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The Key, the Magical Star Talisman.

privacy policy: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn who produces all the Elprehzleinn websites has a long standing policy of not collecting or storing personal data on my websites or even when I interact personally with people. I don't even keep e-mails that people send me. The only data collected is when you give it by your consent to signing up for the blog post notifications. In that case the data which is your e-mail address is kept by Google Feedburner. Not even your name is associated with it, just your e-mail and that is used only to notify you when a new post is made to my blog and you can unsubscribe to that at any time. I was told through "channeling" in the early to mid nineties that computers would try to take over the world but would be glitched in their attempts to do so. I have therefore always sensed that collecting and keeping personal data is something that as a website that supports spiritual beings it was not a good idea to do so. I do think it is a good thing that several large scale initiatives have been launched in the world to protect privacy. Even services that I used to use that did keep some data about people that purchased products from me has long ago been deleted and is no longer in use. I don't even use the Google Analytics service anymore. When you visit my website you are anonymous and if you want to be known by me you would have to contact me using social media or my contact form. And even then I wouldn't store any data about you unless we made a personal connection and then I might keep your contact information as long as we were talking or working together. I think that recent global initiatives advocating more transparent and consent based privacy policies are a huge and provocative issue that I am watching and feeling into closely as I have known about this and practiced extreme privacy for my site visitors long before privacy was even an issue. Our main website is Elprehzleinn.ca and we refer you there to the bottom of that home page for our full privacy disclosure. Elprehzleinn means: "Where Excellence Is Just The Way It Is".

Our main website is Elprehzleinn.ca and we refer you there to the bottom of that home page for our full privacy disclosure.

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do." J.P. Morgan


Destiny card and love card reading can play and important role in your experience of our full system for Life Transformation which starts with the Empowerment Script. The "little book of 7 Thunders" refers to the name of the card deck or "book" based on a legendary system from Lemuria and later ancient Atlantis.


Things people say about cards

Your destiny is your choice with your Higher Self and Most Brilliant Future Self.


If you are interested in having JoreJj look into your destiny cards then please contact him directly as currently the online ordering is not being offered. Click here for JoreJj's contact page.


Looking forward to working with you with these extraordinarily effective and powerful destiny card and astrology tools and our Elprehzleinn brand of excellence in doing this with you. - JoreJj



What is destiny? Fate? Our high quality card and astrology readings can greatly benefit your life. Is love in the cards? Is money in the cards?


Sessions are currently on pay by donation basis. $200 for the first session, however long it takes, $120 for subsequent sessions. My readings are incredible. All people who have had them love my readings. Pay by donation means you can determine if the suggested amount is too low or too high or just right for you based on your personal, current financial situation. What is most important is that if you want a reading your are going to have to contact me and let me know! Go to https://Elprehzleinn.ca to do that. I love doing this work and I expect to have fun and I always intend that our higher selves are present, and asked for help, and that the reading is with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. I also call on the Order of the Magi for help, whenever I do astrology.


"Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident." Carl Jung



Archangel Zadkiel, Planet Jupiter

For your financial gain and all manner of benevolence in your life our most recommended card and astrology reading is the "Focus on Jupiter" session.


the planet Jupiter
picture of the planet Jupiter

Focus on Jupiter

What happens when you order this report is that we arrange a time to meet with you and in some cases it may take more than one session over phone or Skype and we go into elaborate detail regarding charting and working with the influence of Jupiter in your personal life and how to and how you can focus on Jupiter to greatly increase your financial gains through spiritual means as well as to attract much much more benevolence in all the areas of your life and especially in the areas of your life purpose and higher purpose and what you are born to achieve.


What is Jupiter? Where is Jupiter? The pictures of Jupiter and the facts about Jupiter that are really important for your financial funds and the relation of making money to your higher purpose, your life purpose in this lifetime are probably facts about Jupiter that you may not yet know. Ganymede is the largest moon of Jupiter.



