it properly concise and simplified take all the time you need. The more clear and focused it is the better. Then opposite that statement on the right side of the paper write out what you imagine is your desired reality as if it was already happening. Here is an example using the "Work, Career, Job, and Business" area of life:

Now please keep in mind that the actual one success that brings all other success is focusing and concentrating your mind.


Did you find that it required your personal power to do that (focus your mind) for this exercise? One of the many great things about ClearTalk is that it promotes the skill of efficient use of your mind power. So you aren't just practicing your concentrating by meditating on a candle flame. You are focusing on the very substance of your life at the level of thought which is the top level of the hierarchy of how your and my and every body else's gets created, from thought. Thought is extremely powerful in this way. So learning to focus your thoughts about your own life is literally how you can solve every problem in your life, just like that using a left right piece of paper. Only once you did that once for all twelve areas of your life, we are going to make it even easier, and even more powerful and effective, and build in a kind of motivation that can be very exciting. In fact the most exciting experiences you ever had and always wanted to have. Just from doing this it can be produced. Let's continue?


Work with "The Key" as your reference for what exactly to write out for the name of each of the twelve areas and use your personal power to create the ideas and thoughts like in the example on paper I gave you here. Do that for each one of the twelve areas then rip or cut the paper in two and throw away the left side.


Now you should have twelve pieces of paper that state "In My Own Universe" and has the name of the area and what you imagined is your dream as if already come true in each area. The next creative step is to get together a symbol or artwork or cut out a photo or make a drawing that represents your success achieved for each one of the 12 "success scripts" you wrote out. Here is my example:


I made a collage on my computer just to show you that it is not important that you build an incredible work of art, just to have something SYMBOLIC and more of a visual nature that represents your goal achieved that you also have in words. Now you go ahead and follow the same left/right list process and using the areas of life exactly as they are indicated on the key and you come up creatively now with something for all the 12 areas of your life including an image or symbol for each area that goes along with each of the 12 final texts you come up with. You can use incredible artwork, you can use photos, you can represent that symbol or picture any way you want to. Just get all 12 areas complete like that and you have built your first ClearTalk Journal. Congratulations once you have because that process alone is going to almost certainly I would say FOR SURE going to generate you some major progress and even achievement of some of the goals you wrote down and depicted, just like that. What I am saying is that you could now (but don't) throw out all those images and papers and let this all go and just from having focused this much on your current life in the universe and your goals and dreams in your own universe, you would probably have a shift in your reality closer towards your goals and dreams. So let's value what you did so far. I appreciate what you did so far is exquisitely strong in terms of the art of focusing and concentrating your mind AND combining that with the effect of doing so ON YOUR OWN LIFE. On the thoughts and feelings and basic inner substance of your own life and transforming that such as you already did.


You can take this much further however, and I am going to share with you how to do so. Why? So that you can have richer results. So that you can have this skill much more completely. So that you can continue to deepen and enjoy the benefits of doing this, and so that you can handle having a lot of great things happen in your life. So that you can keep doing this, rather than a one time thing, it can become a life-sustaining, life-creating, and life-generating practice that is worthwhile and pays off very handsomely in every way in all the areas of your life. You can honestly expect that kind of experience if you continue and carry on here and take up the practice. Whether you do or not, is of course, your choice. And that is why at this point I wanted to stop and appreciate that even if you stopped here, you have already accomplished something monumental that will always be of benefit for you, and is of benefit now. Congratulations.


I want to tell you something important now that I know from experiencing sharing my methods with many people all over the world and using them myself. That is that when you have a system that actually works to transform the reality you have now into the reality you imagine and desire is better than you run into a problem that ClearTalk handles if you take this one step further.


ClearTalk Journal Part 3


This entire method is based on practical experience of actually using it so you can trust me this next step is going to give you more thrills of joy and excitement than you might possibly expect unless you actually get this all going and get it to work for you. I have actually had quite a few people "complain" to me that the one thing they had difficulty with using our system is that it works so well they got overwhelmed with all the results and changes. You can handle all the results and changes you want to if you follow this next step.


First of all to prepare I want you to consider that each piece of paper that you wrote out in the previous stages of this process is separated from the other piece of paper and each image is separate from the papers and each of the other images. So what that means is you have "components" of your whole life dream. And with components it's easier to make a change to one or another component without having to change them all. And also it's easier to handle it if one of those scripts and its corresponding image comes true for you in your reality. Then you can just make a new one to replace it in that spot, and transfer the dream you once had (and now manifested) into your "results journal".


In the case of my example about a new career with an incredibly large income let's say I got that new career with the incredibly large income. I might take an actual photo of myself or have one taken for me actually depicting myself enjoying that new career or holding up my new first paycheck or something like that! And put that into my results journal, with an exact description (in the universe) of the new circumstances of the new career and the date. Meanwhile the other areas may or may not have matured into manifestation yet so I can just keep them cooking so to speak until they are manifested too. Or until I change them. And use the new circumstances as an in the universe launching point for a new in my own universe in the career area.


So how does this work in practical application? Let's look at what you have created so far. You have gone through the IN THE UNIVERSE IN MY OWN UNIVERSE left right list technique to come up with the phrases that describe your goal or dream in that area and you did that for all 12 areas using "The Key" as your map. You added some image to each one that represents your goal or wish achieved, and now you have 24 "components".


I cannot tell you how important it is to have components that you can update. When you actually do this it will really improve your bliss a great deal. Also it is incredibly rich and valuable to always build your new dreams from and in connection with what is actually happening in your current life using the IN THE UNIVERSE IN MY OWN UNIVERSE left right list technique. Each step of the way you are doing something that is vitally important to the final result. The ClearTalk system works so well and so reliably IF YOU USE IT CORRECTLY. You can use it any way you like. It's just that what needs to transform is all that which is currently generating your current life. So when you put that into the "life transformation formula" you end up a winner more likely. Now let's talk about taking this further.


Computers or Not To Use Computers?

