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Disclosure: The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences. In all the years since 1995 there have only been 6 exceptions to this where I asked 6 people who knew me personally to say something about working with me and they agreed and those got posted as well. I only use initials and don't post the location where the people wrote from or occupation to protect privacy. Furthermore Elprehzleinn has been run as a form of "mission" since 1995 and no profits have been made. All money received from sales or donations has been re-invested in continuing this work and the basic costs of operation. At this time many of our premium products and services are offered without requiring you to sign up or to pay up front, or at all. Although we do appreciate donations and we do offer some things that cost and recommend some programs through affiliates links that we get paid for if you buy something.

"JoreJj, In my lifetime of involvement with people who know and use the Law of Attraction, your approach is of a power and integrity that I've seldom seen, and the purity of your heart, the purity of your connection to the message is rare. I wanted to touch your world because of that." L.M.


"And JoreJj, love, love your words.
They’re perfect." M.F.


"Hi JoreJj, thank you for your good work, powerful and inspirational home programs, they have lifted me from ashes to where i am today. Through your programs i have finished my degree successfully and attained high honors. Thank you God bless you for the good work you are doing. Regards." M.M.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn March 2017
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn, March 2017

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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is originally from a place near the Great Lakes of Canada. JoreJj is an Innovative Digital Media & Designer. He is an experienced High Quality Personal Development Consultant with an incredible track record and an incredible life story.


However what really matters is YOU and your life and that is what we can focus on if you like. In order to enjoy and explore the personal consulting options with me at this time it requires you to contact me personally so we can communicate in person about what is offered, and what you want. I have a very clear program I offer for the personal consulting and you can see the outline for that if you click here.



If that attracts you, if you feel like finding our more, contact me and I can explain it to you. Don't worry, I am not in the mood currently for selling anything. I am in the mood for meeting interesting people that want to do incredible things with their life, using what I have available to share after decades of experience with this stuff. Use any of the social media below to contact me. If you are interested in the digital books you can enjoy without having any personal contact with me, click here for those.



"JoreJj, I'm gathering the most insightful introspective mindsets on love to hold that space for others to achieve I can't think of anyone on this earth who is that more than you. I consider it an honor to have met you experienced you to continue to know you. To me you are the most amazing man on this planet."




A definition of "Elprehzleinn":
"Excellence is Just The Way It Is."

Proudly online since 1995!



Regarding JoreJj's astrological aspect in his natal chart, The Grand Trine in Water: -"This is the figure, par excellence, for probing into the hidden mysteries of Life." starwheel.wordpress.com


"The Water Grand Trines tend to possess the most in-depth creative potential. The Water element is the most comfortable of all the signs when dealing with emotions and the spiritual realm. The Water Grand Trine individual will typically experience life with an emotional intensity. The Water element signs react to life's events at a seemingly subconscious level; instinctively. They tend to "feel" their choices rather than needing to think about them first, and their intuition is usually correct. The Water Grand Trine individual is your best ally since they have the best tools in place to help heal, nurture and transform." LunarLiving.org “Though it may appear that luck falls into the life of a person with a grand trine, he or she has actually done a great deal to bring it about. It is just accomplished with such relative ease that little or no effort is visible. A grand trine in the element of water indicates that you have great ease in the emotional arena of life (water ruling the emotions) and an unusual depth of feeling and empathy for others.” MyAstrologyBook.com

unbelievable success

I am a commander of my own reality with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. I willingly choose to allow my unseen friends and inner counsel of love and my higher self and the divine being who is ever-present to be partners in my life in all areas. I choose to live in dominion creating my own reality with the inner team like that.



My deepest desire is to consciously create reality together with a female body conveying a female spirit in sacred sexual life partnership together that is mutually awake and aware of being true spiritual family with each other, living together, working together, together consciously creating our reality, our life TOGETHER. This is obviously something that can only be defined together as we begin to share our values and where we are at to put our lifes together. I needed to mention that here.



"The art of Peace I practice has room for each of the world's eight million gods, and I cooperate with them all. The God of Peace is very great and enjoins all that is divine and enlightened in every land." - Morihei Ueshiba, founder of AIKIDO



I also need to say up front that even though it is common to speak of God in the masculine I don't believe in God nor do I consider them to be the divine being because I don't think the divine being is a male entity. I do know that God exists, I just don't subscribe to the all male patriarchal value system and rather feel aligned to something else.


That something else is that I feel that my relationship with the divine being is with the one being that is neither male nor female, GODddess, or rather I prefer their many other names such as Love Itself, the Divine Being, the Omnipresent One, and so forth. Therefore, even though Amazon classifies many of the books I wrote in Spirituality and Religion, I am not religious. I was raised Christian against my will. That was a choice my soul made for me clearly. And that is how the soul works I feeI that which is called the way the soul helps us find our way and make our own choices in life. The "wounding of the soul" as it is called is a great thing to make peace with, a huge help to choosing one's destiny and consciously creating the life. I have made peace with that ,and with my genetic family in that regard. It was a lot of work to do so, and extremely worthwhile. Having made peace with that which I call the "old love" and now freer and more open to the "new love". The old love being that which was taken on not by choice in the developing years, and the new love being the love desired and worked for and created by conscious choice.


My choice is that the all that is I feel is neither male nor female, they are ONE, and we are friends forever.


Furthermore, my life is joyfully dedicated due to the fun factor to the following through with the unbelievable ideas and values and concepts of the legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story and the Elprehzleinn business corporation project and the ideas and values of consciously creating reality as a lifestyle, not a curiousity rather a responsibility to live that way. The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995 when Voon Muhn Rahn and I together were, we feel and know, inspired by the All That Is directly to do so. We launched with the main text you can still see today entitled, "What Is A Body" and much has unfolded exactly as it was foreseen since that time.


JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn 2014

I started doing this work about 1987, even before I ever consciously knew about Elprehzleinn or met Voon Muhn Rahn. I formally structured the idea of the business corporation by 1989. Been doing this full time in all it's facets ever since then. For the business history/dream unfolding click here.


Even though the Elprehzleinn websites were once addressed in San Diego, CA because I used to live there and was married and ten years later divorced there I currently am staying in a beautiful, private, luxurious apartment in the incredible city of Montreal in the unbelievably great and mysterious country of Canada where I was born. The websites are officially addressed in Ontario, Canada.


Since my highest vision is a consciously creating together consciously love making consciously sacred sexual relationship with a female body conveying and awake to her female spirit I am not sure how wherever I am at now in life will unfold in terms of future dreams and locations and business projects and so on. Because I know that the power of getting together like that is so great and so fun and so amazing and unbelievable that only myself and that person could determine together by our being together what we together want to create together. As we bring to our meeting with each other in this lifetime our respective dreams and projects and circumstances and weave them together in conscious love and conscious reality creation.



I didn't have children with the woman I was married to because I already had four beautiful and amazing children under incredible circumstances (one not by blood) who are now amazing adults contributing wonderful things to the world and all whom I am incredibly pleased and proud to know as much as I do. I had those children with three different beautiful women who all knew each other and were part of the same spiritual community at the time, all around the same few years. Since then I don't have or want anymore children.


While all these things may contribute to making me an attractive person for some very right people to be with in most incredible ways I needed to say these things up front for reasons that are now taken care of by my saying so. The Elprehzleinn products and services including spending time with me works out incredibly well for people who do so for a reason, and one of the reasons is how I do things, and how we do things, and how we are, and the choices we make are different and unique from anywhere or anybody else. And we expect you to value your own uniqueness and are here to help you discover that and bring that fully alive. <


1. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is the name given to identify a particular body that contains a spiritual being that may be much more than the body itself as we all are. Therefore finding out about who is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is something we truly recommend that you do in your own way on your own terms and preferably by getting to know him personally. That can be quite fun and very amazing with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned and the fact that JoreJj has the tendency to hang out with Love Itself pretty much all the time adds to the value of it. Although JoreJj has momentary amnesia about his truly divine friendship with the Love that Has No Name from time to time he generally holds that consciousness in quite an extraordinary manner.


2. Which you could see is quite an asset, or SKILL, when being human and being involved in matters concerning being human. Thus JoreJj tends to have the effect of greatly improving the human condition in all kinds of ways wherever he is, and with whomever he is with. And this seems to be happening pretty much all the time. Not to say that dark forces within himself, and others, and in the world don't find this slightly annoying to say the least however that is something we are all handling together with divine love so no problemo right?


3. JoreJj truly has spent a great deal of time regarding all this wondering and determining and understanding how it is that the idea of GOD got taken out of the idea of GODdess and the impact that has had on our world. He knows that looking for the ONE is not a romantic endeavour but rather a search that leads to the ONE BEING who is the true supreme authority, the LOVE ITSELF and not any kind of GOD at all.


4. JoreJj knows that Lovers can find this ONE who is neither male nor female and yet is both when they join together sexually whether they are consciously knowing the one being that way or any other way or not. JoreJj feels that cultivating and building the divine relationship with the one being is absolutely imperative to life going very well at all and JoreJj feels the concept and programming and various things relating to GOD often interfere greatly with people having a love relationship with the ALL THAT IS and this also affects lovers from being together easily and beautifully enjoying what being lovers truly has to offer.


5. JoreJj cares very much about doing something about making all that much better.


6. His favorite story is the one where we are all from another place outside of this world that is completely beautiful and that explains what this world is and why were are in it. He doesn't believe the story though he loves it because JoreJj believes it is better not to have any beliefs. Therefore JoreJj likes to hold outrageous ideas such as that we each already are fully realized divine spiritual beings living in bodies in this world through no fault of our own and that we can actually tap into the purity and love and empowerment of the beings we truly are and live like that in this world.


7. JoreJj was involved with sports in a big way at an early age which led to becoming skilled as a hockey player at what was recognized by at least one person anyways as the semi-pro level. His passion for sports was actually a passion for understanding the well-being of the body and this led to dropping most sports as yoga and dance and massage and other healing arts were discovered. JoreJj is now highly accomplished in all those areas. However being highly accomplished in yoga probably doesn't mean much to most people as it seems common to think of yoga as physical exercises you do in a room with other people and a teacher up front. Which has very little to do with what yoga really means, or what yoga is really about. And JoreJj knows this.


8. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is quite conscious and aware that he is a spiritual being with a soul and spirit and many levels and layers of existence in various levels of consciousness. He is able to be aware of past lives and to help other people tap into theirs in a way that empowers this life.


9. He has spent most of his adult life building and achieving the dream of realizing the mission of the Elprehzleinn so-called, "business". That endeavour has had him primarily involved in a lot of things at a very so-called professional level and sometimes much more than professional as a business entrepreneur. This means regarding understanding matters of financial, taxation, running a business, organization, time management, sales, marketing, partnership, selling shares, corporate structure, relating with the government.


10. He is a great innovative creative genius who constantly comes up with new ideas and produces work and foresees the future in the area of electronic media communication which involves all kinds of things for media design, publishing, marketing, social media, and all kinds of software and skills for doing all that. His skill level with software for media design includes Adobe Premiere, iMovie, digital audio creation and digital audio editing, YouTube publishing, Facebook pages, Twitter, Photoshop, e-on softwares VUE 3D digital nature production, Smith Micro's "Poser" software for character animation, Dreamweaver web publishing software, app development and design, 1shoppingcart.com e-commerce software, Wordpress design and maintenance, Posterous blogging, integration and coordination of multiple social media platforms into one organized system.


11. JoreJj has been at the forefront of many developments in technology. He was noted to be one of the first people to ever produce digital video on a laptop, he was involved with producing CD-ROM when they first came out, is an innovator in interactive technology for the web, and has studied the the digital motion picture industry since before it began extensively and developed an array of techniques and technologies in that regard by working on projects.


