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with Love,
Peace, and Joy
Have Fun.
It is all an illusion.

"JoreJj, In my lifetime of involvement with people who know and use the Law of Attraction, your approach is of a power and integrity that I've seldom seen, and the purity of your heart, the purity of your connection to the message is rare. I wanted to touch your world because of that." L.M.


"JoreJj, (My best friend) says I’ve changed so much to the positive, and it must be your excellent influence. (this past year)"


"This second one is really my own testimonial on the effectiveness of the lists. I have been able to pretty much resolve a long term issue that was bugging me mentally for years, and literally driving me MAD. I know that with more work it will resolve 100%. So thank you very much for providing that."


"I know WOW is RIGHT…..Thank you for all that you do for me….I hope you know how much it means or me to have a you working on the relaunch of my business I believe that we are going to have a wonderful time working together I know you are the BEST …the BEST in the WORLD!! Cheers! To U&ME"

"Dear JoreJj,

Your book I kept over the years and did the lists dutifully. I
consider it the best book I ever read about how to take control over your brain, how to stop the TV from programming your mind and how to manifest your ideal life." A.D.


You are the worlds top wordsmith!!!!! Wow!!! M.Z.


"My reason for contacting you is that I purchased the Clear Talk-Divine Love program from you years ago.
I continue to do Clear Talk and record amazing results.


Recently I purchased a new computer and the program will not let me transfer the file.Would you be so kind as to send me a new link or instructions?" -I.M.


"Since I took your workshop two months ago, the five things I was most worried about have completely turned around. I have a new apartment I love, a new roommate who is a delight, a new job that is marvelous, a new boyfriend who is perfect, and I have advanced spiritually more than I thought possible.

-from one of Robyn's students in the eighties.



"Things are moving so fast, I am sure something has shifted in my universe, like you cant even imagine. the steam train has began...........Hello Jorejj! What a wonderful day, I had the best audition ever. i nailed it. so much to tell right now. so much to write. brain gone in overload. mental meltdown (in a good way today, a real good way), shoooweeee what a turn around from yesterday to today. Like powwwww thank you universe. thank you JoreJj! this stuff is working." E.V.

"Hi JoreJj,

How are you. You will be glad to know that, I was able to find a job, even before my contract with my old company came to an end.

This job is quite good, slightly better paying, and commute is also not bad.

So, just wanted to give you update, and I will talk to you some time soon."


"Dear JoreJj,
It's such a beautiful beautiful thing you've done......we're already on our way......and get this...(private)....what's the word? serendipity?"


"Hi JoreJj,
We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY CREATIVE YEAR !! That you may reach the stars because when someone deserves it than it is you. Don't thinks this is all normal what you are doing for us because it is not. Someone has to have courage to do this. I have send your page to someone who is also interested in your program. I hope she will make the same decision that I have made. Kind regards."




"Dear JoreJj, saw you online and felt compelled to say Hello. Have to admit. I keep going back to your sound tracks. You're always developing something new and exciting, what's the latest?
I've come along way and have now positioned myself with my company and industry to make and impact. I'm sure your teaching had an influence. A.K."

"I got your... program and I was totally blown away by your information. ( I am 83 years old and have studied everything out there for 50 years). I have never read anything remotely resembling your material.You are a blessing to us all. Thank you again."


"Hi JoreJj,
I just wanted to let you know that I am about halfway through the formula e-book, and I am amazed at the practicality and power of these excercises and concepts!! Already my mind is shifting in ways (for the better) than I ever thought possible. I am simply in awe."

"Thank you (!!!) for presenting a positive way of dealing with life. Thank you for the "As a Man Thinketh" perspective, and thank you for speaking in terms the average person can understand. Thank you for your open-hearted, open-minded attitude and presentation. The Life Transformation Program is exciting, wonderful and right up my alley!"

"I bless the day I opened your web site on my computer."

"PS: Nothing compares to yours!" V.

"I've tried many different formulas in the past; Tony Robbins (Personal Power) as well as (Get the Edge), Inner Talk.com CD's, Dick Stuphen's Hypnosis CD's, Monroe Institute CD's, Dianetics and My Mysteries.com formula. I've done a few others that I can't recall by name right now. However, you formula was truly by far the most simplest, practical, precise and shortest one that definitely produced transformational change almost instantly."

"Your material is very powerful and unusual. I am an engineer and I like the practical application. This way I can tell that I am doing it correctly.Genius."


"I got great results from this exercise and had noted how much I could identify with the process of writing things down and how I would feel great after accomplishing a task I had written down on my "to do list". The exercise gave me greater understanding and how to change the "to do list" into a "win list" and subsequently win every time."

"The 12 areas is nothing short of sheer genius."

"I am somewhat into the 3rd chapter - as promised your book contains very avante guarde* valuable information."

"...In all my dealings with JoreJj, I've been constantly reminded of the potential we all have to transform ourselves into whatever we desire. In a nutshell, JoreJj is probably one of the most giving dedicated, and sincere people I've ever met in the self-help arena. He acts and advises on a constant stream of actual experience that makes what he teaches real. If you're ready to learn what makes you tick, JoreJj is there for you!"

- C.M.
Business Owner
Georgia (USA)


"...With the help of JoreJj, and the Life Transformation Formula, I turned my life around so fast, I almost couldn't believe it ... I manifested my own house in one month. And, then in another month, I worked myself out of debt. By doing the ClearTalk method, I got the most precious gift one can have: the effect of finding my true self and all the gifts I have inside of me"

- C.W.
Business Woman



"I am doing your life transformation
formula and already got some suprising results that are amazing."


"Oh JoreJj, I feel so positive and open. Good things are happening. I want to thank you for all your wonderfulness. I have art projects forming in my head again!! this is a real sign of breaking free for me. Thank you so much for encouraging this".


"I am doing your exercises on stopping worrying right now, totally brilliant!"
Love, K.


"Just wanted to tell you that I got good results from the 12 area exercise. I'm going to try it again."

"I just purchased your Life Transformation Formula ebook last weekend, and Wow! I have studied all this stuff for forty some years (just a kid at 69) and all the courses... books... and teachings just tell you what you "should" do to control your mind and make things happen. You are the first person who has been able to say the same thing... make it clear... and give simple exercises to change a persons life! Thank you... thank you! "

"I downloaded the Life Transformation formula. I am absolutely delighted of the things I am reading and understanding. It is synthesizing a lot of information that I have had in my being."

"I am just writing to say thank you to God, and you of course, for assisting for me to learn from and live a better life.

I have learned something new with your free chapter "Winning" and I did have a bell go off in my head.

I am blessed and amazed. You are truly a gift to me and this world. I never expected you to do that.


I will be keeping in touch with you about this book, and I will be asking a lot of questions. That is also what I like about you, you are reachable. I can actually talk to you and ask questions, and I love that.
H.A. "

"Dearest JoreJj,

I have been on a spiritual journey and a journey of
self-discovery and I have read so many self-help books and books on healing and I have learned a great deal about the way the universe works but for some reason I have not had much success at applying any of it to my life.

I would try different techniques and programs
and never stick with them and just feel even worse--AHHHHHHHHH- so when I read your first chapter--it actually felt really good just 'accomplishing' the simple exercises (looking at the walls etc.) I actually got a weird feeling in my stomach. Who would have ever thought that just doing something like that would make me feel good. But it hit the nail right on the head--I was beating myself up so much for not getting things accomplished that I set out to do and even doing the smallest things that I set out to do made me feel like a winner--wow--I have always intellectually known the power of visualization and tried using it for awhile (but like everything else--I never stuck to it) but they way you explained was really great and very helpful. I think that your e-book could really help me in such a great way. S.M. "

"Thanx a lot for your book. I appreciate your gift immensely."

"God bless you for the wonderful gift - your book!!!"

"I enjoyed the first chapter and agree with you totally!! I have been reading a lot about this concept and have applied it to my life. "

"From what I've read, already I can see that you are light years away from anyone else I've come across in this realm and it's very refreshing :-)"

"JoreJj -
I'm sure you hear this all the time, but the Life Transformation formula is so very aptly named - my life and where it's heading is unrecognizable as compared with the previous completely hopeless overwhelming position from which I only recently started. My back rent and credit card bills have amazingly been paid off and the daily overall struggle is no longer a part of my life. While previously the only thing I anxiously awaited was sleep and even that eluded me. I now look forward to each day with enthusiasm never before experienced in my life. The Invocative Affirmation further is changing me from within and my life from without in true symbiotic process. I memorized it as you suggested and simply repeat it over and over to myself whenever a negative thought enters my mind or when going to sleep or if I wake up through the night. It's very comforting and everything you said it is. Nothing short of miraculous!
Just had to extend my extreme gratitude to you."

"Yes, JoreJj
Thank you for that free chapter on Winning. I liked it very much. It made me look at things in a different perspective and when that happens I like it. I did do the exercise and I started applying it. It does make you feel good inside to go through the day aware of all of the things that you "win" at. It get's your vibration up and that's all good.
I would love to read the rest of your book. "

"I am already doing it. It's funny although it's my first doing it I am excited. What I like it's simple to do, and makes me realize the small things I can accomplish and not the things I'm not doing.
Thank you very much. YOU'RE A GENIUS.
Today, I can't wait to read the e-book I ordered " Life Transformation "
Mahalo (thank you)"

Om Suryaya Namaha

"This formula is very unlike much of the motivational material which I've previously read in that it is very simplistic. Rather than expounding on why we do what we do and the meanings behind our actions, we're put through a series of very simple exercises which surprisingly are very powerful. The first exercise shows us how to rack up WINS for ourselves each and every day. I can honestly say that so far, this formula has been a very intriguing look into how my present life has evolved and a glimpse at some very exciting possibilities in the future. "

"Wow, that was a good well written chapter. I have been using the WIN list for next day, and it has brought that loser voice tothe surface, that I hadn't realised was there. Now I can cancel it out and insert I am a winner, thanks so much.

Once again thanks for being a real person at the end of emails. I don't usually get answered. Blessing, keep up the great work."

"This is really incredible. Every day I hurry home to continue reading and to do the excercises. I sleep with the mp3 and really it makes me feel very good."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and working through your
material. I have been doing all the exercises, and found them interesting and inspiring. I am still working with them for there is a lot to be done, and instead of my usual skimming over or not doing exercises, this time I am taking the time to do and redo, adding and taking away and refining.

Since reading and working with your material, I have been putting my writing
skills to work and completing a half finished biography of my life and the achievements I have had."


I purchased your book not too long ago. It is very different, which is good. I got around to reading some of it yesterday. I know you are right about one thing. There is one big game of one-upmanship going on in the world. Since I read chapter two, I have caught myself at it. It is mostly unconscious. But, in my opinion, becoming more conscious is why we are here. If I get nothing more out of the book, that alone has been worth the purchase price."

"This is helping me to feel confident about accomplishing more"

" I download the chapter on winning and I have read it all. It is fascinating and very different from anything else I have read( I have been looking for this kind of tool for....a very long time.)"

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
Romans 12:2

"I am in the middle of chapter 3 and this is brilliant stuff , is what I think ...

You know the kind of movies that end where they should begin? It gets great toward the end, and then where they should have begun they quit...

This book is not that way, it begins strong and keeps going... "

"Well, Success at last! I am thrilled. I have read four chapters already and have learned new things. This surprises me . Your approach must be called "fresh" because I have never encountered quite anything like it. I am already being educated. I am delighted by the material I am reading. I am reading precept after precept and these resonate with me such that I feel these are really Truths and not speculations. I believe this material is exactly what I need right now."

