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Does This Mind Power Stuff Really Work?
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.”
—Audrey Hepburn; actress

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These are some of the five star testimonials from when the book was on Amazon:

"Life Transformation System A-Z is Priceless! This book is truly a life changer! The steps guide you gently to manifesting the life your soul desires. A book to learn from and to keep for a lifetime. I used the Life Transformation System many years ago. I am so happy to see it in Kindle format. Now I always have it with me. I strongly encourage you to take the first step toward a better, happier life. It worked for me!"
K. W.

"This book is a total masterpiece about how to redesign your life. I have been a student of the Law of Attraction since 2009, and I have probably read most of the books and methods out there about it. The author has come up with a different approach to manifesting what you want in life. Not only is the content in this book helpful, but there are also free audios, pdfs, and other bonus material to get the results you desire.I have probably tried almost everything out there: EFT, binaural beats, hynosis, etc., but nothing gives me the feeling of Clear Talk. I was skeptical at first, but tried it anyway. I didn't think something this simple could work, but I have seen real, tangible results from doing the exercises in this book. I am only on day 18 of the 63 day process, but I am more excited everyday with what is happening in my life. I highly recommend this book. "


"For those who need to change their LIFE and LUCK. Picking up self-help books mostly is for a single reason - SELF IMPROVEMENT. You have a choice at that time, you can improve it little by little or TRANSFORM it quickly. If you have got the hold of what I'm conveying, then, without doubt, you will understand, engage and invest in this book. JoreJj, I sure have a problem in pronouncing your name. But, the stuff what you give is amazingly smooth, easy to adapt and give tangible results. This book is a step by step guide. Takes you from what you are to what you can become in a set, predicting pattern.Simply put, You can design your destiny with this book. No joke."




I am aware that you can just scroll past this to preview this book in any way you want to. However, I feel reading this preparation section may be extremely helpful later on. Especially for those who plan to undertake that which is provided here. What is provided here is the idea and the support to carry it out of actively exploring the intention of changing the thoughts and feelings about the life you have now into the thoughts and feelings of the life you imagine is better and actually experiencing what that is like and what that can change in the physical circumstances, and what an accomplishment that truly is and the satisfaction that can come from such an incredible accomplishment.



When I mentioned that I feel that reading this preparation section may be extremely helpful later on I mean that if you build on a proper foundation it's more solid. There are also things that can arise during this kind of inner work for outer manifestation that this preparation is definitely designed to make things go much more smoothly as your process with this unfolds.



The first preparation is definitely absolutely and for sure read the DISCLAIMER. You can CLICK HERE to do that now. There are so many things that are going to get handled by reading the disclaimer. It's there for the reason of helping you get into the proper mind frame and heart center that protects your experience from being sabotaged. This also protects me. It's an excellent disclaimer and I think you will enjoy reading it and be thus more prepared.



The second preparation is a bit of understanding I am giving now for you to receive if you choose to. That is the way I designed this is such that in this first of the three short books I start with MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION. And then after that it's all about doing the work so you can have the experience of what this does for you in your life.



And the first WORK that you get into is something that is HERE ON THIS PAGE. It is a very full and deep jump into this system. So that you can immediately get started experiencing how the Elprehzleinn system provides help to you for making the changes you want to make internally in order to have the experiences and circumstances and things you want to manifest in your life. I have come to understand that the INNER WORK is the creative process, and that being successfully done unfolds a chain reaction that leads to outer manifestation. When you apply yourself to the video meditation series that is provided at this link from the start and while you are going through the rest of the program that video meditation process is about you making inner changes inside of you from the start of your work with the Elprehzleinn materials. No sense putting it off. Do it now while you study and work through the rest of the materials. It's the same with some of the subliminal audios provided. Just get started with them as soon as possible while you work through the rest of the materials. Here is the link to get them.



So that is part of how I designed this based on the idea that you already are a fully realized divine spiritual being of great power and just might need and allow some HELP to express your great power. Rather than some kind of beginning student in Kindergarten that is just getting started. When I say just getting started I mean you start on the PROFESSIONAL baseball team and you get to go up to the plate and you CAN hit a home run on your first swing.



That is what fully realized spiritual beings can do.



At the same time I realize that under the circumstances of INCARNATION meaning that your spiritual being is in your body and there are things that have to be handled in that regard. And so the book series although it does provide you with the professional league starting position meaning the video meditation series there is also a sequential step by step approach outlined.



Now the next thing of preparation is regarding offering knowing. I offer the knowing to you that my deepest desire that I have been manifesting is that I can provide the book series the way I am now. Meaning you aren't forced to sign up, you aren't worked on persuasively to buy the program, you aren't forced to buy something in order to "have the full course" and then constantly offered more and more and more courses.



I have been doing this for a long time, and I have seen the results that people get and I have seen the industry and how people in the industry "sell".




No person is permitted to re-resell or re-package, or sell the Elprehzleinn materials without written permission and making arrangements with me, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn. You can contact me CLICK HERE for that.



Every person IS PERMITTED to share the links to the ELPREHZLEINN products and services. Social media links are provided for that.



Finally, since my experience with helping people with consciously creating your own reality is high, I have for people that want more personal attention designed an excellent 2-3 month program where you work through these same materials WITH my help over Skype, or phone, and via other social media and e-mail etc for us to communicate. Or in person in some cases. For people that want to do this with me like that I tailor-fit the experience to you and your situation after an initial talk together to determine what you need and where you are at.



You can contact me to do that. And this page provides an outline of the "Optional Full Package" as I call it, the tailor-fit version of this program that you do with me personally. Which includes a very unique additional component regarding an option to meditatively "heal the inner child and inner teen programming". Which can have a fundamentally incredible effect on your success at every other thing you do in life to be successful.




Table of Contents


Motivational Inspiration

Regarding Love Itself

Getting Into It, Getting It All Done

Day 1

Day 2

Day 10

Day 15

Day 21

Day 27

Day 44

Day 52

Day 58

Day 63


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"Those coming into a conscious realization of power of thought find themselves in possession of the best that life can give; substantial things of a higher order become theirs, and these sublime realities are so constituted that they can be made tangible parts of daily personal life."
Charles Haanel- The Psychology of Business Success



"Some say horsemen, some say warriors, Some say a fleet of ships is the loveliest Vision in this dark world, but I say it’s What you love." Sappho



Love is the greatest magic of them all. Love is the most powerful positive force of all that is. Love is more powerful than any so-called negative or dark forces. Love is that way because love is the underlying fabric of everything. Love Itself, is the divine being. One of the abilities that we all have is to step outside of time and space and into the power of now. Whether or not you have ever consciously made use of that incredible power I know that I have. Putting together this Life Transformation System A-Z and knowing the vast amount of time and space that was lived by myself and the other people involved to put this together is a precious awareness. And it feels like all that time and space that in the illusion is past, is all coming together in the now that I put this together for you with love and from my passion.



What that means is that now you have before you a consolidation of the finest quality practical knowledge and how to actually apply it in the area of how to make your dreams come true. And how to make your dreams clear in the first place. Your thoughts connect to all your feelings. Your thoughts matter. This program helps you to handle the extremely challenging nature of so-called mind mastery in such a beautiful way. The beauty is that here you have a method that is logical and sequential and orderly and systematic as well as creative, chaotic, random, intuitive, and the balance of all of that presented concisely and in such a way that you can actually make excellent use of it. You can put it into practice.


"Maha Meru" artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn



This book is a home study course that organizes itself and you around two of our other courses, merging all three books into one synergy of super power.



This book starts out by providing you with a strong dosage of real solid motivation and inspiration to achieve what very few have ever yet achieved. To succeed at what even kings and queens and countless so-called successful people have not succeeded at. Which is the mastery of your mind. And then the actual program structure begins. And then you can emerge victorious 63 short days later, if you followed all the instructions not perfectly but in your own way step by step. And what you would have realized by that point which might be less than 3 months from now is not only the new consciousness that is much more potent that you can have.



What you could have realized less than 3 months from now are many tangible things in addition to a very valuable re-organization of your consciousness skill sets. I expect and have experienced that people make gains even in the process of going step by step through the materials and exercises that this book organizes for you, and directs you to proceed with. It's true that if you choose to take the program and move through it completely that by the end you will be at the beginning of your new abilities. However I know that every body already starts out with great abilities and great powers within. And so this recognizes that you are. And that is another reason why this can be so great. Because this is designed for the assistance of the great being that you are. So that you can handle this life more easily regarding the power within and how to make use of it, and to have this help to actually do that even more than you already are, and even more effectively so.




Consciously creating your own reality is a concept or better yet an orientation. For me to offer you and share with you herein my experiences not so much of how I got to the place of being where I am with that orientation. No. Rather to make this about what can I impart, what can I deliver to you, what can I give and how can I be of service to make what I know, what I have, something that is of benefit to you.



What I can say about myself is that for over 25 years I have chosen to consciously create my reality and I am happy with the results of choosing to do so. And I am happy with the experience of helping others to do so.




In that regard I start by suggesting that gaining the power to consciously create your own reality is accepting a new mind set. When you stand on the ground of and inside the magical circle of being able to consciously create your own reality it requires you having to give up a reality where you might have thought things worked differently.




When you stand inside the magic circle of your own empowerment with the knowing, experience, and conscious choice to consciously create with intention to materialize that which you imagine, desire, and expect you are confronted with your relationship with divine being. Your own divine being, and the divine being. When I say "confronted" I mean that which is often called resistance, negativity, doubt, criticism, fear, and various other objections or preventions of you doing so can arise. By doing so I mean that when you are consciously creating your own reality successfully as you wish to be then you are in a positive loving relationship with the divine being that you truly are and with the divine being themselves. And you are at peace rather than fighting it, or denying it, or doubting it. And that requires that you would have given up on all that difficulty and struggle with life, and accepted a more beautiful flowing life can be and is yours.




Would you willingly let go of problems, pain, doubts, fears, punishment and reward, suffering, blaming, confusion, worry, anxiety, in exchange for a beautiful new reality where you are empowered and choosing the life you desire, in a harmonious relationship with Love Itself that you can call your happy life? If so, then this book is possibly for you. If not, then this book might stimulate inner conflict.



You need to know a few things about what this book contains, and what this book can help you to do before we continue. The first thing is that this book is presented as a form of home study course that represents the very best formulation that I have come to after decades of learning and practical experience doing all of this. Not just for me either. I have seen many Royal Flushes, and Grand Slams of success so far. And developed a knowing that there is even more than just this success or that success. That the sweetness is in creating the success that you personally desire. The success that does it for you. And then having that in all areas of your life.




Knowing about all that led me to always share and test, and experiment. And that led to this course. So I need you to know up front that this is a home study course. And in that regard you could choose to read it, or you could choose to do it. And if you choose to do it things I expect will change for you. And in order to do it, you are "required" (do as you please) to get two powerful OTHER books from Elprehzleinn which I built into the design of this book. In order to properly complete this book it is essential that you also get "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" , and How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win . If you already have those books great. The point is that this book leads you step by step through both of those books in order, along with additional materials presented here, to give you the most comprehensive system for transforming your life with your inner power that is worthy and deserving of the title, "Life Transformation System A-Z". When you include those other two books and use them in synergy as directed herein, you have an entirely complete and unbelievably comprehensive system for transforming the life you have now into the life you imagine is better.



