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This is an extremely valuable, rich, rare and important opportunity for you to make positive change in your life easily.


Electronic Artwork for Your Brain
the Elprehzleinn Subliminal Audio Library. Advocating The Development of A Loving and Thusly Hugely Beneficial Rapport With Your Powerful Sub-Conscious Mind.

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You do not need headphones to listen to the subliminal audio titles in our library. You can play these audios in the background and as long as you can just barely hear the hissing sound like a distant air conditioner or fan then it is loud enough and can work like that. It takes REPETITION for these to work. 2-3 weeks a few times a day is the average. I have personally worked with the titles in this library for over ten years with great results.


At this time, the entire subliminal audio library listed on this page is available for you to access.


Last time I counted there were about 75 titles in this unique library. Some of the titles are presented with full download or play now links on this page. If you want access to a page that has ALL the titles unlocked, then please CONTACT ME and I can send you the link to the page with all the titles unlocked for immediate download. The Elprehzleinn mission functions on a pay by donation system so if you can make a donation before you contact me to get the full access link, please do so. Although no financial contribution is required and it's my pleasure to provide the full access link to those who request it whether or not you make a financial donation to the Elprehzleinn mission.


Peace, Love, Enjoy transforming your life with these valuable audios.


I use specific combinations of these titles in the 2-3 month personal consulting program along with other audios I recommend for people to use when they do that with me. The personal consulting program is also currently on a donation basis and you just contact me first and we make arrangements if you are interested in taking that program with me. It can be done from anywhere in the world over Skype and e-mail and social media, or in person when that can be arranged.


Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about the Elprehzleinn Life Transformation Subliminal Audios. The F.A.Q. was written circa 2003 by the man who created and produced all the audios in this library. The F.A.Q. is VERY HELPFUL and informative. There is also an interview with him just below on this page. I spent a lot of time getting to know him and I hope that helps you to benefit from using these titles and being more comfortable as you get to know him better through his F.A.Q. and the interview. -JoreJj



Rare Interview!
Listen, or download and listen later. Learn in this recorded interview with the subliminal artist who created these magnificent titles. Learn from behind the scenes about the secrets of making subliminal programming that works like a charm. Get a feeling for the good character and good heartedness of the man behind these interesting, innovative, original titles that do all the work for you. Just put them on and listen. Here is that interview:


Elprehzleinn Audio Library

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with the man that wrote and designed these audios.




Audio Library
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There is now an ultra powerful magic spell written by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn called the "Empowerment by Conscious Choice Script" that you can get immediately to stop your unconscious mind from blocking or re-routing your conscious intentions. With this script you command with Love Itself and Your Highest Consciousness that your subconscious and unconscious mind and Love Itself support your conscious intentions to come true. Get started by clicking here.

Download the "Money", and "Health" subliminal audios here.

These two files are the same technology as the others what is different from the other audios on this page is that JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn wrote the scripts and made the scripts publicly available. (at the link above with the downloads.) These are still produced using the same technology by the same person that did all the other titles except these scripts are written by JoreJj.



Life Transformation Audio file This is an extremely innovative audio. It is not like any other in the library. It is not a subliminal as you can read and hear every word. It is entirely produced and spoken by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn who always does the the voice and the electronic sounds and music. It is an incredible audio. If you follow the link you can listen to the audio immediately online and if you choose to you can download it. This audio has been helping people around the world for many years.





Dear JoreJj,

Thank you for your quick reply...I love that subliminal library it's the bomb! Listening to the subliminals is where I got the idea to turn that money e-mail into something positive I could use immediately and I had that e-mail for nearly a week before doing anything with it!


Dear JoreJj,

"All my life I would run away from subliminals, but I have realized that at this point in my life I need them. Why? Because as I unravel and clear the old dialogues of conditions and expectations that I was brought up with, I need to feed my system with new directives. Directives that are life empowering and transforming, except this time God is speaking to me directly via the manifestation of your Great Work. I trust you JoreJj, that is why I have chosen to use your Subliminals – you are a good person with a Beautiful Heart.

I look forward to telling you more soon about my newly created future. Oh and I have also tapped in to the Magical Wizards website – awesome stuff! The subliminals are powerful, yet so soothing to the soul. Your sphere of influence is definitely conducive to the manifestation of Light which moves through all of You. Thank You.

Love, Light, Peace and all things Good."



Maha Meru
"Maha Meru in Blue"
artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

What you take in through your eyes and ears goes straight to your brain. Choose wisely and your life will thank-you for it.


Welcome to every body and every being visiting this page. If you are here because you purchased either the "Empowerment Script" or "Life Transformation System A-Z" then title 001 is just below for instant download or to play it right from this page.


