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note from JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn about this F.A.Q.


This deeply thoughtful F.A.Q. based on a huge personal experience was written by the brilliant and kind and caring humanitarian man who created and produced all the subliminal audios in the Elprehzleinn library. He used to run his own internet company selling them. I bought A LOT of his programs and eventually got to know him and helped him with his business. When he moved on to other things, he allowed me to publish and share his work which I have found to be absolutely effective in my own personal life and still use the audios more than ten years later. I have one on right now in fact. In this F.A.Q. which he wrote while he still had his own business I replaced his reference to his business like this:

"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003"




Subliminal Audio

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Is it possible to reverse the effects of subliminal programming?


It's impossible to answer the question with a simple yes or no because it depends upon the situation, so I will discuss some possibilities and you can draw your own conclusions.


Let's say that you've used Ringgrabber/FastLane (#276). This was developed for people wanting to move ahead in a corporate environment. It will provide the drive that will take a person towards new opportunities. Once they've reached their initial goal and are aware of it being stable, they can make other choices as to how they may pace themselves for future objectives.


Now let's say that you've programmed using #101, which causes you to drop pounds... but the actual reason that happens is it makes greasy and processed foods seem horrible... #101 causes a preference for fresh foods.Once this is integrated as a habit it is more likely to remain a habit than if the preferences were the same but the habit of a new diet was forced.


In either case, if the original source of the problems returns it's possible you may need to reprogram again. But at least at this point you have the ability to know WHAT to do.


There really aren't titles that NEED reversing in the sense that most of them solve problems you would NEVER want back once they're cleared up.


In the case of creating a situation like a new job, new mate, and so forth (you may want to read more on our FAQ pages about how we do this) you STILL always have a choice. If you program yourself for a certain type of job and get it, you can quit and still make choices.


The last part of my answer is this. Once you take a certain course in a certain direction in life, whether using subliminal technology to boost that progress or not, you really cannot go back. We pass this way once and you can't live the same life to see what would have happened IF you hadn't tried _______, hadn't prayed, hadn't hoped, hadn't pushed through or whatever you see as a possible turning point once you look back.


You do have a choice at all times, but you only get to choose once each day.



Question: Is it illegal (in the United States) to subject someone to subliminal messages without their knowledge?


This question was submitted by someone in retail (in another country) who had an interest in boosting sales and reducing theft in their store.

As far as we know, it isn't against the law to expose an unknowing public to these suggestions directly. However, during the 'subliminal scare' of the 1950's, broadcasters became the target of investigations regarding subliminal content. While we're not sure as to the EXACT legal status for broadcasting subliminal content, it is generally considered both illegal and unethical (more about ethics in a moment) to broadcast content that has been specifically designed this way on the subliminal level. That doesn't mean it isn't done however. This article will cover three types of subliminal messaging, how they're used and what you MAY be getting exposed to on a daily basis every time you sit down and pick up your remote control.



Subliminal communications depends on the peripheral/subconscious detection by one or more of the senses. In broadcasting, this means either sight or sound. Visual subliminal content can be easily detected if we're talking about inserting frames with pictures or written words which flash by too quickly to be seen consciously. This can be done since film travels at 24 frames per second and video at 30. One or two frames go by far too quickly to be seen while passing. However, with the advent of consumer video players, the machine can be slowed down by the user and the content found. This alone is enough of a safeguard to keep broadcasters from using this method.

Other visual subliminal suggestions are used all the time by broadcasters but these are of a metaphorical nature. For instance, while a frame of messaging that says "buy our product" may be too direct to get away with, the visual composition and selection consciously seen content CAN influence a person at a subliminal level they may not notice. An example of this would be a menswear ad from several years ago that included a bikini-clad model walking away at the end of the commercial with a man. Two seconds after the back of her bikini bottom came into the center of the frame, the name of the clothing company just happened to appear over this area.

Most broadcasters and legal experts would not consider this to be a use of subliminal communication. It's just a clever ad to most people who notice it. But it exists in a gray area in the same way that body language, phrasing of speech and other 'message packaging' may be considered to operate and influence on the subliminal level.


Audio content is another matter entirely. This is because once audio has been mixed containing subliminal content it is almost impossible to detect or tear apart. While video or film can be slowed to reveal something hidden, audio exists not in time but in relative volume levels. You may think that you can use a graphic equalizer to 'mix out' the subliminal content, but if the content is buried properly, it's extremely difficult to do unless you have access to the original master tape, which the public doesn't.