If at this point the idea of starting a long process for the next nine weeks is NOT interesting and you don't feel enthusiastic about it, rather than pushing yourself, try what I offered at the outset. Start using some of the subliminal audios from our library CLICK HERE, and working most every day once or twice a day through the Magical Mind Power video playlist CLICK HERE.



If you do think the 9 week step by step format is for you you can learn how to do it in 63 days and have many valuable experiences in so doing. And then you can use what you learned systematically and intuitively for the rest of your life. This is a home study program. It is meant for you to be able to use it entirely without any outside help other than that which you receive from the divine being them self and your unseen friends, guardian angels, higher self and so on. However for those who wish to have our human help as your personal development consultants in this process that is an option. We designed this Life Transformation System A-Z to be either a home study course you can do on your own, OR part of a larger program that we administer in personal consulting with you either in person or over long distance using Skype, e-mail, social media, to work with you.



At this point in my career I require that any body that is doing personal consulting with me has read and feels agreeable with the "Empowerment Script" as a pre-requisite. For those that do, or have, I then offer the "optional full program" which entirely comprises doing this Life Transformation System A-Z course WITH personal consulting support and sessions. ALSO the optional full package includes an entirely additional program that is ONLY available through the personal consulting venue with us. That other program is entitled "Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic" the things you did not learn in school. So when you choose the optional full package we set things up so that you do both this Life Transformation System A-Z, AND "Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic" both with personal consulting either over long distance or in person depending on your desire and on our choice and decision and willingness.



One of the primary endeavors of the optional full program in addition to getting you fully through Life Transformation System A-Z with excellence and ease is that you also do a complete meditative healing of your inner child and inner teen. This is not something where we discuss your early life. This is something I refer you to that is a meditation series for you to do this, and I help you make sure and complete the process successfully. It can be incredible. It really should be the first thing any body does before attempting to consciously create their own reality I feel. Otherwise those early programmings can really interfere with your adult choices and intentions that you wish to magically bring into being.


I call that meditative process "healing incarnation sickness" due to the idea that I have that when a soul incarnates into a lifetime they have a purpose or mission. And yet they lose consciousness of what that is due to the incarnation process. During the years that the body and life is being formed, the power of choice is not there. The choices are made for you. And shape your early programming. By the time you are an adult and you have the power of choice you may have lost or distorted your ability to be powerful and make free choices due to the programming that you developed while you "grew up".



We work on getting that easily and methodically all set right and you can emerge more able to make healthy and free choices and work with your own programming. During that process you never have to disclose anything at all to me about your early life. That early life re-programming meditation series is the main endeavor of "Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic" which is that extra work we do together when you choose the "optional full program". Now that you know that is available you might want to consider whether you want to proceed with Life Transformation System A-Z now like this in the home study version with or without personal consulting services from us, and what is best for you.




The reason I mention that is because I know that any person going through this Life Transformation System A-Z home study program is going to be very happy they did so, and that all the work and effort and cost and creativity of doing so is going to be perceived as very well worth it in currently unbelievable and yet desirable ways. And so for some you might want to go through that with our personal consulting and the added work on healing the inner teen and inner child. That work adds about 20 minutes a day to the process, and the time we spend together. Which could be scheduled over long distance, or for the extraordinary few that it works out that way, in person with us.



If doing this with my help personally and the addition of the meditative healing work for the re-programming of the inner child and inner teen, click here to consider that option before proceeding if you so desire. Now that you have the choices laid out for you, allow me to proceed to share some motivation and inspiration for going through the enjoyable and creative process of Life Transformation System A-Z, no matter how you choose to do it. And then let's actually engage the process and do this fully and get you enjoying the incredible benefits you can give yourself by doing so. It is my deep pleasure to provide this for you, and to share this with you. Here you are.



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Motivational Inspiration


Learn to IN YOUR IMAGINATION Magically Transform The Life You Have Now Into The Life You Imagine is Better. If You Can Imagine It, Then It Often Appears In Your Material World As Well as You Feel So Much Better Just For Imagining It. The Power of Thought to Change Your Life is Real.


Would you enjoy stepping into an alternate universe where everything you imagine is already true? With this you can do that and in so doing it can dramatically and wonderfully affect your "real life".

Tens of thousands of people in over 72 countries have used our system, method, and tools to make dramatic improvements* in their lives. Now that you have this book you can start benefiting in a few minutes from now.

*based on our sales and free chapter downloads over the years since 2004 and based on numerous unsolicited testimonials. "dramatic improvements" is something I am saying as my own subjective evaluation of the testimonials I received especially between 2004-2008 and over the years before and after that and does not in any way guarantee that you now or in the future could attain any such or any kind of results at all using our system, tools, or methods.



What if you had the one thing that could bring you all other things in life? A magic mind system, method, and a device for applying the law of attraction that is easy to learn to use and is designed and tested to really work in every situation in your life. Now you can benefit from an amazing new way to use mind power that was once only available to the highest ranking members of society.




Allow us to help you know more about applying the secrets of forming and focusing your mind power to imagine that you get everything you desire in life, in harmony with your heart and soul. If you do that, we predict and feel from our experience it ALSO can materialize into your so-called, "real-life".



"Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Caroll



"Whenever and wherever you put yourself in touch with The Divine One Being, that is the state of meditation."
-Sri Sathya Sai Baba



Life Transformation System A-Z
by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

"Thanks JoreJj. Your system is amazing. And you are amazing too!" C.J.



Could you become like more than a king or queen totally mastering all aspects of your life from the inside out?



"This e-book is what I believe to be a modernized version of mind yoga. Through this mental yoga all things can be achieved."
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn



"Yoga is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevents all (people), of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of Spirit. LIke the healing light of the sun, yoga is beneficial equally to (people) of the East and (people) of the West. The thoughts of most persons are restless and capricious; a manifest need exists for yoga: the science of mind control."
Paramahansa Yogananda



CLICK HERE to try the innovative 25 minute "Life Transformation Audio File" as you begin working with these materials.


"Yoga is the control of the
thought-waves of the mind."
Patanjali (ancient yoga master)



And you probably thought yoga was about bending and stretching your body for fitness and relaxation! That is just the preparation stage of yoga. Do you realize that you can use yoga to manifest money, cars, relationships, career improvement, anything your heart desires, and if you do it correctly and safely you also gain great inner gifts, like peace and comfort in your soul, and harmony with the Divine Being?


It is probably a monumental accomplishment to have a system that can train you in only 9 weeks to have reliable mastery of your mind that you can apply to everyday life to get real results.



"With our thoughts we create the world as surely as the cart follows the horse."



"Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and light shall shine upon thy ways."
The Holy Bible, Job 22:28



These teachings are intended to immensely help you enjoy your life! Are you really ready to change your life that much for the better?



With the Elprehzleinn system, method, tools, you get the experience in your everyday life of what these masters are "talking" about. When that happens for you, and it may in the next 9 weeks if you choose to take this on, then you are "experiencing" the one success that brings all other success. Not just talk. Your own real experience of it.



We can help you to learn the method to give you the power to control your thoughts. We can help you work with your thoughts and shape them into the materialization of your hearts desire and then experience them come to life in your reality. We can help you in ways that we feel you could not be helped any other place. We gained that understanding by sharing these materials in earlier versions worldwide and having people tell us they tried all kinds of other things and nothing was like this. At the same time this helped people to finally benefit from many other programs or things they had done or studied or been exposed to. That is what we offer. A focus on getting this mind power stuff to actually work for you, in your life, in your own way, with your own existing experience.



How long does this take to work?

Click here to read a short blog post in answer to this question


read some of the testimonials

disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.



Let us guide you how to repeatedly and reliably enjoy using our tested system, method, and tools that we feel can help you to make your dreams and desires come true with more ease and less effort than ever before, and consciously. How to get free of being trapped in unconscious reality creation and move into consciously reality creation and the many other benefits of having the power and knowledge of working with your mind.



Does it work? It's the law of attraction. It's the law of the universe. It's how everything is created down here on planet earth where spiritual experience is a material affair.



You need people to have rewarding relationships with. To discover and fulfill your life purpose you need money, transportation, home, clothes, and success in all forms that are in alignment for you. You NEED those things to journey on your spiritual path of doing what you came here to do. You need all those things and more. Now I think you are getting the idea of the practical application of mind power and how vital it is to support you to have a fulfilling life.






You can use your mind to transform the life you have now into the one you imagine is better. And we show you how to form that imagination even if you don't know how or have trouble visualizing. We not only show you how to imagine better, we show you how to use everything that is happening in your current life as literal fuel to feed the flames of the manifestations that you imagine are better so that machine called your subconscious mind is all powered up to forcefully drive you to every success you wish for. That is transformation.



Would you like to be able to focus and control your mind in harmony with your hearts's desire and in so doing transform the life you have now into the life you imagine is better?



You Can.



And for the first time, due to the power of the internet and the availability and existence of computers and digital mobile devices, we have found a breakthrough system that we can personally guide you to improve your mind power through the process of learning how to do this- in just 9 weeks part time. I encourage you to read on and find out if this is something you think you want to commit to. You already have the program in your hands.



The benefits of this I feel certain can greatly exceed the cost financially and the cost of your time and energy. I know you could look back at the end of this having the satisfaction of completing it and feeling unbelievable success already as your own. And that would be just the beginning of what you could do and be and have now that you would have all this experience of doing this behind you. You are so close to having that already. Just 63 days of part time and probably very enjoyable work in front of you. You can do this. You don't have to. But what if you do? What would that be like for YOU?



In my experience people experience results and improvements in many ways during the process of taking the program even though the idea is to take the program to learn how AFTER the program to be able to have a solid method and basis for successfully working at consciously creating your own reality.


So you don't have to wait until you finish this program to experience benefits. They should begin immediately and accumulate from there.



But first, do you know that thousands of people have already tried earlier less advanced versions of this program and got great results?


"...I have worked with JoreJj since 1999 and these are the things he helped me manifest: 1. He helped me believe in myself to find who I truly am. 2. I started the fashion business with leathers and suedes...3. He also helped me collect about $35,000 to $50,000..."
- Barbara Hirsh, Fashion Designer, NYC


disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.




You now have in your hands the instructions that you can carry into your subconscious and unconscious mind to transform your own deeper self into your very own personal magic genie. You can get all the benefits of deep self integration and outer material success becomes yours to enjoy. You can do this consciously. This is a method and system for doing that.




Why Do You Need To Develop a Better Relationship With Your Unconscious Mind and How Can You Do It Safely To Get Tangible Results?



Life Transformation System A-Z is a system, a method, and a tools. We equip you and lovingly coach you either through the books, or in person if you choose that, to play the game of life and be a winner. In 9 weeks or less you can have the program completed and have new skills. You literally must go on a journey inside your self and carry your hopes and dreams into the depths of your inner strength. Carry them to stand before the great and vast power of the subconscious aspect of you that is actually running your life! (You know it's true.)