Your additional bonus titles meaning SaboClear, FearMaster, SuccessFactor, and InnerTruce and Stop Procrastinating are unlocked for download here in the list contained within this very sentence. Title 001 is below. Just click each title to play or download depending on how that works on your device.


If you want to unlock ALL the titles in this library then please send a request to JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn click here to do so.

Enjoy Positive Change That
Happens Almost Effortlessly.

"JoreJj, I am still loving the Life Transformation System A-Z. I am wild about the subliminals they are really really helping me out!! "S.A.

Electronic Art
artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn.

Here we present to you some of the finest quality, high-tech sound and visual technology for making your life wonderful by choosing to put something wonderful into your brain, and expecting to get something wonderful in your life for doing so.




Improving and empowering specific areas of your life is practically effortless with the ease of subliminal affirmation mp3's.

Try title 001 for free now!

Scroll below and download immediately.

As you listen to 001 the messages help you to reduce change shock and therefore allow rapid change. 001 stops unwanted subliminal messages from harming you, and spawns new and better messages from the good messages you like.

Instantly access download 001 after reading this, it's below . It's totally free. Listen to 001 at least five times. It is completely safe and sounds like white noise. The programs are embedded subliminally. Read all about our technology in the FAQ. When you feel comfortable using the technology, come back here (Bookmark this page!) and order access to the complete library. Make sure and listen to the interview.

There is no better way to handle and improve certain target areas of your life than to listen to these audio files in the background while you work, or do tasks around your house. You can even listen to these audios while you watch TV or work on your computer and internet.

The superior recording technology only requires you to be able to hear the hushed rushing sound of the white noise softly hissing in the background like a comfortable air conditioner on a hot summer day.




You can download them all to a single DVD collection and use them for years to come to improve your life! Do not miss out on this offer.


Accidental Programming

One of the features that make subliminal programming powerful also make it contagious! After all, if subliminal programming depended on intention it would be worthless in commercial advertising applications. Whoever is exposed to the same degree you are will also be programmed. Informed consent is the best policy when using around others. Use caution when programming on a regular basis while children are within earshot.


Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about the Life Transformation Subliminal Audios.


Title 001 download for free now

Transition Programming: This is our standard program designed to reduce change-shock.

In series packages, one of the 001 titles is included. You'll only have to listen to it five times or so before moving on to the title you've selected for it to implement.

We've also found this program to be useful if you begin to see changes happening too fast.

Is 001 needed in EVERY case? No. There may be times when you need to get right into the title you've selected. If however, you feel changes are coming at a quicker rate than possible, going back and listening to 001 or listening to it then for the first time will lessen what is known as 'change shock'.

Lessening change shock isn't the only thing we've done with this powerful introductory title... we've also included some unique command scripts as well

Tones: There are modern and ancient acoustical formulas which the open doors of perception. We use both. They're mixed under the sound mask to open up areas of your mind that commands alone could not.

Loops: One of our script features loops the subliminal content so it actually spawns itself and continues to repeat long after the original source of programming has been removed.

Subliminal Security: Part of the initial program contains Subliminal Security, which filters out unwanted subliminal messages from other (unknown) sources. In a nutshell, this is how we enable (through our subliminal scripts) your subconscious mind to protect itself. Thousands of advertisers, mostly the major ones, are using undetectable methods for reaching bigger market shares unfairly. These files are the only kind in the world providing this service to our customers.

With these unique features, and titles designed to move your potentials into 3-D reality, Life Transformation Subliminal Technology provides the solution to personal change and lasting transformation.

What if you really could transform every area of your life?



TidalWave/BlissGenerator download now for free
Title #: 275

A mellow euphoria producer. Creates a sense of well being often for days at a time. Does not impair consciousness like drugs or alcohol.



Weight Loss Title #: 101



A preference changer that creates a desire for healthy foods.

A Proven Method To Become Someone Who Loves To Eat Healthy.

A recent national health survey showed that an astonishing 60% of Americans are overweight. Other western countries also have similar figures. If you're reading this and you're overweight, two things are certain - you're not alone, and there is a solution to being out of shape, unhealthy and unhappy with it all.

Our title #101 is designed to be a preference changer. What this means is simple.... it makes you WANT to eat healthy food. You'll notice more and more that you actually like the things that perhaps in the past you avoided in favor of more unhealthy fare.

If you're not sure about subliminal programs and would like to find out more, keep reading...... we've got a great little 2 minute video that will explain how subliminal programs actually work.

Soft low volume white noise conceals powerful subliminal messages. Click here to hear a thirty-second sample of our sound mask [this sample download contains NO subliminal messages, a new window will open on your PC].

Repeated exposure brings life changing results. Here is your chance to call the shots in your own life. Thousands of happy users already know about the power of this technology. You can join them starting whenever you want.