"Hi JoreJj,

I thought the first chapter of your book was fantastic. I will be purchasing the complete copy shortly."

"Wow. What an incredible gift you put into my hands. I can't Thank you enough. I feel like I am holding "The Philosophers Stone" or Aladdin's Lamp with unlimited wishes.

I finished reading the book and doing every excercise in one week. Almost immediately, there were remarkable things happening.

Without question, this Life transformation formula works. I can now see patterns and sense a shifting of circumstances that favor my plans and desires. It is really amazing and that is an understatement."

"I just finished reading the first chapter of your book, and I have to say that it has already had a profound impact on me. I used the concept of winning yesterday when I was working out and instead of focusing on the big picture of running 2 miles, I set my mind to think that I had "won" each time I completed a quarter of a mile. I found that it was much easier and I was a lot happier after following this strategy. I even ran a bit longer than I usually do, too :)

Thank you and God Bless You."

"Thank-you for producing this document."

I have read the chapter on Winning. It has shed a whole new light on how I will be working with my mind from now on. As I read, and the truths contained within began to expose themselves to me, I was made immediately aware of how subtle our demise awaits as we plod along in ignorance of such simple principles as these.

"Whatever I have manifested so far, was effortless. I didn't do anything special except to conduct my Life as usual. As far as results from the Life Transformation Formula, I have been getting results."

"Just a short note to let you know that things are happening in my life. True they are small but they are there. I am very excited about the results I am receiving, even though I do not spend nearly enough time on my studies due to other more pressing happenings in my life. Thank you so much - I like the program."

"Thanks again for your generosity in sharing your e-book of insights with me."

"Once again, thank you for sharing the wisdom you possess to all that yearn for the truth to what life really is. "

"I read chapter one of your book, which I enjoyed immensely. Over the years I have read a fair few books on this subject but your words (and God of course) have put a different perspective on things and I can see that I have allowed myself to operate on automatic pilot and it did feel good to take back the control even with the simple things. So, thanks for sharing that piece of wisdom with me (and others who seek)."

"I have been working with your system for about one month.....it is an understatement to say that it is very powerful."

"The complimentary chapter was well worth downloading, and was a timely reminder for me about the unique and powerful nature of the mind. The exercises are clear and well designed to demonstrate the writing. Thank you and best wishes in your continued teaching."

"Hi JoreJj,

I love your program. It works !!!!!!! It is SO powerful. Thank You. I think I'd have to spend hours in front of the computer just to tell you all the wonderful things that have happened to me since i got your e-book, I'd have to prepare a list !!!!! . with love,"

"Amazing thing happened here in New York. I had lost my purse Wednesday evening, at the 125th Street Harlem Metro Train Station. I used ClearTalk the "in the universe" along with the "in my OWN universe", along with the switch word REACH and pretty much what I wrote out occurred.

I received a call to my Chicago phone number informing me to go to Grand Central Station Lost and Found to claim the items that I had "left on the train". Anyway, on Friday morning, I picked up my purse with ALL of my belongings, excluding $40 in cash, which I would've given for a reward!!!

Many people were telling me what a miracle that was and how blessed I am. This is only the 2nd time in my life where I have felt blessed. I am clear now from that experience with my purse, that I am blessed."

"thanks JoreJj-The material is awesome."

"I now have 47 years of freedom restored to me thanks to your Life Transformation Formula . All those years of pre-programmed religion is GONE FOREVER!"

"I have got to tell you -- I'm feeling FANTASTIC. so many things are changing!! WOW. The work you teach is incredible. Thank ou so much for sharing all this. I feel like I'm surfing through life."

"And yes, I have also been experiencing wins in this universe I share with you and others on this planet:

1) Received a nice gift. 2) Learned yesterday that my Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) disease has completely reversed and there is no longer any sign of it in my body (via ultrasound). Please note that one year ago, when I told my rehab nurses that I intended to reverse the disease that they rolled their eyes and solemnly reminded me in front of an entire support group that the only alternative to CHF is death. This was back in Missouri. Can't wait to go back and pay them a visit! 3) Today we made an offer on a house that fits our needs and budget nicely. This house came on the market only yesterday. We've been looking for 3 weeks or so. The man who owns it is selling it for the same price he paid for it 2 years ago. He wants to get married and move ASAP (in that order??? lol). 4) We are arranging our moving/closing days on the days that we targeted for."

Results are coming in!!! After approximately 12 days things are progressing. My friend and I opened a new internet business!"

"I really like it and really know it works. 15 things already manifested. "

'Very interesting approach. I enjoyed it."

"Namaste JoreJj,
I read the whole chapter about winning, and feel the gift of your words creating peace in my heart. Thanks for extending love to me today."
Love and Peace, Q.

"Yes,JoreJj,the article on winningwas fantastic! It has been of great help. You
have done your homework well. I can't wait get the full book. You have given
graciously in providing the first chapter. I am amazed how profound making
this winning list has inwardly has brought my self esteem up"

"Dear JoreJj,

The complimentary chapter was well worth downloading, and was a timely reminder for me about the unique and powerful nature of the mind. The exercises are clear and well designed to demonstrate the writing. Thank you and best wishes in your continued teaching
." Sincerely, R.

"What I enjoy is that your information is direct & to the point... no waffle."

"This is extremely powerful, is easy to understand and use, and be sure you are ready for changes in your life, for change is what you get, guaranteed. WOW I'm still amazed at the rapid changes for good in my life Thankyou so much JoreJj, you saved my life it soars again."

"Thank You So Much for your book. I have found it to be an extraordinary insight into the minds workings that feels as though I have been given the button to it's devious yet simple devices. Your work is brilliant...I am making friends with this big dumb but very powerful oaf that is my mind and we are on our way to great successes that have been alluding us for a long time......thanks again...".

"Sincere Thanks. I genuinely appreciate your help. It's nice to find someone who is truly as committed to helping others as they claim to be. I don't know how many times I've heard someone SAY they were committed, only to be disappointed in the long run. I know you don't know me, nor I you, but I'm pleased to say I'm proud of you...Congratulations on NOT procrastinating, and getting this valuable information out for all of us to share in and improve our lives!"


I have just read the first chapter, and have already felt such a strong resonance. It has been only minutes since I finished, and already my soul feels lighter in the realization, and the specific way you have written these ideas. At some point a few days ago I was wondering... "okay.. so now that I KNOW with full confidence WHAT life is, the wonders and joys I have been hiding from for so long, and can taste the path in developing that, now... how do i begin to ACT, DO, and LIVE in accordance, to manifest and create in life, not in this magnificent 'spiritual' part, and then this bland dreadful 'working' life.

Not but a few hours later, I followed an impulse to look into a particular aspect of information I have become interested, and I have a mental flash that I should follow this tiny little link on a website, a small ad (which I rarely do)... and I found you ! I have full confidence in what I am about to embark upon in learning, of what life has shown you, to show us !

I will be taking part in the full course immediately !!


In only reading the first chapter, a switch has begun to flip in me, and I will strive to maintain and grow this fantastic glimmer of what I can already tell is a wonderful and infinite source of light, in a life that is mine, that I am beginning to tune, and now can venture into LIVING with this attunement."
A. K.

"I now have the certainty that this program is the real deal."

"I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.I actually feel lighter and get a sense there is something I can do to change my situation. Thanks again and may the Universe bless you a thousand-fold for your gift of kindness. "

"7 days ago I started working with the Life Transformation book.. Amazing things are already happening this week alone I have done things that I have wanted to do for a long time and I feel more positive about my life. Your formula is the best I have ever tried. This formula is different it has given me fast positive results and even though, the results I have had have been somewhat small they are still significant and important to me, they will lead and amount to greater things I know. Thank you very much, JoreJj, God bless you."

"I have been going through major shifts of consciousness and openings. Manifestation after manifestation, openings, possibilities......on and on."

"Hi JoreJj I have read the first chapter on winning and basically I just think it is fantastic!!!! I only wish I could know you personally.
Thank you very much for your inspiration it's delightful and refreshing to read, I can't imagine what the rest of the book holds I can't wait to read it.'

"Your words have impacted me and helped me to propel myself forward. I profoundly respect your work."

"I have been using the Win List for the past couple of days and it has made a real big difference in my life."

"Hi JoreJj,
I have not had the chance to read more than a couple of pages, but have already seen positive results.


"I do EVERY DAY for now win list and list for my
Universe with 1-2 items from 12 areas. I am kinda familiar with ideas similar to those but... it is a HUGE difference when we are offered to believe that you can change anything right away in PHYSICAL universe or when we can have OUR OWN universe, where of course we can do anything, and as a result have no resistance in imagining. That's a big advantage of your approach.


"Yes, doing win lists...and here's a bit of feedback. I find that after doing the win lists for a week , I have developed a pleasant routine to my day. I look forward to doing the items and with more awareness for each item, like brush my teeth, comb hair, etc. than I had experienced before starting the win lists."

"I am reading "Winning" and I am so excited I can hardly stand it."

"Greetings & thank you for the complimentary
chapter which I have read & found it to be very interesting & thought provoking.

The idea about the mind not counting the wins if we just live life at auto makes alot of sense to me and I guess it could be the reason why all the affirmations,visualisations techniques did not seem to work for me especially in my money department. "

" Hi JoreJj-
You have a unique explanation of differnetiating between "mind" and "non-mind!" I truly appreciated that distinction. I learned and am applying it, accordingly, as I did this very morning. I trust the my MIND was paying attention. From my morning ablutions to my Affirmations (which you also threw a curve at) on my long drive into work, I did feel as if I had a Winning Paradigm! I intend to use it daily and will, at the appropriate time, order the rest of your program."

"I was quite surprised after one week of your exercises, to experience my upper and lower brain joining together as one! Two days later, at a workshop I was attending as a guest, I learned quietly (from material there), that this is in fact enlightenment. "

"Thank you for your lucidation!"

"I believe you may have discovered something that is simple and easy to use but very effective as well."

"This beauty that is created when hearts as big and full as you have been blessed with, link....then the next moment is a promise fulfilled in the MAGICK of the Spheres. I will not apologize for the words, their meaning is already expressed within you, you live it. For that I will be ever grateful for Mind Power Book List....and for the inspiration to click on your site....as miracles go, this has star rating."


"I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have finally gotten to the place where this information is now available, and I have access to it."

"I suspended everything else to literally run through chapters 1-6 of the book at least twice, I simply could not wait.

It is fascinating. It provides practically all the missing links and answers to the many crucial 'whys' which several other programs raised in my 'mind'. I got absolutely new insight into how my mind works, and that was liberating. I could not stop reading . . . ."

"Hello JoreJj,

How delighted and honored I am to have found your body of work. I love your complete Knowing about this topic. Your energy and offerings are of an especially high vibration. May the blessings be returned to you a hundred fold."


"WOW. I have been reading books all my life, trying things out with some success, but your free chapter has already answered my main question, the WHY of why these things did not work for long or as well as I had hoped."

"I have had your e-book for a while now. It is very different from other books and programs that are meant to help change. It has clarified a lot of what other programs were trying to get across."

"Having finished the complimentary chapter, I think the "win list" provokes the great feeling of success within -- which is fuel and a catalyst for achieving greater heights."

"I have - it seems - stabilized as a "winner", and it has lead to a much
greater ability to focus and get some real work done. Thanks to you."

"What's best, doing these win lists gives me the greatest feeling of accomplishment.) It is like all negative thoughts and feelings are diminishing in my consciousness."