"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."
Carl Jung



We can show you how to form thoughts from your hearts desire and carry them into your unconscious to have them charged and empowered to manifest into real life. We can guide you to tap the vast greatness of your inner self and unleash it to perform the fulfillment of your earthly desires with the strength of Hercules and the magic of Merlin. Do you think it might help if you have some guidance for that? We can give you that in abundance. The system, the method, the device, and the coaching you need to put it into action and transform any life situation or condition into what you imagine is better is yours if you choose to do this.



As you are reading through this I hope that you can understand that I am saying what this is over and over again to make it clear. So that it sinks in. So that you can have a choice and so that you can take responsibility that these ideas are something you would like to experience. I feel that I have the integrity to offer that what I am saying is in alignment with what you can experience if you do this. It's just really important to me to take the time to go over all this. At the same time, remember up front and at the beginning I gave you the links to the Magical Mind Power playlist and instructions to use it and the links to my subliminal audio library and invited you to plunge in without having to read any further.





It is a very elegant system, method, and tools for accomplishing the one thing that brings all other things. Our program helps you to get for yourself from now on, the one thing most valuable to attain and the one thing the most difficult to attain. We actually make it possible, and simple enough. Even though the program is easy, what you can accomplish is so complex and intricate and in so doing it is so powerful for improving your life.




“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
Leonardo da Vinci

“I have received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials via e-mail over a period of many years and over the phone privately and in public teleseminars people have told me the same story over and over again. Each used their own words to say that this e-book, and our materials, and my role in their life brought about the most profound kinds of changes and forms of spiritual well-being and awakening that they were seeking. That our materials, our e-book, our method, and my coaching and presence in their lives was a great gift that they were not able to get anywhere else. They often thanked the divine one for bringing me into their life and these materials that helped them in ways they could not be helped otherwise no matter how much they had sought or studied or tried to find the way or find the answer. If it was not for hearing this over and over and still now today I would not be doing this anymore but I am more passionately than ever because of the world-wide effect of the Elprehzleinn brand of being excellent with personal development is so profound and unique. I love doing this work, and sharing this work.”

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn, publisher

disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.



Now what's your part?



First of all you have already taken the huge step of starting this Life Transformation System A-Z book and considering what it can lead you to and lead you through and help you to attain in terms of a skill level and skill set. This is an amazing 9 week program that has no fixed starting date. You can start whenever you like. You can start today. Your nine weeks starts when you start. Your nine weeks can last longer or shorter than that. It's up to you. Everyone is on a different schedule in life. I designed this in a way that it could be accomplished part time with steady daily or mostly every day application over nine weeks. But take longer if you need to or want to. If you spent two years and yet did every step you would be far ahead in the game of life than if you did not do it at all, I feel sure of that.



It is a unique experience that you should not miss- enjoying your own rhythm of when you participate yet staying on track with the 9 week program as a form of guide line.





The transformation and enlightenment begins immediately and then gets better and better in the weeks, months, and years, that follow. Your life can be legendary. You can do it. We can show you how.


“This book is easily the best among the "manifesting your desire" books. It appeases the intellect and appeals to the emotions. The win list is the most practical application of the mindfulness technique taught by the Buddha. The clarity with which the process of manifestation described in this book is unique. The style of writing is very much reader friendly. I strongly recommend this book to any seeker of self development. JoreJj, you have done a great job!”

Dr.C.Kumarbabu MD; Ph.D; DPM
(Formerly) Head of the Department
Dept.Of Psychiatry
Govt.Stanley Medical College Hospital.

disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.



Once you have had a few weeks to work with the first materials then by week (3) you move on the Basic Formula downloadable report, and the Money and Health subliminal audio files. Make sure you started to work with the materials we sent you in week 1 so that you have started to stir up your system and are beginning to understand and experience how profound the inner shift must be for your outer world to change.


We are making sure to lead you step by step, week by week to master your mind and get tangible results transforming your life with mind power.


The entire program works as a home study course that you can do on your own at home. And we have a special option. The Empowerment Script. And if you read that, then you qualify for our "optional full package". For every person who gets this 9 Week Mind Improvement program that we also entitle, "Life Transformation System A-Z" you can do that.


You can download that "Empowerment Script" click here and it enhances everything you will do here. And by doing so qualify for our "optional full package" and if you so chooose that and arrange that with me you get our personal involvement as you continue to do this program, and possibly much more. Keep that in mind when you think about expanding into the benefits of this 9 Week Program. This program is designed to work fabulously as a home study course without any coaching whatsoever. However the coaching aspect adds a whole other dimension and for some people that is the path you might want to take, and so I wanted you to know about that. This is just an option, a possible add-on, and not a requirement. This is a full program without that.


On Day 29 of the program you are required to use "How To Play The Mind Game of Your Life and Win" which is the incredible technology of consciousness transformation that you learn therein. That book gives you exact instructions on how to carry the work you did in the Practically Magical Use of Lists into a practice that can continue to work for you for the rest of your life. Everything we are providing you with is designed for you to have effective success when you apply it. What you built and learned in the Practically Magical Use of Lists becomes your foundation for the full ClearTalk practice you learn how to do and benefit from starting on Day 29.



The final phase of the course is regarding the question of your soul's path, your destiny, and your strengths and weaknesses and provides links and ideas that are very exact about how you can get in touch with your path regarding career, finances, and what it is that you were born to do. To help you strengthen that if you already know, to help you find that if you have lost touch with it.



If you do your part and keep up with the enlightening and tremendously enjoyable exercises and listening assignments we will take you to a place of working with your mind that you did not know was possible before in a way that is more fun and easy than you might have once imagined.



Hold onto your hat because it can seem like you are on a rocket when you properly use your mind power with the intention of changing your reality. JoreJj has a way, and the materials have a way, of helping your realizing the inner changes that support you making the profound outer changes you need to make, FAST. (Although there is no guarantee that it will happen at all or that it will happen fast.) And we have a way of making it comfortable and secure to transform so much and so fast.





The intention of the design of our program is so that you are much more skilled in new ways for mastering the law of attraction. Mastering your Mind. Not 9 years. Not 9 months. 9 life transforming weeks and then you are set to experience the benefits of mastering and controlling your mind much better than before you started.



As long as you can get on the internet and use a pen and paper we can help get this Mind Improvement stuff to work for you. You don't have to book an expensive hotel and airfare to take this workshop. You can do it where and when you feel comfortable.




disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.

"...With the help of JoreJj, and the Life Transformation Formula, I turned my life around so fast, I almost couldn't believe it ... I manifested my own house in one month. And, then in another month, I worked myself out of debt. By doing the ClearTalk method, I got the most precious gift one can have: the effect of finding my true self and all the gifts I have inside of me"

- C.W.
Designer / Business Woman

"Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition, are like highly explosive vibration bombs which when set off shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired...

Sincere words or affirmations repeated understandingly, feelingly, and willingly, are sure to move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force to render aid in your difficulty!"
Paramahansa Yogananda

"Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and light shall shine upon thy ways."
The Holy Bible, Job 22:28





For thousands upon thousands of years the mastery of the mind is perhaps the most sought after goal in life. Those who understand the power of mind to affect all areas of life have been willing to give up everything and go to any lengths to achieve the enormous benefits that come from mastering the mind.



"You may control a mad elephant;
You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
By alchemy you may earn your livelihood;
You may wander through the universe incognito;
Make vassals of the gods; be ever youthful;
You may walk on water and live in fire:
But control of the mind is better and more difficult."


When You Decide To Commit to Doing This Today, Are You Ready for A New Life?

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no human could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."



Once you get on track with your soul's purpose in your life everything becomes more blessed. You attract the people, things and experiences you desire more easily. You feel better. All the past programs and problems that plagued you get healed.



When you line up your daily life with your soul a tremendous light goes on.



The Mastery of The Law of Attraction is the Same as the Aligning to Your True Hearts Purpose, Stepping Fully On Your Soul Path For This Life, and Mastering the Focusing of Your Mind Power.



After you spend 9 weeks with this part-time, enjoying this program you may raise your skills of using your mind to a whole new level and you might but are not guaranteed to have some or all of these benefits:



disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.


"...I worked with the Life Transformation / ClearTalk™ Formula a few years ago and ongoing. I can testify to its power. It's deceptively simple but really it's doing profound things. Thank you to JoreJj Elprehzleinn for making this material available to everyone and for further advancing the methods taught. He is a man, more than any other I've met, who is both the master of his mind and able to express his life through his loving heart - he is determined for as many people as possible to apply this formula to transform their lives."

- Peter Shepherd,
Psychologist/Business Owner,

"...In all my dealings with JoreJj, I've been constantly reminded of the potential we all have to transform ourselves into whatever we desire. In a nutshell, JoreJj is probably one of the most giving dedicated, and sincere people I've ever met in the self-help arena. He acts and advises on a constant stream of actual experience that makes what he teaches real. If you're ready to learn what makes you tick, JoreJj is there for you!"

- C.M.
Business Owner
Georgia (USA)





Can This Program Help You to Manifest More Money?

Earnings Disclaimer

When addressing financial matters in any of our Sites, videos, newsletters or other content, we’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our programs and their ability to grow your business and improve your life. However, there is no guarantee that you will get any results or earn any money using any of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations. This is not a “get rich scheme.” Nothing on our Sites is a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your level of success in attaining similar results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot and do not guarantee your success, income level, or ability to earn revenue.


You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. Any forward-looking statements outlined on our Sites are simply our opinion and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. It should be clear to you that by law we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented on our Sites, and we offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.


Using our system, tools, and method, and in cases where people worked with me personally many people have manifested more money than they ever had in their life before. Meaning I asked them what the most money they ever had in the bank in their life before was, and after this work they had more than that amount in the bank.



Also I got a lot of reports of various amounts being at lifetime record highs after or during doing this work. Record high sales, record high deals being closed, best month ever, record high paychecks, biggest tax refunds ever, things like that.



This is a major issue for most people so I thought I would be frank with you. Whether small amounts, or tens of thousands of dollars and more, people using this course in the past (even without the added value of the private personal development consulting for those who choose that) have materialized record financial increases. People using this course have also materialized many other tangibly valuable things, and intangibly valuable experiences, and improvements in their feelings and relationships.



The benefits of knowing how to do this manifesting from thought yourself in every area of your life - to manifest the things and feelings and people you need -how do you really measure how much that is worth for you?



I don't think you really can. The results just come too fast, and too magically that it is a skill to cultivate in itself to track the results. If you think that is an overstatement, set aside a good amount of time each evening for a while and list off all the NEW things in your life you have to be greatful for while you are doing this program. You will probably get tired of listing things before you finish. Of course I am not guaranteeing this however that seems the norm in this regard.



What I am sure of is that the value of knowing how to focus your thoughts is the greatest treasure you can have. This is the one thing that brings all other things. And the cost of learning this I am sure you will get back many, many times, from just some of the things you manifest. Even directly manifesting more money.



Does it happen magically? Does money just appear in your accounts? It sometimes seems that way. This program can truly be a magical experience for you. However the science and art of this is that when you work at the thought and therefore also the feeling level shifts happen in your life. And those changes can bring situations that bring the money. That is how it can really work and has for other people even though that is not guaranteed to happen for you. A new job, increased sales, someone who owed you money finally pays you back, you get an idea for a business and it works, it would happen in whatever way is best for you, we feel that is how it is. It happens the same way it does in any other area.