This is a powerful preference changer.... and it's one of our classic titles that has helped thousands to change the way they feel about food and more importantly, to choose food that is healthy and fresh.

Cross Training
Title #: 278


Enhances mind/body connection, drives basic training and improves overall sports performance.

A Proven Method To Become Someone Who Loves To Exercise And Eat Healthy

"Harness The Most Powerful Subliminal Programming To Restore Your Fitness To What You Recall From Your Teen Years - Look, Feel And Actually BE YOUNGER!"

Are you tired of wishing that you WANTED to exercise? Wouldn't it be great if fitness was something you didn't have to plan, you just had to plan around it because you loved it so much you were going after it all the time?

Even if you're not overweight - wouldn't you like to assure yourself that you'll stay that way by not only starting the right kind of fitness program for you as an individual BUT ALSO wanting to eat healthy?

That's right! I said wanting to eat healthy. Just like wanting to exercise, that's a new way of looking at a very common problem! We all know what to do to become more fit, it's just a matter of sticking to it.

One of the great things about being able to use subliminal programming is the ability of the subconscious to change what the rest of the mind AND the body WANTS to do.

Title #: 410


Similar to "Cross Training", but geared towards body building. When what you want is to work out - you won't need a trainer to make you do it.

Do you want to increase muscle mass and enjoy doing it?

The whole idea in having a personal fitness coach is that they show up every morning or every afternoon and make sure you pay attention to your personal fitness.

But what if you could quickly (in about a month) develop the same mentality as someone who just naturally loved to do their workout? Then you wouldn't need a coach! Or at least you'd be halfway to not needing one. Sure, they can show you what to do, but can they make you like it?

Short of becoming a complete fanatic (which isn't balanced either), you can't be diverted from exercise if you're the one that wants to do it.

By a slight but critical adjustment of the preference programming in your subconscious, SublimaCoach allows you to become YOUR OWN fitness trainer.

Recommended programming schedule for this tape is four to six weeks or until desired effects, and then for a few months every year to keep directed towards fitness.

Works well with Confidex/LionMind, Our Weight Loss Mental Edge Program, or any of the titles in our Catalog as part of a complete self-customized personal growth program.


This title is for you if:

•You are interested in building muscle mass via exercise and weightlifting.

•You would like to enhance your current athletic performance at the subliminal level.

•If you're more interested in General Fitness activities and would like the same advantage of 'wanting' to get fit instead of forcing yourself, try CrossTraining/Athletics.

Yoga Focus
Title #: 800



Subconscious level encouragement to focus on Hatha Yoga.

Encourages the Hatha Yogic asanas on the subconscious level and allows for additional conscious awareness of how helpful and joyful they are.

Tai-Chi Focus
Title #: 801


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on Tai-Chi.

Baseball Enhancer
Title #: 802

Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Softball Enhancer
Title #: 803


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Football Enhancer
Title #: 804


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Soccer Enhancer
Title #: 805


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Basketball Enhancer
Title #: 806


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Tennis Enhancer

Title #: 807


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Golf Enhancer
Title #: 808


Subconscious level encouragement to focus on playing ability, teamwork, sportsmanship and winning.

Vocal Enhancer - For Singers
Title #: 209


Works on the subconscious level to focus attention on tone, breathing, performance and pitch.

Musical Enhancer - For Musicians
Title #: 210


This title increases ability to perform music on your chosen instrument by enhancing performance and pitch abilities on the subconscious level.

Posture Power
Title #: 108


A subliminal driver to keep you focused on good posture.

Would You Look And Feel Better If Good Posture Was A Habit?

It's amazing how many things both internally and mentally depend on the right posture.

In addition to what's going on inside your body and mind, posture is also a visual cue that gives everyone you meet an immediate 'profile' (excuse the pun!).

This title is designed to program your awareness to include good posture over and over until it's a habit. Once your body is using good posture as a second nature response to alignment, it will remain as the most comfortable position.

This title is for you if:

you have either noticed (in a mirror or in pictures) that you slump, or have had someone tell you that your posture was poor.

•PosturePower will not cause you to 'strain' to stand or sit straight. It will be a gradual, but LASTING alteration of the way you carry your body.

•PosturePower also works great in conjunction with yoga, other alternative types of approaches such as tai chi, and those who have experience with The Alexander Technique.
[Please note: We are not not affiliated with The Alexander Technique. It is mentioned here as what we feel is a compatible discipline relating to similar results.]

BetterBody Image
Title #: 412


Creates acceptance on your part towards your physical appearance.

Title #: 402

A preference changer to assist in the transition from a meat based to vegetarian diet.