So this next part is going to depend on how you like to do things. It is going to depend on whether you now want to computerize what you did. So let's first look at doing this without using computers, and then let's see how things can really take a quantum leap if you use your computer and or mobile device(s).


1. Without computers. You now have these 24 components so where do you keep them? How often do you look at them? What do you do with them to make them come true? Keep in mind that focusing and concentrating your mind is the primary magic. That is what people mean when they say, "believe in your dreams". It means know what your dreams are and stay focused on them. So if you take all those 24 components and paste them into a scrapbook or put them in an envelope, or tape them or pin them to your wall or on your mirror just do it so that you can remove and replace and rewrite them as you go along. And keep in mind this is ONE of the four parts of the full ClearTalk practice this is the ClearTalk Journal part of the practice. You also have the Win List, and the Results Journal, and The Key practice. All that makes up the full practice of ClearTalk which you can choose to do any combination of or all of those in a synergy. You can be flexible and experimental about using the four ClearTalk practices.


2. With computers. What I do currently with mine is I use Adobe Premiere Elements movie making software. I write my scripts there and import images and videos and consider it to be the most incredible "journal" I have ever kept. No, I am not a salesperson for Adobe nor do I get a commission for suggesting their software:) You can also employ any other movie editing software and there are lots available. The point is that if you journal in a movie making software then even without making it into a video and even if you never watched the video, you are still making a most effective and incredible journal that you can use just by going into your "project" or whatever it is called when you open your software and work on building your movie. You are still able to work with the script of the movie elegantly and thus elegantly work with the script of your life elegantly.


This is what I meant about if you use computers this is going to be quantum leap. Never before could humans do this. We didn't even have movies or TV commericals (that all emerge from scripts). Never before in the history of gurus and the art of meditation could anybody teach you how to meditate like this using movie making software. It helps so much to focus your thoughts that you just won't believe how effective it is unless you try it. Here is how I go about doing it:


NOTE: Since I wrote this book I created a video playlist tool that provides something similar to what is about to be suggested here, "ready made". And including an added artwork of the Sri Yantra for enhancement. Click here for that video playlist just so you know about it, even if you create your own version according the ideas about to be given here.


First I make a frame that says, "In the universe in the area of (fill in the area of life using the key as your map)". Then I set that frame for long enough time so that when I am watching the movie I can think about something that is happening in my current reality in the universe in that area. Using thirty seconds is excellent for a number of reasons. Secondly I make a movie frame that says, "In my own universe in the area of (fill in the SAME area of life as you just did for the IN THE UNIVERSE frame)". Play that frame for just a few seconds. And thirdly I put another approximately 30 second frame that contains the script of what I am dreaming about that I want to come true.


Here are what the three frames look like, in order that they would appear in the "timeline" of my video production aka my base "ClearTalk Journal":


I recommend that this first IN THE UNIVERSE frame gets played for about 30 seconds which is the same amount of time as a television commercial and is also the amount of time that corresponds with a certain effectiveness in your brain chemistry. During the time that you are looking at this frame you would be thinking about and in that sense forming and focusing thoughts about what is happening in your current reality in this area. It can be anything. You could say anything at all that describes your current reality in this area of life. Just make it conversational, in your mind. You are talking to yourself in a way. Learning to use your thoughts better and better. It's extremely valuable, and extremely powerful, and yet it is as easy as just describing your life situation in whatever way you want to. You see you can watch this "movie" you are making each day as part of your ClearTalk practice. And when this frame is before your eyes, you just think about your current life situation in this particular area. When the next frame comes up, you let those thoughts go.


MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: Spending these 30 seconds forming thoughts about your current reality is going to be an effort at first. Keep in mind as you practice that is why I said it is most important just to form thoughts about your current reality at all, rather than the quality of those thoughts. The quality can improve as your practice this, and it will almost automatically as part of this process due to the awareness factor. This time that you spend consciously forming thoughts about your current reality in the universe is the most vital part of the ClearTalk practice. Think about it. When you are really getting this to work excellently and what you are first creating by imagining it in your own universe starts to show up in the universe, then you will realize how important it is to be able to consciously RECEIVE that which you once consciously imagined. This makes the entire process self-motivate. Your successes help motivate you to do the focusing work that brings you the new and the more successes. The thoughts you form in the universe can ultimately become a time of appreciation for the wonderful things you previously created in your own universe.


I recommend that you play this second frame for just a few seconds as the purpose is to let you know that you can let go of what you were thinking and feeling about your current life in this area in the universe, and to shift your focus and attention (which will happen automatically) when you see the next frame which will contain your version of your "life script" for this area in your own universe.

MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: The idea of taking your goals and dreams, your hopes and wishes into a place where you can feel and imagine them as if they are already come true is what you are doing when you enter the state of my called "in my own universe". In this place of your own imagination your goals and dreams are safer and more powerful and they do not have any resistance from the world outside, or even from your own constricting emotions, negativity, or limitations. As valuable as it is to first form your thoughts in the universe of what is already happening in the universe, it is also valuable to appreciate that in your own universe is a completely safe and alternate universe in which you can safely stretch and expand your imagination and desire without limitation and describing and forming them as if they have already come true.



Now this third frame is where you place your dream/desire/intention/ goal written out in words as if the dream has already come true. That is why you need to also write, IN MY OWN UNIVERSE. If you just state your dream as if it has already come true then that is called "an affirmation". An affirmation is stated "in the universe" as a statement of intent as if it already happened. It's a way of attempting to force the universe to shape into something you want. It meets resistance. Whereas what you write "in your own universe" in ClearTalk practice, and why you declare that you are now "in your own universe" is eloquently explained in our book, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists". In your own universe does not meet any resistance. Here I would like to simply offer that the empowerment of metaphorically "drawing a protective magic circle" around your desire by declaring that this desire is in your own universe protects what you are imagining from being considered by your self, your mind, or other people, or the world out there in any way as a disconnect from so-called reality or as something you can't or should not have or in any way to resist or block it.