12. Not only is he a highly organized and very reliable ultra professional entrepreneur, designer, and producer in the area of communication media primarily for internet and a visionary in that field and in the field of yoga he is also deeply trained and highly aware in the absolutely unheard of field of spiritual sexuality and the power of true love and true lovers and what they have to deal with here in the world. This goes way beyond TANTRA, KAMA SUTRA, AIKIDO, or any kind of dating, romance, or TWIN FLAME knowing and being. Although he knows from experience and study a lot about all those things.


13. His last name has been spoken out loud in the office of the President of the United States, and JoreJj partnered with the fashion designer Barbara Hirsh providing business support and spiritual support on a number of extraordinary projects they did together including designing an outfit for Britney Spears that made a major contribution to the launch of her career. JoreJj has a tendency to generate stellar success with any body who truly commits and puts in the effort to work with him in his role as "personal development consultant".


14. JoreJj has helped a wide range of individuals to excel beyond their limits in the chosen field and with their sales from doubling their investment capital raised, breaking sales limits, helping a professional basketball player already known as a top scorer to increase his points per game, to helping people that are completely down and out and broke with to recover financially and in other ways.


15. He has helped people that had hopeless diseases and medical conditions that doctors said were uncurable to show up in such a way that the doctors wrote a report in the medical journals saying that something incurable got cured somehow. As well as helping people diagnosed with something to show up later after that diagnosis and the doctors saw no sign of it anymore.


16. JoreJj has helped people whose marriage was for all intents and purposes OVER to find the joy and love again and more than ever with a renewed love and sexuality. JoreJj has helped women open up to the love they can have in their life and attract and live the relationships they truly wanted but couldn't have.


17. JoreJj has a life long interest in what is called the "divine body" or could otherwise be known as the immortal body. The immortality of the soul and spirit literally manifested into this earthly realm. He has tremendous and unusual experience and experiences with this and with beings and people involved with this.


18. Infamously for a time JoreJj worked for the largest pornography distributor in the world who at the end of their time together told JoreJj that he would "owe him for the rest of his life" and JoreJj helped who we feel and know is the current King of Hawaii to legally get his family name back. Of course there really isn't a recognized King of Hawaii so we can just pretend that never happened. Even though it did and his name really is restored now. JoreJj also spent ten years with the former body and the current spiritual force of the now so-called Justin Bieber helping him to envision and prepare for what he is now doing. Meaning JoreJj worked with him in his other body where he was very conscious of what he was planning to do and is now doing it. And now JoreJj is currently challenged with the fact that the new body has amnesia of all that even though the spirit is awake and still working with JoreJj on all that they foresaw together regarding all that, the other body was cremated due to it died. So that has been a new adventure for JoreJj and certain other people adding depth to his spiritual experience of this lifetime in HIS current JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn body.


19. JoreJj is highly capable with working with the mind regarding various forms of so-called body healing and has a long list of seemingly miraculous healing experiences in this regard with self and others. His experience with various forms of high level healing is extensive.


20. He feels certain after reading the Dalai Lama's website that the current Dalai Lama is actually The Buddha himself and JoreJj finds comfort in this seeing that the Buddha himself in the current Dalai Lama incarnation is visiting so many world leaders. JoreJj loves all those photos of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Dalai Lama facebook page with the world leaders.


21. JoreJj has quite an amazing track record regarding helping people in the area of "personal development" as a form of "consultant". He designed an incredibly effective system for doing so along with his unique abilities to help people on a case by case basis. He has helped a guru transcend his own success and often helps people break their lifetime financial records and JoreJj knows a phenomenal amount of things about financial matters and love even though those two things don't always seem to go together he feels they always should and lives it that way. JoreJj is really amazing as a computer animation artist and a designer in many areas.


22. JoreJj has single-handedly, (he actually used both hands) designed, developed, and maintained all the Elprehzleinn websites and the art and writing and video production and everything on the sites is by his own hand SINCE THE INTERNET BEGAN to be used for business. That's about 1995 btw. JoreJj is very well versed in "social media" and pretty much envisioned most of what is happening that is important in the world now in forms of future seeing that he does. He has done a fair number of websites for other people too and has a tendency to launch people into bigger success than they ever had before using the internet as a launch pad.


23. As we said, better to get to know him in person your self, or through the effect his work and presence and being together can have on your own life. Otherwise it all seems rather unbelievable until you experience him for yourself. When and if you do that, who knows what could happen? :) We know that it must be purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, because we command and demand it to be so in the name of the Love that Has No Name. And so it is.


24. In addition to all that JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn has many years of professional training and professional experience with online financial market trading. This includes trading stocks, options, forex, and with a speciality in futures trading. JoreJj has extensive experience in all of this over a long period of time including innovating and developing a unique method and practice that incorporates the wisdom and knowledge he has from the other areas of his work and life including the areas of spiritual sexuality. He made many choices in his financial market training and development that involved women and doing the trading with women rather than the traditional male focused ideas and models. This led to amazing and powerful discoveries and unique secrets of the brain and chemistry and how that all relates to the financial market work in most fascinating, profitable, and fun ways. His developments basically in summary with women transformed the practice and experience of trading into a feeling of ease, pleasure, joy, fun, and laughter doing something extremely challenging in a disarmingly happy way and the value and empowerment that brings to it.


25. During and just after college and university in addition to teaching dance, yoga, and doing massage professionally JoreJj worked as a Circulation Manager for the Montreal Gazette and held many different jobs in high-end home renovation leading to his first business in interior design. JoreJj continues to express his talent as a designer in the area of the home and has given many consultations on home design energetics to others over the years.