And in most cases, the broadcaster doesn't either. Commercials come from production companies, especially for national campaigns, who have been contracted by ad agencies. So once the broadcaster has the commercial, even they cannot be certain of any potentially subliminal message which may be contained in what they're broadcasting.


Despite any legal mandate that broadcasters ensure the public isn't exposed to subliminal content, neither the broadcaster nor local law enforcement can determine whether audio has anything buried beneath conscious threshold. Any laws made concerning audio content are almost impossible to enforce for this reason. This is why, after 40 years of application of the technology, you may safely assume that you ARE being exposed to at least some subliminal content from audio sources every time you hear a broadcast.


You may ask why an ad agency or production company and their associated clients would bother to apply a technology that has, over the years, drawn so many comparisons to snake oil in the media and from 'expose' types of journalism. While there may be hundreds of agencies that rely solely on the creativity of what you consciously take in, subliminal messaging has been around long enough to cross the minds of countless professionals whose livelihood depends on the success of a single ad campaign. This can lead to anything from their experimentation with subliminal messages to all out inclusion of subliminal messaging, covertly of course, in every campaign.



While an unknown number of pitch-men are driving you to run to the mall, what's happening once you get inside and start browsing the aisles?


"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" has had several inquiries from retailers regarding both sales boosting and theft prevention programming. Retailers are like advertisers in that they don't openly flaunt any subliminal techniques they're using in their stores. But the amount of requests we've gotten are enough to tell us that for everyone who wants subliminal programming piped over their store speakers, there are others who already have it. Especially during the Christmas season, retailers are using a variety of methods to cap off the annual sales figures. Because most subliminal providers are less expensive than any other form of outside advertising, the prospect is both attractive and beneficial enough to warrant close consideration.



Finally, we come to the prospect of individuals exposing persons to subliminal programming without their knowledge, either for the good of the person being secretly programmed or for the benefit of the 'programmer'. We regularly get requests for 'seduction programs' (which we don't sell) and if you look on the net you'll find companies willing to provide them.


Sometimes, it's something simple such as just wanting a family member to alter their behavior in order to avoid personal disaster. Other uses can be extremely coercive. At any rate, we can't determine how a product will be used once it leaves us, so we don't actually know how many people are using "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" products to influence people without their knowledge. As you may know if you've read much of the material on our website, the fact that subliminal programming works at all means it will work on anyone. We make it a point to educate our customers as to the reality of accidental programming because it happens. Anyone who is listening to a title with the same frequency as someone listening intentionally WILL ALSO be effected to THE SAME DEGREE. Subliminal programming requires NO belief, OR intention on the part of the subject. If it did, none of the above scenarios would even be discussed. The original entry of this technology into the public consciousness (the flashing "eat popcorn" messages on the movie screen in the 1950's), although considered by some to be the stuff of modern urban legend, counted entirely on it's covert nature and had nothing to do with the intentions of the subjects being programmed.


While broadcasters aren't supposed to be filling your head with subliminal messages on the public airwaves (whether cable counts as a public medium has always been in dispute) and retailers are pretty much free from any legislation that would stop them from doing it, individuals who choose to do so are still pretty much living in the wild west, where the long arm of the law has yet to reach.



There is no easy answer in considering the ethics behind such programming. If this were an open and shut case we could easily say that no one should be exposed to something as powerful as subliminal influence without their consent. But there are several degrees of subliminal persuasion, so where is the line to be drawn?


Are all commercials to be delivered in deadpan monotone by pitch men lacking any hint of body language or facial animation?


Does a parent or loved one have the right to use subliminal programming to assist in turning a family member against a vice that is destroying the family?


Lack of ability to monitor where programming is used and measure the exact time and date that it begins to have an effect make the issue nothing but murkier. It's even possible people have had major life changes without EVER knowing why. Whether it's the consumer who chooses one toothpaste over another, the borderline thief who avoids prison because of a retailer who implemented subliminal theft prevention or a spouse who suddenly decides to give their marriage one more try, the effects of subliminal persuasion, like the technology itself, are powerful but unseen.



Will FearSoaking/JumpMaster help me face the fear of a medical operation?

MAILBOX: QUESTION OF THE MONTH - "I'm having an operation soon and I'm terrified. Do you have any programs that would help?"