The inner transformation occurs which sets up some kind of a chain reaction that unfolds in events and circumstances, ideas, and so on that extend from the inside to the outside producing seemingly as if by magic or at least mystically that which was desired and imagined or something in alignment with that. The time it takes can be very short, or it can take a very long time. It totally depends on many factors in terms of the timing.



I like to go with the idea of "however long it takes". As long as I am still wishing for I can rest assured that it's coming in divine timing, whenever that is. My job is to keep wishing for it. And often, once the orginal wish is formed and set in motion, you can just let it go and it often shows up when you have forgotten you even wished for it.





Some very important things you should know:


Please read this carefully


Decades of research and development, and money, were invested to bring to you now these materials in their current form today. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn went through an incredible journey at what seemed to him like tremendous personal risk and expense to put together the materials. He has spent many, many years training and refining his skills. The Life Transformation System A-Z home study materials have been approved by numerous people from many countries around the world so far to date.



This current 2015 formulation of the Life Transformation System A-Z presented in this book and the two other books and everything these books link you to are the most comprehensive and conscise version of what we have been using to help transform lives for many years now. JoreJj keeps updating it and refining it whenever he can. You can rely on the effectiveness of what is presented here to really work for you if you apply it fully.



Start In Your Own Time

Your nine weeks start when you are ready. Since the program is delivered to you in step by step instructions you can start when you like. Over 63 days (9 weeks) you get access to all the materials in your own way. You start and do the program in your own time, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you like.



And one more thing : As long as you can get on the internet and use a pen and paper and your mobile device or computer we can help get this Mind Improvement to work for you. You don't have to book an expensive hotel and airfare to take this home study workshop. You can do it where you feel comfortable and when. Yes, some people choose to do this in person with JoreJj and sometimes rarely he does that. And sometimes people do this with him in person over long distance using phone, internet, etc to stay in touch.



However the most people have done this simply by having the online access and following the program on their own.

to You


When you choose to engage in this Life Transformation System A-Z process you are working with an extraordinary package of materials and recommendations. Doors of opportunity towards a better, brighter life and world may open for you to explore and adventure into.


I use this system personally most every day since 1999 which was about 13 years from the time I started to consciously develop it. We truly started consciously building it since we were born, as this is something we were and are destined to do with such excellence and high quality that it is an unprecedented experience for the people that have reported their experiences to us so far. And we feel it is from our own experience of our own personal development materials. From the first time I completed the early version of the course I got a big result and my life has continued to improve in many ways since then, directly as a result of applying what I learned and developed. Since then numerous people around the world have testified to me privately that they too receive reliable and repeatable results using these materials and that it is concise and easy to understand and use.



I am certain that if you try our program, the way we have it designed over the 9 weeks, that you will better learn how to manifest the things that you imagine and be able to do that for the rest of your life, more reliably and safely. I am certain that the things and situations that you materialize once trained in this way to exercise the power of your own mind in your favor will be much more than the value of this program, including the minimal time and effort required for you to do it.






Regarding Love Itself


The direct and indirect friendship and influence of the Omipresent, Omniscient, All Knowing One Being that is Love Itself the Nameless One with many names is throughout these Life Transformation System A-Z materials. Even now as I write and later as you read this very sentence the Divine Being who is Love Itself is with you, and with me. I know that. I know that in our world there are many perspectives and opinions about THEM. I just want you to know that they are with us, they are with these materials, they work with every person personally who uses these materials and that is how it is, and that is my conscious intention.



The All That Is, The GODdess has been in my conscious awareness and with me and this work of Elprehzleinn and the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story, and with this Life Transformation System A-Z program very evidently and very joyously in all aspects from before and when I even got started with this. The way things have come together, the people and beings and unseen friends that have come and gone and who are still involved and the changes we have all gone through all ready is an unfolding story of transformation towards better, more healed, more conscious, more awake, more alive. For us, for all, for the world. This book, all the Elprehzleinn brand materials are intertwined with the signature of the All That Is. Sometimes we like to call that signature Amazing Grace, or Infinite Intelligence, or Love Itself.



They know you, they know us, they are with you now and always and with us now and always and with this project now and always.



I, we, us and them always stand true with the singular goal of your success, and our success. I've worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life that is possible for you by the end of this program and even as you proceed with it.


There are no doubt, many opportunities that life has for you, this is one of them. I am happy to share this with you.



To Your Success! With purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. Dream big, live one step at a time, and allow miracles and quantum leaps of success and gifts of what you want to appear to just show up. Balance the mind of logic and reason with the intuitive flow of your heart and soul and the womb wisdom that affects us all.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

"In the stars can be read that the people of the new era will be great revolutionaries in truth and from the stars shall come the truth thereof.”
Sananda aka Jesus


One other thing I feel compelled to tell you about.


Decades have gone into developing the precise method we are offering you to train your mind easily and concisely to certainly be able to focus your mind successfully enough to get very satisfying results manifesting what you imagine is better than the life you have right now.


This is a complete and comprehensive training program that I as developer and publisher of Life Transformation System A-Z am dedicated to personally using every means we have to make sure you learn this system that we know from years of testing will produce reliable results for you and many magical experiences you did not even expect.



There is no doubt in my mind, after studying and interacting with other experts in this field that there is nowhere else in the world that you can get such a complete and thorough training to use your mind for good. And nowhere can you get it so easily, in the comfort of your own home with no hotel visits or airfare to book. We are convinced that nowhere but here from us can you get this advanced and sophisticated training to actually apply and benefit from the power of your mind in everyday life. And to learn how to do it effectively in just 9 weeks. I know there are other programs. I am just saying what I feel is the consensus opinion of what people have told me. A lot of people. So I think it's important to pass that on.



When you transform your life for the better, you make the world a better place.



disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our web site apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did.
All testimonials on the Elprehzleinn websites are direct transcripts of what people actually said or wrote regarding using and experiencing our products and services. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word of mouth marketing standards. The testimonials shared all over our websites were received unsolicited from people that used our products or services and then wrote in to share their experiences.

-I have never come across a piece of work which I’ve found as valuable, as succinct, and as immediately life-changing as your book.-


"Hi. I downloaded your (Life Transformation System A-Z) on Friday, and read it over the weekend; I wanted to drop you a note and share with you my feelings about ClearTalk.

I will be 35 in April, and I’ve spent a great deal of my adult life in search of “self-actualization” or whatever you want to call it. I’ve read dozens of books from people like Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Lao Tzu, Freud, Gurdjieff, R. A. Wilson, L. Ron Hubbard, Plato, Gregory Bateson, Bandler & Grinder, Tony Robbins, Erik Erikson, Aleister Crowley, Stephen Covey, James Redfield, Helen Palmer, Carlos Castaneda…I’ve taken martial arts and yoga classes, gone through the Silva training, done Personal Power II, meditated…I’ve tried herbal cleanses, macrobiotic diets, Body for Life, running, Bikram, fasting, juicing…I’ve attended workshops or read books about or tried: chanting, est, Holodynamics, tantra, flotation tanks, huna, psychedelics, Taoism, zen, psychic cleansing, chi kung, the enneagram, Bikram…I tried the Marine Corps for six years, and spent six months alone in the desert. Most recently I’ve begun using the Holosync technology for daily meditation.

I’ve found all of it to be useful in one sense or another. However, I must say that I have never come across a piece of work which I’ve found as valuable, as succinct, and as immediately life-changing as your book.

As I read your book, it all made complete sense to me. Many of your ideas seemed to me like the best Western explications of particular zen koans that I have ever come across; when I re-read it I will make an effort to find those koans and correlate them – I will pass those along if you like. Most such attempts I’ve read – Western ‘interpretations’ of Eastern thinking – typically seem forced or fluffy or overly mystical, but your writings seemed rather to be simple, concise explanations of the core concepts, without trying to reference the Eastern methodology or viewpoint at all.

I am doing the lists. I am doing the lists. I am doing the lists. I am doing the lists. And, yes, I am doing the lists. I will continue doing the lists, and look forward to doing more lists.

I will probably join your membership program soon.

With regard to interpreting your book and your message…as I read, and had an astonishing level of clarity about what you were saying, it seemed to me that many many ideas I had exposed myself over the years were coalescing, or were more properly coalesced by you in your book. It was as though I had finally spent enough time preparing myself, laying the groundwork, opening my mind, so that at last I could receive the message/system that would bring me to that which I have long sought.

Again, thank you, and I look forward to sharing more of my process with you as it occurs."
J. P.

a client wrote this to us a while after taking the course:Learned yesterday that my Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) disease has completely reversed and there is no longer any sign of it in my body (via ultrasound).

1) Received a nice gift. 2) Learned yesterday that my Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) disease has completely reversed and there is no longer any sign of it in my body (via ultrasound). Please note that one year ago, when I told my rehab nurses that I intended to reverse the disease that they rolled their eyes and solemnly reminded me in front of an entire support group that the only alternative to CHF is death. This was back in Missouri. Can't wait to go back and pay them a visit! 3) Today we made an offer on a house that fits our needs and budget nicely. This house came on the market only yesterday. We've been looking for 3 weeks or so. The man who owns it is selling it for the same price he paid for it 2 years ago. He wants to get married and move ASAP (in that order??? lol). 4) We are arranging our moving/closing days on the days that we targeted for."

"This is extremely powerful, is easy to understand and use, and be sure you are ready for changes in your life, for change is what you get, guaranteed. WOW I'm still amazed at the rapid changes for good in my life Thank you so much JoreJj, you saved my life it soars again."