When you make it clear that this dream is NOT in the universe but rather in a magical place of imagination then there you are free with no boundaries or limitations to explore whatever you desire, imagine, and expect to be in your future in the universe you can safely do so in your own universe. And you only need to say, or read it there, to make it clear to yourself on all levels that you are "in your own universe" and thus to receive the protection of being there and declaring your wishes from there like that they can go forth unobstructed and free to materialize most beautifully. As you steadily practice, each time you go into your own universe you build the force and solidity of the subtle energy there, without obstruction and thus pure and thus the resonance of it more as you wish it to be.


This is probably one of the reasons that so many people have written me to say that our techniques from Elprehzleinn are the first time they were able to actually "get this stuff to work" or in other ways reported the kinds of results that we all like to have. Including results of feeling wonderful, and of having what they imagined actually work out for them as they wanted it to.


So that is what you put together for each one of the 12 areas that is delineated on "The Key". You make three frames like that for each area. So that when you put that all together however that you do, you would have about a 12 minute long video. Add your favorite songs or music (be considerate of the content of the lyrics regarding what you want to manifest and the feelings you feel from the music). Put that video together like that and work with it like that most every day, or several times a day and experience how great it feels to do that, and experience how what you write out and then focus on by watching your movie perhaps actually shows up in your reality. Feel free to embellish it with video clips or imagery before or after each area. I am giving you the essential ingredients that need to be there for this to work properly. You can add to it.


Remember when the frame that has the name of the area "in the universe" is playing it is up to you to THINK and feel and form thoughts in your mind during that approximately 30 second time frame of anything at all that describes your current life situation in that area. Actively form thoughts. Then just relax and watch and feel and read and focus on watching your "script" of what you desire, imagine, and expect to come true IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. Like that you can both greatly improve the quality of your current life situation, and make great strides in consciously transforming your life from what it is now into whatever you imagine, desire, and expect it to be. As well as building up all of the benefits of focusing and concentrating your mind. All that is happening when you do ClearTalk practice and it can be so easy.


Make sure and adjust your scripts as what you have declared eventually materializes, or as you come up with "better ideas". Keep in mind however that changing your focus can dilute the effect of your repeated concentration on the same aim until it comes true.



ClearTalk Journal Part 4

Now that I have outlined for you how to make 3 movies frames let's talk about the technical and creative aspect of the various ways you can work with this. First of all let me share a short video I put together using the example frames that were just shown here in this book. Just click here to see this video:


The video has a special gift for you by the way as the soundtrack is our subliminal audio, "Money" which is for assisting you to generate and build financial wealth and financial well-being. So what you have there with that video is what is the equivalent of one of the 12 areas. Your video that you make with your own scripts for your own universe would be for all the 12 areas. It is important for the wholeness and synergy and effectiveness that you do all the 12 areas all together. As you watch that video you can notice that the first 30 seconds you are just staring at the words, "In the universe in the area of work, career, job, and business"! Hey, don't just stare:) This is your time to shine. Time to spontaneously come up with ideas and feelings expressed as thoughts you think and form in your mind while those 30 seconds tick by holding the space for you in that particular "area of life". And you can do the exact same thought provoking thought formulating skill and mind development when you see the next eleven 30 second "spots" or "time frames" that your "in the universe" placeholder text will give you for each area of your video.


Now you can understand from this taste of an experience if you tried that for yourself while looking at my demo movie. Of course the alchemy and the life transforming powers of the magical mind power that happens for your benefit will only catalyze when you activate it with YOUR OWN scripts, IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. This demo movie has a demo script so it doesn't have the power that your own script has, when catalyzed with what you come up with each time IN THE UNIVERSE before you then read and feel what you see next that you have playing out on your screen, IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE.


Now let's talk about how you can realize and utilize this ClearTalk Journal in your own personal situation. The first thing we need to consider is what handheld devices you are using and or what desktop or laptop computer, or if you will be just doing all this with pen and paper and scissors and a scrapbook or pin board. What I want to emphasize is that even though this might seem like an ordinary "vision board" type of idea it is far from it. There are subtle and significant differences in this technology of ClearTalk other than myself or any body else I have ever heard from has ever heard about. And that is another reason why I feel and observe and speculate that our technology is generally very productive. So please consider the differences between this and a vision board or a movie style vision board.


The first difference is that here you have your entire life totally comprised in the twelve areas. Normally a vision board doesn't offer that kind of holistic overview. Also here there is "The Key" which is a very potent talisman that works internally inside your brain to make a symbolic representation of the wholeness of your work to comprise your entire life vision with your conscious intention.


And finally as for the important differences I will note here there is the "In the Universe and In My Own Universe" technology.


In a vision board you don't normally address "in the universe" and because you do here you get an effect we call, "the life transformation formula" which is the transmutation of the chemistry and consciousness in the universe, into that which is declared in your own universe which from there it can more easily and tends more smoothly to materialize as you wish it to. That transformational inner alchemy is very tangible to experience as you actually do the ClearTalk practice.


Due to all the differences between this and affirmations or ordinary vision boards it is very important that you actively set up all 12 areas of life according to and using the areas exactly as they are delineated in, "The Key" and that each time you spend time with your dream "in your own universe" you first spend time "in the universe". In the universe by the way is WHERE your dreams are going to manifest so it is the most important place really if you are truly doing this for the benefit of materializing what you dream of.


In the universe is also where you will find a great deal of success working out and eventually, potentially, ending all of your problems. In the universe is where your growing powers of focus and mental concentration on your own description about your own current reality will have untold benefits of helping you be more present in all situations which is incredibly valuable.


If you decide to make a movie out of of this using software then please consider it is not the movie that is the ClearTalk Journal. It is the "project" or however you save the place where you do the editing that is your ClearTalk Journal and this project you can find out can become so important that it is like the architecture of your reality that you consciously create and subsequently can from there take form into time and space in the illusion we call real life. To materialize. Once you have started to experience that what you create in your imagination and from your desire and that you expect to come true in so-called reality does come true, in relation to what you put in your journal you will want to really care for that journal. So keep it backed up please.