This is a good question that's come over the wires several times now. We produce a title called FearSoaking/JumpMaster that deals with fear reduction. The focus is to circumvent 'unreasonable' fear.

But when we get questions about fear of medical procedures it falls into another area. It's only natural that certain things in life produce a reasonable amount of apprehension. This is one of them. While it can become debilitating through magnification, it is still normal to resist uncertainty. If you start to reduce your natural resistance to ACTUAL risk, you could end up making decisions that actually increase those risks.

It also takes about a month for programs to start working. Most non-elective surgery doesn't permit a time frame you can plan for with current subliminal technologies.

If you're facing something that is easier to either 'get through' with the support of people around you, or you need to DO something else to correct the predicament, then using FearSoaking/JumpMaster isn't what you need.
Because it's a complex issue, there isn't any black and white divider for knowing when a fear is unreasonable and when it's a normal part of self-preservation. Once you can work out the difference, then you can take action.

[If what you're facing doesn't contain the seed of physical harm or seem natural compared to what most people experience, then FearSoaking IS what you need to overcome the worry and fear that's eating up your peace of mind.]



Will I feel the program is worth the price I'm paying for it?

Our titles are priced slightly below the average when compared to other programs. We keep costs low a number of ways.


One way is to be almost paperless. All of our literature is online as is our tutorial information. The cost of full-color printing is circumvented this way. We have some print advertising, but it all points to our internet site. We do not use direct mail unless someone has asked for a printed catalog, then we will send it. This is how we keep our price within every ones range.


The value of being able to easily effect life changes for the cost of a restaurant meal for two is obvious. You have to make the personal decision that you are ready to make these changes. Compared to what you're doing with the program, the cost of the ticket to get there is almost nothing.


If I only use one ear for listening, which is best?

If I use a portable device with one earphone to play "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" products throughout the day, is one ear better than the other?

This question can be answered in a very general way based on a few pieces of information we have about our ears and our brain.


Some evidence suggests that the left brain is connected to the right ear and the right brain is connected to the left ear in a crisscross design. Further evidence suggests that this is the case for people who are right-handed. Lefties may be reversed, or maybe not. Those who are ambidextrous (can write equally well with the right or left hand) we're just not sure.


The left brain is where most of the logic and math happens whereas the right brain handles the aesthetics of reality such as art and creativity. The left is objective and the right more subjective in its evaluation of what the senses are observing.


Since the 'wires' connecting the sides of the brain with the individual ears seem to cross somehow; the answer is.... Left ear, in most cases.



Differences in the Sound Mask:

I have several titles and the sound mask is a little different on each one. It's all the same softened white noise, but some are harsher and some softer. Why is this?

Several factors go into producing each of the titles in our catalog. The sound mask itself is organic, meaning it isn't a loop of the same thing that is used for each title. It's made fresh in a slightly different way each time. Some titles by their very nature demand a different subtle mood is to be created in part by the sound and equalization used in the sound mask. Sometimes the speed of the recording device is altered so that in the playback and mixing of the title the sound mask will have a higher overall tone or a slower one, more 'choppy' or smoother.


Whatever your title plays as a sound mask over the messages is a key element that has been considered and reconsidered as part of the exclusive production process in creating it.



Changes coming too fast?

"I skipped #001 (our introductory title, also subliminal) and now find that changes are coming almost quicker than I can comfortably handle them. What should I do?"


If you feel that changes occurring due to the use of our products are throwing you off-balance then go back and listen to (#001) for two or three days before continuing, whether you initially skipped it or not.


(#001) is our transition title which comes with all programming.


There are times when skipping it is understandable. (#409)HeartMender is one of these exceptions. If someone is suffering from the loss of a relationship then they want to jump right in and get the benefits and listen to #001 later if needed for balancing out. It's up to you, but it is HIGHLY recommended.



Why do you use Tones under some titles?

Aural tones are able to effect certain parts of the mind and body. They can mimic these effects also even when produced at a level which is subliminal because the mind knows what these tones do in the consciously audible spectrums.


Most of the tones we use are produced with glass bowls. These are powerful steady tones which effect different parts of the brain and body and 'loosen' these structures on a molecular level.


These resonating bowls have been used in Tibet for centuries to induce mind altering states. They are also used in some traditions for their healing properties. But they're not isolated to the old world.


In the 1700's Benjamin Franklin invented and played an instrument consisting of graduated sizes of glass bowls spun at a high rate of speed on a central rod. The musician lightly dipped fingers into water and touched the edges of these bowls to create a similar 'whirring' sound to what is produced by circling the Tibetan bowls with a soft mallet.