I want to tell you this (and you can quote this in the testimonials if you like ...hehe):
Everything I have received from you, carries a kind of consistency I have not found elsewhere. Doing what you propose in your material, delivers without fail every single time ... and delivers in a way I have not encountered elsewhere: your material delivers by igniting somewhere deep inside me a tiny spark, which slowly turns into a glowing charcoal and finally fans into clear steady flame!
Here is a highly scientifically mathematical evaluation of the practical results I am getting: HALF the time I get something rather unexpected and different, BUT it is consistently and always AT LEAST TWICE as much fun and enjoyable compared to what I expected. It is like ... someone told me: "Hey, there's this new store in town, it's called LIFE and here is the catalog" and then he drops a 10.000 page mammoth onto my lap and tells me I can order anything and as much as I like and deliveries will be before the end of the day.
And you know what: the best part of it is I really don't even want that much! Having done all creating in my own internal universe, I already have the ultimate feeling of having it ... and having that, what more could I want, knowing I can have whatever I direct my focus upon ... and the funniest thing of all is this: the really important things I have desired within the last 6 months, once I got to accepting the desire for them, I discovered they were already there, they had been there waiting all along for me to come around to wanting them ... like some part of me is already holding it out, knocking "Hello? anybody hoo-ome? I got a delivery here if someone would just open the door and sign for it..." and all the while I am prancing around in my underwear, wondering what could be my desire for today, what could I be worthy of ... :) know what I mean?
Your material has a quality that ... I just let go, from inside out, and the biggest thing of all is this: I have stopped taking myself seriously! I have come to realize that the only thing I really care about, is JUST BEING who I truly am and letting everything else grow out from there. My life has become ... HILARIOUS, from the inside out ... NO HOLDS BARRED, in a quiet sort of way ... OUTRAGEOUS, in a way that I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I can think of no better way to put it!

so, JoreJj, once again - with Gratitude






We request a most benevolent outcome from this web site for us and all who visit with benefits greater than whatever wonderfulness and love you we and or anybody or any being all ready enjoyed so far. All is well.
This book and all our web sites all our life is protected by our command and choice that only those spiritual forces and human beings of the highest love and light of the purest laughter, ease, fun, joy, excellence, quality, and peace, be involved in the workings of this site and all involved with harm to none and always with the consent of our Higher Self and the Higher Self of all who visit, connect, and work with us and this site, and all areas of our life. It is so, with fun, pleasure, peace, joy, and love. So be it with the brightest, lightest, happiest and most wonderfully luminous and rewarding relationships and benevolent feelings and manifestations of purity and greatness and great prosperity, it is so. So let it be. Heaven on Earth. Each person and us, manifesting what is our true hearts desire and living it with elegance, ease, grace, peace, pleasure, and all manner of happy loving feelings. With Love Itself the Supreme Being now and always as our conscious friends and co-creators. So let it be.
This web site includes Ho'oponopono. I am sorry, please forgive me, thank-you, I love you.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no human could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.


Getting Into It, Getting It All Done

Now I have presented some of the motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm I have for you to do this and hopefully you received some or all of that. Hopefully you let that in then now you are at the threshold of engaging this program confidently with imagination coming alive and with a positive expectation and desire for your own success. The most important thing I can tell you about this program is that it is practically inevitable that if you actually follow all the instructions as well as you can, not perfectly, then you will have some very satisfying and probably incredible results and realizations by the time the 63 days are up. And at that time you would just be getting started. As that time of 63 days from when you started would mark the successful accomplishment of you learning the Elprehzleinn method and being able to apply it after that. And each step should show skills and improvements and benefits along the way.



If you have decided to take this course without personal consulting from me via the "Empowerment Script" and "Optional Full Package" route, then it is now time to begin.



Remember you will need to get two of our other books in order to complete Life Transformation System A-Z as each of those books contains the instructions you need to do this. You get the first book on Day 1. And then you get the second book when you get to day 29. This are essential "textbooks" to do this full program. We feel very pleased that we can offer the entire comprehensive and incredibly amazing Life Transformation System A-Z now the way we do, providing the materials for you. CLICK HERE to bookmark the page where you can access all the books.



Please just proceed through everything in a step by step manner, however you may ALSO find that skipping ahead or doing this randomly out of order may suit you as well. Feel free. I designed everything to be both very structured and orderly and sequential, AND you can move through it unstructured. I designed this to benefit the variety of ways that people learn and explore the materials presented. Please enjoy.



Welcome to Life Transformation System A-Z

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Day 1

Hi ,

Congratulations on making a choice to begin the short and amazing journey to acquire the Life Transformation System A-Z method for yourself.



While I hope that you find rewarding relationship with me for a long time to come, through this mind empowering program, our aim is to get you totally trained in the method and up and running in 9 weeks with the feeling of mastery of your mind.

artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn



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Oh and one more thing. Click here to download and utilize our subliminal audio title: Stop Procrastinating if you think you might need that;) I figured I ought to give you that one up front without any delay or hesitation on my part. After all did you know that about 80-90% of people that buy personal development materials never use them or complete the programs? I heard that somewhere. Is it true? That about 90% of people that play the markets financially are net losers to the other 10% or so of people that take all their money? I read that idea somewhere? Is it true?



How can I make sure you are in the top 10%? I can't, but you can. And I am here to help, and to love all the beings, in all the bodies, and to change those percentages so that every body and every being in life is a winner in the ways they consciously choose to be with harm to none and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned with Love Itself in peace and harmony and well-being and total health. Elprehzleinn stands for that, I stand for that, we stand for that.

Topaz is a fabulous gemstone to assist those who are intending and creating in the inner planes what they desire to manifest in the physical world. One thing Topaz helps with is to shorten the time between when you wish for something, and when it comes into manifestation.


Day 2


Day 1 offered a lot of things to work with! So this day is just me saying hello, relax, and take your time now getting into it.



We will check in with you again on Day 10 after you had a chance to work with the Day 1 materials.



At this time it's important to me to bring up the idea of you getting "outside help" with your personal life transformation process. My personal ambition and focus in the self-development field entered my current lifetime human consciousness as a very intense and personal interest in getting these things to work for me. I was given some of the most miraculous and extraordinary help to get started on my path from a very excellent place. On my journey I soon started to share what I was learning about. Most important my main focus was ALWAYS to find only those things which were easy enough TO DO and to get results from doing so. I wanted everything I did spiritually and meditatively as a practice or learning experience to be valuable to me in my material realm of life.




I wanted the results to show up materialized in my outer life circumstances. What else was I born for but to have a beautiful, brilliant life in all areas of l just the way I wanted it to be. That is why I was born:) So these gifts, the help I received, the actions I took, all towards that one purpose of my own brilliant beautiful and total accomplishment of aligning with my destiny and choosing the most wonderful life for me. Knowing that my path included a vision of helping beings worldwide, and the achievement of contributing towards the healing of the earth and our world.



What I found is that two things were happening. One is that I was ONLY getting the finest materials and people showing up in my life as regards personal development courses, teachers, products and services. So I didn't need to sort through things finding out what worked and what didn't work. I always seemed to get the stuff that worked. And that is because what I already had developed for us and for me was my core practice, I feel. Our Elprehzleinn brand stuff was like a magnet for drawing in the best of the "other stuff" that was out there. The other thing that was happening is that I found out that most everything that this Life Transformation System A-Z book series and related stuff is all about was given to me FIRST before I learned much about anything else. And I later also found out that everything else that seemed to be very helpful that I was receiving was helpful in that it elucidated and clarified and added depth and detail to what we already had and what we already were practicing with our own use of the Elprehzleinn brand of products and services is a kind of core system that can help you stay focused while you work with other things you are interested in.



Here on Day 2 now I ask YOU to consider your own personal library of self-development materials that you have so far. And your relationship with it.



I like to use the Elprehzleinn practice that is built out of the exercises in "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" as my center for all my other practices. Sometimes I use the "Magical Star Talisman" and work through the 12 areas of life in my mind while looking at one of the versions of that symbol.



Sometimes I work with the Magical Mind Power video playlist and go through the 12 areas like that.



You use the "Practically Magical Use of Lists" to originally formulate your initial scripts of what you want your life to be and to practice your skills at processing the life you currently have. Then you take those lists into the techniques you learn and develop in, "How To Play The Mind Game of Your Life and Win" and you put them into a four part practice that is completely outlined in that book. That four part practice is called "ClearTalk practice".



THIS BOOK helps to do all that is in those two other books, and get all that organized and this starts the processs of introducing you to using audios and other supplemental "on the side" support as you grow and develop and stay centered with your ClearTalk practice. This book is book 1 of a three part series. "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" is book 2 and "How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win" is book 3 of the Life Transformation System A-Z three part series. And outside of the boundaries and yet included in this system if you so choose are all the other things from other people and places and gurus and so on that you can find "out there". So let's consider all that some more now. Including let's honor right now what you have already done so far and what you have already got so far on your journey of self-improvement and personal development. Let's honor right now that you are already a fully realized divine spiritual being as far as we are concerned and all this stuff is about helping you to remember and recover that power of that which you truly already are, we feel.




At this point I want to share with you some of the additional supportive materials or brands that are not Elprehzleinn directly, but that I think could be very helpful and supportive to your process here as supplemental materials. This represents some of the best of what I currently know about that I have received over all the years as the cream of the crop so to speak. As for our own "supportive" materials that includes our own subliminal audio library of which you are being provided a number of titles herein. And also I recommend you listen to the music of Justin Bieber, and the audio recordings from Robyn Elprehzleinn in his former body on the album entitled, "The Sword" which we published in his former lifetime. You can get all those songs by clicking here.



The basic idea behind my suggestion that you supplement your work with the practices herein with Justin Bieber and Robyn music is due to what I know about the sound of his voice. You can learn about that on the page about The Sword that I just linked you to. There is more tell about all that than can fit into the pages of this book which here we need to stay focused on what you are taking in and learning how to do here. I am just saying that if you go on Youtube, or whatever or wherever you can work with listening to the developing singing voice of Justin Bieber, and what you find on our page about "The Sword", I know that I feel that the sound of his voice and secondarily his music will greatly help you with all your success endeavouring:) I am certain of that. Have fun with that. It's amazing grace. It's perhaps sound healing of the highest quality. I feel.


What I am recommending that you do for the next few days before you get to Day 10 is that you spend some time evaluating the personal development stuff you already have and have done, and if you so choose, the supplemental "other" materials I have suggested here in addition to the Elprehzleinn brand materials. Get organized on your computer or mobile devices, your back-up files, whatever you have printed out, your passwords and links. Take it all on whatever you think is best set aside your fears of taking on too much and being too aggressive about making the best of life. Make a beautiful exciting commitment to "have it all" of the best you can put together knowing that this Elprehzleinn practice herein will hold you strong and steadily centered so that you can embrace and work with and apply and use and fully make use of the other materials your heart desires.




All the while staying very focused with what this is to the end of this program regarding your own life, how it is now, and what you can desire, imagine, and expect that you want it to transform your life into. There is no need to be overwhelmed, or to procrastinate, or to quit before you finish ever again. You can do this, and you need and deserve all the help you can get, and the best and finest quality of help. And it is worth it to do so, to allow that, to receive that, and to expect miracles and rich rewards of what you want along with your hard work and organization and serious efforts.




I plan to meet up with you on Day 10 and you will find there the amazing and innovative Life Transformation Audio File and a link to an idea that helps you align your bookmarks and favorites in a set of categories that line up with the "12 areas of life" that are so fundamental to your focusing your mind practice and can so greatly help you stay focused and stay organized in your e-mail and in your internet browsing and adventures like never before. See you on Day 10.



Oh I forgot to mention one more thing at this time regarding "other materials" outside of the actual Elprehzleinn brand materials. In the later days of the program things shift into an inquiry about your life path, your soul purpose in this lifetime, your destiny. And at that point I have a few other recommendations for you. Most everything I recommend have many free materials and also paid materials. So while you may choose to buy some of the other things I recommend, you can also find by following and exploring the links I share you can discover many free things that can be of value as you continue this adventure with us and with Love Itself called, "Life Transformation System A-Z".






Day 10

Hi ,

Hello. This is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn and it is now ten days since you got started in the nine week mind improvement program.



Nine weeks is 63 days.



Suddenly seems shorter when you look at it that way and consider day ten is here already!!



It all depends on what pace you take. What have you accomplished so far? Take a moment and actually write us an e-mail or contact us through social media and let us know. Our contact information is below our picture lower down on this page.



Did you listen to the bonus 25 minute Life Transformation Audio File yet?