The next consideration is that you practice this by letting the movie play and when the In The Universe part is showing you mentally come up with a description in the moment of where you are currently at in your current life situation. And then you watch and read and stay focused on In Your Own Universe while that plays and you keep going like that through all the 12 areas. You can certainly add pictures or video clips and music in both areas of In The Universe and In Your Own Universe. I also recommend that you try and make your scripts In Your Own Universe to be more and more like the scripts from a TV commercial, or a poem, or song lyric. Meaning try and make the flow, rhythm, timing, and artistry of your chosen words to be something your subconscious mind and whole brain would appreciate, not just your analytical, logical side. Be beautiful as can be.


And certainly use your devices. Get your workflow set up so that you can easily edit and change your movie as you change, and as your reality changes. This is one of the most valuable things you can do is to keep using this as it keeps working for you. Let it evolve. So that it becomes part of your life to do the ClearTalk Journal work and use The Key and do your Win List, and record in your Results Journal.


Keep in mind that a shortcut so that you don't always have to write in your results journal is to simply stop and appreciate all the great things you are experiencing when they show up, and notice that what once was IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE starts to show up in your most every day or whenever you notice that your dreams show up materialized or even the signs that indicate they are beginning to then describe your current reality IN THE UNIVERSE with appreciation for what is becoming as you wanted it to. Or has become what you intended to. In other words, use the in the universe time to appreciate anything that shows up as a result of what you once only imagined, desired, and expected when it was "just a dream".


Get your workflow set up so that you can easily edit and change and keep a backup copy, and easily view your movie whenever you want to as much as several times a day. But don't just view it. You need to do the In The Universe part actively describing in thought silently to yourself (ClearTalk) what is happening or what you are feeling in your own universe. Put a copy of your movie on your phone, or onto your tablet device, and keep your copies up to date with your main journal and be amazed at how a little technical help and some structure like this can GREATLY show you the immense power of what you are actually capable of simply by using the power of focusing your mind like this.


If you choose to do all this without computer technology then that is also fabulous. I know that if you stick to the basic structure and practice, with or without a computer that you will almost certainly be very amazed and very happy you did. And did you know that we have a program that we are willing to offer you coaching regarding setting up and doing your ClearTalk practice and much more? It is called our "optional full package". In order to qualify for it you need to get our "Empowerment Script" and you can do that and find out all the details about the Empowerment Script and "optional full package".


We would be delighted to help you in that venue of the optional full package, to work with setting up and utilize your ClearTalk Journal and practicing the other 3 components of the ClearTalk practice which we will now explain how to do those, and following those how tos - some of the philosophy and benefits of ClearTalk practice for further elucidation.



Results Journal

Become aware through experience that doing your ClearTalk Journal on a mostly every day basis is helping you not only to work out things that are happening in your every day life but also to focus on what you desire you life to be you. As you do this you can and should expect that the skills you are developing and uncovering by using them can often lead you to materialize what you have placed in your own universe. Those thoughts do create reality especially if you focus on them regularly until they come true and especially when you do that as described. So that brings up the need for the all important finishing touch to the process. Which is to have some kind of journal in which you record the results of what is materializing out of what you wrote into your own universe and focused on with your practice repeatedly energizing those thought forms and their feelings and activating and thus shaping the changes to your beliefs, and attitudes, and choices, and decisions, with your focused concentration in bursts of about 30 seconds for each area.


To be sure, you can simply notice and account for your successes at any time. Appreciation of what you currently have as a technique for describing what is IN THE UNIVERSE will definitely draw more and more success to you and meet the important requirement of Results Journal. However please remember that while having a wonderful method to learn and practice using your personal power to consciously create reality is super great, that this is very wisely and mainly about practicing the art and gaining the supreme and all encompassing benefits of focusing and concentrating your mind. The results journal is therefore a place to further concentrate your mind into the shape of your thoughts about what you have received in the universe from the practice. This is a great part of this art which enrichs the practice of the CleartTalk Journal, and the other parts of the ClearTalk practice greatly.


In that regard you can discover the value of keeping a Results Journal in addition to declaring your appreciation for what you receive and how life re-arranges itself in the universe according to what you imagined, desired, and expected in your own universe. Similarly to the ClearTalk Journal which may very well be a movie software file, make sure and find a proper workflow and actual physical location for the Results Journal. Meaning that you can easily work with it in your daily life. You can easily access it, and you can easily include images into it, and easily keep it backed up. There are so many apps and documents in the cloud and a lot of ways that you can keep a text document or otherwise keep a digital journal of the results that you achieve in your ClearTalk practice. And remember that when you record those results you are practicing to focus and concentrate your own thoughts. That is MORE IMPORTANT than exactly what you are writing in terms of the thoughts you form to account for and appreciate the results you declare.


Win List

The Win List is a technique that releases your mind from auto-pilot. Your subconscious mind is in many ways in charge of your safety and well-being. If you start to actively work with your own mind in the life creation process of ClearTalk you need to have your subconscious mind seeing you as a winner. What that means is that you need to show your subconscious mind that you are capable and able to do this. The win list is an effective way to do so. In addition to setting up your ClearTalk Journal practice and practicing it in whatever ways that you do, and in addition to recording the results of what is materializing for you in your Results Journal, and in addition to practicing most every day with "The Key", the Win List is meant to be a daily practice.