"Dear JoreJj , I finally came around to listening to your guest appearance on the Radio Show. WOW! You came in "right up there" with your knowledge and perspective and congratulations for holding it together like a true gentleman! Your concept of True Love - its energy, its power, its life giving force is so spot on - I could relate to it both intellectually and experientally. " Spiritually Yours, A.xxooo


"JoreJj , You seem like a dedicated being, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge in your relentless pursuit of truth....and that is truly inspiring. Your presence on earth is truly appreciated. Perhaps one day there will be many functioning out of 100% integrity and a source of unlimited, ever expanding creativity...
Thanking you, "

"Thank you. It is so generous of you and I am humbled by such selfless act from you. You indeed want to help people. I hope that someday I can do something in return .May Almighty God, the source of all goodness bless your kind soul." -E.G.

"I think this is good work that you are doing. Thanks." - D.

"Thank you. I read your email and cried....You have the most generous heart and every time we communicate I feel this great gift of receiving.-V.C.

"JoreJj ,
I want to thank you very, very much for all of your kind assistance and graciousness in responding to my error. You have guided me to the path and now I step onto it to see where it leads.
Thank you so very much again for all of your time and patience with me and my needs."

"Hi JoreJj ,
I don,t know what to say!!
Well I will start by saying a huge huge THANK-YOU. I am so touched and grateful my eyes filled up because I know you were meant to come into my life.. You are one of the kindest people ever and I will never ever forget this...
You are a guardian Angel who I certainly need at the moment, and I cannot thankyou enough..
love & light JoreJj
love from your eternally grateful student."


JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is a Spiritual Entertainment Specialist. Helping spiritual beings here on earth to seriously have fun and get real results in the form of success in all areas, playing the game of life with True Love, and mind power excellence.

Qualities that I express, aspire to, and share in all my relationships and within my self personally:

Objectivity creating greater focus and understanding in close relationships. Personal harmony and individual expression. Playing an important part in the development of successful family groups. Demonstrating ideals of service to humanity with practical application of those ideals. Expressing excellence along many lines of endeavour; for example, in finance, education, entertainment, and appreciation of the law and government.

Good business judgment, independence, and positivity combined with a keen sense of responsibility to help and direct others, often assisting those in positions of authority. Having a creative quality, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn excels in interactive design.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn expresses generosity, and a recognition of the needs of others. He lives a commitment to home, family, and community. Stability and reliability are keynote qualities. He expressed maturity of mind very early in life, and is determined and progressive.

This man expresses qualities of positivity, self-sufficiency, poise, and self-expression. He has enhanced abilities to organize and direct the efforts of people. He is a stabilizing influence with a pleasant, and even-tempered nature. He shows ambition and leadership, with a keen sense of honesty and justice for all. Self-confidence, perceptivity, and calmness of mind, even under stressful conditions, are traits that allow him to handle his responsibilities with clarity and stability.

Characteristics of independence, diligence, and vision allow Jorj to enjoy the challenges of bringing activities and projects to a successful conclusion.

Financial independence is very important and part of his role is to accumulate for the benefit of and in service to others, while remaining caution not to allow this emphasis on materiality to dominate financial accumuation efforts to the exclusion of the more relaxed aspects of daily living.

This man stands for good business judgment and acumen because of the broader vision and analytical ability to see circumstances from many points of view. It will not be easy to influence him against his better judgment. This man has enhanced mental quickness and a discerning quality to understand the intentions of others, and thus to know how best to help and deal with situations.

The stability created encourages good health and vitality.

The Elprehzleinn family name stands for qualities of service to humanity with practical application of those ideals. Whether we are being inspirational or practical, this surname allows the expression of excellence along many lines of endeavour; for example, in finance, education, entertainment, or law.

Good business judgment, independence, and positivity combined with a keen sense of responsibility to help and direct others, often leads to positions of authority. Having such a creative quality, members of this family excel in design, interior decorating, composition, art, and music.

This name produces generosity, and a recognition of the needs of others. It brings a commitment to home, family, and community. Stability and reliability are keynote qualities. It creates maturity of mind very early in life, determined and progressive.

"JoreJj , Thank you for sending me those inspiring emails. "


"Mr Elprehzleinn, I am really grateful for your gift and I am really surprised by such a generous abundant and helpful being that you are. You have very unique character that is really rare in these days. Thank you very much for this very precious gift and I ask God THE ONE and ONLY God to increase and sustain your prosperity and abundance and to manifest all your desires in this life and to give you guidance of what is best for you in this life and in the after life . "


"JoreJj I believe in you. I believe in what you say is true. There are alot of phony people out there, but your're not one of them."


"You were in my life at the beginning of my new life and because of you I am now on the track that I want to be. You were the first person who opened my eyes....I am deeply grateful for that...never forget that."


I am deeply grateful for this priceless gift even as i am typing this mail i still feel the power and energy that this gift came with all over my body it is like electric vibrations . IT is a confirmation of a greater life for me and my students and our country and the whole world at large i love you and i feel a deep connection with you . thank you again and may the the almighty prosper you and suprise you even as you suprised me with this gift i have not yet recovered from the shock and exictment you have just given my life increased energy ,meaning and purpose.i am shedding tears of joy . you are blessed for doing this thanks."
N. (Africa)


"What can I say except the biggest THANK YOU I can give out. NEVER, EVER, have I been in contact with someone who is as giving and wonderful as yourself. I will always buy your products because, what you have shown me in the short time I have been in contact with you is, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL, when it comes to, love, truth, honesty and benevolence and, you really do want the best for your fellow beings.
May the Supreme Divine of Creation bless you always,"


"YOUR WORK IS GENIUS JoreJj , new profound and amazing thank you for your dedication in grounding and sharing this info with me!"


"My family and I want to thank you again for all your fine work!!!. You have definitely helped me change my life and I will always be grateful. Bless you for your kindness and generosity when I needed you most. May your life always be filled with love, joy and haoppiness. You are one of a kind!!!"