Have you started doing the win list exercise from Chapter 1 of the "Practically Magical Use of Lists? Are you doing it everyday?



Did you get all these files saved or bookmarked in a folder on your computer or device if possible?



Please write me and let me know. You don't have to, but we are willing to receive your e-mail report at this time because that is one way we can support you to master your mind in 9 weeks.



The way each person plans and flows each day and all the tasks and events in each day is vitally important to your success. However with Life Transformation System A-Z you are learning how to allow the unconscious part of your self that can perform and plan timing and tasks in a way that is pure brilliant magical genius.



For example that win list exercise is so simple yet it is massively effective.



Because it is about allowing a greater part of you to control your daily life. Or shall we say allowing your conscious mind to stop trying to control your daily life pretending it is doing so while meanwhile your subconscious is working with your unconscious totally in charge of your life.



The idea of the whole Life Transformation System A-Z is to get you totally skilled at doing two things.


1. Doing the win list everyday.


2. Doing a regular practice as much as possible, up to once a day. (start with that on Day 29.) A regular practice using some method whether ours or something else to focus on your dream each day, and to record the results of what materializes somehow.



When you are doing those two things, you are mastering your mind. For certain. And you will receive enormous benefits from yourself for doing so. And from life. What benefits? They will be in harmony with what you imagine is best. And that will be written clearly in your workbook. Now lets get back to where we are now.



There are some exercises, like the one in Chapter 4 of the Practically Magical Use of Lists that may seem that you would have to take a huge amount of time and effort to accomplish. I don't want you to have to make that kind of effort. This is easier than that. The feeling that it might take you a huge amount of time and effort, in the Chapter 4 exercise for example, is what the exercise is partly about!! Once you have that feeling you can simply find a way to move through the exercise fairly quickly in a way that you feel is thorough but not too intense.



And the same applies to the all important win list exercise.



This should become part of your daily routine from now on. The win list is the ONLY thing you need to do with all of this everyday, once you are finished the nine weeks, so do your best to keep it up for the whole nine weeks to build your foundation of mental strength.



Keep in mind that the items on your win list should be things you know for sure you will accomplish. This is not a to do list. It is an exercise to build the mind power and the relationship between the different aspects of your mind for peak performance beyond anything you can consciously understand.



To accomplish this your task is to keep those win list items extraordinarily easy to accomplish. So easy that you know for sure you will do it with no effort at all. The only effort is writing down the list, and checking it off the next day.



Put items like: Breathe Eat Walk Sit Hold a toothbrush Look in the mirror Open my eyes Blink Get out of bed Put my feet on the floor Put one foot in front of the other



Really easy items and AS MANY as you can. Quantity and ease is the place to push yourself but only as far as you can without making yourself want to avoid doing this the next day and the next day and so on.



There is a balance that is individual between how many items you list and then check off the next day, and how many you feel you can write.



The feeling is important to monitor. It is your guide. Some people feel OK about writing 300 items a day and no problem to check them off the next day, and write a new list. Some people photocopy a list and then check it off each day, the same exact items. No problem.



I had to do only one item a day for years. If I did more I would resist too much and I would not do it again the next day. Now I am up to about 5-25 items a day, and I only miss a few days a month. And I have kept that up for years.


And since I wrote that last sentence, I pushed myself and made a much longer list but then found I stopped doing it as it was too long. So I am now working my way back to practicing a longer list than 25 items, but doing it daily.



So find your own way, and however you do it, this win list exercise is really fundamental, and really important.



Next is day 21 with links to another two subliminal audios. One is for money and the other is for health. So make sure and listen to title 001 at least 5 times before then so you are ready!



That is where you can get 001 and more titles.



In week five I will send you SaboClear and SuccessFactor. We are strategically building you step by step to most effectively master your mind and materialize the best of what you imagine and desire with ease and power, in harmony with the divine.



Do your best to complete the e-book course by day 35. Meaning all the exercises in the Practically Magical Use of Lists.



Day 15

Hi ,

It is now about two weeks since you joined the ULTRA Life Transformation System A-Z and hopefully you are enjoying results and feeling good about it already. Tracking results is so helpful. We recommend you take out a free subscription to our websites at this time if you have not yet already then just click here to do so.




Since this is the beginning of week 3 we wanted to send you some of the links to files that we promised you to provide additional support to you for your financial area of life.


If you choose to get into that program you know the most effective part of it is free? The chanting of Shreem Kleem Brzee. Or you can just view the Shreem Kleem Brzee video on the Ultra Money Manifesting introductory page to get the effect of the spiritual money generating power of that mantra Shreem Kleem Brzee. Just watch that video every day or so and I feel confident that will change your vibrations regarding money towards generating more money. Or take up the full program there as you so desire. If you get to that and you want our help please contact us it is our pleasure to help.



And here as a special gift to people that took this course :


That is where you get the link to download the money and health subliminal audio files. You can also access our entire subliminal library, however I suggest you wait for that until week 9.



We designed this 9 week mind master program to take you step by step through the process of empowering you to use the ULTRA Life Transformation System A-Z complete method to transform the life you have now into the one that you imagine is better. This is your second subliminal audio file and if you work with it for the next two weeks until week 5 comes I will then recommend another title called SaboClear and a second title called Success Factor. But first continue to work with the money and health files and especially make sure and stay on track with your exercises in the e-book.




Or just enjoy listening to some of the audios and reading the postings on the blog.



The next thing I want to give you is some links that you may have already discovered on my sites. I hope you did. However now is the time in the program to ask you to take a few moments and focus on this material. Why? Because it is about your financial area.




Please take the time to read that very short report. It is fundamental to your financial balance. Secondly, please do some or all of the exercises on that page above on my web site, that I just gave you- my money magic page. Enjoy that. Money is important for manifesting and that page has exercises that can help a lot to get you more of the money you need to live a good life.



We hope you are enjoying the program so far. If you are interested to read the words of other people who have used the same e-book course that you are studying now, then here is the link to one of my testimonials pages: (people consistently get good results)



Here is the link to a graphic image you can put on your desktop.




Try and complete all the exercises in the e-book by Week 5 because at that point in time we are planning to get you started with the amazing and powerful Life Transformation System A-Z , Journal training book "How To Play The Mind Game of Your Life and Win". By that time we expect you will be ready to make full use of it. Which is not hard. But is very powerfully effective.



Is this fun? Do not be too hard on yourself with doing all the exercises. What is most important is that you move along at a pace that feels comfortable to you. If it seems like too much then slow down and you can just put the other items that come in the next weeks aside until you are ready to use them. This is for you. I designed the 9 week program to move people through at the pace that is the fastest I think is best yet slow enough to make it comfortable. Working with your mind is considered to be the most rewarding and the most difficult thing to accomplish, the one success that brings all other success. So be kind to yourself appreciating the magnitude and power of what you are doing here with this, with you.



We designed the delivery of the program, and the pace to share with you a balance between helping you get this method going fully in your life now, and giving you the time to digest and take it in. Giving you the time to enjoy the process. Once you get this method and you have all the tools it can work for you for years and years to come helping you manifest your hearts desires. You can use this to accomplish things you could never accomplish before.



It is worth it to stick with it, put in the effort and get the results that you can. At the same time it is highly recommended that you enjoy the process and that includes that you go at your own pace and discover where this leads you in your own way of doing things.



Even though we are suggesting a pace and a structure, that may be all you need to get you going in some fabulously unique way of your own.





Day 21


Hi ,

21 days since you started the 9 week program to greatly improve your mind power and I think it is time that we talked about getting results.



For more than 20 years now, I have so many results from doing this work that I do not even come close to remembering them all, or having them all written down. However I remember a lot of them. And I remember and have shared and witnessed numerous results for numerous other people.



Today I was working in my own journal and I noticed that some of the things I had written in there that I once imagined, had come true. In fact exactly true. After all this time I still get amazed. I read it, what was written in the place that I only write what I imagine. What I have not yet manifested.



And again, when I read it, I realized that several weeks ago, it has manifested. I copied it into my results journal word for word, and went on with my day.



The thing is no one usually shakes your hand or applauds when what you once imagined, and desired, and expected to come true is now a reality. In fact the experience as I feel it is that it just is. Suddenly that new thing, or feeling, or situation is part of my life. Even this very day I sit here celebrating the completion of this book (I am just doing fine tune edits right now) and it has that strange feeling I know so well of "here it is, a long sought after goal". It's a very particular feeling. It's really vital to learn to notice how it feels for you when what you once imagined becomes "real" or I should say, "so-called real" in other words when the more real of imagination, desire, and expectation in your own universe has "shown up"in physical manifestation into the universe otherwise known as the illusion world we often call "real life". Your life.



Often it takes me weeks or months to even notice that my once only a dream has now slipped into my physical reality. I need to make sure that you know a few things about what a result is, and how to make sure and count them, so that you can realize just how wonderful what you are doing for yourself in this 9 week program really is when later on you realize things you once only imagined, desired, and expected skillfully using the help provided herein and your effort to apply it to your own life.




1. Definition of a result. For the purpose of this mastery of mind program, a result is defined as something that you once only imagined and now it is manifested into your physical reality. Now this could be as simple as imagining that you have a cheese pizza and then you pick up the phone and order it, or something much more.



I have tested this over and over again, and there are many phenomena that occur, however when you imagine using the system we are teaching you will find reliably and repeatedly that what you once only imagined, only desired it but didn't have it yet, and you expected it to show up, whatever it is, many of those things show up in your reality.



2. It doesn't matter how it gets there. If you once imagined, desired, and expected it, and now you have it, then it worked. Period. I always ask that everything I consciously intend comes true with harm to none and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned and for the improvement of the world and the life of all beings.



3. It is important to value the work you are doing and this program realistically. Many things you imagine, desire, and expect may not come true, or you may take a long time to come true, or you might change your mind before it materializes, or you may not be happy when you get it. However there is one guaranteed results accounting method that I know will make you satisfied with your work and with this program.



If the value to you of the results you get from this program are greater than the effort you you put into it, the resources both inner and outer, the time and energy you put into doing it then it is worthwhile. True or not true?



That is perhaps the most important teaching of this entire course.


Also there is a great value to a regular practice of focusing and concentrating your mind. When you work with your thoughts you are working with your emotions because they are always working together even if that can get disconnected. This is a methodology whereby the focusing and the concentrating of the mind is combined with focusing on your own life in a way to make it better. Just doing that practice alone has tremendous benefits so it's not just about the end results. Although from everything I dedicated my life so far to studying and practicing about how to get results, it is by focusing and concentrating of the mind that it is done. Whatever it is. And however you do it, that is the core of it.



Because following that guideline you can get more and more and more results again and again while you meanwhile count as enough results just doing the practice and the benefits that gives you. And as you notice that the practice produces things you desired and imagine they build one on top of the other. So make notes. There are always going to be more things you want to materialize and always something new and better that you can imagine. What is important in counting results, is to pay attention to that value formula I just told you about.



Trust me, that is very important. Realize what you are putting in, and what you are getting out. This creates self-motivation. If you do something that is rewarding immediately and as time unfolds, and you grow to enjoy doing it as well, that is self-motivating. It's self-motivating to do it and it works, and you keep doing it, and it keeps working.