The instrument Franklin invented fell into obscurity for a very western reason. People, notably women (who would have had more opportunity to spend large amounts of time playing or listening to the instrument) noticed it was changing their levels of awareness and they were 'drifting' into trance. Some communities even banned the instrument because these reports played into a colonial American fear of 'things mystical' and it was almost the last we heard of musical glass bowls, outside of historical footnote, until the arrival in this country of Tibetan esoteric culture.


"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" uses these tones on #001 (and certain other selected titles where they may be needed for deeper penetration) because it's another way we can use the audio spectrum, even subliminally perceived, to effect change.



Programming for Children

With a few exceptions, subliminal programming from "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" is intended for adults.


We've actually gotten requests for programming that could be used on infants. We don't do this for several reasons.


Before the age of five, the 'barrier', that part of our conscious mind that stands sentry on the doorway to the subconscious, is pretty undeveloped. This is WHY they call these the formative years. Information is passing through to the subconscious at an rapid pace and by the time a child is around five years old his beliefs about the world around him have pretty much been established. They can be altered later, but only by experiencing something contrary to the previously held belief structure (or methods like ours).


So we're in the business of re-programming more than initial programming.


For older children and teenagers some titles may be okay. Others can be a disaster!


NewData/4.0 gives a person a preference for study while strengthening three of the vital points of learning, retaining and applying knowledge. It's okay for anyone over the age of about seven who has difficulty with their school lessons. If however, the subject already has a strong desire to study then the effect will be redundant at the least and in a worst case scenario can create an imbalance towards scholastic endeavor.


Some of the titles which address issues like confidence, social behaviors and self-image/self-esteem factors can be useful for older children and teens PROVIDED they have been removed from the elements which created the need for these titles in the first place. A young person whose father has always belittled them who listens to a (#282)Confidex/LionMind can find himself either confused or more likely in a series of confrontations with the father. It's better if the person who CAUSED the lack of confidence understands what has happened and adopts a more favorable approach in dealing with the child if programs like this are to be used in the home where the child is likely to live for several years to come.


Dangerous indications for young people are titles which have as their goal decidedly adult situations which a younger person still in school will not be ready for such as marriage (#279)Attractor/Magnet), attachment to a mate (#280)Glue, or anything which is a goal for the distant future. "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" titles are designed to make the individual ready NOW to take action and/or follow the leading and nudging of their conscious mind so that the result will appear quickly. Our programs are NOT designed to create any latent effect that will kick in once someone reaches legal age and can take care of themselves.


"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" spends a lot of time in these informational pages warning potential customers about the use of our products BECAUSE they work. Not many companies do this, either because their products don't work and thus don't produce any threat, because they've never thought about it, or because they don't care.


Always consider carefully WHO is hearing your "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" program along with you everyday....

If subliminal programming is so great, how come everyone doesn't know about it?! Where is the research information available to the general public?

We're often posed the following question: "Where's the scientific evidence, the studies that show there is such a thing as subliminal perception?"


The problem is with the word 'scientific,' because this suggests not only a specific method and reliable results BUT ALSO a process of open discovery and public sharing of those results.


With government-sponsored research, in the corporate world, the world of trade secrets, very little scientific openness exists.The word there is 'proprietary.' Knowledge is owned EXCLUSIVELY by the sponsor of the research, whether that's the corporation or some obscure government agency.


Often, even the researchers don't know the whole picture, much less the public. Corporate knowledge is often compartmentalized and made available even within the corporation on a strict need to know basis. Involved employees sign nondisclosure agreements. Violation of contract by revealing secrets isn't good for a researchers career and may even land them in court.

If the research has been contracted out to a firm that specializes in that kind work, the knowledge is further compartmentalized. The specialists keep the specialized methods to themselves while the corporate contacts who hired them get access only to the more generalized results they paid for. Researchers are not under any obligation to inform the public about what they're doing because this would also inform competitors of the sponsor company.


So it's no wonder that much of the data available to the public, whether on the net or published in popular psychology materials, is negative and leans towards a skeptical point of view. Much of the attack is carried out against producers of subliminal programming such as "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" while the subliminal activities of large advertisers and potentially even the federal government is left unmentioned.


If you run across interesting information about subliminal research that has been published online let us know. We are in the process of collecting a database of as much research information as we can locate.

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