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Love Story Magic, aka "Magical Changing Your Love Story". kinda like Cinderella did it, only your subconscious mind is your fairy godmother...and your magic wand is the power of your own choices of how you want your love life to be from now on...


This may be the most potent program I have ever created, and yet the simplest and most easy to do of them all.


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JoreJj appeared on the radio in Montreal in 2008 as the featured guest on a show about sex and love. He was speaking about and holding the focus on "True Love". You might want to listen to that show as an introduction to this Love Story Magic online version of the program that was discussed and the topic of the radio show. CLICK HERE to listen to the radio show and enjoy. Peace and Love.


Assignment 1.

Here is your first assignment to begin your process to Magically Improve Your Love Story:


Tell your story the way it is now to get in touch with that it is a story. You can actually tell your story to a friend. You can tell it to a tree, or a rock. You can tell it to a crystal or an inner counselor or guardian angel. You can look in the mirror and tell it to yourself. You can write it out.


You can sit quietly and just go over it in your mind.


The format is such that you want to summarize your "love life". For some people this is going to be how it is right now. If that is how it starts for you, excellent. Then stretch back to the beginning of remembered time in this life and speak about the entire story of your love life.


Rather than tell you any more about how to formulate your own life love story SO FAR, I rather am going to clarify that what the purpose of this is to simply get in touch with that YOU have your own story. And to feel it, sense it, and get in touch with it somehow. So you don't have to write a novel, you don't have to tell the entire story. Just touch into it somehow. Get a grasp, a conscious sense of your love story. Now, and as it has unfolded over time unto now.


That is assignment 1.





Assignment 2.

Here is your second assignment, go to YouTube.com and do a search for "celebrities without makeup".


As you look at the images you find, get the sense of how powerful transformation is. How potent are these images of external change of image. Regardless of your REACTION to these images, the point being made is that change can be dramatic, and very helpful to your success in life. Doing something to change your Love Story is MORE POWERFUL than these external transformations as you are changing your inner story.


Since it is your inner story that is projecting your entire current love life, your inner script is making your outer movie. Thus as you change your inner story, expect your outer love life manifestations to be more dramatically and wonderfully improved than the photos on YouTube I linked you to above.


Feel the power of transformation, and build your desire to have your own love life IMPROVE dramatically, like these photos. This is your second assignment.


And this link can be even more dramatic on the same theme:

Extreme Makeovers


and this one: Male Underwear Models compared to Everyday Men


Again, notice all your subconscious reactions, but stay focused on getting the idea that your love life could be massively transformed from what it curently is and has been your whole life. We are about the business of realizing that you have a single program called YOUR LOVE STORY and it is running your love in your life. All areas of your life. And we are going in to talk to your subconscious to make it improved. And when it improves your outer life improves. That is the idea we are showing to our subconscious here. Make my love life much better. No matter what you love life is now, the idea is to make it much better, by asking your subconscious to make it much better. By getting your conscious mind aware and in relationship to partner with your subconscious mind from now on to improve your love life. To make a brilliant future in love for you. To choose that, to make it happen, to automatically attract and have that. Just as you know the people in these photos, attract a completely different reality when they are in the transformed condition.

here is something else to get you started in terms of the idea of seeing pictures that show so-called ordinary with the "visions" we are get shown of what certain types of success "should be". This is about taking a step to realizing that your own success in love which is going to affect all areas of your life is something that LOOKS unique and doesn't look like any body else's success:


Progress Check (17 min. 32 sec.)
A time to review and catch up before we move on to assignment 3 in which we take the current love story into the subconscious and connect the written conscious version to the full inner vision, and ask the subconscious mind to help us prepare to change our love story into something better. Something that we imagine is better. To change it all. To make it all better. The whole love story, every part of it, to make it all better. That is what we are preparing to do now, and you can expect to do in assignement 3. Here is what you need to do to do to get ready:


CLICK HERE for the progress check audio


Assignment 3.


The first audio of assignment 3 prepares the way for the guided meditation which is the second audio of assignment 3:


1. Preparation (20 min. 34 sec.)
CLICK HERE for the preparation audio


2.Meditation (26 min. 43 sec.)
CLICK HERE for the meditation audio



Final Notes . (16 min. 50 sec.)

Once the meditation in assignment three has been listened to you have magically changed your love story from now on it will improve automatically, and your conscious participation in your own love life is going to help your subconscious mind to do what we have now asked it to do, which it is doing now and will keep doing for your highest good and most benevolent outcomes in your future love life with harm to none, in harmony with Divine Love.


This final audio is some helpful notes now that you have fully completed the process of magically changing your love story. Thank you for making the world a better place by invoking and inviting and re-programming for more love, and better quality love in your own personal love story, in your future love life from now on. Your most brilliant future, let it be filled with the love you imagine is best and better. Let your love grow. With Peace.



CLICK HERE for the final notes audio





"Dear JoreJj, I finally came around to listening to your guest appearance on the Radio
WOW! You came in "right up there" with your knowledge and perspective and congratulations for holding it together like a true gentleman! Your presence was so certain and strong. Your concept of True Love - its energy, its power, its life giving force is so spot on - I could relate to it both intellectually and experientally. " Spiritually Yours, A.xxooo (Australia)


"Oh JoreJj, I feel so positive and open. Good things are happening. I want to thank you for all your wonderfulness. I have art projects forming in my head again!! this is a real sign of breaking free for me. Thank you so much for encouraging this."


"I believe that we are all searching for love in our life and not necessarily with another person. Love for our work, our lives and our selves. If we all just could live in love all of the time - the world would be much better for everyone. Finding true love allows us to live in peace, harmony, and bliss. And if we do share that with another in the physical sense, then it is complimentary."

About the 2-3 month personal consulting program with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn:


JoreJj has offered for many years a personal consulting program for people that want to work with him personally on their ability to change inside, to re-program themselves, to consciously create their own reality better, or more. You can find out more about the latest version of that program that he offers CLICK HERE



My Favorite Love Quotes:

"True love's kiss is the greatest magic of them all."
From the motion picture, Enchanted


"Desire is the delicious awareness of new possibilities."


"Love is one of the most potent and powerful transformers that there is."

" The problem with modern man is that he is too caught up in rationality and logic. He doesn't allow the Divine to interfere on his behalf and fix things miraculously. In fact, your life would be easier if you would put your faith in miracles. Miracles make a person positive whereas logic leads to negativity."
Dattatreya Siva Baba


"You may control a mad elephant;
You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
By alchemy you may earn your livelihood;
You may wander through the universe incognito;
Make vassals of the gods; be ever youthful;
You may walk on water and live in fire:
But control of the mind is better and more difficult."








A Love Poem About Forever

In the cold Northern wastes
There is a mountain
A thousand miles long
A thousand miles high

Once each thousand years
A small bird
Flies North
A small bird flies North
to sharpen his beak
on the cold hard stone

When the mountain
Is thusly worn down
One second of Eternity
Shall have passed.

-Tibetan poem