The way you do your win list is that within each 24 hour period that ends at midnight in your time, otherwise known as "one day" within each day you write a list of things you know for certain you will complete by the next day that begins at midnight and ends at midnight 24 hours later. You can make this list on your phone, or on a tablet, or on your computer, or on a piece of paper that you photocopy and use a new copy each day. I strongly recommend that you do it on a device in an app that allows you to list "to do's" or "tasks" that can be checked off, and your list will be there for the next day. I use "Easy Note" on iPad and iPhone. You make a list of items that you know for sure that you will complete by the next day and then the next day you check all the items off. It is not important at all whatsoever regarding the contents of the items in the Win List. What matters is that you only put things you know for sure that you will have them completed by the next day. And what matters is the QUANTITY of items on your Win List. The more aggressively or successfully you want it to be, the more items you put on your list.


Keep in mind that the Win List is like going to the gym for resistance training. At a certain point when lifting weights you just can't lift more even if you try. Same with the number of items on your Win List. There are only a certain number you can actually write out or itemize in your "to do" app and then check off each day.


Some considerations are:

1. Win List items can be things like "blink", "walk", "put one foot in front of the other", "live", "breathe", anything at all you know for sure you will have it done by the next day.


2. This is not a to do list.


3. In our book, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" the Win List is addressed as well as here. In Chapter 1.


4. You can use the same items every day so you don't need to write them down each day, just check them off each day, and then uncheck them (if using software) so they are ready to be checked off again the next day.


5. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have used the Win List and enough of them to make a fair sample have reported incredible life improvements and successes ONLY from doing this Win List.


6. There is an advanced version of the Win List. You can actually merge the win list style written about here into the advanced win list format, meaning keep one list with both regular and advanced win list items on it. The advanced win list can become a substitute or additional creative space for your life scripts that you formulate by the end of Chapter 5 in the Practically Magical Use of Lists. The advanced win list is discussed completely in it's own book, which is considered as a module to the full Life Transformation System A-Z program of which this book you are reading now is part 3. The advanced win list can be done entirely on it's own with great effectiveness as an alternative to the four part Cleartalk process given here. Choices. What do I recommend? hmmm. We would have to take that up in private consultation I feel as the impact of using these materials and making this kinds of choices would change if I was involved. For now please know that the advanced win list exists and you can find out about it in the book you can get by clicking here. The book is entitled, "Advanced Win List".


MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: It may seem like a lot of new things to "practice". ClearTalk Journal most every day, working with "The Key" most every day, and recording in your results journal as often as you achieve results which can end up being every day. And doing your win list every day. The truth is that even if you simply set up your ClearTalk Journal at all, and never once practiced with it, that setting it up alone would almost certainly bring about changes in your life. Changes that you would consider such improvements that you would be really happy you put in the effort, and certainly feel that this book and what you learned here had way more than paid for itself and the effort you put into reading it. And that is an understatement I expect. Also the actual practicing of all those things would make your life so much more efficient and productive and relaxed than you could possibly imagine unless you actually tried it out for a while. And finally if you do the practices correctly all four of them in total should be less that 30 minutes per day, and could be broken up and practiced at different times. And you DON'T HAVE to practice these things every day. It is just that if you did for a while, you would probably realize how worthwhile it is to do them rather than not to do them, and that you might not have any other alternative way to accomplish what can be accomplished like this. Even doing all this every so often over time is going to be monumental in terms of your life purpose and achievement of your success unfolding just the way you want it to. It is so worth the effort like absolutely nothing else could be, I feel, and many others have said so. Knowing how to do this is a gift that you activate by actually doing it, and then you receive that gift over and over again in new and better ways as time goes on.


The Key Re-Visited

In addition to using the twelve areas of life that are delineated on the key imagery to set up your ClearTalk Journal there are ways you use the key to round out your ClearTalk practice for many reasons. When you have things written down in your ClearTalk Journal and you focus on them over and over again that is powerful. When you use the key like I am going to describe it to you, then you add flexibility and flow and creativity to your process. You also add the quality of spontaneity and the advantage of being able to "process" what is happening in your current reality and effectively "transform it" into the reality you imagine, desire, and expect is more of your preference and definitely "your choice". Choice in this regard means what you intend. It is not limited to what you think you can have, it is open to whatever you want to imagine, you can choose it, and desire it, and expect it, IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE.


Now how it works to practice with the key is that you actually look at the key. You can do that by going to our web site on your device or computer easily by keeping it book marked and then whenever you need it you can go and use it from any device. The Key is on our site at


And what you do with looking at a printout or online using whatever device or computer you use to look at it. And you choose the version of The Key that works for you. There are several there. You choose the version of the key that works for you and you look at each area one my one. And you say in your mind, "In the universe in the area of (and then declare the name of the area which is very important every time for your mental structuring)". And then go ahead and say whatever description or expression of emotion or whatever you want to say mentally to yourself or out loud if you are doing this with some body else you describe something about your currently reality. And then say to complete, "In the universe." And then while focusing on that same area, you say, "In my own universe" and you then state whatever comes to your mind of what you imagine, desire, and expect for your life for this area as if it is already true in the present moment. And when complete close that by saying again, "in my own universe". And then move on to the next area and keep going like that until you complete all the 12 areas.


If you try and keep to 30 seconds for each area, that is 15 seconds in the universe, and 15 seconds in my own universe, then it would take about 7 minutes to complete there is an audio teleseminar that you can listen to that is recorded and which gives you a nice training on how to do the key practice entirely.


The Philosophy Behind ClearTalk

MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: There is a huge amount of evidence that focusing and concentrating the mind is both THE most valuable skill a person can develop, AND that it is the most difficult. Please realize that now is an unprecedented time in human history where it seems that the possibilities for achieving this ability are closer within our grasp and can be achieved like never before. Click here to read my "quotes collection" page which has a lot of quotes indicating what I am indicating here.





