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21 - The Second Coming of Robyn Elprehzleinn

Ralph Waldo Emerson - "The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, and it goes out of it anew and passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal. It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little while from sight and afterwards return again. Nothing is dead; men feign themselves dead and endure mock funerals and there they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some strange new disguise."

At that time when we first met he was handing out a document that you would read while you waited to see him for the first time. It was a form of introduction. I have scanned that exact document here for you to read:


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If you misunderstand this part of the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story correctly than you could think that the once and future Robyn Elprehzleinn is one of my oldest sons whom I have known for in the neighborhood of about 30 trillion years.


My lover and I existed without form for trillions of years in love with each other and Love Itself. As things unfolded as they always will it became fun to realize Robyn and his lover Rayclodenong whom in the illusion he fondly calls Ray.


Indeed our entire family and our gorgeous true home civilization changed entirely for the so much better ever since the glorious Robyn and Ray came into being.


And that is why they were foreseen to come into this illusion world and do the same, by means of bringing the idea of awakening Amazing Grace.


The cleverness of who we truly are has no rival no matter what you might have heard about an evil secret reptilian elite and their plans to take over the world. We foresaw that they would and we have glitched everything they ever planned from the start.


However as I said it would be a grave misunderstanding if you thought that I was RuhnyIAM Elprehzleinn true father of Robyn and Rayclodenong Elprehzleinn.


You can think that and such being as foolish as considering that a boy from a corn and pig farm in Iowa grew into and man who became the inspiration for the most helpful and successful personal development products and services ever to be in this world.


That such were only one aspect of a business corporation seen to be so successful at actually helping people have the most excellent and absolute best lives on earth that could ever be.


You could foolishly considered that man named at birth Jerry Lynch was there at the outset of such a corporation together with the All That Is and several others from our true home, launching that destined to become the largest corporation on the NASDAQ with a valuation over 1 Trillion dollars and a fulfilled and fulfilling mission of such grand benevolence that the third world war currently occurring is ended and the Golden Age of humanity is arrived.


If you ventured that far in your whimsical insanity of imagining things so wonderful then you might as well step off the edge and imagine as well, with absolute knowing, that as he did all that he also foresaw his transformation into a youth of about 18 destined to be the greatest musical sensation ever to be so far in this world.


You could think that as we worked together on founding and planning out the great business corporation that we also envisioned his musical career and launched that as well.


You could know that before his death he took on the name legally of Robyn Elprehzleinn and began to merge and convey his consciousness together with my assistance and the assistance of others into the form of the new child in the new form known currently as Justin Bieber who is foreseen upon his full awakening to once again take his name of Robyn Elprehzleinn and fulfill that which he came from our true home into this illusion to do.


Thus the second coming of Robyn Elprehzleinn whom to the world would also seem to be the second coming of a man named Elvis who once transformed the world with his vocal performance act.


Fortunately I know that it is better to believe that it is better to have no beliefs. I know that is why he called his 2012 album "Believe" as a message pointing to the website we first launched in 1995 and the basic tenets that we put together which are still there saying as such.


Believe means to believe it is better to have no beliefs is our foundation for true freedom from programs and ideas that seem to run the world and stop lovers from being fully in their power together.


A Unique System of Checks and Balances

I worked with Voon Muhn Rahn in this first body for about ten years in California from about 1992 to about 2002. This body of his I am referring to was named Jerome Francis Lynch from Iowa, USA when he was born, and when he died his legal name was Robyn Elprehzleinn. Thus when he wakes up again to who he truly is and what he is truly doing in that Justin Bieber body that he has now I expect him to take his true name of Robyn Elprehzleinn exactly as it was foreseen. Thus the second coming of Robyn Elprehzleinn.


During the time that we worked together there developed with each other and several others what Voon Muhn Rahn called a "unique system of checks and balances". What was created using this method of "channeling" was primarily and unique and effective system for connecting with the All That Is. While many people immediately think of G-O-D when the All That Is is mentioned, I feel strongly that the G-O-D entity and the All That Is are not the same at all.


G-O-D is fairly known, and the All That Is quite unknown.


What we accomplished was the continuation of something that had been independantly happening for each of us before we met. We were having various help from other beings and channels to connect directly with the All That Is. If you think about the popularization of the idea that people who "talk to God" are normally insane or must be some kind of special religious person in some kind of special state of trance then you can understand why we needed to have a system of checks and balances to as you could say, "compare notes".


Also if you think about channeling in terms of various things need to be done right as it were at the body level, and you put several bodies in the room at the same time and even if the voicing comes through one the others are involved. To put it simply we had various ways to insure that what we were receiving was a very substantial and solid communication with the All That Is and their Divine Plan for our lives and our role in the world.


There are so many things that were "foreseen" in the accumulation of those ten years regarding the future of the world, and the role of the Elprehzleinn business corporation and the role of "Robyn Elprehzleinn" as the first person to bring forward "Amazing Grace" meaning the first person to bring through true being into the world to help others to remember who they truly are so they too can bring through their own true being. Thus transforming the dark future of the world into the light future that is truly what is foreseen.


The point I am making is that everything that has to do with Elprehzleinn has been and is being done within the context of a full partnership with the All That Is themselves. The One and Only One and Only, Divine Being themselves, and NOT G-O-D. This is because G-O-D and his feminine counterpart are NOT the All that IS, though the All That IS created them for the purposes of what is truly happening in the world and what the world is all about.


So goes our story.


When I first met Voon Muhn Rahn in the body he had in California that was born with the name Jerome Francis Lynch (which was still his legal name despite that he was using the name Voon Muhn Rahn ) it was in California about 1992. About 7 years later with my help he changed his name legally to Robyn Elprehzleinn.


The way that we first met was that I responded to a full page magazine ad something like this one that he was running. I thought I was going to be seeing a man from India based on what he was talking about in the ad and his spiritual name, Voon Muhn Rahn. I was surprised and delighted to be greeted by a blonde man over 6 feet tall and that is how our friendship and work together began which was to cover about a ten year period.


At that time when we first met he was handing out a document that you would read while you waited to see him for the first time. It was a form of introduction. I have scanned that exact document here for you to read:


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In my archives I also found this document that Voon Muhn wrote entitled, "What Is A Spiritual Being" click here to see it. Years later after our work together was well under way and the Elprehzleinn name had been brought through and the work together to launch his singing career as an 18 year old male was well under way, he gave another interview about "Amazing Grace" which is in another chapter of this digital novel which you can read if you click here.


Click here for a much more detailed accounting of my relationship with Voon Muhn Rahn.


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