"Dear sir ,
we have seen many soul who are doing God's work , you are one of them , I do pray for you , as your contribution to mankind is very high , I could see that you will be most successful person on the earth , & you will enjoy it throughout your life along with your big family ....... "



It allows the natural harmony for the best first name combination. It brings greater objectivity into the family environment creating greater focus and understanding in close relationships. It is a combination that assists in personal harmony and individual expression.

The surname influence plays an important part in the development of a successful family group. Any one of the above surnames will balances ideals of service to humanity with practical application of those ideals. Whether a person is inspirational or practical, this surname allows the expression of excellence along many lines of endeavour; for example, in finance, education, entertainment, or law. Good business judgment, independence, and positivity combined with a keen sense of responsibility to help and direct others, often can lead to positions of authority. Having such a creative quality, members of this family could also excel in design, interior decorating, composition, art, or music.

This name produces generosity, and a recognition of the needs of others. It brings a commitment to home, family, and community. Stability and reliability are keynote qualities. It creates maturity of mind very early in life, determined and progressive.

Care must be taken to avoid worrying excessively over responsibilities or to be overly helpful in such ways as others may regard as interference.

This name allows a natural outlet for your inner nature.
This name includes qualities of positivity, self-sufficiency, poise, and self-expression. It enhances abilities to organize and direct the efforts of people. This name is a stabilizing influence creating a pleasant, and even-tempered nature.


It promotes ambition and leadership, with a keen sense of honesty and justice for all. Self-confidence, perceptivity, and calmness of mind, even under stressful conditions, are traits that will allow you to handle your responsibilities with clarity and stability.

Characteristics of independence, diligence, and vision allow you to enjoy the challenges of bringing your activities to a successful conclusion. Financial independence is very important and part of your role is to accumulate for the benefit of and in service to others, but do not allow this emphasis on materiality to dominate your efforts to the exclusion of the more relaxed aspects of daily living.

This name stands for good business judgment and acumen because of the broader vision and analytical ability to see circumstances from many points of view. It will not be easy to influence you against your better judgment. This name will enhance mental quickness and a discerning quality to understand the intentions of others, and thus to know how best to help and deal with situations.

The stability created encourages good health and vitality.

I was born with:

Jupiter in Aquarius, (Jupiter In Capricorn in Vedic Astrology)

Ox /Aries

"It is traditionally said that Aquarius Jupiters bring luck to others...they will...bring luck into your life. Even though you may not realize it until later."
- from Madalyn Aslan's: "Jupiter Signs"


"There may be no rational relationship between topics to other people, but to Gemini Midheaven, they can piece it all together and apply it to their world."


"People born with their Midheaven in Gemini will likely have Virgo on the ascendent, and this adds a celestial lightness, intellect and playfulness to the expression...Ideas seem to materialize out of thin air for them...What may express as a seemingly airy and somewhat scattered nature is a certain detachment holding together an exceptional world of learned knowledge. It is said the best kind of clever are those who know how to hide it, and with Midheaven here, these individuals are incredible at surprising others with their random outbursts of insight. "

If you are interested in finding out how your destiny information can help you in your life then make a wonderful gift for you and visit my site www.DestinyLoveCards.com.
I recommend the Focus On Jupiter session.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn about 1992
Intending to Provide the Absolute Best in Personal Development With Purely Benevolent Outcomes for All Concerned.

Please make sure you have read our DISCLAIMER click here before you read all these testimonials or enroll or sign up to use our free or paid products and services. Thanks.


And here is what people say about me:


"I really want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, warmth, kindness and your spirit for helping others navigate their life. I am so very grateful to have found your websites and to you for your help and for passing on your knowledge and deep understanding. Thank you once again."


"Dear JoreJj: You are genuinely a good person; I believe that is why the God-all blesses you. In turn, you bless us by doing all these wonderful things to make our lives better. I remember Mother Teresa and others who gave and did whatever it took, all out of the goodness of their hearts.

I remember my own sister whom after ending up with a huge amount of uneaten/left-over food from a Thanksgiving Day celebration one year, took all of it to a homeless shelter in San Diego; it was very much well received. A week later, she went to Barona and won $39K at the machines. I bring that up here because yes, I do believe that the "spirit" does work even when you least expect it.

Thank you JoreJj, I appreciate all you do. I await the release of your subliminal video.I wish only greater things for you and all that you do to help mankind. "


"I wish you tremendous success! You are a life changer."


"JoreJj, (My best friend) says I’ve changed so much to the positive, and it must be your excellent influence. (this past year)"


"You are the worlds top wordsmith!!!!! Wow!!! You are the best and please know you are appreciated!!! I wish everybody was you."

JoreJj ,

"Thanks once again for your most considerate and focused reply, designed especially for me. That is the way it should be. That is the way I believe people should relate to each other; directly without embellishments or insincere, shabbily fabricated responses.You eloquently articulate your wisdom in a way that is utterly painless to the receiver. I appreciate that."


"Thank you for working to help Humanity".


"You have the most vibrant generous soul I have ever met."


Thank you JoreJj . You are a gem.


"You are the most spiritual person I have had the fortune to know."


"...I was drawn to your higher frequency of integrity and light..." N.G.R.


"I'm very happy for your efficiency and courtesy! Amazing work! Thank
you very much from Italy, Rome! "


"JoreJj Z.,

Connecting with You is an honor. Thank You! I feel very inspired by the radiant light You are and the miraculous wisdom You share.



"JoreJj : Thank you for being a blessing in my life, which has become The Ultimate Adventure since our meeting."


"I know WOW is RIGHT…..Thank you for all that you do for me….I hope you know how much it means for me to have a you working on the relaunch of my business I believe that we are going to have a wonderful time working together I know you are the BEST …the BEST in the WORLD!! Cheers! To U&ME" B.H.