It is true that Cleartalk has proven to be an amazing tool for actually gaining success "consciously creating your own reality". However the main basis of ClearTalk is that it helps you attain more and more the one success that brings all other success. The ability to focus and concentrate your mind. So when you are involved in practicing Cleartalk and you allow yourself to know that you are not PRIMARILY working on consciously creating your own reality but rather taking time to practice focus and concentrating your mind, which leads to ALL other forms of success and the inspiration of what you may need to do to achieve YOUR success. If you think of ClearTalk as primarily an excellent exercise for focusing and concentrating your mind and secondarily as beneficial to the extreme for helping you more and more consciously to create your own reality then it can shift your attitude to more of a lightness. And that lightness will in turn assist to enjoy and notice how amazingly the practice ALSO works to help you transform any and all of your problems in life, AND actually create your life from conscious intention and actually experience how what you create can and often shows up for you in the materialization we often call "real life" even though it is more like "reel life", meaning such a realistic seeming movie that is all around you and you call your own life.


Keeping in mind that the value of developing and having the ability to focus and concentrate your mind you can literally count absolutely every possible benefit that is available in the world as a result of practicing to focus and concentrate your mind. AND focusing and concentrating your mind does help you to learn better how to consciously create your own reality.


Therefore one of the fundamentals of ClearTalk philosophy is the incredibly rich value that accrues from the ongoing development of the ability to focus and concentrate the mind. In addition to that main fundamental of the value of focusing and concentrating your mind ClearTalk combines the development of that ability with the principle of "resonance magic" also known as the "law of attraction" also known as "you attract whatever you resonate with and focus your attention on" also known as "consciously creating your own reality".





In addition to the principle of the value of focusing and concentrating of the mind and in support of doing so more easily, ClearTalk practice is also an unprecedented way to apply and use the so-called "law of attraction". The basic idea of the law of attraction is also known as "resonance magic" which is the idea that you magnetize what you focus on, and you attract what is a match for your resonance which some people call your "vibrations". Now there are other laws and other kinds of magic such as the high magic of love. However when it comes to the law of attraction and the idea that WHAT you focus on is what you attract ClearTalk offers you some very strong assistance to experience what might seem like and or actually can be miracles of life transformation. When it comes to "raising your vibrations" ClearTalk practice is an excellent way to do so. When it comes to learning and actually practicing how to stay generate and build a resonance or vibration and hold it steady until it materializes and forms into what you want, this ClearTalk is premium assistance. Enjoy. It is my pleasure to have this for you, and to share this with you.



The concept is that there is an outer illusion world that is generated from our inner and more real world. The concept that can be stepped into is the idea of the two universes. When you describe your current life situation you are in the universe. The so-called reality that is actually the illusion that is generating from the actual reality which is the inner world of your thoughts and feelings and so on. In your own universe is the magical place from where you thoughts are able to gain the power they need in harmony with your other inner powers to generate the reality you desire, imagine, and expect in the illusion.


It is critical and essential to always practice your ClearTalk Journal and your The Key practice by focusing FIRST in the universe, and then moving into your own universe. It is essential to declare in your mind or out loud if doing this with somebody else where you are. To mentally clarify what universe you are in. To say, "in the universe in the area of..." or "in my own universe in the area of..." to literally form that structural thought each time, each area, each universe. Like that you are mentally stepping in and out of the universes before and after you declare and formulate what you have to in each universe, in each area. And this is incredibly simple, and yet unbelievably effective. This will I feel certain if you do this have more and more extremely wonderful benefits you can tangibly notice spilling over quickly like a cornucopia of abundance into every aspect of your life. And validating that you really can use your own power in a mystical way to transform your life and the world.


And thus you gain confidence in your own power and using it consciously.


When you literally say, "in the universe in the area of (and state the full name of the area)" it is like mentally opening the door to that universe and stepping in and therein you describe what you have to say and then you step out and close the door by saying again, "in the universe in the area of (and state the full name of the area)". And then you do the same when you step into your own universe. So that you are mentally saying where you are, and when you are finished you are mentally saying it again to literally "close the door" on that part of the practice.


Working with the two universes is a major philosophy of the successful practice of ClearTalk. On the page where you see "The Key" there is an audio teleseminar with me that is recorded that gives a very complete example of doing a full ClearTalk session with the "The Key". And you do that in addition to your sessions with your ClearTalk Journal, and your Win List, and recording in your Results Journal. It's a spectacular accomplishment to do the full practice and I expect you will be so happy to accomplish that and have that ability for yourself. I am so happy to share this with you, even for the chance that you might actually do this, let alone the happiness of you doing it.



The in the universe component of the ClearTalk Journal and The Key practices outlined here in this book are all about you taking your thoughts and putting them into focus in each so-called area of your life as delineated on The Key. Even though the benefits of doing so are so many and so comprehensive that doing so can be considered to be the one success that brings all other success, I want you to understand something more about it. Since all that we are is originating from thoughts that have taken shape and formed into what we are living out and thus describing in the universe we can change that. It's not easy to change something if you don't have a way of changing it and if it is set on automatic pilot to keep running the same way over and over again.


If you do focus your thoughts in the universe that IS A WAY of ending all your problems. Just like that you can go free. However adding the in the universe aspect of the practice helps to transmute any and all problems even more. So when you focus in the universe you can bring in any problems you might be having. Any constricting emotions you might be thinking and feeling. Just doing that in the safety of the Cleartalk practice in the universe, and knowing you are about to declare what is better than that in your own universe, is extremely effective for AT THE LEVEL OF THOUGHT identifying, unraveling, de-programming, and re-programming your problems. Even to the point where you don't have them anymore.


You can solve all your problems until you don't have any once you start looking at and focusing your power mentally in each area of your life like this especially if you are also doing The Win List to help your subconscious mind to let you off the automatic pilot. ClearTalk is also known as "The Life Transformation Formula" because by using it you consciously take charge of your life way up high into the realms of the mental plane where your life is being run from. You willingly go there and do that with ClearTalk. With your mind becoming more and more of a domain that YOU have jurisdictions and freedom to be a participant in the operation of you raise up out of the daily routine automatic response. You uplift yourself with your consciousness like this. And you meditate like this in detail on your life situations and work things out by imagining and desiring and expecting what is better in your own universe, as well as taking more and more responsibility in the universe for being aware and making choices about how you perceive and hold yourself in the now, in the universe. You can poise like this. Because in the hierarchy of manifestation thought is at the top position from which everything else forms out of. With ClearTalk practice you are lifting up to the place where things need to change first if you want to change them at all.