Firstly I'd like to thank you for giving me this formula, I did the formula as you suggested and as I progressed through it started to dawn on me what you were getting at. After finishing formula five, I read through the formulas again. As I started to read exercise one I noticed a feeling in my stomach , I know it sounds strange but it was a nice feeling like I'd discovered something special, I was alone and I started to laugh , not a ha ha laugh but a realisation laugh , in fact I am doing it again now . It may sound weird to you but you can't imagine how good it made me feel.

Just wanted to let you know that I am one week into your program and I am floored by your material.

Its refreshing to find someone who seems at least as interested in helping people as they do in cashing in on them. Thanks for your generosity. All the best.

Your formula is awesome.

I liked the formula very much, in fact I think that it is the most practical formula I have ever read. I diligently practiced it for four days and honestly I truly felt awesome.

JoreJj, you are the man! Overall, after implementing your life transformation formula, my energy level has shown a significant increase. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that if I keep doing your program persistentantly, I can have my own 6 packs of abs in no time, plus all other stuffs I wanna achieve in my life. BTW, I lost about 9 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I just couldn't get away with my mind telling me to eat less McDonalds and other junks after giving my subscioncious instruction that I want my 6 packs. :)

Thanks again JoreJj, you are my life saver and I will look forward to hear from you again. :)

Thank you, JoreJj, for the personal reply and encouragement. Interestingly on Friday I imagined how I would like a meeting with a university president (potential client) to turn out, and it turned out exactly as I had envisioned it. This is so amazing. I will continue exploring and I thank you again for your support.

Best regards,

If I had read the book earlier, I wouldn't have
resisted the outer universe so much when it resisted the manifestations of my own universe in the past. This caused me to lose some major battles. Now I understand that certain things I manifested, caused a shockwave and some discomfort in the visible universe (which is a collage of other peoples universes) and it reacted with force. By resisting I invited competition in my own universe and destroyed my own creations. This puts the Law of Allowing in a much clearer perspective. Gradually the things I've learned earlier are getting their place due to your explanation. Thanks for your insights.

"Just read your free chapter and want to acknowledge you for a brilliant body
of work.
R.W. "

the course is great. I have always done visualization and read all the self help books , its nice to have a different approach.

Om Buddhaya Namaha

Yes I'm working with the e-book that you sent to me - and I want to report an interesting result that I experienced when I did that exercise where I had to write down all my debts on one side of the page - and then write on the opposite side that I already had paid it - and you know what happened? When I tore off the one side with the debts and put it in the watebasket at this very moment - without any intention to do so - I just could not help it - I burst out in a deep - happy laughter full of joy and happiness and I just could not stop it for a while - it was like something very important had happened at this very moment.

Very good book I'm doing my win list daily, I feel better plus opportunities are opening up for me, its weird how did you figure this stuff out?, I' ve only had the manual for 4 days and Im starting to see things happen, in my own thinking the universe etc. thanks this is awesome, God will bless you, I put in a prayer for you as well, God Bless Elprehzleinn.

Past childhood memories have been coming, it is almost like I am going back in time and changing things at that level, because I am a winner now. Thank you so much for this work, it is the best I have ever found.

I had one of the most powerful last 3 days of my life! Thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you ! Chapter 1 was the most assuring , uplifting , penetrating pieces of information on this subject I have ever come across.

I've been enjoying and benefiting from the Life Transformation Formula course, thanks much. Brilliant work of genius, this course, thanks very much for sharing it with me and everyone.

Love the material.

Your work is magical. In the universe I wasn't sure if I would like it because it is so different but now I know that no one person could have made this it is from Divine Love.

I got the manual. Awesome stuff.

It is immediately apparent that (this) is indeed the
fresh perspective that has escaped so many people, including me, in spite of
the years of dedication to my personal and spiritual development. It felt like 'coming home', as all the real truths do!

How are you? I am well and still getting results.The latest one is that I got my new work permit on the same day that my old one was expiring.It has never happened before but talk of "perfect timing".

We are in our new home now and not the 2 bedroom apartment we lived in for 2 years. I know this works.

Thank you for all the encouraging messages, I am slowly working through the book and exercises, and finding them enlightening.

I thank you very much for your free chapter.I think it is really brilliant. I definitely want the whole story. The E-book.

I think the formula is indeed unique: a practical system, that's simple to understand and use, and it works. I think it works by separating self from ego defenses through the power of validation, but that's bye and bye really, thing is it just works.

I have read the book, and am re- re- reading various portions so that the system makes sense to me as a whole. I have to say, that, I am feeling greatly relieved as a result.

I love the program and have been slowly consistently working through it. Thanks JoreJj - my faith is powerful and my life is slowly transforming.

Thank you!
This material has changed my life! I was already on the right path, but I had to work hard at staying positive , now thanks to the lists I seem to just be happy without trying. I am getting results daily.

Actually to be truthful the minute that I started the exercises, little miracles started happening, and I say little, because these are the ones that I pay most attention to and that I am grateful for. That's why I encourage people to start with the winning chapter, so that they can discover for themselves how powerful it is and hopefully they will be enthused to continue with the other chapters. But as you know each is different and most people are afraid to change.

I can actually think of my bills now without that instant knot in my stomach. And I feel good about my goals. You truly are an inspiration.

My back is doing great, my foot is almost completely healed and I'm losing my tummy... ha ha I'm having loads of fun with this and I'm only on the (Stop) Worrying chapter. I've read it over and over to make sure it sticks before I go to the next one.

I found that before this book I had to work at being positive, now it
is just the way I am.
This is the most important book I have ever read, and I have read a lot
of books, this works.
Getting many results too, but I think the real thing, is how it makes you
feel about you. Really good.

I just purchased your Life Transformation Formula ebook last weekend, and Wow! I have studied all this stuff for forty some years (just a kid at 69) and all the courses... books... and teachings just tell you what you "should" do to control your mind and make things happen. You are the first person who has been able to say the same thing... make it clear... and give simple exercises to change a persons life! Thank you... thank you!

I read the ebook and I think it is one of the best material on manifesting I have come across so far.

I must say even after my first read, I find the materials extremely interesting and have already started to experience tremendous benefits from some of the exercises.

I have read your material, and done most of the exercises.I have read a lot of materials and books referring to self improvement, but your material is the best so far.


Your book is just what I needed...thank you.

Your book has been very helpful. One thing I've already noticed is that my lower back is not bothering me hardly at all any more...that was one thing I wished for.Thanks so much,

We have been working with your Transformation Formula for the past 2 months. Things have been moving along well .......Fast!

I can't wait until the world finds this information, there is just nothing like it!Bless you JoreJj for making it available.

Everything we've been taught is going to change, and you've become aware of it. You are a messenger of our future.
Keep up the good work.

You are a great guy from heaven to me! I tell you even with the first exercise I was tremendously blessed.

Thanks so much for what you have given me. The last three weeks my accounts receivable climbed. Romantic date possibilities appeared. Best of all is the excitement of seeing my clients getting results through the application of the ClearTalk exercises I am sharing with them.

Thank you for your email to me. I really appreciate it. Thought of writing to you earlier. I've downloaded your free copy of "Life Transformation ..." I simply can't put the notes down as I read it coz I was in discovery myself. I was experiencing happiness and joy as finally someone really put it in a simple word of what I've been looking for. I did your exercises in the book and I discovered about really live in the present moment. I've attended so many experiential courses, read lots of books and recently attended Mastery course that just explain to me a concept of being in present moment. But your exercise enable to put it into practical all the things that I've intellectualize so far.

Thank you for bringing joy to my life through your work. I am blessed to have stumble upon your website ... it was meant to be. Thank you JoreJj.


I have done LOTS of other spiritual seeking and read many books etc but I just couldn't put yours down.
Thankyou for sharing it with me!
I am so full of awe and at the same time so amazed at how simple it all seems the way you present the information/wisdom is like being on the same page playing the same magical music even though you don't know how you even came to know how to play the instrument like it is second nature and something that you always knew but had no idea about at the same time!

May you be blessed for bringing this information to
others to help them evolve...;-)

So impressed I am with your work, I can't describe the feeling, almost like finding a... long lost treasure. I find your writings in the book very exciting,very simple to understand and very beneficial .


Clear talk and other exercises made me able to find resources "with in myself" which were lying dormant.

To tell you the truth, I was like a walking corpse, when I started reading this book. Things were really really really bad with me. I had given up all hopes that things will ever improve. But, with in a short period of a few months, things have not only improved in my life, but I have been able to help many other people. It was all unbelievable before I started this book.


"Just a short note that I am progressing quite nicely with all my manifestations. JoreJj has been a tremendous help with his...course and the doors that are opening up to me are just tremendous.W.P."

Hi JoreJj,

I've read your e-book and WOW! One day soon I will send you some of my results that I've had with it so far. The DIVINE & HIS ALL sure did use you to write that! AWESOME works! Awesome!

I'll be in touch soon with my testimonies. I have quite a bit of them since ordering and reading your book.

Thanks so much,

I have ordered many programs, read a lot, listened to tapes, etc., but as I read through your book, I feel a sense of vitality entering back into me. It's been a while since I have felt anything close to that.

JoreJj , M. here , I thought you would like some feedback. you and i were going to have a conference and neither could do at that time. I continued, with much doubt, to work the manifestation technique. that was only 2 weeks ago. after the first week i began seeing some results but they didn't seem to be related. well, today Ireceived exactly what I wanted in one of the 12 manifestation. areas. thank you for this wonderful process. M.

"I am reading a new book by Eckhart Tolle, "A New Earth". Quite frankly I think your message and system works very nicely with what Tolle has to say about being present in the now. "

"Just to let you know that results are starting to come in and much to my amazement, not a lot of effort has been applied. E.g. income etc."
S. Y.

"Hi JoreJj,

"Richard, enjoying the life transformation formula?"
Yes JoreJj, VERY much!

Thanks so much for this amazing missing link! I have been doing all kinds of spiritual development stuff for over 35 years and this is the best stuff I have even used!

I did Scientology, Avatar, Sedona Release Method, Hypnotherapist training, Silva Mind control, NLP, Monroe Institute, Seth, Ramtha, Lazarus, Tony Robbins, David Ren-Jenkins, Napoleon Hill. And more.

My wife and I have been doing the drills and stuff for several days now, and are already seeing little miracles happen. It's all very exciting and fun."










click here if you want to see and hear a 3 minute video on YouTube of the publisher and co-author, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn talking about his experience of developing and sharing this book worldwide.


"Hi thank you for your good work, powerful and inspirational home programs, they have lifted me from ashes to where i am today. Through your programs i have finished my degree successfully and attained high honors. Thank you God bless you for the good work you are doing. Regards." M.M.


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Why This Book Is Amazing Grace:


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disclaimer: all testimonials, reviews, and comments on our website apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did. We estimate that about one million people worldwide (as of June 2016 so far) have related to our websites and products and services directly to date but we have no way of knowing how many people have been directly influenced so far. The testimonials on this page represent a sampling of those people that spontaneously wrote to us after experiencing our products and services. We did not ask them to send in testimonials or pay them to do so in any way. There are only 6 people I ever asked for a testimonial. Also refer to this page for more direct testimonials relating to the personal consulting work with JoreJj. This page represents an example of the impact of what we call "Amazing Grace". Enjoy in peace and with Love Itself.

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Here are some of the 5 star reviews from the Amazon site:

5.0 out of 5 stars Your Life Can Change Easy!! November 24, 2013 By S. D.