"My dear JoreJj
You know very well, as a long time ago I realized that your lessons and teachings are vital. For some time I was in Israel and could not keep up with you. What I have been telling you about the content of your teachings was not simply an expressions of emotions.I have tested the vital importance of your divine messages. I feel and know that you know more than me what I actually need.God has been helping you to do it. Please do not suggest me to unsubscribe.I know that we have not been in touch or met by chance. Today I feel better and more confidente than before. I enjoy life more than before.Through your teachings I have become more conscious and free than before because I can break the useless traditions and habits that have enslaved me for a long long time. The winning list is a necessity. I am open to whatever divinely I have to receive from you. Blessings, peace and real joy to you."


"JoreJj ,

I just want to tell you that I really appreciate you for who you are -
definitely one of "the good guys." Your generosity and genuine care for the
well-being of others does not go unnoticed. Thank you, JoreJj.

Best regards,"


"...it's rare that you find someone (as I have in you) that CAN be trusted."


"My dear JoreJj
I really don't know how to express my actual feeling of gratitude for what you are doing for me! I thank GOD for you. Only God through you can do it for me.
I thank GOD for creating different men and women. NOW, I like the difference.
I thank GOD to make you different.
I am always on the Net receiving and sending e-mails but you are different. Why? I can not explain all the details BUT what I know personally is that in my communication with you I feel an inter and intra RELATIONSHIP. I feel you and I feel that you understand me.
I feel that this understanding is not human; it is divine, because you supply the inner and deeper need of my soul and heart.
In short, I feel that you feel me. WHAT A GIFT OF GOD!
Tons of blessings upon you NOWWWWWW. "

I.Y. "


"Hello JoreJj . Thank you very much for showing the way. I am very happy i found your message to the world. Thank God for that. Bless you. All the best for you."


"You are the salt of the earth."


"Thank you so much, your generosity is overwhelming!"


"I thank you so much for being a true human being your heart is good the world needs more JoreJj there are not enough of you i cannot thank you enough i will not say god bless you because he already has you have given me a tool and oneday you will here from me once again a million thanks your friend and student forever."


"I was not feeling well at all, but when i saw you, I started feeling better and better....i received such a healing and loving flowing energy from you that instantly I started feeling better and recovered my spirits...

it was simply magical and my soul started feeling happiness and good humour....and thank you so much for being there.....now whenever I feel not well I will go and see your video. I doubted whether tell this or not....but YES you must know the good effect that your presence can cause in others. Great idea sending your video, JoreJj !!"


"Thank you for the many opportunities you have offered to us all to further our personal development in challenging but non-threatening fun ways. I have watched you develop and greatly admired the very risky step of offering your programmes for free or for an individual's contribution according to their means. It was a brave move and one you tried with few regrets, I'm sure. I wish you a future filled with energy, curiosity and adventure.
Kind regards"

"I hope this doesn't sound overly dramatic, but as tears of appreciation well in my eyes, I thank you sincerely for your compassion and generosity."


You have the most amazing "idea-brain".


"You are a great and gifted healer....that is why I followed you in the first place x."


"You are as true as they get. I pray you can continue to do you work and be able to help as many people as possible while staying in good financial condition your self. You are so generous for what you did for me and I would thank you many times every day if I could. Keep up the Great work."


"Dear JoreJj
I am absolutely staggered at your generosity, thank you so much. I have no excuses now for not becoming the man I was born to be. Thank you once again for your generosity. its quite restored my faith in mankind."


"JoreJj --
Thank you for following up on this. I appreciate your thoroughness and integrity. It is a pleasure to deal with someone who wants things like this brought to his attention and takes care of them so quickly.
Blessings, L."


"This is great JoreJj! Fantastic job! You're amazing and you're making an impact in so many peoples lives on such a grand scale and know that!!! Remember it every day and continue to do it. Because in making people happy you are making yourself happy
because they then will send happiness and love and wealth your way! I love you,"


"Thanks for awakening us."


"Hi JoreJj , Thank you so much for writing back. You really are an incredible man. You must be inundated daily with thousands of emails and yet you give the personal touch. Truly amazing...smile... I acknowledge you for the best customer service on the net -next to mine of course..lol."


"Your words are and have been so truly loving, I sincerely appreciate them. These words have had a huge impact on me. You have changed me! "


"You have such goodness of heart."


"You really are a special person"


"JoreJj , I sense that you are very pure. I don't understand all the details of what you are saying but it FEELS right."


"I got goosebumps reading this email from you, you are truly an awesome man. You definitely have something special swirling all around your life. And just in this email you've got me down to a "t", I can't wait to read the Destiny report."


"Dear JoreJj ,

Namaste from India. I didnt know God still makes Wonderful People like you!!! I am choked with Gratitude.You are really all Hearts. Love and Gratitude,"

"Thanks for the advice, I needed it badly. Keep up the good work.This world requires more people like you.

"Oh JoreJj , I feel so positive and open. Good things are happening. I want to thank you for all your wonderfulness. I have art projects forming in my head again!! this is a real sign of breaking free for me. Thank you so much for encouraging this. "


"I've known JoreJj for several years. Not only has our collaboration on several projects been of great benefit to myself and my own customers, I've also found him to be a great proponent of personal improvement. In all of my dealings with JoreJj I've been constantly reminded of the potential we all have to transform ourselves into whatever we desire.

Thank you JoreJj for your time. It is refreshing listening to your uplifting words you make me smile, more than anything."


"So far, it's been impossible to isolate him in conversation from this determination he has to assist in the profound changes that other people desire. In a nutshell, he is probably one of the most giving, dedicated and sincere people I've ever met in the 'self-help' arena. He acts and advises on a constant stream of actual experience that makes what he teaches real, not just content that he can sell. If you're ready to learn, I mean really learn - what makes you tick.... JoreJj is there for you."


"Damn, you're good."


"You have no idea just how much, my life has changed through our connection, I am now a very strong confident woman, who likes herself, and now ready to step out and dare to be myself."