The entire purpose of this program is to help you get real tangible results using your mind power and the feeling power that goes with that to materialize what you imagine, desire, and expect for your life. Counting results is essential. When you get results make sure and note them either mentally or on paper, and compare the value of those results to you to the various costs or inputs that you made in doing this program such as the time and effort you put into it.



As time goes on, you will find that your investment is worth more and more.






I am grateful you are doing this 9 week mind improvement course, and I admire your efforts to make your life a better place using your mind power. And you know that makes the world a better place for every other being and for life itself and for the planet as well.



Day 27


Hi ,

Just a reminder that in 2 days you are about to start week 5 of The 9 Week Mind Improvement Program to help you gain enormous benefits by applying in your own life the ancient secrets of mind power using the modern system, tools, and method we call Life Transformation System A-Z. And if you chose to do this with personal consulting (via the Empowerment Script and "optional full package" avenue)then by now you are experiencing the world class effects of that as well. This "mind power stuff" really works. It is just that it is also said by the ancient masters to be the most difficult task in the world to accomplish all the way. So what you are accomplishing here is INCREDIBLE and you can expect a lot from doing so.



How To Play The Mind Game of Your Life and Win you will therein learn how to do the full practice and herein on day 29 you get 3 more subliminal audios to help to take you deeper into your ability to improve your mind power skills and experiences using it consciously.



Make sure and get caught up on the previous materials as much as possible but don't worry you still have time.



If you do not feel caught up by the time day 29 arrives in two days I suggest you take whatever time you need to finish all the exercises in the Practically Magical Use of Lists first and listen to the audios you already received.



Before moving on to the materials you are getting in the next 2 days try and take the time to do a review of where you are at so far. You will be so grateful to your self if you take the time to get totally caught up before taking in the new materials which are super potent, but much more so if you are properly prepared. If the 63 days it takes to do this program needs to stretch out longer, so be it.



In week 5, 6, and 7 you have lots of time to get into the new practice and start really applying more than ever what you studied in the Practically Magical Use of Lists and prepared to do with the audios.



So make sure and take the time to get ready for that.



And in weeks 8 and 9 we will use that time to introduce the Destiny materials and the idea of your life path and your strengths and weaknesses and how that can really help you choose what to create and manifest with your mind power for your success. That is how we will wrap up the entire program.



So glad to have you with us.



So grateful you are putting in the effort to use your mind power and the feelings and emotions you have and what that means regarding your total personal power. We feel the best you can do first is to love your own life by using mind power focus on creating the life you imagine, desire, and expect in such a way as to manifest all the things you need and imagine are best for you.



In doing so, we feel certain you are making the world a better place, by making your world a better place.

Artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


Day 29


Hi ,

This is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn welcoming you to WEEK 5 of The 9 Week Mind Improvement Program known also as Life Transformation System A-Z.



For today I want you to download the workbook, How To Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win and subliminal the SaboClear, FearMaster and SuccessFactor audios onto your computer.



Do not be in a hurry to use the new book yet, just start to get familiar with what you need to do.



The full practice is so effective as a tool for using your mind to manifest I consider it my crowning achievement of the first 45 years of my life.



The practice is fully elucidated in the new ( December 2013) workbook entitled, How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win



This is the final book in the Life Transformation System A-Z series. It is a very valuable book. It covers the entire method that I had completed designing in the year 2000 and introduced to you so far here both with some audios on the first day, and in the Practically Magical Use of Lists.



Now with this new book you have the entire instructions on how to take the Elprehzleinn system to its full potential in your life. How To Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win completes or in other words "crowns" the Life Transformation System A-Z course for you. You will have attained your own crowning achievement by completing it. And that I expect should show up in your external reality in some ways. To help you realize just how much you can accomplish doing the full practice I just don't know what more I can say. Congratulations for getting this far, and for being on the verge of having and doing the full practice.



The practice that you learn in How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win is extremely valuable when you use it. It works very well and there is nothing else like this that I know of for you to use to work with focusing your thoughts and feelings about the life you have now and transform them into the thoughts and feelings of what you imagine, desire, and expect. And to have an experience of whether or not and how that aligns with your destiny and thus shows up or not into physical reality in manifestation.



Robyn Elprehzleinn had to channel the All That Is themselves to me to help me back then to get the vision of how big and how important this is in the world. Mind power is just too invisible to "see" directly. You need help to know what it is and how to use it so you can then "see" it by looking at the results of doing so. See your love power of your heart and soul working with your mind manifested into what your heart and soul desires, and you yourself joyfully choosing that, building that mentally and enjoying how that "comes out" in the illusion of your life. How you can change things for the better as you wish them to. How to do that. It's all in here, a way to do that. You have already come so far.



The third book in the Life Transformation System A-Z series is designed around the method that you were introduced to in the Practically Magical Use of Lists and on Day 1 here in this book.



In order to carry on with this program it's time (only if you so choose) to get started using How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life. And you will also need to start using these three subliminal audios as often as you can while you work through the new book or whenever throughout your days.




Here are your subliminal titles with instructions for use below, you should be able to click the links to play them now. Or you can go to this page click here to download them for later.


Also refer to the FAQ at:


These titles are subliminal all you hear consciously is white noise. As long as it is audible you can rest assured your unconscious is hearing the subliminal messages buried underneath the sound mask.


Success Factor

Locates subconsciously the real issues (factors) that are holding you back and moves them to the forefront of your focus where you can deal with them.




One of our leading titles! Removes self-sabotage, balances self-esteem & breaks through success ceilings which may be preventing you from moving ahead in life.




Relieves unreasonable fears and hesitation. Won't remove natural forms of fear that help you survive.




Basic Instructions for Using the Subliminal Audios


The volume does NOT need to be high for the program to work.


If our sound mask is annoying, it's too high.



Program 001 is an introductory title (also subliminal) designed to lessen change shock. It also contains other important programming that will allow the titles you've selected to activate more quickly. If you feel the effects are too strong, please run 001 again.


When starting our programs you should listen to 001 at least five times. After that you may put it away unless long periods of time (6 months) pass between programming schedules.


Time Frame

Results should begin to occur at 20 - 29 days of nearly daily use. The more frequently the programs are used the more quickly you may see results. When using more than one title, try to select 2 that are similar in function to be used together. Frequency, the program and the individual are the 3 key factors in determining activation times.




A moderate amount of exercise and fresh air will not only help you feel better but may also help speed results since the human body / mind mechanism is relied upon. Yogic or other soft exercises are also positive in this respect.



Peak Times

One of the goals of the producer of these titles has always been to define the best times for programming although the titles may be used in nearly any situation. Peak times identified are:


1. The brief period between waking & sleeping [Our programs are not, contrary to urban legend, effective during the sleep states.]


2. Sexual orgasm [including the building period and also the afterglow]


3. Times of great distraction [reading, television etc..]


Substances that can interfere


Alcohol [during actual use], recreational drugs and large amounts of white sugar can create some obstacles in certain individuals.


Accidental Programming


One of the features that make subliminal programming powerful also make it contagious! After all, if subliminal programming depended on intention it would be worthless in commercial advertising applications. Whoever is exposed to the same degree you are will also be programmed. Informed consent is the best policy when using around others. Use caution when programming on a regular basis while children are within earshot.


When you make your life better you are helping to transform the entire world.


Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to do that.


this is an acrylic painting produced by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn of one of the female divine spiritual beings he feels is part of Elprehzleinn.



Day 44



Welcome to day 44 of Life Transformation System A-Z (63 day) experience.



If you have kept up with the pace so far then by now you are doing your win list most everyday with ease, and using the 12 areas of life practice whenever you need it to either improve a situation in your life, handle a problem, or create something new that you desire from your heart and soul.



By now you have instilled your being and body with the words of the Life Transformation Audio File. Hopefully:)



Most importantly, by now you have built the foundation for really moving intensely into your success with mind power, whether that means bringing your life out of a bad place, or into a much better place.



Using your thought power. And you know your thoughts are totally connected with your feelings. So don't worry about being too mental. It all balances out.



At this point if you have not yet - start listening to all three subliminal titles, SaboClear, SuccessFactor, and FearMaster. You can even listen to them all at once as your subconscious mind can handle that easily, if you have the ability to play multiple audio files at once.



Try and listen to each one about 5 times or more before the end of the nine week program. I think you will enjoy the results.



When it comes to delving into the work of setting up your Cleartalk practice as outlined in "How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win" please do your best to get that set up for yourself in the next 10 days. By day 54 (ten days from now) I would like you to be ready to start doing your full ClearTalk practice for ten days straight.



What better way to show that you have mastered your mind power by the end of the nine weeks?



So get ready to start your ten days of doing that now. You have ten days to get ready, and ten days after that to apply your workbook everyday in a row for ten days.



Marvelous effect that can have for you.



And so easy peasy lemon squeezy.



In the meantime keep listening to those subliminal audios.



If you have any questions about using How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win or doing the ten day set up and ten day application of your personal ClearTalk practice, then please consider that this might be another point to consider if personal consulting with me is something that is in the cards for you. The path for doing that starts with the "Empowerment Script" and your enrollment in the optional full program. That path is of course entirely optional and not for every body, not at all. I want every body to succeed all the way with the program called Life Transformation System A-Z.



Soon I am going to start addressing the deeper issues in your life path by bringing in the Destiny Cards but first I would like you to listen to the subliminal audios you received just before the beginning of week 5. To pave the road to working with us on your Destiny Cards.



I will mention that your Destiny Cards help to reveal clearly what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses in this lifetime.



Knowing those can help you alleviate your life lesson and get it to serve you, and help you to handle and transform the worst things that can ever happen to you, and magnify the great things you were born to receive and enjoy and share with others.



But first establish your vision, and what your heart desires and what you can expect to materialize by developing your 12 areas journal and the various practices that comprise a full practice as outlined in How To Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win.


Until next time,

Peace and Love, with Love Itself,

I am that I am, yours truly,

JoreJj Z. Eprehzleinn



Day 52


Hi ,

Now we arrive in the place in your 9 week program where (hopefully) you have studied and experienced in-depth the training of your mind and thus your feelings of your soul and your heart and now you are deeper into relationship with your own self by doing so.



This is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn writing to you about the next phase of this 9 week program.



Now more trained and confident in your own power and your own ability to use it, you are feeling and experiencing the thoughts you have about everyday life using the basic practice with the 12 areas regarding "in the universe" and "in my own universe". Not just for the purpose of examining your current life for endless analysis but simply for the reason of finding and getting in touch with your ability to create your own reality with your own conscious thought, from now on.



The thoughts you have now are the first stepping stone to reshaping them into new and better thoughts in your own universe.



Now you are prepared from this course, the audio files, the spiritual energy, the words you have read, and the work you have done. You are prepared to use your mind with feeling and heart with the win list as your steady point. You can now use whatever form of practice journal and or Results Journal and The Key and the Magical Mind Power video playlist< as your compass and guide from within yourself the direction of your thoughts and therefore your feelings, your choices, your decisions, your attitudes and the unstoppable force of your destiny.



You are tasting the mastery of your mind. By doing it.



