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Focus Your Mind on Happiness. Materialize the Best of All that You Desire, Imagine, and Expect In Harmony with Absolute Knowing. Get This Ultimate Prayer Power Affirmation And Memorize It To Concentrate on Success and Thus Attain Excellent Results.

"You know JoreJj I know by heart that Invocative Affirmation & I have memorized it & you won't believe I am getting good results from it, I am so very happy. Life was not like this before as it is now, all credit goes to you, thanks & love, god bless, money exercise I am doing everday. wow !"

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"Jera" ruin meaning - Jera is associated with the harvest; with the rewards of efforts diligently applied and purposefully acted.  Rune of harvest and reward for, or reaction to, right actions in a horizontal (naturally ordered) cyclical process. Rune of peace on the land and in the heart.

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"The power of thoughts is real and we must learn to use it
positively. The future holds the promise of our destiny. We can
have a foretaste of it and live in its reality in advance, by
projecting an image of it in our imagination.
Positive thinking by the means of imagination becomes
an effective exercise, capable of transforming our entire life."
from a Kheops International brochure


"Oh JoreJj, I feel so positive and open. Good things are happening. I want to thank you for all your wonderfulness. I have art projects forming in my head again!! this is a real sign of breaking free for me. Thank you so much for encouraging this".

"I must say, it is fully evident that the Invocative Affirmation is truly inspired, absolutely."

"The Invocative Affirmation is unlike anything -short of the Lords Prayer, that I have ever come across.".

"I have used this positive thinking affirmation for over ten years. I can testify that it works. By doing this affirmation I attracted a system of knowledge that helped me accurately predict major events in my life last year. It was a very challenging and even dangerous year perhaps the most in my life and with this knowledge of the future I was able to make the correct choices and steer my way through the challenges and dangers so in some ways it became my most successful year ever. Now I am using the knowledge to look ahead into this next year with even more confidence because I know how well this works. This is just one thing that the Invocative Affirmation has helped me with there is much more. It is amazing how one affirmation correctly worded can be so helpful."

" Just thought I would drop a line to confirm how well the affirmation works. Two days after I started, I got offered the teaching position I was seeking and the employer offered to pay for my masters degree. Pretty amazing don't you think? Thank you JoreJj for putting it all together for me."


What if you could generate the most positive thoughts and hold them steady while you improve your focus and concentration at the same time as manifesting success with thought power? If you memorize a few simple words of positive affirmation, that once memorized, open up your ability to know your own future and have the answer to any question or situation you can have it all.

Improve your mind powers while you program yourself with this super positive thinking affirmation to get you knowledge empowered by the loving presence of a guiding force so powerful as to assure your ultimate success and happiness in all things.

What if you could be in harmony with the highest intelligence, and be in harmony in all your relationships? Are those benefits you would like to enjoy more often and more abundantly?

If you can memorize, I have these magical, super powerful 263 words of affirmation for you; I call them the, "Invocative Affirmation™".

These 263 words are precisely chosen, and carefully arranged, to produce a psychological and biochemical effect as deep as any subliminal affirmation that will release your power to know the future, and much more, almost instantly, as soon as you begin memorizing the words.

Think of the value of knowing the future! I use this myself everyday for more than 12 years. I don't actually say the affirmation everyday since once it is memorized it is only necessary to say it internally as often as it takes to keep it memorized. What I mean is that I use what it gives me, everyday. I get benefits from it everyday. It sits in my unconscious mind, working for me to be successful in life in the deepest ways.

"This affirmation when memorized is so effective that you might find it hard to even understand what is happening. For example I recently did some work helping a client to upgrade his website to digital delivery (he was mailing out CD's) I had prepared for this one year in advance, because I knew it was coming! When you really know about the future, it changes what you do in the present moment, your whole life changes. Another thing that happened is that I bought winter clothes for myself, even though I was living in warm climate. I even kept one sweater for ten years. Then I moved to a cold climate and each piece of those clothes was absolutely essential to make this move even possible. (and comfortable). Time and time again, I find that I have prepared myself in advance for a future event that I did not know about until arrived and I could see in my preparations, that I did know about it.

This affirmation is so effective that very few people have ever been attracted to use it, it just too scary. Most people I think do not really want to know the future, or don't understand what knowing the future is really like. And that is just one of the benefits of this all powerful affimation. It will improve your love life in the deepest ways. And it works wonderfully in harmony with the Life Transformation Formula to guide all of your manifestations and make sure they are coming from the highest place."


The price of your time and efforts to memorize this is a small fraction of the value that I expect that you will have returned to you by working with this Invocative Affirmation for success. It gives you the power to tune in to deep quality intuitive information whenever you need to. It is better than having your own personal intuitive or psychic counselor. I expect that you will feel your own connection with the future and more in a superpowerful way as you work with the Invocative Affirmation.

"The Affirmative Invocation is fabulous."

"I resonate so strongly with the words of the Invocative Affirmation that It feels like I am drawing sacred light and wisdom into my beingness as I recite the words. Many Thanks."

Two version of the Invocative Affirmation are available for download now. You choose the one that you prefer. One has additional words to bring about the best relationships in life, along with the other benefits.


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This affirmation for empowerment is not available anywhere else. It was specifically channeled for me personally in 1991 and to share with you or anyone I choose to share it with. Since then I have revised it once, in 2003, and it is now even more wonderful and absolutely powerful. It is not just a grouping of words, or a form of a prayer.

This Invocative Affirmation is an encouraging affirmation which is a piece of futuristic technology that will work to empower you to see into the future, and feel the great love that is there for you personally. All you have to do, is memorize it. And of course, you need the words, so place your order today.

"Hi JoreJj!

I am so glad you sent me this email. Results result results! Yes, I have experienced a whole shift in my life. Now suddenly things are presented to me BEFORE they happen. From something as small to witnessing a car accident in my rear view mirror which allowed me to escape with only seconds to react to this website that found me with predictions of a serious earthquake in San Francisco (I live in the Bay Area!). I would have never even taken the time to take such a website seriously however now my inner voice is shouting at me when I need to put my attention at something! I have never experienced this before. Through out my day they just keep appearing to me BEFORE the actual event that is to take place! I first memorized the Affirmation and then I started to stay it after I first say,” In the universe my future is blurry. I pray to god to guide me. In my own universe...say affirmation) Just as you suggested. This is such a new experience for me. My inner voice has turned up the volume full blast! My life has completely changed in such a short amount of time!! It’s not like you can talk to many people about this! Have you ever considered a message board for people who have bought The Life Transformation Formula?

Peace to you,