"Dear JoreJj ,

I don't believe what I am reading. Oh, you are wonderful. You almost make me cry. I am so grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really promise to keep in touch with you and tell you all about what is happening to me. You are the only one who has done this kind of thing. That means you truly are an honest person.

I'll be back with you.



"Thank you JoreJj , I never expected this and words can not express how much this means to me. Wow this is exciting and scary at the same time because now I have no excuses, I will follow your advice to a tee. Again I thank you so much. "


"Your energy feels warm, really creative and vibrantly alive and I enjoy reading your communications. I am really appreciating your energy and the way you are sharing what you know and enjoy with everyone."


"My heart is just fluttering. O.K. I am happy."


"You are such a delightful being. Thank you..."


"JoreJj, Thank you SO much! I hardly know what to say, that is so sweet! I can understand why you blog, you are very gifted with words."




"Hi JoreJj ,

I just wanted to tell you that i received your message today in response to my resistance on doing the chapter 4 list. Thank you so much for the prompt reply and for answering so thoroughly. It is really a great feeling to know that you make yourself so available to everyone and are so committed to helping others to change their lives."



"Dear JoreJj ,

I'm very touched - and all I can say at this point and time is - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like I said - although hitting rock bottom - I have never lost confidence in the divine power of God and neither in myself.

Lets stay in touch and thank you again, I will never forget that and take it as one of the miracles that can happen in life."

"JoreJj , I regard you as a highly evolved being and I admire your work, so much. I bless you in everything that you do for the highest good for everyone's concern."


"I have always thought of you as the person that had enough faith in me to get me going in graphic design...you gave me a bit of a kick start. It has made me countless thousands and for that I am extremely grateful."


"I truly appreciate your gift to me. Your generosity is proof of your integrity and honors the work you choose to do assisting others to realise the life they seek. Bless you. In gratitude... " C.


"Sincere Thanks. I genuinely appreciate your help. It's nice to find someone who is truly as committed to helping others as they claim to be. I don't know how many times I've heard someone SAY they were committed, only to be disappointed in the long run. I know you don't know me, nor I you, but I'm pleased to say I'm proud of you...Congratulations on NOT procrastinating, and getting this valuable information out for all of us to share in and improve our lives!"


"I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.I actually feel lighter and get a sense there is something I can do to change my situation. Thanks again and may the Universe bless you a thousand-fold for your gift of kindness. "


"I have something to learn from you that is going to have a profound effect on my life, that I will never forget. Call it a gut instinct. You have the power to heal and teach what some of us take a lifetime to figure out or never learn at all. I am in the box, you are out of the box. You know exactly what is going on with everything. You have a lot of knowledge that is very powerful. You are step ahead of everyone else. No, you are a few steps ahead of everyone else.You are a very loving and caring man."


"I want you to know that I think you are an amazing person and I feel blessed to have you in my life, you having incredible energy thank you for sharing it."


"My first thought, upon arriving on your site, was: this dude is different!"


"I'm deeply touched by your kind gesture and I can see that you truly want to share & help others and make their lives better.I wish you success in all your endeavours. With love & blessings."


"You’re a very nice person, JoreJj , I’m glad I met you."


"you are a very wonderful and kind person. thank you. God is good and that is evident by your kindness."


"I am getting a wonderful good feeling, interacting with you JoreJj . Thank you."


"You really are very clever."


"I just opened up your email and I am shocked to say the least! It's refreshing knowing that some people really do help out and care. I am so grateful for your spirit and generosity. Believe me I will apply your material right away and I will spread the word of my results. I'm hoping that this is the break that I have been waiting for. Thank you so much. You will absolutely be hearing from me.
p.s. Thank you for your prompt reply too."


"You are the bomb! I like your energy. You are amazing."


"When (my friend) was here she asked me how I am doing, I said good, and then said I feel like my old self again is being awakened, that you have strengthened me and reminded me of who I am. I said that I feel so lucky to have met you JoreJj , and that I feel more "myself" than I have felt in years."


"You are a truly enlightened person and send out a lovely message. It pops
out everywhere on your websites. Thanks again for all your help, it is appreciated and valued."


"I wish that there were more multidimensional beings of beautiful eternal light like JoreJj Elprehzleinn (dig the name) to invite and awaken more of us."


"Thank you sooooo much for your support and the gentleness and kindness of your heart."


"Once again, thank you for sharing the wisdom you possess to all that yearn for the truth to what life really is. "


"You are really brave, JoreJj . Brave to be so honest about everything and share your feelings."


"It's ten minutes or so since we spoke Saturday night, add another 100 to my gross for the week, around 6 now."


"Thanx a lot for your book. I appreciate your gift immensely."


"Thank you for all the beautiful work done to help us on our journey."

"Dearest JoreJj ,
Thank you for your work in helping others."

"How truly kind you are! Blessings and thank you. I really do nothave words to express my appreciation. Thank you again for your very generous and loving gesture. We do appreciate you!"


"My best to you and keep up the good work - you are an absolute inspiration, JoreJj ."


"There have been many things set into motion since we last corresponded.... there are mighty things taking place in my life, and an entirely new reality has begun unfolding. It would seem years of accumulated blessings are beginning to pour forth all at once; suddenly; unstoppable manifestations; and an awakening if you will."


"Man I just couldn't wait to talk to you as (my business partner) told me that he gets inspired so much after he had a conversation with you. He gave me 10 words, "JoreJj is awesome! You have got to meet JoreJj buddy!"


"I appreciate your generosity, your gentleness of spirit, your wizardry, your brilliance, the magnificent contribution you are to me and your delightfully human way of being in the world!
Blessings to You."


"I feel a closeness to you despite the fact we have never met. That just confirms to me the spiritual nature of the work we are doing together."


"Thank you so much for the wonderful "therapy" session yesterday! You have no idea how much you help me in so many ways! I am so thankful to have you as a friend (yes...I used that word)."

"Making your acquaintance has been very positive for me."


"Thank you for your compassionate involvement in other people’s lives. It reminds me of the bodhisattva who is working in a modern context, but nevertheless, appropriate for the times."


"You seem like a nice guy."


"I like what you did with the sketch. I appreciate your creative involvement."


"You are the only person I can talk to so deeply."


"Thanks very much for your time and it's my honor to speak with you for 2 hours. You're the man. :)"


"You are divinely guided."


"Thank you JoreJj ! I feel much much better now! "


"You have a soothing voice. I enjoy talking to you."


"I chose you for your integrity."


"Once again thanks for being a real person at the end of emails. I don't usually get answered. Blessing, keep up the great work."


"Your timing is so accurate. Unbelievably accurate!"

"I like what you are doing it's unique and beautiful."


"I feel your energy as a calming influence."


"I think you are putting your life to good use, unlike many others, you seek spiritual fulfillment and mind over matter."


"You have an openess not often found."


"I could tell just from what I had read already that you were a very special person, a very old soul, whose purpose was to help and enlighten others."


"I'm getting chills. The Universe is talking to me."


"I'm not sure whether you consciously or unconsciously put into action one of the principles of the second part of the course by allowing me to solve my own 'problem', but it's always good to see someone puts into practice what they teach.

Many Thanks,"


"You are like a father to me."


"You are genuine, generous with your time, and wise. Thank you for sharing your Self, your beingness, your authenticity with me."


"Thanks you so very much for your generosity. I am totally speechless. That was very kind of you."


"You are honest and truthful in the way you express yourself about your own life. Thanks so much for your kindness, creativity and support on Saturday. I am really excited now imagining how awesome this is going to be...is already. I am officially out of the dread and into creativity."


"Thank you for your great idea! Thank you for your continued support. Thank you so much for your soothing message. You're a poet, a philosopher,a writer, a dancer, a helper and a so loving being in the physical universe and in mine !"


"I am SO happy to be involved with you, as I have already experienced many of the benefits of the magic it holds....I got my first gift before I ever made a purchase..which was meeting you!"


"I don't know how it works, but it works, I have received a lot of money."


"Your words have impacted me and helped me to propel myself forward. I profoundly respect your work."


"Working with you has done a lot of good things in my life. Lately, I just got a job doing what I want to do, that pays $100,000 a year and I am the CEO and President. And I am getting along much better with my lover. The website you made for me has helped me tremendously with my business."


"Dear JoreJj , you are with so much of GRACE and helping the world so much, spending so much time just helping those who suffer and need help. GRACE OF GOD will always be with you."

My new website is out to the world, thanks to you, JoreJj . I am excited about it and improving it."

"That is a very generous offer to help me get started in business. It blows me away that through the web I have met such wonderful people as you . You are so open and giving. You are an example to me as to how we should live and work with each other."


"You have certainly given me a powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of your program. "


"After joining your program an extraordinary situation opened up in my life and I received back more money than I put in. A few months later I had the most profitable month of sales ever in my business, and the month after that you introduced me to a man who is the one that I have dreamed of being with for 11 years."


"I have made more money after meeting you than I ever have in my entire life."


"After working with your program I had several romantic suitors invite me on weekend trips that they paid for, I lost my job, and from that crisis ending up getting a new and better job that pays me a higher salary than I ever have received in my life."


"If it wasn't for you and the other people I got in touch with through Elprehzleinn corporation, I would have never written my book."


"You are my angel."


"This is the future of money, I want to join. Get ready, a lot of people are going to want to join."

"This program is going to grow like an avalanche."


"Your help and counsel are greatly valued"


"Everything you said is true. Everything you predicted is happening."


"Thank you for being who you are."


"It feels like you are a very content, happy, fun soul...you have an interest in everything are very fascinated by the patterns and interactions between beings - interactions and relationships - people, business.... how you are is very different to most others we have come across."

"A short destiny card reading with you was more helpful than hours of counseling. There was something about the way that you do the reading that makes it different. I am really glad I met you."


"Thanks for that great insight. Thank you for being so genuinely interested and helpful, and thanks for helping me in your own universe. That was very unexpected and greatly appreciated. Many thanks."


"I really treasure having you in my life and want for you all things you desire....... you are a magnificent man and spirit and you have my love unconditionally and fully supportive. "




"You rock."


"JoreJj ,

I had a major epithany about time management last night, as a result of your work with me these past two weeks, in this area. I had ten projects, and I was overwhelmed, and not accomplishing my goals to my satisfaction.
Now lot of things are getting done! I am not stressed about all my projects anymore. The time management epiphany was big for me.

With the help of your coaching I realized the pattern. If I am doing work, and I am focused on EVERYTHING that I HAVE to do.... this feeling of stress and being overwhelmed comes inside of me which makes everything I do take MORE time... I also realized that my subconcious mind doesn't realize the concept of the future
it only knows here and now... in this moment. The exercise you gave me really helped me to EXPERIENCE how powerful and valuable the present moment is, in a practical way.

I realized that "time management" is a concious mind thing. My conscious mind is VERY comfortable if I could have all my time "figured out" and I feel totally safe and balanced with everything "planned out". You helped me experience the reality that planning at the conscious mind level is only a concious mind thing to satisfy an immediate need for certainty and confidence. Therefore, I realized is that I could be 10 times more productive concentrating just on the present moment... and the trick is I have to trust my subconcious mind, my heart, and life itself.

And that is just what I did, and I have been having a very fun, relaxed, and productive week, which is worth of lot of money to me. The feeling of being empowered is priceless.

thank you for all your help. You have helped me to make a major positive life transformation in less than 2 weeks, that I can use for the rest of my life.

After my epiphany I had some enormously great visions and clarification on how to set up this corporation.
p.s. and this is just one of the things in working with you and the Life Transformation System A-Z."