Consciously forming your thoughts is a creative art that works with the unseen forces of life to direct the course of events according to your heart and soul wishes and desires that are in your conscious awareness and thus of your choice. When you make conscious choices so artistically and creatively on the life level you are working with forces so powerful that your intentions can have great impact on the course of events globally. You can take into your ClearTalk practice ideas not only about your own life and well-being, but about the world. When you feel impacted by some news you are aware of, or any kind of sense of knowing that you might have about any global situation you can use the ClearTalk technique to address global and humanitarian concerns and this is going to greatly enhance the power and effectiveness of the choices that you make in your own personal circumstances and visions for your life.



So this forming of your thoughts is also called "consciously intending" and consciously intending is also called, "choosing". Now in this regard for example you are in the universe and you are describing something of your current reality. There are many ways you can describe it, and many attitudes and feelings you can have about it while doing so. This practice gets you to realize that each day as you look again at your own thoughts and feelings by forming them in the universe in each of the respective areas you realize HOW you are thinking and that it is a choice how you do, and then you can try changing that and you will by doing this.


And in your own universe again the process of even knowing what you desire to imagine and what you want to expect and if you even can expect that your dreams and goals and wishes materialize like this is about making choices. Our Empowerment Script technology by the way is there to provide an enormous boost and protection and support for you as you go forward in life wielding the magic wand of your conscious intention so effectively as ClearTalk can certainly help you to do.


The choices you make can become so wise that you actually begin to choose your destiny and to tune into what it is within your heart and soul and your highest consciousness and the divine being them self. The entire world is fabricated out of Love Itself formed into whatever the beings that have lived here in this field of love have chosen to form it into so far in our relationship with the divine one like that. We form the reality of love into what we choose it to be, and the supreme authority is always having a relationship of love with us, no matter how we are choosing or not. So whatever you choose your intention is directing Love Itself, about how you desire, imagine, and expect things to be. You are in a love relationship at all times with the very fabric of what you make your dreams come true out of. And YOU are much greater than me, myself, and I. And yet only you can make choices. Even your vast and powerful subconscious and unconscious aspects of your own mind do not make choices. Only you do. Choose well, choose wisely. Choose love all ways.




The first phase of trying out this ClearTalk practice is realizing how greatly helpful this can be to your life by organizing and improving absolutely every area of your life because you put your conscious intention there and work the incredible magic of choice with power in your whole life consciously on a regular basis. Grasping the potential of that is the first step, and realizing you have here a way to actually do and experience that easily enough is the next step. And then comes putting together some form of your ClearTalk journal, and then comes understanding how to use, "The Key" as a meditative practice in addition to how you used it to set up your ClearTalk Journal areas and scripts. And then comes learning and practicing your Win List and keeping a Results Journal.


If you ONLY went through the process of reading and applying what is in this book and getting to the place where you now know how to do and have already done all of those four things that in itself is the equivalent of taking an extremely effective workshop on how to achieve total and ultimate and maximum success in all areas of your life AND to keep that going over and over again, success after success in a holistic, synergistic, balanced and harmonious life practice.


So congratulate yourself if you make it that far and when and if you do then realize NOW that you have set that all up and know HOW TO do those four practices and you have your starting scripts all laid out in a ClearTalk Journal of your choosing then now you are ready to practice this regularly. I am only going to say this, that if you practice this daily or even twice daily I feel certain you are definitely going to have incredible enlightenments about how life works, and how you work, and things are going to work out for you the way you want them too. And the things that aren't working out for you are going to get changed by you and your power into more of what you want to change your life into. This overall ClearTalk practice and the four parts of it truly shows you that you do have power to change and direct things in your life. And if you use our Empowerment Script technology along with this ClearTalk technology that can also expand your sense of doing this from the idea that you are using your personal power alone on your own, to the reality that you are working always with Love Itself the Divine One Being the Nameless Source of All Things, and a variety of your unseen friends.


And once you have this set up even though YOU CAN enjoy the many benefits of doing it and flowing with it as much as twice a day for years and years to come you can also take up the practice and put it down as you wish to. It still works no matter how much or how little you use it. This is mental exercise of the finest quality and finding your way of when and how to use it is up to you. For example the value of just having your goals and dreams so clearly written out in your ClearTalk journal and re-visiting that from time to time is immense even without doing it with the IN THE UNIVERSE component as a regular practice. And the Win List and Results Journal and The Key practice done each on their own even once in a while are extraordinarily valuable in so many ways. Let alone if you practice all four in a synergy most every day. Do as you will, with harm to none, and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. This is your magic wand, use it wisely and as you wish to. Use your powers beautifully. Make the world a better place, and your own life with the power of you, and this technology for wielding that immense power.




As well as drawing on meditation techniques and the inspiration of the great masters of meditation ClearTalk also takes inspiration from our magical heritage that we share as humanity through our spiritual human history and heritage. For those who practice and study real beautiful magic it is a well known tenet that when practicing love magic, or casting love spells or any kind of magical spell or ritual it is totally ill-advised to magically or meditatively attempt to influence another person's life or free will.


So this is a large topic and if you really want to work with the fine points regarding it, then great. However what I want to address is simply two things. 1. Don't ever wish or imagine something for another person, without getting their permission to do it first. You could wish them peace, you could wish them love, but any form of you starting to imagine what you want them to do or be or have without their conscious choice and approval of you doing so is completely not advised.


You would be quite surprised if you actually took that matter to heart and focused on your own intentions and desires for your life and you can have imaginary people playing imaginary roles of whatever you want in your own universe. Just don't put people you know in there, unless you ask them. Which brings up the most beautiful potential and the second thing which is that you can actually do this ClearTalk practice TOGETHER with other people, or with a few special or one special other person. After all, by practicing ClearTalk you can discover that you actually become more and more skilled at consciously directing your life. The beauty and excellence and fun and creativity of doing so is extremely wonderful and the power is greatly amplified when you do this together.