Owning these professionally mastered subliminally audio titles is an experience in life improvement with ease. The new behaviours just start to emerge almost automatically just by listening to the titles.


Special Opportunity To Go Behind the Scenes of Making Subliminal Audios: Find out how this technology can almost effortlessly help you transform those hard to change areas of your life. Listen to the interview at the top of this page with the man who created all the titles.


Alter Lifestyle With Astonishing Ease

Quit Drinking
Title #: 103

Creates an aversion to alcohol as a substance and also a personal aversion to whatever types of behaviors and responses you know or suspect you may be displaying while drinking.

Stop Procrastinating
Title #: 104

A Subliminal driver program that pushes you to complete whatever tasks can be completed in the present.

Title #: 286

Does everything in your life need changing? This title is designed to drive you into a whole new space. Won't separate families but will effect all other life areas.

Does EVERYTHING In Your Life Need To Be Re-Arranged?

Do you know that you need to make major changes in your life but can't seem to find the energy, time or guts?

If the general surface noise of your life either leaves you exausted or if you've decided your life needs a complete 'make-over', this could be the title you need. It causes extreme changes to be made that will shake everything up without being too rough a transition.

Rutbuster will drive you right out of where you are and into a different life.

It's also recommended that anyone using this title keep their copy of Title 001 handy. If transition events are too extreme, Title 001 will lessen the 'change shock' involved.

Won't separate families, you'll have to take them with you.

This title is for you if:

Your life is at a complete 'write-off' point and you must make drastic changes.

Night Sleeper
Title #: 452


Gently takes you from being a night-owl to an early riser.

Nail Biting
Title #: 426


Created by public demand. A preference changer that causes you to take pride in having nice nails while creating an aversion towards biting them.

Spring Cleaning
Title #: 415


Subliminal driver program that makes you prefer to clear out objects causing clutter.

Domestic Rage
Title #: 230


Contains scripting which addresses the desire to control others with episodes of rage and diminish one's own fears via anger/temper reactions.

Mother's Silent Helper
Title #: 425


Are your children driving you crazy? Allows you to develop deeper patience and enjoy these few short years while they're young.

MidLife Rescue
Title #: 618


The title says it all! Deals with mid-life crisis common to both men & women.

Title #: 450


The perfect solution for work-a-holics who need to bring their bodies or minds home for a rest. Won't decrease productive work habits.

Enlarge Your World Connections

Social Skills
Title #: 105

Increase your social circles naturally as you develop the internal sense of social skills needed to kick-start or increase new friendships.

Trust Factor
Title #: 718


Trust Factor makes you pay attention to the red flags you probably saw in the past all at the start of new relationships of various types BUT didn't pay attention to at the time - next time you will!

Title #: 721


Do you want more respect, but due to some internal battle or quirk you just can't seem to assert yourself and demand it?

Title #: 722

The Big Picture is scripted to have you focus on the things that really matter.

Event/Opportunity Attractor
Title #: 273


Allows individual subconscious mechanisms to keep an eye out for the right moment and then nudges your conscious mind in the right direction so desires can manifest on their own. (Similar mechanics at work in #279 - see below).

Title #: 293


Uses the subconscious (similar methods as 273 & 279) to drive you into the right circle of people for what you need as a unique individual. You'll notice, once activated, that many of the new faces around you belong to people with the power to help you grow and succeed.

A note about all the subliminal audios on this page and how they work:

Many of our products actually create subconscious nudges that put you in 'the right place at the right time', thus creating dozens and dozens of actual events that occur in the lives of our customers. The subconscious actually 'knows' - according to a means which we still don't completely understand, where great opportunities are waiting. Our scripting connects your decisions to this information so that you end up there, seemingly by accident and yet... it's no accident at all! This is subliminal programming that connects to the potentialities of the world around you - as well as your own.

Generate More Money Using Methods That Best Suit You.

Wealth can be a complex set of skills and opportunities, mixed with certain attitudes that allow those skills and events to interact. Titles in this section are especially good when combined in order to address any area where you may have noticed you're weak... combinations are always a potent set of tools.

Money Siddhi Powers
Title #: 888

888 - The Money Siddhi Powers script implants subliminal suggestions to support you being and becoming more and more effective at generating financial circumstances, transactions, interactions, and situations that result in your financial gain, and your own financial well-being. The consequences of your actions lead to your own financial empowerment. This is what this subliminal audio helps your subconscious mind to understand and do for you and with you from your inner power.

Owning these professionally mastered subliminally audio titles is an experience in life improvement with ease. The new behaviours just start to emerge almost automatically just by listening to the titles.


Special Opportunity To Go Behind the Scenes of Making Subliminal Audios: Find out how this technology can almost effortlessly help you transform those hard to change areas of your life. Listen to the interview at the top of this page with the man who created all the titles.

Title #: 715

Half of the solution to anything is knowing how to listen.

Ask anyone who is skilled at dealing with other people, whether they're salesmen or statesmen, what one of the most important skills they have and they'll tell you it's listening.

With the simple act of developed listening you aren't just processing words. You're paying attention to subtle but definite hints.

Then the information has to be re-heard in the mind so that a balanced assessment of what someone else is telling you can be made.

This information is critical whether your motives for being skilled at communication are commercial, personal or charitable.

OmniListener is a 'driver' subliminal script in the sense that it tells you at a deep subconscious level to pay attention to these things. With this scripting you are helped in being more attentive.

The result is an increase in the ability to know what other people are really meaning when they speak to you. You'll know their needs better and you'll 'connect' with a much higher rate of success.

Strategic Edge
Title #: 750


Stop trying to get ahead without a plan, stop making plans that aren't based in reality, start making plans a priority both as you make them and as you STICK to them.

Midas Plus
Title #: 495

Harness the power of positive positioning and mental states that bring you not only new financial opportunities but also the inner conditioning to handle it.

Would You Like To Have Money Consciousness?

Financial wealth is a state created by favorable interactions with the world around you. The positioning of your life puts you into a 'flow' of wealth that either showers you, barely gets you wet or passes you by entirely.

The actual interaction that allows you to become wealthy may be active - such as earning the money via your contributions to others, it may be passive - favorable connections to other people, or as is the case most often it can be a combination of the two.

Both aspects, passive and active, of a transition to wealth are true because it does require an interaction with the world around us. It's similar to meeting someone at a halfway point but knowing - somehow - which direction to start walking in which allows the meeting to occur.

When successful, it later appears as pure chance which is frustrating to anyone observing the process.

Financial wealth is one of the few things in life that individuals desire that they can measure in absolute terms yet still attach emotionally colored tags to. Our visions of a hoped-for future generally include the aspect of wealth, and looking towards the past, most of us can reflect easily and see where if we had been just to the left or right of where we were, our 'wealth outcome' could have been different one way or the other. Far from pure luck, removing the emotional barriers and positioning via the collective unconscious towards new interactions with others is a viable solution and this is how Midas Plus is designed.

Subliminal messaging is used to accomplish several important connections both on the personal and behavioral/belief levels. The individual subconscious structure is allowed to prefer states of comfort. This differs from just 'wanting to be rich' on the conscious level as many other factors may be present at the core of thinking which obscure conscious goals.

In the collective sense, our subconscious minds know where better opportunities exist in the world at large and like many other titles (#279,#293 etc.) promptings to pursue positive 'hunches' towards new opportunities for wealth can be and are programmed via the techniques common for our titles.

Midas Plus differs from wealth oriented titles already in our catalog. Whereas Capitalism(#271) draws you solely towards an urge to engage in exchange, generally resulting in a drive towards self-employment and PowerCircle(#293) draws you into social spheres that boost your surroundings on a general positive level, Midas Plus is a direct personal and collective messaging program that focuses on delivering your reality to a new spot in the flow of resources we represent with money.

The mythical figure Midas would be proud of what we've done, if not a little envious.

Sales / Commerce
Title #: 277


Drives your desire to sell while using the subconscious to direct events around you into profitable sales environments.

Time Master
Title #: 725


The name says it all. While you won't be able to travel in time or get more than 24 hours out of a day, you will manage your time better whether this is for professional purposes or in your personal life.

Title #: 770


ColdCall is designed to not only assist you in those first few moments on the phone, but also in person, via email or regular correspondence.

Value Focus
Title #: 726


This is a professional level title that is designed for those who work closely with clients to ensure that they are getting the most value from the products or services that you sell.

Productivity Fuel
Title #: 727


Productivity Fuel is scripted to give you the optimum focus on your own productivity and the productivity of those for whom you may be responsible for in a professional environment.


Owning these professionally mastered subliminally audio titles is an experience in life improvement with ease. The new behaviours just start to emerge almost automatically just by listening to the titles.


Special Opportunity To Go Behind the Scenes of Making Subliminal Audios: Find out how this technology can almost effortlessly help you transform those hard to change areas of your life. Listen to the interview at the top of this page with the man who created all the titles.


The HorseTrader Series Buyer/Seller

These are two distinct titles with different scripts for our HorseTrader series.

Title #: 730 Buyer

Gives you the extra little subliminal scripting nudge that you need to stick to your budget.

Title #: 731 Seller

Seller731 does almost the opposite and allows you to stick to your least acceptable price regardless of buyer pressure.

Ringgrabber / Fastlane
Title #: 276


A driver program to take you up the corporate ladder.

What Does It Take To Supercharge Your Corporate Career?

A subliminal program for anyone wanting to move up the corporate ladder in their company. If the teamwork and political challenge of a corporate environment is for you, then this is the ultimate subliminal career enhancement program.

If you have the ability and the confidence to do the job, but just haven't been getting noticed because of corporate politics or human dynamics, the scripting for this title is aimed at putting you in the foreground.

This is a no holes barred driver subliminal that will kick whatever you're doing into high gear without causing burn-out.

This isn't for you if you're planning to go in an entrepreneurial direction. Our Money/Capitalism addresses these needs.

This title is for you if:

•You are content and even thrilled with the corporate world and want to climb up through your department or company.

•This title also works well with HyperZone/Overdrive (#284).

This title is NOT for you if:

You are in a small company environment or are part of a partnership situation. Instead consider Money/Capitalism #271 .

Style Generator This title is currently unavailable
Title #: 717

The First Fashion Make-Over That Starts From The Inside!

We weren't all born with a sense of fashion.

Not all of us had the type of upbringing that supports the attention to detail that may be needed to become better dressed and better groomed. You may have noticed the amount of television shows that deal with 'make-overs', not just for women but for men too!

There is no doubt, especially in some professions and lifestyles that a sense of fashion is extremely important. Our clothing makes a statement about each of us that is immediately read and digested by anyone who happens to meet us for the first time.

Whether you'd like to make a better impression for personal or professional reasons, Style Generator acts as a subliminal stimulus to keep you focused on developing your own personal style - either by yourself or with the help of others.

Title #: 285


Activates 3 vital learning centers: Attention, Understanding & Memory. Study less - enjoy & retain more.

Great New Job
Title #: 297


Programs the subconscious to lead your steps in the right direction towards a new exciting career opportunity.

Title #: 298

Implants subliminal commands that will have you putting money back from each check and conserving resources with ease and pride. [Won't turn you into a scrooge.]

Success Factor
Title #: 403


Locates subconsciously the real issues (factors) that are holding you back and moves them to the forefront of your focus where you can deal with them.

What If You Knew What Was Really Holding You Back In Your Life? What is the missing Success Factor ?

What are the success factors that you're missing?

Here's what we mean by this: For every major goal you're trying to achieve, there may be one or several factors that you have to overcome. Have you ever thought that if only you could do A or B then C would follow ? Sometimes the reality may be that you need to do D or E but you don't realize it OR you wouldn't face it!

The problem is, you may be consciously missing exactly what these factors are.

Fortunately, your subconscious knows exactly what it will take on your part!

You can keep guessing, or you can re-program with Success Factor. This title acts as a spot-light in bringing to the conscious mind, bit by bit, all of the criteria that your subconscious knows must be met in order to succeed in your personal life. WARNING: If you like being self-deluded, you won't like what you find out here.

Success Factor won't bust your dreams.... It will help you realize what you need to do to get there.

Success Factor works well alone or with Event/Opportunity Attractor, and any of the other titles in our catalog as a part of a total program of radical personal change.

This title is for you if:

No matter how hard you try, it looks like there is something 'standing in your way.'

You suspect that you are 'hiding the truth' from yourself about something in your own life that is keeping you from progressing as quickly as you would like in any area.

Public Speaking
Title #: 619


Designed to make you comfortable speaking to large groups.

Night School
Title #: 240


A driver script to ensure persistence in seeking higher education as an adult.

Begin, Re-kindle (and even) Recover From Relationships & Romance

Customers who use these titles write with results that create a lot of job satisfaction for us... often the most heartwarming emails have to do with relationships - and even children coming along as a result of relationships, that are credited to our powerful work in this area. Whether you're looking for a lifetime companion or just someone special to share time with, Life Transformation Subliminal Audios has several options - including programming to make your current relationship even stronger.

Attractor / Magnet
Title #: 279


Not a seduction program. Delivers you to 'the right place at the right time'. To understand the methods employed, realize that at some level, still not fully understood, all subconsciousness has access to a larger 'mind' and knows where opportunities for the fulfillment of certain potentialities lie.

How To Find New Potential Mates By Being In The Right Place At The Right Time?

Can listening to a subliminal tape direct your steps to an event where you will meet someone special ? Yes.

This isn't one of those programs you play and are able to seduce someone. Beware of any ads that read that way. It implies you would have to keep them hostage for a long time. (We sometimes wish this technology would work this fast, but then change our minds when the misuses are considered.)

This program subconsciously directs your steps. An element of discretion is also added so you won't fall for the next person that makes a pass at you, since the program will have the effect of drawing several prospects into your sphere. This isn't the stuff one night stands are made of, but a serious enhancer for someone looking for a long term relationship with someone they share a lot in common with.

Lasting Affection/Glue
Title #: 280


The subconscious level is a great place to start if you and your current partner feel the need to grow closer or recapture passions that have started to weaken. Will not create co-dependencies.

Do You Wish Your Relationship Was As Fresh And Exciting And Your Love As Deep As When It Was New?

Once you've found a healthy relationship you will want to keep it that way.

Also useful where relationships have stood the test of time only to recently begin to unravel.

This subliminal program is meant to be used by both partners to enhance their commitment. Will not cause co-dependency.

This title is for you if:

You once adored your partner but annoying traits or other things have accumulated in the relationship.

Title #: 409


Allows you to get on with your life after the end of a relationship without having to wait for your emotions to catch up with reality. You'll actually be glad to be single again.

Boost For Men
Title #: 417

Restarts a healthy desire for the company of women. Great for older men in marriages who need to reconnect to physical intimacy with their wives.

Owning these professionally mastered subliminally audio titles is an experience in life improvement with ease. The new behaviours just start to emerge almost automatically just by listening to the titles.


Special Opportunity To Go Behind the Scenes of Making Subliminal Audios: Find out how this technology can almost effortlessly help you transform those hard to change areas of your life. Listen to the interview at the top of this page with the man who created all the titles.



Make Deep Lasting Changes In Your Attitude & Self-image

Title #: 291

One of our leading titles! Removes self-sabotage, balances self-esteem & breaks through success ceilings which may be preventing you from moving ahead in life.

Steel Nerves
Title #: 780

When many things or ANY thing (or person) makes you wish that your nerves were made of 'steel', this title is for you.

Title #: 707


This title is a unique solution in that it works to prompt you to get all of the areas of your life into order so that you can focus on the more esoteric interests that you may have but have put off exploring because of other issues which you believe are blocking you.

Going a quieter direction? Consider "Pilgrim".

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we long to have the opportunity to seek spiritual truth - wherever it may be that we find it - in fact to become a 'pilgrim' of sorts. Cultural conditioning often blocks the way to making choices that will enable you to actually do this.

If you wait, you may NEVER take the time to seek inner peace and spiritual truth. This title is a unique solution in that it works to prompt you to get all of the areas of your life into order so that you an focus on the more esoteric interests that you may have but have put off exploring because of other issues which you believe are blocking you.

Whether your own intention is to just take a few weeks off, a year or the rest of your life (or until whatever time this process is complete for you), Pilgrim will help take you there with a gentle subconscious prompting to continue to work towards ways to make this important period of your life happen.

It isn't for everyone, but if you're one of those people that have wanted for a long time to get away from the dynamics that cause stress and seek a simpler more spiritual life, this will be of great benefit. Please note this program does not attempt to impart any spiritual path or any theological stance. What is does do is to magnify this desire to the point where at last you start to actually do something about it. It applies equally to any and all religious/spiritual persuasions.

It's Okay
Title #: 716


It's okay to leave other people alone, it's okay to stay out of the affairs of others and mind your own business.

Title #: 235


Hits the 'refresh' button on your emotional self-image constructs so that the inner beliefs we have about ourselves are the ones that work. BaggageBuster turns off the noise from your past!

Fear Soaking / JumpMaster

Title #: 274


Relieves unreasonable fears and hesitation. Won't remove natural forms of fear that help you survive.

Title #: 282

Instills extreme levels of self-confidence. You'll be able to do things you couldn't before due to self-esteem/self-image issues.


Title #: 284


Throws you into high gear for getting beyond where you are and heading towards higher goals. What 276 does for a corporate career, 284 does in your personal life.

Conquer Mental & Inner Development

Vector 3
Title #: 700

There are 3 modes to the linear nature we associate with time: past, present and future. Each one of these ways of viewing our lives holds lessons.Vector 3 is scripted to include these three points more and more in your conscious thought process and to support exploration of information drawn from these three areas.

Title #: 784


Take back your life with Life Repo - the name says it all! If you believe you've lost control of your life, whether because of others or other concerns or obsessive interests, this title is for you.

Focus/Present Tense
Title #: 272


Reduce scattered impatient thinking habits and strengthen the needed resolve to finish tasks. Increases natural curiosity and interest levels where details are concerned.

TidalWave/BlissGenerator download now for free
Title #: 275

A mellow euphoria producer. Creates a sense of well being often for days at a time. Does not impair consciousness like drugs or alcohol.

Title #: 281


Generates new ideas and solutions. Brings to your conscious mind a flood of new ways of looking at common situations and enhances artistic risk taking. Also includes a driver script to help you act on these new ideas.

Dreamer/Intense Landscape
Title #: 283


Most of our titles deal with life in the waking world. This one is different! It generates intense dream states. Will not create nightmares beyond what is normal. Not for the faint of body or spirit.

Dream Ez
Title #: 720

There is another title that makes dreaming, for lack of a better word, a wild ride! [See Dreamer/Intense Landscape above]. Every now and then folks would write and ask us if we could make a subliminal dream generator that was mellow. We have! Dream Ez supports a more mellow level of dreams where the emphasis is on pleasant dreaming as opposed to intense.

Title #: 421


This title brings a new 'sense' of flow to your days and nights without breaking normal mood cycles that make us human.

Is There A Way To Make Your Days Flow Smoothly?

We all have cycles and trying to avoid them, believe it or not, takes a lot of the variety and spice out of life. You have to look no further than the unfortunate victims of modern, almost experimental psychiatric drugs to see friends and family members who have risen from manic-depressive states only to exhibit just a fraction of the personality they had before medication.

Keeping this in mind, that cycles of 'feelings' and behaviors are natural, there is still a lot of room for balancing out those days when you're so euphoric that you almost can't function from those days when it's hard to get out of bed. And we aren't talking about clinical depression either, just an increase in flow, both creative & functional, for the average person.

Planning your tasks, doing them with a sense of focus and following up on important closing details is a key to what makes DayFlow so unique, along with special subliminal programming aspects that address deeply held negative beliefs about how things could be (better) and what the chances are for 'getting it together' on a daily basis.

DayFlow (#421) creates a mental environment that allows you to act upon a more prepared set of responses to the world around you while giving you a more seamless flow from one part of your reality to the next. This is the ONLY product like this we know of!

This title is for you if:

-You'd like to just 'feel better' as your day goes by.

-You've grown weary of snags, delays and other glitches that, when considered, may be due to your lack of preparation and forethought.

-It seems like you're being yanked from one completely different mindset to another each day and this is causing 'holes' in your personality/viewpoint.

Owning these professionally mastered subliminally audio titles is an experience in life improvement with ease. The new behaviours just start to emerge almost automatically just by listening to the titles.


Special Opportunity To Go Behind the Scenes of Making Subliminal Audios: Find out how this technology can almost effortlessly help you transform those hard to change areas of your life. Listen to the interview at the top of this page with the man who created all the titles.

Title #: 441


A revolutionary program bringing out 3 timeless qualities: Serenity, Courage & Wisdom. Based on the content of the famous serenity prayer.

Title #: 480


Stop waging war on your self. InnerTruce allows you to come into 'good standing' with yourself, increasing self-forgiveness and self-respect.

Left-Brain Hemispheric Activator
Title #: 611


For highly artistic folks who need to acquire an additional thinking mode to connect them to the everyday world.

Right-Brain Hemispheric Activator
Title #: 612


Opposite of 611. If you believe you're so practical that you can't be creative or intuitive, this title is for you.[*Both 611 & 612 include title 610 for after programming balancing.]

Title #: 710


Just as the name implies, designed to eliminate mental distortions about reality/the world around you.

Clarity is defined as:

1. Clearness of appearance: the clarity of the mountain air.

2. Clearness of thought or style; lucidity: writes with clarity and perception.

We'd love to be able to package the first definition for you but we can't. Achieving the second definition however, may bring you closer to the first or any other positive change you'd like to see happening in your life.

Clarity is a mind that understands a truer perception of input about the world around it. Having clarity of mind is essential not only for improving your life, but know WHAT to improve about your life and where to start.

In scripting this title, we looked hard at the obstacles and 'smoke & mirrors' connected to its opposite, confusion and false premise. The remarkable stories that the conscious mind will construct to explain situations regardless of validity can be compared to using a map of Detroit to find a house in Miami. Things don't match when clarity is not present as a mental quality, therefore any decision is likely to be swayed by 'facts' that are either not relevant, or not even real.

When you understand input from the world around you with a new depth and detachment (detachment here meaning the avoidance of constructing stories and random lines of reasoning to reach a conclusion) then clarity emerges not as an object in itself, but as a lack of confusion and self-delusion.

If you like being self-deluded about any number of things and have no desire to see your life for what it may really be, then this title isn't for you. But if you're weary of 'using the wrong map', it's the tool you need to rid yourself of this common mental miscue that prevents so many people from understanding their realities well enough to make decisions free of illusion.

Other titles that go well with this one:

SaboClear | Focus/PresentTense | Confidex/LionMind

Om Nama Shivaya
Title #: 899


Something new! Implants on the subconscious level this well known mantra used by many meditators. You should still meditate as usual using this title - the subconscious enhancement occurs deep in your mind on the vibrational level.

Compassion Generator
Title #: 777


Develops universal life compassion starting at the subconscious level and then working into day to day life.



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