Venus and Jupiter are called "benefics" in traditional Astrology and Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek God Zeus. In astrology the planet that brings only benevolence especially in the area of finances is Jupiter.



Why is Jupiter so important to your financial success and your ability to attract the kind of luck and fortune that is considered purely benevolent? Because in life you attract what you focus on. And focusing on the planet that symbolizes and literally shows the way and places and lights up the life path areas and the life arenas where YOU will and can make the most money is important to you.



We think so.



Click here to contact JoreJj if you would like to arrange for this session for yourself. This can also be done for people that are together.



The focus on Jupiter session is so grand, so big, so fitting of it's namesake that during your time with us we will discover with you and show you how to know exactly where Jupiter's influence is in your entire life, and each year, and right now. Meaning where if you focus you can realize the greatest financial and other gains.



This is possibly the single greatest thing you can do to spiritually energize the practical and tangible manifestation of your higher purpose and the ways you can make money in life doing it and following it.




This is our most exquisite and wonderful and comprehensive product in our entire line of destiny related products and services. Jupiter is the "grand benefic" the "guru" planet that can bring enlightenment to your higher path to your most benevolent outcomes in this lifetime with the maximum financial gains. This session is designed to help you fully tap into your relationship with Jupiter from now on with spectacular results the kind only Jupiter can bring.


Jupiter himself is a Roman god of thunder and lightning



-Thor, the God of Storm and Lightning, is strongly linked with Jupiter magic. The day of Jupiter, Thursday, originates from Thor’s Day.



Click here to contact JoreJj if you would like to arrange for this session for yourself. This can also be done for people that are together.




Restore your life to full power!



"I did read my Destiny report and I have to say it's exactly what I needed right now. It gives me hope and lets me know that things are going to be looking up. You have no idea how reassuring that is right now. The Destiny Card system seems like it has alot of similarities with numerology, I found it completely interesting! K.L. "



The ancient system of Destiny Cards is believed to have originated from legendary Atlantis according to Olney Richmond. On the continent of Atlantis it is said there were two rivers forming a cross and in the four lands divided by the rivers were four kingdoms. Four Kings and four Queens, and from these kingdoms the cards we know today are the same that were used for much more than games. They were used to understand the game of life itself, a grand calendar of our destiny and how to live a most fortunate life. The secret of these cards has been kept for over 20,000 years, long before Tarot Cards, long before Ancient Egypt. This knowledge is only for those seekers of truth who are willing to look and adventure where others fear to tread. Great treasure and riches can be obtained with this knowledge of self and your life and the lives of those around you.



Job 38:31
"Can you catch the eye of the beautiful Pleiades sisters, or distract Orion from his hunt? Can you get Venus to look your way, or get the Great Bear and her cubs to come out and play? Do you know the first thing about the sky's constellations and how they affect things on Earth?

Up until about 100 years ago the 100% accurate system and knowledge of using regular playing cards to predict the events and circumstances of your life was hidden by a secret society called the Order of the Magi. This information comes from the man (Olney Richardson) who was a Grand Master of this order when he released the information to the public in a little known book in the late 18th Century. He claims that the system originated before ancient Egpyt. With this system you can predict the future events in your life, heal your past, vastly improve your relationships and financial life, and know yourself much better.


"pretium arbitrii libery est nullam destinationem habere-
the price of free will is having no destiny"



"I feel like Alice in Wonderland and I just fell down the rabbit hole and now here you are opening all these doors for me and there's the queen and kings and all these cards come to life all around me."



"Hi JoreJj,
I want to thank you for the very extensive material that was covered in my destiny report. I can see how my life had been revolving around certain influences, some good, some not so good. Now, I am being reminded that I can affect a change in those influences that no longer serve my greater purpose. I am thinking a lot harder now, with more intention. I had been awash, letting the currents take me to unsafe places. I was unable to even find a branch to catch and hold onto to prevent me from falling downstream or worse, over the falls.