UPDATE April 2015:

I have just now completed putting together a new version of this method for consciously creating your own reality. While there are many ways you can devise to do this depending on your circumstances, if you CLICK HERE or on the picture below then you can get to the page that describes the new method and gives you access to it. I am no longer inclined to call it ClearTalk, now I just refer to this as the "Elprehzleinn method of consciously creating your own reality". Or something like that :)


Sri Yantra for helping manifest your dreams






Some Potential Benefits of Doing "ClearTalk Practice"


•Experience for yourself from day one and thereafter for as long as you choose to the legendary benefits of the mastery of meditation in a harmonious and balanced modern method that was designed to connect your body with the truly divine spiritual being that you already know and thereby with your true power and true self and true connection with the divine being who always loves you.


•The ability to focus and concentrate the mind is unanimously agreed upon by ancient masters and the modern "rock stars" of success and accomplishment as the one success that brings all other success. With this you gain that skill every day and it shows up in all areas of your life accordingly.


•Be totally centered in your own life and have a way to stay centered when things happen in your life as your life changes in all the ways that it does. Feel free and excited about change in your life. Have fun with your life, rather than escaping your life to have fun.


•Tangibly love yourself by providing all of what you need at the thought level for yourself even if it was missing before. And it shows up in real life in the best form and the most benevolent manner for you.


•Enjoy the ability to make the most of the life you have right now in the most positive ways yet you dream for something more. Learn how to live your everyday life while you hold your dream strong even if it has not come true yet, AND have it come true step by step. Handling your everyday existence is critical to having the stamina and staying power to stick with it. This gives that to you. Easily. Steadily. Honestly.


•Develop your mental strength so much that not only is it impossible for unwanted thought forms or other people or TV or anything like that to influence you in ways you do not want, but you can actually transform anything that comes into your presence and make something good of it.


•Actually experience the results that you may have been led to believe you can get from reading and studying other mind power self-help, get what you want with mind power materials, courses, and/or attending workshops. All that you did before can serve you now as ClearTalk™ pulls it all into a structure you can make sense of it and get it all to work the way it really can.


•Foresee your own most brilliant future, and write it down in words with help from your higher self and your very own most brilliant future self and your soul and spirit, and make it come true. Yes, that is one of the benefits you get from using this program. You can literally do that. In the process you can release any fears and blockages you have to knowing your own future, destiny and fortune, and working with all of that with the protection of Love Itself and your highest consciousness to safely undertake the adventure to make it come true. I know, it sounds incredible. Truly, this is part of the program and you can do it.


•Transform every kind of negative situation in life and the inner programming that generates it - at the level of thought - into what you imagine, desire, and expect is better, including all manner of real tangible situations and also negative thinking. This is absolutely for certain.


•Establish and enjoy a positive, healthy, working relationship with your subconscious mind, your Higher Self, unseen friends, GODdess (or whatever name you use for the Source of All Love), your ego, and anyone else in your life that you do ClearTalk with.


•Finally have the means to talk about ANYTHING with the people you most love in your life. If you do ClearTalk together you can quickly talk about everything you need to and work it out using ClearTalk. This benefit alone is massive. And it is as easy as playing a board game together. Only MUCH more rewarding.

•Consciously create your own reality. This means that when you are using ClearTalk right from the start you are working consciously with your thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, and your beliefs and attitudes in such a way as to support what you imagine, desire, and expect, CONSCIOUSLY to come true in your own reality. And it often does in most benevolent ways. It is a whole new way of living. A wonderful way of living.


•Develop your powers of positive thinking and feeling.


•Gain real confidence in your own ability to imagine, desire, and expect what you want in life. You can do it!


•Experience why ancient masters say that mastering the mind is the one success that brings all other success. Actually EXPERIENCE that. Know it for your self.


•Massively increase your creativity and your imagination.


•Have a method you can use and share to create huge amounts of fun, success of any kind that is right for you, love, and closeness and all manner of good things WITH YOUR LOVER or whomever you choose to do ClearTalk with.


•Know how to get out of problematic situations in relationships (or in any other area of life) and get into desirable ones. Just use ClearTalk either with or without the person in question or whatever the situation or circumstance is. If without, then be considerate NOT to imagine new things for that other specific person. Imagine generally that you are with a person that you imagine is what you want, and then that specific person can or not resonate with your new resonance.


•Have a reliable method, system, and tools, and support that is tested and proven by real results and popular opinion to be one the finest quality, most concise, easy to learn and understand most practical applications of mind power for everyday life.



•Experience the unbelievable, incredible efficiency that shows up in every area of your life making it seem like you are suddenly accomplishing more than ever yet your free time is more and more free. Ultimately you achieve feeling like ALL YOUR TIME is ALWAYS free. I know, it seems unbelievable. I told you that up front. But it is true. It happens starting from the first day you use ClearTalk to manage your life with your thoughts, with your subconscious mind.


•Feel the value and joy and love and peace of allowing the highest magic of them all into your daily life. LOVE. Working with love as an actual energy to assist and guide your success. The Love Story Magic program in our product catalog helps you do this AND using ClearTalk generates love energy. Do ClearTalk with your lover and it is unbelievable what you can accomplish together. You can even try it with a friend and get spectacular magic to happen for each of you.


•Feel the value and power of invoking and including your Higher Self and your unseen friends such as angels, faeries, devas, and other luminous beings of good intention from other kingdoms to assist you in your every day life. They all exist and communicate at the level where you do your ClearTalk. It is like a telephone with them and your most Brilliant Future Self.


•Enjoy a system, method, and tools that comes with real support both energetically, spiritually and in person from the person who designed it (JoreJj) and the unseen friends who contributed benevolently over the years and still work with us today.