"My journey with this book and program started several years ago. It's easy to comprehend and my life changed by following the process. Sometimes, things changed instantly for me. I can't recommend this book enough. If you put it all in practice - it really can change your life. I could give you countless stories of how this changed so many areas in my life. I still use the process and every single time, I have not been disappointed and at many times, things happened exactly as I wanted and I've had to "change" my intentions because what I thought I wanted, wasn't what I wanted at all. But it happened and I did experience all that I desired and am still manifesting whatever I choose! Very simple but to get results, you have to put it in practice. I am so grateful for all that JoreJj has opened in my world and sharing all of his ideas. It's been a true blessing and so is he! I have been studying lots and lots of manifesting processes and practices for over 15 years and have tried almost every person's out there that teaches how to manifest. But in truth - I ALWAYS come back to what I learned from JoreJj!" *****

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, March 5, 2014
By A.
This review is from: The Practically Magical Use of Lists (Life Transformation System A-Z) (Kindle Edition)
"I read the book and did all the exercises. This book has been the best self help book I have read in quite a while. The benefits are somehow immediate as you transform the way you look at things. I am happy I came across it, I recommend it to everyone seeking for a better life."


5.0 out of 5 stars "The book made me aware of the abundance I have and validated the approaches I was already using to "better" my life. There is power in knowing you are the controller of your destiny, and the simple act of making lists can be so empowering that it becomes addicting. It makes you want to make a list before you make any kind of decision I your life. I would absolutely use these techniques to also empower my children. Thank you Jorejj for writing this book." S. S. *****


5.0 out of 5 stars "If you don't just read, but actually USE it, you may discover the gems this book contains. The deceivingly simple Win List and Clear Talk exercises, done till they sink in, promote and increase living like a happy "winner" in the NOW, and getting some mastery of one's automatic-pilot "monkey" mind. They deal with everyday practical stuff. I've used them and shared them with good results." *****G.E.


5.0 out of 5 stars Nothing Like Anything You've Ever Seen October 3, 2013
By A."This book and what is in it is your actual tools, missing puzzle pieces, techniques, truth, and everything else that, absolutely nothing else compares to this. "The Secret", you're still looking for the missing pieces. Looking for something, someway, somehow to bring you to where you truly want to be. This book and anything else Elprehzleinn offers on the sites...you find everything you need to get you where your heart desires in one place...instead of in several places." *****


5.0 out of 5 stars "I am a full time clinical hypnotherapist in Southern California with 16 years experience with transformative manifestation tools and I have never seen or worked with anything that measures up to the Life Transformation A-Z system! I have manifested a brand new life 3 times using these tools!!!!!!!" ***** A.T.


5.0 out of 5 stars "Lots of interesting ideas on how to take control of your life. May be difficult for some to follow the advice and exercises given. You will need self control and persistence...neither of which I have to any degree. But I wish others the best.***** J.F.


5.0 out of 5 stars "If you want joy, happiness, wealth in yout life then this unique,amazing material will transform you. It is concise in giving everyone a step by step way of transforming your life positively.FIRST CLASS!!" *****M.R.


5.0 out of 5 stars "I have been studying magic for years. love the approach of this book breaking it down in simple terms to get everyone started bringing magic into their life." ***** R.


5.0 out of 5 stars "Self help books focuses on conveying information. But this book takes you by hand step-by-step to make you realise how much a simple action can have a profound impact on your life. If you can spend very little time for a 'seemingly' simple, insignificant task, then please invest in this book.Plus points ++There are a few windows in this book which helps one to anchor in higher levels. " *****C.

Special notice: All testimonials are shown with initials only to protect the privacy of the people since these are exact word for word testimonials. I only edit for spelling mistakes otherwise you are hearing from actual people who are experiencing the Life Transformation material who wrote me unsolicited emails over the years and now that keep coming in response to their using our materials.
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The Practically Magical Use of Lists
to get read "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" now on any computer or device. Please consider that this book is a home study course that can be used on its own or as part of our Life Transformation System A-Z full program. Either way, it is the first step. Our books have all spent time in the top 100 in their respective categories on Kindle. Enjoy.

" I've fallen in love again :) And it feels amazing.You were a big part in making this happen because you are the only person who took the time and the effort to explain to me, to the best of your ability, what was going on in my particular situation.. Thank you :-)"
Love, I.


"I am always completely amazed your ability to communicate fully:)" N


"I love your way to writing, about our own universe, it makes it clear..... Because films like secret and the audio the power from RHonda Byrne does not tell to write the things as if it has happened already....." F.W.


"I ordered the empowerment script and I felt so touched that I'd like to partner with you as an affiliate. I truly believe that this work you're doing will help many people as it has helped me already. I've looked at other business models before about making money on the internet, but none that I truly believed in until now. Please show me how we can proceed. Either way, thank you so much for what you've done for me " N.R.


"As my finances improve I will definitely make other contributions to help the cause because, this unprecedented love and generosity you've shown to me is amazing in this day and age believe me because, everyone else online is just trying to make the most out of others that they can yet, you just want to help others - Yes, truly amazing to me!

One other thing. It's strange, any friend that I even just advise to do the win list to help their life, just dismisses it or states that, they used to write lists before and it didn't help their life and, no matter how I try, they won't take on the very thing they need to help them!! How narrow minded people are. Even when they see how my life improved from 2006 - 2008 when I first did, only win list and unhappy about/happy about lists. But, then I stopped doing my lists and things went wrong again, until recently, when I got back in touch with you.
Thank you always Jorejj," G.N.


"Dear JoreJj, thank you. You gave exactly what I requested: Destiny in 64 Days and Subliminal Audio Library access, I have just opened them and looked them over - they are awesome. I will start serious work on them today. I will give you feedback - I am sure the changes will be dramatic as I am at crossroads now in my life and looking for direction. Thank you once more for being so generous and giving." C.M.


"Wow and Wow - things are going too well in my life-its like magic- sort of surreal- I'm now surrounded with people who believes in me-didn't we just discuss this earlier this month? In weeks time-Look how fast things have manifested for me. I have been waiting for this experience well over 20+ years. Now I have connected with you and things are manifesting quickly. I just don't want it to stop lol. I will continue to support you financiallyl as I promised. Thanks and thanks I'm truly empowered" -M.


"Something magical is happening to me, I am overflowed with love for everything and everyone. My creative being is on fire. Its blissful. My sis leaves the nest tomorrow. Will have more time to skype u then. I'm so happy!!!!!!! I wish everyday to be like this. I feel the shift. Are u doing work on me that side with crystals and stuff? Lots to tell, will try to get u on wed night. Love and light to u!!!! Thank u for being so caring to a complete stranger and trusting and taking me through this process. I feel It working!"

"Hello JoreJj, Thank you for this awesome site and all of the tools. I have been doing this work for most of my life. When I found Transformation System A-Z I did not understand it, did not apply myself to it and just sort of read it and left it at that for months. Then....I found your podcast on iTunes and listened to everything I found by you. Then I came back to the system you sent my so long ago and saw it completely differently. Obviously wasn't ready until I actually heard your voice. But that is all it took. Now that I am here I am building this to be the focus of my experience. The most amazing thing of all is the 'clear talk' method and the amazing speed at which this tool seems to work with manifesting. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I've been really excited lately about certain things finally starting to show that with all of the work that we've done through the past year!! Something finally feels definitely right & real & very true!! It's like being in a place that has never been before...feeling the joy, love, divine intervention & many other positiveness that I really haven't ever felt before now!!"

"I said to the universe...I want that book back in my life...and you provided it. I have not had it for years....and have wanted it since. I had just not taken the time to email you. So, it is just as it is meant to be. Just like everything else. Thank you for being part of making my wishes come true. How cool. I will write a testimonial indeed!"

"Hi JoreJj,

Thank you for the subliminal video. I appreciate your continuing guidance and support. You are one of the very, very few genuine spiritual mentors on the internet. The information that you share, your programs, your generosity, and especially your character and integrity are a true gift to the world and uplift the human mass consciousness. Sincerely, L."


"Great book...great ideas...great techniques and exercises...I am so glad I ordered your Life Transformation A-Z program."


"I have to thank you profoundly for the hard efforts your have put in to offer mankind. May Almighty – the Creator shower all blessings for all prosperity to you and your family. You have the capacity to transform people – my lists are being done and winning is also coming in easily. "


So just in case you were wondering, that money I spent to receive your program was probably the best money I've ever spent. And you can believe me when I say, I am a connoisseur of "self-help" books and audio materials. I have a home office with shelves upon shelves of them. But yours is the one that has lifted me the highest, and that has brought me much happiness when things seemed gloomy. I really enjoy applying Clear Talk and it's easy to do - constantly with me, etc. You might say it's a "no brainer that brightens, lightens and heightens your brain"...

"Dear JoreJj,

Simply put, i got everything i wanted and diligently worked with your system. Thanks alot. My daughter got best engineering stream in the best college in India. I got fabulous salary increase. I got double promotion probable i am on my way to bigger surprises. I owe you a lot. Thanks."


"Hi JoreJj,

Thank you for answering my email. Sorry for my delayed reply. I have continued to do the win list and Clear Talk twice a day. I have seen more results, mainly new revenue in my business. This has kept me busy working to keep up with the flow of work.

I always feel like a weight has been lifted each time I do Clear Talk. I have struggled with depression most of my adult life. I have been on medication for the last 9 years. I am still taking my medication, but I do feel better each time I do Clear Talk. It's almost like the dark cloud of depression gets a little bit lighter with each one.

I have probably tried almost everything out there: EFT, binaural beats, hynosis, etc., but nothing gives me the feeling of Clear Talk. I was skeptical at first, but tried it anyway. I didn't think something this simple could work. I have also made the Talisman my wall paper on my computer. I enjoy looking at it.

I am ok with the intensity and excitement. I just didn't want to do something that would do more hurt than good. Sometimes different methods require less, not more, but the Clear Talk has brought me feelings of happiness.

I still have not done the other list exercises in the List book yet. I hope to start doing them in the coming week.

I will keep you posted on my results. I will also be getting your new book soon. I am looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things come about in the next 63 days.

Thanks again", S.D.

"JoreJj has been a rock to work with, a life saver of source to be where we are at this time in our lives ~ to have someone so unbelievably smart, knowledgeable, understanding, accepting of which we found our MAGIC from, creative, considerate, encouraging, transforming, systematically embracing, life changing, and more than words can say of appreciation of how everything is coming into a BRAND NEW for us since we've done all of the work of inner child and adolescent deprogramming and everything else that we've worked on together.
To work with JoreJj, is an experience that you'll never forget ~ you'll be uplifted, inspired, healed in ways that are unbelievably life transforming, learn things that can help you make your life into unstoppable, without worry, fear or even doubt. You'll be a much happier, relaxed, fun-filled, passion finding, powerful being, and more than words can say person." A.R.


Here is a listing of all seven chapters in "The Practically Magical Use of Lists".

Chapter 1 ) "Winning"

Chapter 2) "Escape From Planet Earth"

Chapter 3) "How To Stop Worry
Before It Stops You"

Chapter 4) "This is Your Life"

Chapter 5) " Happiness, Fact or Fiction"

Chapter 6) "The Life
Transformation Formula- How to Do ClearTalk

Chapter 7) "Materializing Results"






Though I have used other things with success and enjoyed them, none so much as your materials! Like so many of your testimonials and what you write on your site...people still feel this way. You have delved into some fascinating psychology and understanding of the ego, etc. that is SO powerful. I have a deep sense that you have a special 'other worldly" gift, to help all of us in this world, and you HAVE! We all appreciate you!"


I am absolutely certain that when you read this e-book download, put in a little effort to do the exercises, and apply it to your daily life, that you will get results that are valuable to you far beyond the minimal cost of this e-book and all the bonuses.

One person was totally unable to get the business financing he wanted and after completing this course he put together the entire amount within the next two years, and did it in a way that was better than what he had expected.

Many people use this course to teach themselves how to penetrate through the obstacles that stop them from getting what they want, and to actually get what they want.

So often what you want outside, involves some kind of change inside. This e-book helps you make those changes inside, with enjoyable and easy methods that many people agree are MORE effective than some of the most expensive therapies and workshops that are out there.

It is all based on the power of your own mind, and the secrets about how to actually apply that to your life every day.

How about the woman who longed to meet a romantic partner, and then found him and using the materials in this course, was able to be with him every single day for nine years, in a passionate love affair? And when she stopped it was because she decided to look for something even better and they parted on good terms.

A man imagined being able to drive any car he wanted to, with free gas, free insurance, and without having to take care of maintenance. For years that is exactly what happens for him. He constantly gets in situations where a nice car is made available to him, usually for free, or very minimal cost whenever he wants one. He has driven so many different vehicles that he doesn't even care much what kind of car he drives anymore, he is so satisfied with his results he enjoys whatever vehicle shows up next.

Another true story is a woman who told me that several months after studying the e-book and doing a lot of personal coaching with me, she had her biggest month of sales in her business in 6 years.

A female artist used the formula in the e-book to establish herself in here own business and she was able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of several years doing it. One story she related to me was that in one eleven month period she had some investors paying for her entire business operations, and she recieved $5000 a month each month for eleven months. She also gained a tremendous amount of confidence in her ability as a business woman, and in doing so, in herself. We are still friends to this day.

The true success stories go on and on. Please order the e-book today, and join in with us getting these kinds of results.

As I said on the front page, many people have gotten results by both studying and applying the course, and doing personal coaching and consulting with me. However I always recommend that course because it is absolutely the core technology of all that I offer as a coach. You are welcome to hire me as your personal coach to improve any situation in your life using your thought power.

However do yourself a favor, and order the e-book, download it, read it and do all the exercises before you give me a call to coach you further as what you gain from the book will help you tremendously without ever having to consult with me or anyone.



President Bush and Barbara Hirsh

"...I have worked with JoreJj since 1999 .... he helped me believe in myself. To find who I truly am. He helped me collect close to $50,000 and manifest my own fashion design business with high-profile clients, which include Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Willa Ford, and Miss USA '99. Working with JoreJj has been a true delight and I'm still manifesting from the very first time I met with him. He is amazing..."
- Barbara Hirsh, Fashion Designer, NYC




Testimonials from people around the world about their experience using
components you get with ULTRA
Life Transformation System A-Z:


"You are very welcome for the encouraging words about the Higher Guidance and Yes...definitely that all of this combined and easy enough that they will get a lot of life changing experiences... together from the ClearTalk...the Life Transformation System A-Z materials & Higher Guidance... that they will enjoy a much more positive, more fulfilling...much more fun ...more enjoyable healthy, from not only their inside..but from a deeper level of understanding their true selves on a level so deep that it goes to their mind, body, soul, heart, spiritual being... able to release any baggage inside of themselves... any fears whatsoever... any anything inside that has kept them from being...doing...having... being with their Higher Self... being able to feel ...love...and know themselves better by doing the work involved in all of these great ..empowering...uplifting...exciting... life transforming...inspring ways to live a whole much better life from the inside out and beyond."



Dear JoreJj,

Thought I would give you an update. One day I pulled together enough motivation to go through every (stock market) trade I have ever made and put it on the left side of the left/right list (this took a while) and then write what I would have liked to have done in each case to either maximise my profits or greatly reduce my losses. I was realistic an used only actual events when doing this (i.e. I didn't say I sold a stock for x is it has never been x since it was listed, and always made sure that it was within the correct price range etc). Well last week was my best trading week ever. Don't get me wrong, I cut myself short on most of the profits I made and could have made a lot more but I still had an entire week with no losses and made profits every day, and even trades that looked like they were a bad move (and in some cases were) somehow worked themselves out and turned into profits. I didn't keep doing the left/right list last week and this week so far I have not made anything and am looking at a loss. What can I say. I will try and do the left/right list after every trading day for a while and see what happens. It all happened so strangely. My charting software even stopped working and even though I don't really use TA I still like to check the chart to see what the stock has been doing over the last few months if I am not familiar with it. It didn't seem to matter and I was just in all the right moves and it was not that I had one really huge profit (although if I had not cut myself short I could have had several) it was that I was so consistently getting things right. And this was just an average week as far as the market was concerned so I guess this just shows what can happen when your mind is on your side.

I have not done anything further with the formula by the way and still getting interesting results.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the answer, You people are doing a great job...just keep it up and may god bless all of you who are involved in this great project.
Cheers, S.

"...I worked with the Life Transformation / ClearTalk™ Formula a few years ago and ongoing. I can testify to its power. It's deceptively simple but really it's doing profound things. Thank you to JoreJj Elprehzleinn for making this material available to everyone and for further advancing the methods taught. He is a man, more than any other I've met, who is both the master of his mind and able to express his life through his loving heart - he is determined for as many people as possible to apply this formula to transform their lives."
- Peter Shepherd, Psychologist, France


"Hi. I downloaded your “Life Transformation formula” on Friday, and read it over the weekend; I wanted to drop you a note and share with you my feelings about the formula.

I will be 35 in April, and I’ve spent a great deal of my adult life in search of “self-actualization” or whatever you want to call it. I’ve read dozens of books from people like Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Lao Tzu, Freud, Gurdjieff, R. A. Wilson, L. Ron Hubbard, Plato, Gregory Bateson, Bandler & Grinder, Tony Robbins, Erik Erikson, Aleister Crowley, Stephen Covey, James Redfield, Helen Palmer, Carlos Castaneda…I’ve taken martial arts and yoga classes, gone through the Silva training, done Personal Power II, meditated…I’ve tried herbal cleanses, macrobiotic diets, Body for Life, running, Bikram, fasting, juicing…I’ve attended workshops or read books about or tried: chanting, est, Holodynamics, tantra, flotation tanks, huna, psychedelics, Taoism, zen, psychic cleansing, chi kung, the enneagram, Bikram…I tried the Marine Corps for six years, and spent six months alone in the desert. Most recently I’ve begun using the Holosync technology for daily meditation.

I’ve found all of it to be useful in one sense or another. However, I must say that I have never come across a piece of work which I’ve found as valuable, as succinct, and as immediately life-changing as your book.

I began reading on Saturday, and finished (including all the exercises) on Sunday, and by today (Monday), I’ve already come up with clear plans for several of the ’12 areas of existence’. And, while the plans are somewhat extravagant, I have no doubt of my ability to realize them (at least in my own universe ?). In fact, it’s quite interesting…during my time in the desert – about four years ago now – I came up with similarly far-reaching, seemingly unattainable plans. And yet here I am living several of them! But, as you say, it is quite easy to create results without noticing or appreciating them as such, particularly when they occur over a timeframe of months or years.

As I read your book, it all made complete sense to me. Many of your ideas seemed to me like the best Western explications of particular zen koans that I have ever come across; when I re-read it I will make an effort to find those koans and correlate them – I will pass those along if you like. Most such attempts I’ve read – Western ‘interpretations’ of Eastern thinking – typically seem forced or fluffy or overly mystical, but your writings seemed rather to be simple, concise explanations of the core concepts, without trying to reference the Eastern methodology or viewpoint at all.

I am doing the lists. I am doing the lists. I am doing the lists. I am doing the lists. And, yes, I am doing the lists. I will continue doing the lists, and look forward to doing more lists.

I will probably join your membership program soon.

With regard to interpreting your book and your message…as I read, and had an astonishing level of clarity about what you were saying, it seemed to me that many many ideas I had exposed myself over the years were coalescing, or were more properly coalesced by you in your book. It was as though I had finally spent enough time preparing myself, laying the groundwork, opening my mind, so that at last I could receive the message/system that would bring me to that which I have long sought.

I don’t yet know if that is true or not; certainly I have felt similar ‘aha!’ moments in the past…but this feels different somehow.

I am curious to see how someone without a similar background interprets the work…I have a friend who, although interested in personal growth, is a bit of a neophyte, and I’ve mentioned your book to him and hope to have him read it soon. I doubt he will be willing to do all of the exercises, but hopefully I can get him to do the daily lists at least and see how the system works for him.

I’m going to keep up the Holosync meditations, as I find them particularly useful and I like the theory behind the system; also, I feel it is no coincidence that I found your book a mere month after beginning Holosync (which I have put off for two years). Combined with your book, I believe my self-actualization ‘efforts’ (though that’s not the word I mean) will begin to bear fruit in a very apparent manner, and hopefully one so rapid that I won’t be able to help but note my results.

Again, thank you, and I look forward to sharing more of my process with you as it occurs."
J. P.

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"I've tried many different formulas in the past; Tony Robbins (Personal Power) as well as (Get the Edge), Inner Talk.com CD's, Dick Stuphen's Hypnosis CD's, Monroe Institute CD's, Dianetics and My Mysteries.com formula. I've done a few others that I can't recall by name right now. However, your formula was truly by far the most simplest, practical, precise and shortest one that definitely produced transformational change almost instantly.

I know that the left side of the brain is the analytical factoring and the right side is the artistic creative. Your exercises make full use of both - manifesting the artistic creative through the analytical factoring. Amazing, it's so simple. You very well may have discovered the missing key to conquering the mind."


"I liked the formula very much, in fact I think that it is the most practical formula I have ever read. I diligently practiced it for four days and honestly I truly felt awesome."
S. X

"Thanks infinity for this wonderful gift which has come to me."

"I am using your free chapter for now. I have been doing the win list for few days now. I find it amazing. In fact I feel, this is enabling or has become some kind of a guiding factor into a "More Conscious Living". What I mean by this is that, while I have missed on hundreds of my actions earlier, today I am consciously aware of every simple one - simply because it goes on to add my wins. And my consciousness seems to be increasing each day."

"I am truly enjoying the "Life Transformation" ebook. Thank you."

"Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition, are like highly explosive vibration bombs which when set off shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired...

Sincere words or affirmations repeated understandingly, feelingly, and willingly, are sure to move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force to render aid in your difficulty!"

Paramahansa Yogananda


"Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and light shall shine upon thy ways."

The Holy Bible, Job 22:28


"I couldn't wait to finish the whole formula before appreciating you for giving such a great formula for the mankind. I have gone through the first two chapters and found them superb. I am really admiring you for relating the whole on imagination which is the most powerful arm in humans."

"Your formula is awesome."

"Thanks for writing something as good as this."

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"For a long time I wished to have some Persians Carpet's. And was going to a carpet store for almost a year to see one I like very much.

Last month I did the Clear talk on the interior of my house and cleared the carpet I had. and said that in my own universe I had the carpets Persian like. And indeed I got them I could bought some imitation Persian carpets for my house.

And one thing I notice is that you have to say clearly what you want.

I said I had look a like and I got look a like, but they are very nice too I like them very much.

So you have to be precise in what you want."


"Hello there- I have read and re-read your book and indeed it's a wonderful way to improve your ability and skills. the book is a well balanced deed meaning that there is only short explanations and many exercises. The truth is that we don't like to work hard that meaning we like to get immediate results. For some time now I'm using a pendulum for dowsing. As you probably know the pendulum is a way to communicate with your subconcious mind. I ask the pendulum about my improvement in your exercises. It's a good way for getting feedback."

"Firstly I'd like to thank you for giving me this formula, I did the formula as you suggested and as I progressed through it started to dawn on me what you were getting at. After finishing formula five, I read through the formulas again. As I started to read exercise one I noticed a feeling in my stomach , I know it sounds strange but it was a nice feeling like I'd discovered something special, I was alone and I started to laugh , not a ha ha laugh but a realisation laugh , in fact I am doing it again now . It may sound weird to you but you can't imagine how good it made me feel."

"Once again I want to appreciate you for the good work you are doing and bless God for coming in contact with you and this formula."

"The life transformation formula, is helping me a lot, a total paradigm shift in daily routine. Thank you.

"As a way of combining "programming" the Sub-conscious, developing the Self-Image of being a "winner at living life" and generally feeling good and motivated throughout the day ... the life transformation formula "win list" must rank as one of the most elegant - if not THE most elegant - techniques I have ever discovered. And I sure have come across hundreds of them over the years!"

"I am looking for job for last 3 months. Lately I was not getting
much calls for interview making me frustrated. While reading the life transformation formula I realized that I am at assumption that no one care for my application and hence reluctant to send the resume. I checked my last record for 10 days and realized only 3 application were sent. I used left hand write hand technique and send resume at 15 places through the web next day. Suddenly I got 2 calls asking for my availability for interview. I am continuing to put my resume in front to get more interviews."



"Thank you! That makes perfect sense."

"Hi there,

I have read so much literature about self improvement. I have also listened to tapes C.D's etc and felt that I must be the thickest individual in this planet, as so far not a lot seemed to stick. I thought it was my age inhibiting me Now after reaching the tender age of 72 years young I feel, after downloading your book, that I may now have a chance to realise a lot of wishes I secretly longed for. To be a person in my own right. That's for starters.

It was the 29th of March I downloaded now the very day after I just had to sit at my beloved P.C. and write to you. All I basically have done at the moment is the very fist exercise. Writing down what one should or could be doing during the day and ticking each job off. Well I am basically a very untidy person and was unable to 'see' how to do things . Today I have been so successful at this (simple to most people) task my kitchen looks as if there is a new person in charge. "Kind of frightening ain't it"?.

Many Thanks E.C.

"I have downloaded your life transformation formula a while ago, and done regularly some exercises...and lots of good things have been happening to me. From losing weight (8 lbs in two weeks, without dieting) to being offered a very good working opportunity, to regaining a connection with an old friend. I am quite impressed! I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are doing a really magical work!"
Love from


"You are already ahead of the crowd in the "Self Improvement" field because you actually take time for me. For me, that is a pretty strong signal that you are sincere and that there is something to the system itself. (I have further evidence in the results of using the formula). I am kind of committed to it because the requirements of the life transformation formula and the other components are able to be done without learning fundamental new skills. Thank you for taking the time to answer my emails. Thank you for making the life transformatin formula available for everyone who is interested".


"... the ClearTalk™ was so helpful. The first big change I noticed was losing my panic and anxiety around money ... I became more aware of that what's 'out there' is really what's going on inside me. I've read tons of stuff on creating and becoming prosperous over the last 20 years. JoreJj's stuff summarizes and bottomlines everything very nicely..."
- N.M., Psychologist


"I am from South Africa and having gone through the free formula I found it to be one of the best, clearest documents I have come across in this field. It is extremely good."

"Response to your first reading, Winning!
There are no coincidences, there are causes, you are a cause...I thank God for your Cause of creating these books..

Last night I gave my daughter, 30 years, book I, Winning. She enjoyed very much... I think will help her also, as it has help me..."


"Here some of the good results: 1. My sister from 63 years old (looks like 55) got a job, after being called of several times because of her age. She is very enthusiastic 2. Her friend was not paying much attention to her , but now he is kind to her, and treats her nice again. 3. She loves making the winning list and also the left and right side list. 4. After only working two weeks they gave her a little raise. 5. My friend who helps me with the workshop, got a message after the apple meditation that she had to go to the doctor, because of a cyst in her nose she had since she was a child. When she went to the doctor, indeed something was wrong. She had to undergo an operation. But she told me that even though she had done the operation she had a very good feeling when she was in the hospital. She told me that she have practice several other exercises , But the life transformation formula is master. 6. The other lady who gave Mr S. your site told me that he is very glad with the formula. 7. Another one told me that by receiving the formula alone she feels something great is going to happen. "


"I can proudly report that I have done all the exercises very neatly. My favourite is the ‘Happy exercise’. Where you write what makes you unhappy on the left side and what would make you happy on the right side. It causes such a major energy shift. "


"I could relate to a lot of things written in the First chapter and the intro since I have been reading this self-help material ever since I can remember.

Please also accept my heartfelt thanks at sending me the formula. I came across the site while surfing. It is so heartening to know that people genuinely want to help others in a totally complimentary way."


"I really want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, warmth, kindness and your spirit for helping others navigate their life. I am so very grateful to have found your websites and to you for your help and for passing on your knowledge and deep understanding."


"On chapter four. It takes awhile to do the exercises. I think about them a lot. I am listing the things I have which is a long and tedious task. I have too much stuff. But nice changes and new events have already occurred which I am writing down."
Thanks. M.

"I have downloaded the life transformation formula about a week or so ago and have been doing my lists daily along with the additional exercises. I believe based on my experience(something seems to be happening) with the formula that it has great promise(You have addressed a few important issues that it seems no one else dare to touch e.g. "why things I want always happen when you least expect them or while you least thinking about them", "why I can't visualize & get results", "The fact that I'm NOT the Mind" & most importantly "how to get results from your program without having to visualize but by just using a pen & paper"

I've been searching for 15 years by means of numerous books, programs & tapes that I've tried & can pretty much determine now the TRUE Gold from the false gold. I sense true sincerity in what you're looking to do & offer and therefore enthusiastically look forward to utilizing & experiencing the rest you have to offer.

To be honest i think the life transformation formula is the most practical , direct , least effort and comforting formula i have seen , i know you know that , but i just really felt i should say that .

I thought that I would mention that I did 5 exercises in the 'winning' section of the life transformation formula. The explanations of how the mind sees you as a winner is the most different from anything I've ever read. Intuitively, I sense this is the truth and correct and I feel this has never been revealed before to my knowledge. However, the proof is in the doing of the exercises and seeing it works and that I do experience my mind working for me. I approach this with an open mind. Many thanks,


I have completed all the chapters, and have done every exercise as they are explained clearly. I also invested in some personal coaching from one of the people who wrote the book, regarding my use of the techniques of the formula.

I have tried many motivational, self-help techniques, and found them to be good, but this one goes to the core of all of them. It is the most simple and easy to follow, and yet at the same time it is the most powerful. You managed to put down some really high tech self-help material here. You can absolutely make your life better each day in major ways, by using this formula.

I have. I have made more money, deepened my relationships, and gained enormous freedom in my life, to name a few things. I also feel like the future is bright, and I have what it takes to fulfill my dreams and goals. Whatever results you would get or have received from other top level formulas, the life transformation formula provides the missing element that brings it all together for you. This is certainly super-intelligence coming through to help you and me in the simplest of terms.


I have recently finished the life transformation formula, and I must say I am very impressed with it. Thank you kindly and God bless you for the wonderful work you do.

I cannot thank you enough for sending me the formula. I actually ran out of printing paper not realizing the volume but I just finished printing them all and am excited about reading them. Between Goethe, Schiller, Nietsche, Steiner, Ron Hubbard, Alice Bailey, Carl Jung, Dali Lama just to mention few names which are familiar with me.

I have learned some things about human mind, intention, and manifestation. Boy, it took me a long time to figure it all out and many years to dig these teachings from difference source. At a quick glance at the material you sent me, you have summarized it.

Example: the negative effects of television, violent movies, media in general. I have no cable, seldom watch television nor listen to the news on the radio nor read the paper for precisely the reasons mention in the life transformation formula. It's good to be validated. My 12 yr old and 15 yr old children laugh about our tv situation and say that we are about the only people in our neigborhood with only three channels on our television...but I have incredible kids, thank god for the "lack" of media influence.
As I study the life transformation formula, I will call or write when a question arises or to report my progress. Meanwhile, many blessings to you for making this available. Thank you.

Thanks to JoreJj of ELPREHZLEINN, who wishes as many people to have access to this channeled information as possible. I did this formula a few years ago and can testify to it's power. It's deceptively simple but really it's doing profound things, and students of Meta-Programming or the College of Christ Consciousness will recognise why it works so well.

Hi there!
Your formula sounds very interesting - and hopefully very empowering! - nancial "thank you" at a later date.

Its refreshing to find someone who seems at least as interested in helping people as they do in cashing in on them. Thanks for your generosity. All the best

I have tried one of the exercises in your book...Writing the problems on the left and theopposite of them on the right and then tear the left side..It is so much in alignment with what i am working on...So, of formula it works...It increases your faith in the Universe...If you can forget about "can this silly thing work" kind of thinking of formula and i can do that i suppose...

It is a well written book...Congratulations...

I have been practicing the exercise of deciding to do things and checking off my wins. it does seem to already have a shift in my consciousness going on. thanks for the material. i have a feeling it is what i need right now.
N. H.

I did the online demonstration exercise on Friday; and did experience a shift. I have now copied down the Invocative Affirmation version II with the intention of memorizing it. I started last night and experienced some peace, a relaxing of tension, and a clearer prospective, and a lessing of fear. I plan on reading all the info on the web site; It resonates with me and I like it.Thank you.

This formula is very unlike much of the motivational material which I've previously read in that it is very simplistic. Rather than expounding on why we do what we do and the meanings behind our actions, we're put through a series of very simple exercises which surprisingly are very powerful. The first exercise shows us how to rack up WINS for ourselves each and every day. I can honestly say that so far, this formula has been a very intriguing look into how my present life has evolved and a glimpse at some very exciting possibilities in the future.



I'm still creating my lists and looking for what would be a little bit better!

I've also read many new-age books.... This is a super-tangent of thought that is
most interesting & maybe even life-saving!

This might be the spark that will ignite the manifestations that I TRULY want in my life.

The best of the best in my universe, satisfying my ego, giving me more positve feelings of joy! Not having to resent, even a little, someone with a better whatever, will help me resonate more positively bringing more of best manifestations into my life!

i am continuing your wonderful formula gradually , everyday i do a new exercise , I just want to say i think it is great ...

Dear Sirs,

On december 18 last year I received the life transformation formula which was very helpful to me.

I did the exercises and it did not last not even three days that wonderfull things start happening in my life.

I really want to thank you , very much.

Can you explain me more about the ClearTalk?

Yours sincerely,

God Bless you

I just finished the Winning part of the formula and all the while I'm so sure there is something I forgot that this is helping me remember . . and I'm asking myself . .what will the mind do when I take it off autopilot on all of the daily things I let it handle and I got the "flash" of recall from when I did some Sufi meditation training and was being taught that by learning to consciously control my breath it opens the space for intuition and wisdom and "new" ideas to float in between the gaps . .and THAT IS WHAT YOUR LISTS DO . .it gives my mind a chance to be a flow through for my own Divine Wisdom . . . for me to open my awareness to new things something NEW and Miraculous EVERY DAY!!!! Now I know that just doing that consciously with meditation has me at a plateau . . .I need to live consciously ALL THE TIME IN THE SMALL WAYS WOW WOW WOW

Thank You! And I have only gotten through the first part!


JoreJj, I am not a bowling enthusiast, or say I never like bowling. Personally, I think this 'sport' is bored. (No disrespect to the bowling fan here. :-) ) But my girl friend loved bowling. Well, it was my sixth time bowling in my entire life in a bowling alley in Hong Kong when I was convinced that bowling was the best entainment in a rainy weekend. You're right.... To make the story short, I was one of those who could never manage to knock over more than 5 pins in a throw. I was miserable and felt embarassed everytime I bowl. Maybe that's why I don't like bowling at all. :( Anyway, I tried your clear talk session in my worst bowling day, focus on the details of your simple exercise and you know what? Miracle happend!! Not once but 3 times in a roll!! In game two, I threw 3 perfect strikes in a roll with a house bowling ball! Man, everyone was shocked. Not only I could throw 3 perfect throw in a roll but I was throwing like a pro bowler too. You know with the outrageous curve throw that I could never imagine a sixth time bowler could do it, with no instructor beside me. I was considered a big fluke but I kept your secret inside me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show-off in front of my girl friend. And yes, I beat her really bad on that day. :)

P.S. I also lost 9 pounds and kept it off in 3 weeks too. You literally changed my life JoreJj. Thanks dude!

Hong Kong, China

Wow, I've just completed Chapter 5, and the Happiness that I've been seeking for so long is materializing in my life. The lists and exercises are great.


I was definitely impressed by your website and your first chapter of the book. I could tell just from what I had read already that you were a very special person, a very old soul, whose purpose was to help and elighten others.

The chapter on Winning is excellent and very enlightening. The information is refreshingly new and the exercises ,easy and very helpful. This chapter is a real "eye-Opener" and I cannot wait to read the rest of the book. It is valuable information .

Hi JoreJj, Sorry its taking me so long to get back to you but I wanted to wait until I had some news to share with you first, I want you to know first of all that I have got my self a part time job where I have my own hours and work as much as I want really. I ts a cleaning job but I love the flexibility and my boss is one of the most easy going people. And that seems to mean alot more to me than the money. So now I am catching up on behind bills witch is taking awhile but at least things are moving which is alot better than before. I went through the e book and took everything out of it that would help me succeed and now I find myself on the right track, and I know now that negativitiy has no place in my life and patience is what I needed too. So now that I combinded the e book and alot of prayer and faith, things are now starting to fall into place. And I hope that one day I will be able to help my fellow man as you did and still do. I thank God for sending you into my life in a really rough period of my life, because without you and your ebooks I dont think that I would be where I am today and things are still getting better
and better all the time. And I still go back into the chapters that you were so kind to send me and still find something new to help guide me along my path, I also want you to know that I found out I didnt really want alot of material things, I wanted more, I wanted to be with god and love and care for nature animal, family and friends and be the best person I can be so I can help others find there way too. thank you so much and I will stay in touch with you and let know how things are progressing.. God bless you and lots of love and peace K.S.


(Are YOU really reading this? You must get far too many emails to deal with each one....)

Anyway, this is a great program, with unique insights and practical techniques that can be put to use quickly and effectively.

I've read through the whole thing once, except for the last chapter...just about finished.

I did a couple of "winning" exercises, but decided to forge ahead reading the whole thing first, but when I got to Chapter Six I decided to stop...and start JUST doing Chapter Six...the Clear Talk Formula.

For the last few months I've been suffering from pain in my left knee and thigh...like a "charlie horse" with extra knee problems...probably from an old over-training injury I got when I was into long distance running/runner's high, way back in the 70's and '80s...I ran seven complete marathons and two ultra-marathons, before I crashed and burned....

I'm 52 now...overweight, or obese, as my doctor says, and I've been looking for SOMETHING to help me get back to my old optimistic energetic postive self of my teens, 20s and early 30s...

I had a very negative experience in the 80s being 'duped' by a business associate, and at the same time, falling for a fake guru's spiritual path...and it really screwed me up....the 80s, my decade from Hell.

My 40s were a waste land, of coming out of the experience, scarred, not trusting myself, not believing in myself, or my own judgement anymore, feeling stupid and abused, AND feeling hopeless, maybe even despairing...it's really hard to live if you don't believe in yourself or the "future", or let's say a reason to go on....

Fortunately, I've survived and now in my early 50s, well, I'm searching again for my real truth, my real self...my dharma or is it karma...I don't know...I've killed a lot of brain cells since I escaped from the that false guru's path...

Your research has given me hope, particularly chapter 6, and I'm going to do the 12 areas tonight and see what happens...

Just since using the audio that came with the course for a few days, my knee and thigh pain decreased a lot and my mobility increased.

I'm in less pain and I'm moving better because I'm getting into my own universe where I am healthy, happy and pain-free.

I'm realizing how "negative" and "hopeless" THE universe is for me, and how positive and hopeful my OWN universe is...that's a big start...for me...particularly since I had completely lost touch with my OWN universe, my imagination, my dreams...

I have been locked into a negative space for a long time, where I couldn't bring myself to face THE universe, what my life really is...much less DREAM of my OWN universe...scary!

Your e-book and the audio, well, they've been like a miracle in many ways.

I really have to thank you....you tossed a drowning man a lifesaver, dude, and I really appreciate it.

Thanks, JoreJj...

It was exciting to list all the different ways this body has been transported since conception. I never realized what a variety of experiences I've had in the area of Transportation of the Body until I made a list. In my own universe, I've invited the Soul to experience more ways of TRANSPORTATION OF THE BODY through me, including riding bareback on a horse, dragon or unicorn. This is really fun. Divine Love, through you, has created a magical Life Transformation Program.
Warmly, J.


Hi, JoreJj!

Thanks for your support, and interest in my improvement. I read your e-book in one breath, and it's really great! I had some immediate results, as I went through your exercises. Of course, I will give them enough time to show up, I'm dealing with co-creation for some years, and I already had results before... But, your formula is very handy, natural, and achieves with little, or no conflict at all... All of us that are immersed in this stuff can assure that you distilled a real thing. At least, I personally can affirm that. What is unique in your formula also is a 12 area division, which gives a balanced improvement in one's life. It helps one avoid the usual mistake - unbalanced improvement; working in 12 areas makes creation not a set of isolated 'notes', but a polyphonic symphony, where every one act of creation enforces another....

I have read your e-book with the life transformation formula. Amazing! I have read a lot about self help ... what is different about your book.....I can't explain it really. It is more a FEELING that THIS is right....THIS IS...THE RIGHT WAY. Strange isn't it. I am drawn to your material like something in the Universe tells me to do so. Weird.

I started with the win list. I am doing this for a couple of days now. It feels really good. You can see what you are doing and it makes me proud of myself to read what I have done all day. It gives me an extra push to do more things.

Then I read articles on your website everyday. They give me a good feeling and I am willing to go to the bottom of this. I make it my lifestyle.

I listen to your your Life Transformation audio everyday for a couple of times. WOW, it's like a gigantic boost of energy is coming out of my computer. I turn the volume high and I feel the energy is coming in my body like a thunderstorm!

1. Very strange......I have a lot of debts and had nowhere to go....I was desparate.......BUT......in the last few days, customers are ringing me again and are ordering like hell...ha, ha,.....I am very busy now! A week ago I had nothing to do.......and now.......time is too short!

2 Another strange thing happened, ha, ha. I went out with my best friend. First dinner and then to a pub. My friend is a beautiful woman and in the past it was always that all the men looked at my friend and they were not interested in me. I know that I am not ugly, not at all. I am really nice to look at (ha, ha) but again the boys were only interested in my friend. The evening/night I spoke about........IT WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT..... Ok, my friend still is popular but now a whole group of boys came to us. Hanging around us like flies........hi, hi. Three of them said to me how wonderful I looked and they told me they liked me very much....ha, ha. THAT gives you self-confidence! Amazing! Well I was not really interested in them in that special way (ahum) but we had wonderful and funny conversations and it was a great night.

Howdy JoreJj :)

Well, in the past I've studied Active Imagination in Jungian Psychology, and I've also previously come across concepts contained within Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson's work sometimes known as Meta-Programming; i.e. Mind(1) considering mind(2) as mind, and thus gaining an increase in psychic objectivity. But your work is more simple, more easily applicable, and seems already to be increasing my powers of focus and concentration to a degree only attained after weeks of sustained contemplation of Mind(1) considering Mind(2) as mind. So Thank YOU JoreJj for what must have been a serious amount of studying, applying and then tuning of mental techniques to come up with something as simple as this definition of what our minds think of as winning: "Winning is anything you decide to do and then do it, or anything you decide not to do and then don't do it."

"AMAZING! Thanx again for letting me glimpse a small portion of the Key to Life Transformation. I look forward with eager anticipation to glimpsing more of that Key. "

"I am writing this probably lengthy email to you, to share my thoughts with you, which I sincerely hope you get to read it thoroughly in an attempt to articulate with the best of my ability about my life and how I perceive your teachings.

First of all, I really wanted to express my appreciation for your generosity to forward me your teachings. I genuinely believe you are truly a brilliant person who obviously has gained a lot of insights about how we humans
operate in life and the role of our minds in guiding us thru life. Your approach and methods, despite appearing simplistic in nature, they do represent incredibly deep insights into human psyche and somehow, you have managed to brilliantly develop highly practical and simple ways to deal with very complex issues."

"Dear JoreJj,
Thanks so much for following up with me. I find the idea of the mind being separate so liberating..Thank you! I have been doing the exercise on the win list. I also enjoy using the imagination in a positive light. Too often I have lived my life based on fear or worry.

In addition I have been doing the exercise on the "happy list". This is great! I knew the mind believed everything we think, I just never thought of writing a list daily seeing myself already in possision of the things that make me happy..In the present tense.
I understood the importance of manifesting, this gives me the detailed plan to actually tell my mind what "I am" and" what I have", instead of letting my negative thoughts take over.

Thank you for helping me! I truly appreciate all the work that has gone into this ebook."

Warm Regards,



I came from South Africa and
work now in Mali. I am very happy so far with your e- book the Winning part help me a lot and I can see the difference in my life."


"I have seen results with your formula and had initially made back the $97 I spent on your e-book plus a few hundred dollars more within a couple of days."

"I never read anything like this in all my 47 years. This is the real deal. This is the real truth. I was very charged up the first time I did the exercises. But, the second day there is a heavy force trying to push me away. There is strong resistance going on inside of me. I did all the exercises once. Now it seems like a chore. It's like I don't have enough time to do all of them. I also only like doing certain ones. When I am in the middle of doing and exercise something is pulling me away to watch ...movies, or do something else. I know for sure your program will work if I can gain some control. I will never need to buy anything else again on mind power. You have all the answers. You are a genius. . Thanks again you are very kind. God Bless." C.

Hi JoreJj,

To tell you the truth, I never knew how to live my life, how to be 'alive' until I got your e-book. I was lost and worried. I was always looking for the "Right Formula" to make my life works. I spent lots of money, studied and read hundreds of books and articles like "The Science of Getting Rich", "Think and Grow Rich" , "Grow Rich While you Sleep" ..etc Each time I tried to apply the knowledge, my mind would say something like , " Not now. Not this one. I 'm not doing this. " EVERYTHING was difficult to my mind, it refused to do anything, it simply didn't want to work . But your program is the ONLY program that works for me. It works because it works. It simply works. This is the first time my mind tells me, "I love this ! This is the one. Let's do it. NOW !!!" Guess what ? When your mind works, everything works !!!!!!!

"Dear JoreJj

I thank you very much for your e-mail. I have received your e-book with great pleasure. My heartfelt thanks for sending me the invaluable book. It's priceless.

It's a GREAT book. The lessons are GREAT. You are GREAT. You are a GREAT SOUL. A MAHA ATMA. The lessons given are lessons for life. The real truth. Facts of life. The GREATEST TRUTH revealed in a nutshell.

After reading through your e-book, my heart regrets very much, having not known you much earlier. While reading through each chapter, my inner self is urging me to see you personally and I am waiting for that day to come soon. I will be extremely happy. To tell you the truth I am enjoying reading the book. Enjoying very much.

Each chapter contains enormous knowledge. It's a book of treasure, rarely available no where else. A treasure to be treasured for life time and to be passed over generation after generation. During my sixty-five years I have never read such a book that reveals such a treasure of knowledge. Everything is explained in simple language with such a clarity in a crystal clear manner.

The knowledge revealed is so subltle and when I read it again and again and when I grasp the real point of truth and understand it, it gives me an immesaurable pleasure to my inner self and puts me in a blissful and enjoyable state. I am really, really, enjoying the book very, very much. There is no sweet sweeter than this.

Your explanation of the mirror is great. It gave me the greatest understanding of the two universes. I have never found such an explanation anywhere so far. It's wonderful, wonderful. There is no words, I could find to express my true feelings of happiness for such a clear explanation.

For the exercises you gave, I closed my eyes and followed your instruction of the white movie screen using your phrases, "I AM IN MY OWN UNIVERSE". It gave me a wonderful feeling of happiness and wanting to remain more and more and also I get some sounds in my ear.

The other explanation on the subject of "EGO" is FANTASTIC. I have never read such an explanation anywhere and never will except from your goodself."


"Hi JoreJj,

Thanks for your continuing support.

Yes I am hard at it. Although nothing has yet manifested - it's very early days, I am finding some deep changes are taking place - for example working on creating my inner universe has almost eliminated my chronic worrying about what I don't have, and the negatives associated with doing that - sleeplessness, stress, etc. It's now obvious what negative patterns my mind has built up over time, which I have been following blindly. and unknowingly. It certainly answers the question why nothing much out in the world has not been working for me.

Thanks for the additional win tips - I'll start using them immediately.

Many blessings"


WOW! You've heard it all before, about the lifelong search, so I shant elaborate further,but WOW! Did I laugh with waves of joy surging through my body as I read this SO DARN OBVIOUS, (now) WONDERFUL method of being in the NOW. "I knew that!" Something inside me said, and I laughed out loud because you have opened a door that I have been ignoring all my life revealing the first of a huge bundles of keys which will open many more doors.
I immediately did a list of many simple things and the next day and it's events sailed by so smoothly and happily, I could hardly believe the effortlessness and pleasure of every moment. Take a long deep bow JoreJj, I applaud you with unbounded gratitude."

"Hi JoreJj
Well i got a chance to read the chapter last night and i thought i'd take you up on your offer of responding to tell you what i thought. In a nutshell, i came away with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm about starting the exercises and purchasing the course. After eight years of workshops (Monroe Institute, meditation, Millionaire Mind, etc.) countless books, cd's, courses, and all the rest that others have already listed for you in their feedback, i have become pretty picky about what kind of personal growth materials i spend my money on.
I noticed when i first began reading your website that i was feeling a lot of positive energy from it ( i used to think people were a little "off" for saying they felt energy from something ... but i'm wiser now!). The real breakthrough for me though was when i actually read the free chapter on Winning and got to the part about training your mind to count wins by using simple everyday actions such as the direction you choose to look or the object you choose to touch. When i read this part i nearly fell off my chair with the realization of what i had just gotten a hold of. This was the method and the simple truth about training your mind that i had been looking for! Not only was this something I could easily do everyday, but also something i intuitively knew was extremely profound in bringing about huge changes to how i view myself and my reality!
Anyways, in short, i will be ordering the E-book, the Workbook and Invocation on Thursday (payday :) and i am very much looking forward to starting the win list exercises when i get home tonight.
I also wanted to add that i very much agree and appreciate you mentioning to people that any past training or studying they have done has not at all been in vain, but has only helped them to foster a more open, discerning and disciplined mind for the time when more beneficial techniques enter their reality.
Thank you so much and i look forward to working with you and your materials in the near future!"

"Hi JoreJj,
Just to let you know that I was so impressed with the first chapter that I ordered the full book the next day. It makes clear what many others have not. I'm just on chapter four and enjoying every moment,this is book I will be rereading many time. So thanks for your great work and I will let you know how I get on as life improves. Best Wishes,"


I trust things are well for you.

I'm taking the liberty of sharing my feelings thus far with the book. I have just finished chapter 2 and am inundated with something I haven't felt in a long time. Maybe the best way to describe it is "FREEDOM" or "VALIDATION".

For so long, I have felt fettered to the shore, while watching others in yachts sail by me. Now, I feel that I am unchained and can either join the ones on the water, or walk my pathway on solid ground.

And, too, for so long I have felt all alone. My statement was: "There are over six billion people on this planet and i am connected to no one of them". When I imagined my own universe with all that space and all those Friends (with whom I have contact), filling all that space, I couldn't help but drop the illusion of loneliness.

I was/am open to employment and sight unseen, had been dismissed by a possible employer. He told another recruiter, ""you can have him". As if by magic, yesterday, he called me to talk about employment.

I am alive through and through after only reading through to chapter 2. Thank you for being and sharing this wonderful information.

With warmth,"

"Hi JoreJj,

As Aussies say THANKS HEAPS!

I have been doing the win list each day and it is so good because my mind is now beginning to co operate with me on other issues. This is exactly what I wanted. I want to be able to direct the mind for good purposes from now. I feel that I have been stuggling with the mind like a stubborn child and now it feels that the mind is starting to definately be on my side."

"Your transformation book is awesome."

"Hi JoreJj,

I have news!!. I wrote you less than one month ago and told you about my dire situation. (I received) the E-book and work book...!!! I have been doing my exercises and marking my wins and guess what??? After searching for a job for three months with no successs, BEFORE, I got your books, I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I HAVE JUST FOUND A GREAT JOB!! I starting working on Thursday. I will now be able to start tackling my mountains of bills and I feel like floating on air!!!! Some of the other things that I wrote down are even starting to manifest!! (health, relationships, etc)

Your books gave me more hope and beliefs and inspiration to develop my mind and think totally different than I have ever thought before. Because of you, I know that I have always been a winner and I have the most amazing experiences and happiness ahead of me!!!



"Dear JoreJj,

Excellent E-book. I bought your E-book yesterday..finished reading it this morning. It is truly an insightful work and much more valuable than the (price) I paid for it. I've studied self-help for years, which means I've read a lot of books and tried a lot of methods. I feel that because of my interest in this area that over the years I've gained somewhat of an understanding of my world. But lingering always in the background was this fear or uncertainty that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Your book made me aware of the cause. For the first time I clearly saw the limits I boxed myself in. Plus, I understand your message about the two worlds we live in and the importance of being in the present. Thank you."

"YOUR WORK IS GENIUS JoreJj, new profound and amazing thank you for your dedication in grounding and sharing this info with me!"

"I have just begun chapter 5 of the amazing book...It is true that I am feeling a stirring of fun and lightness in life that I have never felt or was fleeting. I find that the things I once felt I should worry about, I no longer do.
Thank you for your help.
With Warmth,"

"By the way, I did your List today (What makes me Happy and Unhappy One) and it felt Great afterwards!!! It really relieves tension and releases Pent-Up feelings, emotions and stuck energies. It sort of clears inner space for better things to come while accepting the Present.I am very Grateful for this Exercise esp JoreJj.Thanks a Trillion!!!!!!!! I Bow to the God in You."Warm Rgds,

"JoreJj, I am writing to you personally to let you know that you have helped me gain back my happiness by re-introducing to me the concept of my universe. "

"Hi JoreJj,

I am writing this message with a lot of excitement you can ever imagine in a human being.You have completed my journey, I have never come across such simple yet powerful Information and exercises.I was beaming with happiness.You are the person I have been waiting for "I AM WINNING"

God Bless, C."

Hi JoreJj

The winning chapter changed the way I look at things in general a sudden rush of positive energy confirmed that it was time to change. And there was no doubt about it. This is the confirmation I have been praying for it has materialized and it feels good.

The results are very fast, I spent most of the time reading chapter 3 the results were apparent the next day. It appeared that a Human magnet was installed in me. I received calls from long friends, people that I did not get along with were amazingly friendly I was even suspicious. My boss asked if he had to leave the company and join another organisation will I go with him? The answer is yes of course with a better package.

I am sure you will recall the day I sent you an email and among other things mentioned that my car had broken down and I am using public transport which I obviously dislike.

The fact that I was incapable of fixing it immediately gave me jilters. I did the “in my own universe” exercise, guess what my husband called a relative for help. He actually offered to buy us another car instead (the relative was one of the incumbent of the psychic attack exercise). It was such a shock that the offer came from him, I am sure when I reach home there will be a smooth moving car parked in the garage.

“Clear talk rocksssssssss…” these are the words from my daughter, she was having a bad day trying to understand her homework which is a foreign language after a long session trying to help her in vain, I decided to use clear talk. JoreJj this is scary, after “the universe” and “my own universe” exercise, I am talking 10 minutes, she was able to read the passage in the book fluently I had to stop her. What she wrote was (In the universe in the area of learning I cannot read Zulu properly) than on the right side she wrote “In my own universe in the area of learning I read Zulu fluently my teacher, my examiner and my friends are impressed with me”. She went to bed a happy girl. The following morning she was due for the oral test under the scrutiny of examiners from the department of education. When she came home that day, her report was the examiners were very impressed with my reading. That is what I like about this programm simple and shockingly effective. The whole family is now doing each and every exercise and I am looking forward for more blessings.

Squashing the ego is best healing exercise, after going through everything that you have listed you do not feel the need of want anymore, you sit and wait for the situation to unfold.

It has made me understand the personality disorders better as I am studying Bcom in HR and industrial psychology is a major subject you do not know how much it has helped me tounderstand the phenomenon even my 7 year old son understands ego now.

The subliminal audio has sent the whole family jogging, on the 28 of August we are all geared up to participate in the local marathon. Since we started that was last week sometime we

Never looked back and enjoying the morning fresh and calming breeze smelling roses in the garden near the dam is such a wonderful way to start your day.

Just to prove that if you ask for something more than one thousand invisible hands come to your rescue to materialise your dream, is not more than what I have explained above

And more surprises are on its way. Two years ago I language skills with the university of SA and we were asked what we wanted to achieve, I remember writing that I want to have a

Unique way of writing as my style at the moment I did not have the idea in mind but I knew that I want to be unique, a year later a thought came and it was among other things it should

Emphasis of something either a phrase or a word when I read your book I noticed how you end the situation/ scene or chapters “ENOUGH SAID” this is brilliant. I wrote an assessment test For Longridge Writers Group last year and I passed, I am waiting for availability of funds to enrol with them.

My daughters were amazed about the power of chapter two where you explain about the reason why people bring you their problems. They are

Applying the technique and it works so well.

This is written in hurry, therefore the message is not edited, and I’ll keep in touch.