They say that when the student is ready, a teacher will appear. Thanks for the appearance!!

with gratitude and love,"


You can choose the reality you want to have. So what about destiny, fate, and your fortune? Handle it by accepting that paradox is part of how it all works together. AND you can consciously choose to have your fate, fortune, and destiny come into alignment with what you consciously choose for your life. I set that up recently for my own life. WOW!



Higher Self, Soul and Spirit, Most brilliant and positive future self, Love Itself, perhaps other "unseen friends" all can be consulted and asked to join in to help you align your destiny, karma, fate, and fortune with what you consciously choose for your life to be. I am happy to help also, with the destiny tools I have, and also with ClearTalk and the Life Transformation System A-Z program. If you want to do it you can. I am just saying I did it recently and it is amazing. Commanding destiny in the name of Love Itself with the help of all those mentioned, to come into alignment with the conscious reality I set forth using ClearTalk. Feeling all those forces coming into alignment and taking effect in my everyday life is astounding and amazing and truly fun in the most profoundly personal ways. I am really pleased to share how to do this if you want just ask.



Working the Wyrd on your behalf and helping you to do so. The "Wyrd" is the wonderful Celtic magic word that describes the workings of fate, fortune, and destiny. Wyrd includes the consciousness that you can work with these powerful forces. You can re-shape the forces that shape your life and the people, events, and circumstances within them.



I can greatly assist you in becoming aware of all this and working it for your great benefit according to your choice and freedom.


You can get in touch with me through my home page, or send me an e-mail.



My name is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn.

In 2002 an eighty year old lady told me about a system of using regular playing cards to find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of any person -including my self - based only on the month and day of birth.



The idea that my life is controlled or destined by fate or karma based simply on one date that I am born seemed to me to go against my own freedom of expression as a spiritual being.



In my life I imagined to be free to do and be and have whatever I want. To enjoy life. I did not really like the idea that I am pre-destined by some kind of karma to actually follow a certain soul path in this lifetime.



Despite my difficulty accepting her direction to look at these destiny cards I did look. What I saw made me look again and again. (continued below)


The Destiny Card system is an ancient method based on the symbolic meaning of regular playing cards. The planets are also used.



Now several years later, and combined with my existing training in religion, psychology, astrology, and life success coaching I can tell you that using this system together with the Life Transformation System A-Z has helped me to live better and feel better than anything I ever got involved with.



I studied the basic books on these cards written by Robert Lee Camp who to my knowledge is the current master of the Order of the Magi which has been passed down from master to master since before ancient Egypt. He created the modern masterpieces: "Love Cards", and "Destiny Cards". I took out an ad in the newspaper, "free destiny card readings" so that I could test with other people what I was finding out about myself by giving them readings.



I discovered the truth about me that I had experienced in my life but never understood until the card readings explained what was happening. Whether I liked it or not I discovered the truth about my life. I cried sometimes. Other times I was so high with joy. To find the answers to understanding practical things about myself that had bothered me or that I knew about yet could not find the words to express or know what to do.



In the destiny cards I was able to see the future events and dates and predict the energies and people and events with enough accuracy that it was very useful to steer me safely through difficult times and make the most of my good times.



I made money closing business deals because I knew I was in a good time for that I pushed harder and it came through.



I was given a warning in advance when difficulties lay in my path and exactly the day they would stop and how to turn them into positive growth or at least handle them safely and with a good attitude.



I learned so much about other people that all my relationships including long term relationships dramatically improved. Now I could understand the people that I loved and related to so much better and understand how to be with them more joyfully and harmoniously.



I learned to accept myself and know myself no matter what other people think of me.



All my life people told me things about myself like, "you are too much in your head", or various other things indicating that my mind and mental activity is very intense.



In the Destiny Cards I found out that is normal for me to have mental gifts, and not a bad thing as others had led me to believe. I was angry at them, I cried to release the pain, I was happy to know at last what was happening and how to handle it. To know how I had been treated and to know how I just kept being me anyways and yet how I had also stopped being me. I was dramatically healed with the knowledge and wisdom the destiny cards brought to me.



You can get your own Destiny Life Report, or a Relationship Report between you and another person AND /OR a personal session with JoreJj. You can experience and enjoy this extraordinary system applied to your life personally. The left side panel on this page gives you links to see sample reports and to get your own.



"Hi JoreJj...just a little note on the reading you did for me last week...I think you mentioned that I was entering a significant destiny period?...well on Wednesday I was offered a job that exceeded my wildest dreams...working for the people who manage Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins....heading their new corporate division...whith the possibility to train as a personal development coach and travel the world!!!! Simply amazing...so I just wanted to tell you that...you were very spot on...
Cheers Dears, "



The healing wisdom about my life that was hidden from me is just one thing I learned about myself when I found out my cards. I learned how to completely handle one of the most troubling and difficult things that occured again and again in my life.



I turned it into a great strength.



We have the ability to read your cards today and give you these kinds of quality insights. Or better yet you can get your own Destiny Report now by following the links in the left hand panel on this page. And then you can see for yourself the cards and their interpretations for the most important influences in your life.



If you choose to have us look at your cards for you in a private session we will combine intuitive loving support for your goals and dreams to come true with the knowledge the destiny analysis gives you in a session that will better equip you to live your life.



The private session is given only upon approval and is called a Destiny Analysis.



Your session is handled personally by me (JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn) or one of my associates depending on who is best for your situation for your highest good. We only work with those we feel guided to so therefore you and we must decide if this is the thing to do. However all are welcome to order and receive any of the personalized destiny reports that we make for available for you on this page.


Once we receive your order /request for a Destiny Analysis private session we will contact you usually within 2-48 hours to make an appointment to do this for you if it is correct to do so.



"Your chart was one of the best i ever had, even better than the astrologer I had a thing for."


We can also look up the cards of people in your life to read the relationship and look ahead to predict your future and help you plan. This is confirmed by reading the cards of your past and showing you how the system was able to predict things in your past.



To see the genuine course of all events also try our Affirmation for Absolute Attunement




Peace, Joy, Love,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn



Restore your life to full power!

Lord Lakulish in the temple at Kayavarohan

CLICK HERE to listen to the recording of a teleseminar on which I invited Robert Lee Camp who is the current Master of the Order of the Magi on Terra to visit with me. During the teleseminar we discussed Lord Lakulish who is depicted in the photo of the statue above.


The photo from the temple in Kayavarohan where the statue of Lord Lakulish resides. The temple was built due to extraordinary life experiences that Swami Kripalvanandaji had with his guru, who is Lord Lakulish. Swami Kripalu and Lakulish are the inspiration for the Kripalu Yoga Center in the USA. Om Namo Bhagavate Namaha.


"Om is a seed sound for the sixth, or brow, chakra and is the name of the state of existence in which the Indweller (jiva, atman, or soul) has united with the spirit of the all-pervading consciousness.


Namo here means name.


Bhagavate is one who is becoming divine.


Vasudevaya is "the Indweller".


A 'fairly' literal translation would be: "Om and salutations to the Indwelling One, substance of the Divine."

taken from "Sacral Web"


Definition of Wyrd from the Urban Dictionary: The web of cause-and-effect that permeates the universe. The Germanic/North European equivalent of karma. Not to be understood as an externally-controlling fate but rather as the natural consequences of one's own actions; each person shapes their own wyrd. There are also family wyrd and national wyrd, which are shaped by the actions of the group as a whole. Wyrd, therefore, does not control our lives, it just responds to our own actions according to orlog, the fundamental law that governs the workings of our world.

read the disclaimer



This page provides personalized reports and sessions with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn that can enlighten you in profound and extremely helpful ways.

Please note: Any being in a body that enrolls in the optional full package I offer beautifully at Magical Mind Power is entitled to receive my complete destiny card reading services and reports. All included in that full package, along with everything else.I highly recommend that package. Click here to get it.