Now that you have done so far...I imagine helping you to empower you further by taking you into the area of your strengths and weaknesses...





You can also arrange to spend some time getting my help or on your own looking into your astrology and destiny stuff to get a new level of clarity about some of the strengths and weaknesses that were hard-wired into your body at birth (I call that re-incarnation sickness) and that is the main focus by the way of the "optional full program". Those birth influences have been forged and tested in the experiences that your soul has influenced you to have in this lifetime.



Peering into and getting a conscious handle on these forces can dramatically increase your skills and abilities to consciously create your own reality.



Dramatically increase the strength of your character and increase your courage to commit to making your dreams come true. It can greatly sharpen your sense of fine tuning exactly what is going to work out well for you, and what can be most challenging.



Get in touch with me regarding your destiny cards and astrology and let me help you out with some of this in a light-hearted and at the same time extremely deep and intense manner to become more versatile and well-versed on managing your own fate, fortune, and destiny consciously.



If you want to work with this on your own, here following are some helpful directions I can point you in and some steps you can take to embrace the magnificent gifts and challenges of your own soul and to more than ever take your fate, fortune, and destiny meaning your life path into your own conscious hands, and with Love Itself and your higher self sculpt and craft the most beautiful life that you can have and manifest that to live it out joyfully with fun and pleasure and peace.



1. Become Familiar With the Destiny Card System

If you would like to learn more about the Destiny Card system and buy books and software about it and use it yourself and for your friends and family go to the site of Robert Lee Camp the current Grand Master AND to the site of Sharon Jeffers who is ALSO the current Grand Master of the Destiny Card system, in my opinion.



At his site you can get a free mini destiny card report. At her site you can subscribe for daily card updates and she has an excellent app.



On my site at Destiny Love Cards you can order a full report on your own destiny and get consultations with me and more. To further assist you in your personal manifesting I would now like to encourage you strongly to get that report or book a session.



This way you can understand so many things about yourself that can improve your knowledge of your lifetime strengths and weaknesses. It is amazing what you can learn from this one report. Just your Jupiter Cards alone will guide you to the best ways to make money for your life. By the way all the destiny card reading and reports is included if you choose or chose the Empowerment Script and "optional full program" with me.



The lifetime Jupiter Cards are so important for manifesting money and knowing how you personally best get money, that I designed what I call the Focus On Jupiter personal session. That is a private coaching session where all we do is work with the influence of Jupiter in your personal destiny cards and your astrology to show you how to better make money and have luck go your way and much more.



The Destiny Card system is said to originate from BEFORE ancient Egypt. In legendary Atlantis and before that in Lemuria (Ace of Hearts) where there were four kingdoms in Atlantis, like in the deck of cards you have four sets of Kings and Queens.



Only in the last 100 or so years has the system been made available to the general public. Even now only a small fraction of the people in the world know anything about using the regular playing cards to predict and guide your life path, and even down to the daily energies that influence you! It is an advanced mystical science.



Advanced is what I think we need to succeed. Advanced technology from Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria reborn in our so-called modern world.



I know that the impact that being introduced to your own Life Path destiny cards is a matter that I feel each person needs to choose for themselves whether they want to look at it. In my work I often deal with the future and I know many people do not desire to know. And some do.



I highly recommend your personal Life Destiny Report or that you look into these yourself through the various books and software at the sites I suggested of the current Grand Masters of the destiny card system to compliment and enhance your work with Life Transformation System A-Z because of the potential value to you in learning things about yourself that can over time greatly empower you in all the areas you are working to improve with thought power.



I RESPECT YOU and your values and beliefs and that is one of the reasons that I did not include the Life Destiny Report in the package even though I think it is almost essential to fine tune your success.



It is up to you to determine if this powerful tool is for you, I can only strongly recommend it and I can and did give you those links where you can delve into it yourself with the top masters of the system as my way of encouraging you to get it.



If you would like to get your Life Destiny Report from me,


You can get one now at



I feel part of my job is to deliver to you an outstanding package of materials that can boost your success in life now and long into the future in the most maximum way.



And that is why I am telling you about all this so carefully today!



2. Use the Free Software At Also please visit and sign up for a free account. Put in your birth date and then find the section Free Horoscopes. Choose Astro Click Portrait and again you will discover in great detail your strengths and weaknesses.



I plan to write more in the further parts of this book to further discuss the area of your strengths and weaknesses and how they can be enormously helpful in your process of using thought to materialize the life you imagine from your heart and soul is the best life for you.



For now, please get started with your process of matching what you already know about yourself with the information in the Destiny Life Reports and the reports on you.



This can be a very amazing and also difficult time in the program where your most hard issues of life and your best ones come up at the same time. This can cause inner difficulties and be uncomfortable but it can also be extremely enlightening and bring great peace and success into your life.




3. Inner Truce Subliminal Audio

Use the subliminal audio file INNER TRUCE to help you in this time. and you can get INNER TRUCE here as a download included in the program here. It should play from the link right here, and you can also download it and play it from our subliminal audio page by clicking here.



download InnerTruce





Your strengths are the areas you should take advantage of in life, and your weaknesses are the areas you can be more aware of to help you lessen your problems. In fact you can also be aware that your strengths could be your weakness if you are not aware of them and your weaknesses can be turned into your greatest strengths if you are aware of them.



Please let me know if you need assistance with any of this and I look forward to the pending conclusion of Life Transformation System A-Z coming soon to discuss and help you further with the strengths and weaknesses. For now, please get started with the work recommended here at this time.



Love yourself through this part of the program especially and enjoy.



Day 58


Hello ,

This is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn writing to you just a few days away from the final day 63 of your experience of The 9 week Mind Improvement Program known as Life Transformation System A-Z.


9 weeks is 63 days.



I feel you can greatly refine and improve your ability to imagine a great life for yourself the better you know your strengths and weaknesses.



Each life is totally unique. One of the weaknesses of that fact is that it makes each one of us totally alone in our individuality. A strength of being a unique individual is that you can make a unique contribution to the world, just by being yourself. And you can have a life experience that is custom designed by your own soul to satisfy and fulfill your true hearts desires.



People can get out of touch with their own heart and soul. People can become programmed by other people, by advertisers, or otherwise influenced to believe and act as if they, (you or me) desire to have or do or be something that is NOT always in alignment with what we individually and uniquely desire and imagine in our core of self is best for us.



One of the greatest and also one of the most challenging techniques I know of to sharpen your ability to form the thoughts that shape your future life experience to be the most brilliant and wonderful for you is to study your own personal strengths and weaknesses.



When you study your own strengths and weaknesses you learn things like what kind of relationships work best for you, and what areas you might have consistent problems in relationships. You might learn where is an area (your talents) to work in to make money, and why some things you try just never seem to work.



There are many ways to discover your strengths and weaknesses. You could start by making a list right now and probably come up with a few items or maybe more. You could interview your friends or family and ask them what are your strengths and weaknesses. You could take any number of psychological tests for career, and relationships especially to determine your strengths and weaknesses.



You could do journaling, and meditating to get to know yourself better in this way.



The Destiny Card system which by now you are familiar with, and astrology is my favorite way to touch the personal strengths and weaknesses carefully and considerately.




Day 63





Congratulations on making it to the end of Life Transformation System A-Z with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn. Today is 63 days. (9 weeks).



First of all I hope that you consider the end of this course is a new start in your ability to manifest your dreams consciously and that you plan to continue to develop a better relationship with us in a most rewarding way and to do all that you can now that you are more fully ready and equipped to not only consciously create your own reality but to do it with fun, elegance, and all the way.



All the way means to continue to stick with it until you have everything you want. And then do it again!



Next on the agenda is to remind you that you can get full access to the complete subliminal audio library that contains all the other approximately 70 subliminal audio titles that you did not yet listen to. We shared the 001 title, the money and health subliminal audios, Success Factor, Fear Master, Saboclear, StopProcrastination and InnerTruce. However there are many, many, more fabulous titles in the full library and you can see what they are and order a full access pass to download as many or even all of them as you wish.



Click here to see all the titles in the library




As a substitute or in addition to your practice if things ever get really challenging in life and it seems too much to do your practice (even though that is the best time to keep it up) you can try on paper with a left right list or in your head as you need to during those time when keeping up the full practice might seem too demanding. It is better to continue to do it than to drop it all together. Many people have reported to me that their life greatly improved when they used our system, and then they stopped and things did not go as well, and then they picked up the practice again and things went better again. The idea of keeping up with a steady practice is going to be more supported if you let that practice wax and wane and find its way in different ways rather than trying to force it to be too rigid or rather than dropping it all together.



Here is something else you can launch into as you finish with this 9 week program you can explore our advanced module, "The Reality of Life De-Program". That link is your free copy to it. Enjoy.



While it is true that most people enjoy a lot of life change and results even while learning the program in the first 9 weeks you have just learned it! The real results are what happens now when you apply what you learned in your daily life from now on. And it can be fun and easy even though what you can accomplish is beyond limitation as far as what you can now imagine, desire, and expect. And if you imagine, and desire and expect within the outlines of your soul purpose and true destiny then it can all manifest unstoppably.




(also if you liked your Destiny Life report remember to order your Yearly Report at that link to help you navigate each 52 day period of your year).



In the last few weeks of the program I advised you that looking at your strengths and weaknesses is a critical step in making sure that what you are imagining is aligned to your soul path, and within the limitations of your destiny. I feel that is NOT totally true, that you can have anything you imagine in a certain sense it is true, and in a way it isn't. You need to imagine with your destiny in mind if you want it to manifest unstoppably. If you feel that you would like to pursue the area of your strengths and weaknesses more intensely, I may be able to speak with you personally using the destiny card system and your astrology to discover and apply this knowledge to your manifesting with thought power.



You can contact me, CLICK HERE



Know in closing your 9 weeks today that the spiritual energy you have shared in and helped to build is a force that is deep and wide and supportive of all that you imagine and desire and can expect you life to be.



Make sure and do your WIN LIST exercise every day for the rest of your life (unless you find a better system) and work in your practice journal regularly and with the Key and your Results Journal. Those four practices combined activate the power of choice and the skills of consciously working with your own mind can fill your life with the manifestation of the treasures you imagine, desire, and expect are best for you.



We are most grateful for spending this time with you through the words of these pages in this and our other books, and hope you will continue to stay involved with us as your success and life path unfolds now with your new abilities to master your mind firmly in place.


I feel that the best way to help others is when we each focus on consciously creating success in our personal lives. That naturally extends into the lives of others and into the world at large.


One last thing I want to bring to your attention again is my Focus on Jupiter session which incorporates both astrology and destiny card analysis to determine where exactly you most attract finances and material wealth. Would you like to know that? It is different for each person depending on when they were born. Knowing this can make big gains in your prosperity seem much easier.



The Focus on Jupiter session is something I do with you on the phone or in person and it is by approval only. Which means when you order it, I might politely refund your money because I only work with certain people due to the sensitive and potent nature of this specialized session.



First you should finish up with the Life Transformation System A-Z program if you have not yet and give yourself some time to digest it.



It has been my great pleasure to share all this with you. Peace and Love. With Love Itself,

Yours Truly,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn