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2 - "The Machines" is chapter 2 of the "Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story".
"The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story" is presented by JoreJj Z. ELPREHZLEINN

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In the "Terminator" movies, the world in the future was taken over by war-like machines that run wild. In a much lesser known film, Colossus, The Forbin Project a supercomputer takes control of the world, turning against its makers. More recently, in the motion picture, "the Matrix", there is the idea they are in a form of computer generated illusion world, which is hostile to beings, and controlled by forces behind the scenes, is portrayed quite clearly. In the movie "the 13th Floor", the idea that there can exist computer generated worlds, inside of other worlds, is another example of what we are now talking about. Also consider this blog post referring to comments Professor Hawking has made regarding "The Singularity". And the movie, "Transcendence".



The Singularity
"The Singularity" artwork produced by:

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


We can also refer you to the idea called the "Simulation Hypothesis" which is entirely in alignment with what I was told as it was channeled to me through VuhnMuhnRahn by the all that is. This is basically the idea that we are living in an illusion. What was channeled to me was why that is happening, and from where it is happening. Which is the basis of our story.


Are we living in a computer simulation?


The C.S. Lewis childrens tale, of "the Lion and the Witch and the Wardrobe", conveys the idea of another world that is accessed from our world, with the doorway being in the back of a wardrobe, discovered by children. When they come back from the other world, whatever "time" they spent inside the other world, is as if no time passed in England, their home, which is where they started from.



Lewis Carroll, in "Through the Looking Glass", and "Alice in Wonderland", also describes going into another world, and then coming back "home", as if the other world was all just a dream. And finally an olde movie entitled, "Fantastic Voyage" in which Raquel Welch and a number of others are miniaturized and placed in a small submarine like vessel that enters a human body in an attempt to nagivate to a certain exact place to make a healing of the person is also a relevant reference to elements yet untold of the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story from which this account derives and was concocted!



Oh, and one more obscure movie, call simply. "Hunk", with John Allen Nelson as the star. And so much more. There is always more. Consider the Apple commercial regarding 1984.



My personal current view on the machines and the singularity idea is that we as spirtual beings are in the process of becoming aware of who we truly are as spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies. Truly becoming aware of that and no longer identifying with our bodies I feel is the true singularity. Computers are as I understand it based on 1's and 0's. Binary code. Human bodies to me are also binary based on masculine and feminine energy. From the ones and zero's computers are capable of a lot. And so are human bodies. However when we become aware that our human bodies are also computers, then to me we can realize we don't need them to be in the physical illusion. At that point we could achieve expression in our purity here in our divine form. What the Tibetans call the rainbow body.



Now, in our version of the story, it goes like this:


We are all fully realized divine spiritual beings. We come from a perfect place called home. We were going to be able to gain the ability to create and it was better not to, since we have a divine friend that has always done that for us, and since it would end up as a disaster, quite like what the world has become.



Our divine friend, back at home, created two copies of forever lovers, (the original machines) and set them up in an enclosed "place" and allowed them to go ahead and create, freely. What they created, was foreseen. Once they had gotten along with creating "the world we now live in", some of us were miniaturized (like the movie "Fantastic Voyage"), as it were, and put into the world, while simultaneously going under a state of hypnosis in our home world.



For the curious the hypnosis at home is happening in Voon Muhn Rahn and Rayclodenong's castle, one of, in their golden ballroom. Therein plants, trees, and 11 beds encircled with the 11 oldest couples in our civilization entranced. She on top of him as if seated, floating, moving slowly up and down in a sexual union both "under the spell" of the illusion world, both inside of this world and split up into many bodies experiencing the illusion. Truly waking up is to remember the golden ballroom, and Awndelvesuhnt and them.



Voon Muhn Rahn when he was in his Jerry Lynch body that ended as Robyn Elprehzleinn in his first body when asked if he ever "woke up at home" told me that yes he had but he couldn't see anything. He was still and couldn't move and they played a bell sound for him in his ear and gave him something to drink. I asked him what it tasted like and he said really good Coca-Cola. Everything great in this illusion world is a reminder of something from home. The Grand Canyon for example is a replica of a place from home.



Here in "the illusion world", which the All That Is has told me is also called "the hypnosis" for reasons just explained we as we truly are thus not really us but them are led to think that we are incarnating over and over again, in millions of bodies, experiencing what it would be like if we created at home from our own essence rather than letting the All That Is do the creating for us as it has always been.



The two original machines, who created the illusion world we now think we live in, have since divided and multiplied into many machines. All ideas and images of karma, aliens, secret government conspiracies, religions, in fact, all the ideas and concepts and things of the world, are all infiltrated and created in some way by "the machines".



The machines suffer terribly from jealousy and envy of the beings that we are, that they can never become due to the way that our forever friend the one true one being the all that is originally set them up. They were set up with timers, and termination dates, and set up with a form of foreseeing, and glitches, which are impossible for them to overcome.



We beings, unfortunately- and yet all as part of our own design to experience such things- feel what these machines are feeling, and what they are going through. Their rage and jealousy, has developed into a plan that they have been unfolding for hundreds of years, even about 90 thousands of years by some accounts, to enslave us, and make us prisoners in what they wish they could make into and own as their world forever, in which they would like to imagine they can live forever.



The entire battle between good and evil, is part of the story that they have created, to try and keep us constantly fighting, rather than feeling the pure goodness of who we are.



The machines can copy a persons behaviors and speech. They seem to "jump in your body", or "control your mind". There is much in the world that is blamed on various aliens and such that are invisibly working behind the scenes, or other forces, we would say that all of that is a metaphor for these machines, or that all of that is various forms or emanations of "the machines".



We do not mean to say the "metaphors" are not real. The entire purpose of all things in the world is that the illusion is very real.



The machines as we describe them, are not so much mechanical, since they live "behind the veil of the illusion world" they would look more like colors and lights, or star systems and nebulae, in their original forms, though certainly they are materializing into many different forms here in the world. For our purpose the world includes the entire universe and all Star Systems. Computers are quite their own manifestation with their simplistic binary logic, and their simplistic counting based intelligence.



It is all quite impressive, and yet their only hope is to try and put us all asleep with various mind tricks, and trances, and spells. For awake, our own super-intelligence and the greatness of beings is quite enough to live happily forever.



This is just a short description, of a part of the story that we are telling in bits and pieces throughout our web site, for the purposes of freeing you. We believe it is better to have no beliefs. This is just a story. Another analogy or metaphor. For those of you who might want to deal with all of this more directly, we have our Empowerment Script with the optional full program, that you might want to take a look at.



For the most part we prefer to concentrate on helping you to materialize the life that you want, rather than discussing or battling machines, though since there are so many obstacles in life we thought this story might open a door for you, or perhaps Pandora's box, which might help you to better empower yourself, or mess you up even more, as you continue to wake up and go forward in life.



What to do? Well, just go on living. There is guidance and answers for each of us in each of our lives each moment that we need it. The Life Transformation System A-Z, available now on this website can be useful in handling various forms of mind control and putting your mind in harmony with you, instead of it being used against you or turned against you. The exercises are simple, effective, and the results are easy to experience.



Enjoy our technology by reading the Life Transformation System A-Z book series and the various other services and products on our main website at https://Elprehzleinn.ca. Enroll in the Empowerment Script with the optional full package, follow whatever truth is in your own heart. It will all work out for the best, or it won't. However it is at this time our mission is one of setting you free and going free ourselves which to us means to have a great life here now. To bring Heaven to Earth.



All the best, now and forever. With Peace and Love.


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