"A short destiny card reading with you was more helpful than hours of counseling. There was something about the way that you do the reading that makes it different."



"JoreJj, I have gotten the destiny card reading and it is accurately profound."



In addition to the personal Destiny Analysis session that you can receive on the phone there are beautiful, detailed, customized PDF reports that you can receive via internet download and read privately:



Your Life Report

download an example
life report now




Your Year Report

download an example
yearly report now

If you want this report AND /OR a session with JoreJj just get in touch with JoreJj and we can arrange it.



Focus on Jupiter Report
this is a private session to discover your Jupiter Sign and your Transiting Jupiter and your Jupiter Cards and to show you how to focus on Jupiter for financial and other blessings.

If you want this session just get in touch with JoreJj and we can arrange it.

Planet Jupiter

download a
sample report

Love Report for the relationship between you and one other person. You can usually find out at least one thing that provides the answer to help you understand this relationship better. You can look up an intimate, friend, or business relationship. This is excellent. I do not even do anything with a new person without looking this information up between me and the other person.



If you want this report AND /OR a session with JoreJj just make a contribution and get in touch with JoreJj and we can arrange it.



"YEs...it is true....we felt love at first sight and we are best friends and we felt a strong attraction early....people think we are just crazy...but this confirms that we felt the familiarity...like we already knew each other...LOL"



"Dear JoreJj,

I received your report and it's amazing how the things on it describes exactly the way we think about our relationship.
We're going to sit down together to talk about this report. They are
many answers we're looking for. Now, I understand why I did certain
things and why he is so important to me.
I thank you very much for sending me this report."



Your Most Important Relationships Reports $127. This is the awesome, extremely valuable, ten individual relationship reports between you and the ten most important people in your life. Your boss, lover, friend, teacher, children. You choose who and we run the report. Absolutely mind blowing and extremely helpful.

e-mail me if you would like this one.


"Hello JoreJj, I wanted to send a note thanking you for the 10 Destiny card readings. They really are quite amazing – for one, they were accurate in citing ways that my relationships have until now played out, but what the cards gave me most is the insight to see what each relationship has the possibility of playing out. My seeing the relationship with a fresh, new vision is quite a gift and will warrant some consideration so the readings give me plenty to work with!

I really like that angle, that the cards put an embraceable spin on what the possibility of any relationship might hold. Shoot, you could offer these readings to those who want to better their relationships with their “enemies” so to speak! Anyway, this is how the readings have thus far been most useful for me and wow, thank you."

"I would be totally confused if I did not know what you told me in the destiny analysis before it happened. Now I know because you read the cards first and right when I got home it happened just like you said and I knew what to expect. The destiny analysis gave me confidence that things will work out all right."



"I used to wish that each new person that I met in life would come with an instruction manual to guide me on why we have met and what we are supposed to do together. I have heard about soul contracts and so I figured we ought to have them written out. After decades of wishing my dream came true when I saw my first destiny card report printed out clearly in explicit detail explaining the core terms of my karmic relationship with each person in my life. This is so valuable I can relax and enjoy people so much better since I know the hidden and driving forces in our relationship."
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn



"Thank you very kindly JoreJj. More power to the work you do!
The destiny report was really right on the money...esp. about K. being the leader in the relationship..I really like it when he is the leader because I become in touch with who I really am which is being in touch with my feminine side, this truly is my element.. funny that my card means light bearer..because my name meant exactly that."




"JoreJj– I’ve started reading through these reports and am blown away by how accurate the information is!!"



"Dear JoreJj, Thank you so very much for sending me the Destiny Reports I ordered. I have studied them extensilvely since receiving them and I am quite literally amazed. Each one, the Destiny Life Report, the Yearly Destiny Life Report, and the Destiny Relationship Report has provided me with so much insight and invaluable information about myself and my relationship! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for having made the descision to go ahead and order these reports from you. I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future! Keep up the great work you do! "



Yes, I am enjoying the reports. They are right on the mark. Reading the
reports has really helped me appreciate myself and my abilities.