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note from JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn about this F.A.Q.


This deeply thoughtful F.A.Q. based on a huge personal experience was written by the brilliant and kind and caring humanitarian man who created and produced all the subliminal audios in the Elprehzleinn library. He used to run his own internet company selling them. I bought A LOT of his programs and eventually got to know him and helped him with his business. When he moved on to other things, he allowed me to publish and share his work which I have found to be absolutely effective in my own personal life and still use the audios more than ten years later. I have one on right now in fact. In this F.A.Q. which he wrote while he still had his own business I replaced his reference to his business like this:

"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003"



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Taming The Attention Span | Will I Become A Clone? | "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" | & Religion How Long Will This Take?


Taming the Attention Span TODAY.......


It's so easy in our day and age to get impatient while waiting for something to cook in a microwave oven! Never mind that it wasn't that long ago the same results took most of a day.


If life is so much more streamlined than it used to be, why can't we pay attention to anything and overcome our anxious natures?


Part of the answer lies in the double-edged punch of impatience and lack of focus. The latter could even be called a lack of interest because after all once you find the point of interest in something, time flies and you're finished before you know it.


Here are some things you can actually do to increase your focus on the present moment and the tasks at hand that, one by one, fill up our moments.


Plan, but not too much


Sometimes when we know something will take longer than we'd like, we break it down into a list. But if we rush in and break down those lists into other lists, pretty soon we've mentally covered ourselves up more than when we started. Getting organized itself is a slower process than imagined sometimes so it's best to just take the first couple of things on our list and break them off into a short list.


One small thing at a time


Once you have a list you can look at without increasing your heart rate, with just a couple of starting objectives/tasks, it's easy to then go to the first item and put all of your resources towards solving it. Don't allow the 'inactive' items on the list, yet to come, to stop the flow of action because in reality, they haven't happened yet.

Make the 'one small thing' interesting


When something holds our interest the clock flies like never before. Some things are naturally interesting and other times, interest is actually an effort. Have you ever realized you were only interested in something because of what it meant at another level. Some small detail can take on the position of utmost importance if it's outcome is cherished.


When you need to, shift this thirst for result to the details that make the results possible. When overwhelmed, back off slightly and look at the process. Giving yourself a break when you can't focus is like reading a book when you can't sleep. The small break is important. It resets the ability to focus better than driving forth every second even though the facility of attention wanes.


An Esoteric Tip:

Yoga is famous for providing clarity to the mind. A popular and ancient trick for increasing focus is as follows: Light a candle (if this isn't possible, a bare light bulb will do fine) and stare at it for a brief period [30 seconds to a minute]. Afterwards, place the palms of your hands gently against your closed eyes. You should see the afterburn of the light as a smear against your internal vision on the back of your eyelids. The benefit comes from seeing how long you can keep your eyes closed and 'follow' the smear you see from the light source. It will change, shift and move around a little. But the longer you are able to pay attention to the fading out of this visual remnant, the better. Simple as it is, it's a great way to increase your level of focus.



Does everyone experience the same effects? In other words, do your programs create 'clones' on the behavioral level?


It isn't possible to create clones with our subliminal programming. Every one will react differently. Even though the end result could be described as the same, the way it manifests itself is as different in each case as the people being programmed.


Subliminal programming must interface with hard reality/phenomena and event systems in order for it to be recognized as effective. The exact way this happens is always unique because you are unique. The way you end up reaching your goal will be an experience that the universe could not repeat ever again for anyone else because the results include so many small pieces of things happening, most of which you will never realize happened.


Some of our titles by their nature alone have results which are as unique as the one person may know that the program has kicked in when they aren't afraid to ask a waiter to return an order of food to the kitchen. The next may suddenly realize they are unafraid to give a full report at a staff meeting whereas before it was intimidating. Rutbuster is interesting because no two results will ever be anywhere near the same. Special conditioning was built into this script for good reason. People can be so willing to bust out of their current life-situation they hurt others in the process. We also never know when someone will order a title who is mentally unbalanced or just plain evil in what they want to accomplish. Yet one person may give up their job at a major company and move to the country so they can make arts and crafts to sell at carnivals, while someone else gives up their arts and crafts booth to move to the city and strap on a tie. You will move in the direction you desire most when it includes the highest good for everyone.



Should a person who considers themselves to be religious use subliminal messaging?

From an actual spiritual point of view, the use of subliminal programming is more of a science. Very little in the way of faith is involved, other than you believing you have chosen the right title.


If you ask an official person in your religion, such as a Pastor, Priest or Rabbi, our guess is they are unlikely to endorse subliminal programming. You must remember that they prefer to be an exclusive provider of ideas for your heart and your head. Also, unless it's a brand new religion of some kind, chances are there is a tradition in place much older than subliminal technology and audio recording. Allowing into that tradition something new is a slow process, and most would be opposed to a change like this. There is also a fear of the unknown among established Clergy because what they offer is supposed to be written in rock. Anything new causes a xenophobia to occur in their thinking. Professional people who deal with the psyche also prefer that you not be too responsible for your own healing/alterations, as this creates less of a demand for their services as well.


We assure you there is nothing of an anti-religious nature in our programming however. Freedom of choice is a very important part of what we're doing because we're giving our customers the freedom to choose what they will experience in their lives.



How long does it take for your programs to work?

First of all remember that everyone is different... and that you became who you are over a period of years.


Given individuals being what they are (individual) and the scope of different topics our programs cover, there is no way to judge how long programming will take to be noticed, or what is noticed first. The factors surrounding the effectiveness of subliminal programming are many and each goal is unique.


An example of this would be PowerCircle. The script programs the subconscious mind to seek (and lead the conscious mind) in the direction of new people or new groups of people who are beneficial. But what does this actually mean when applied to real, very different lives?


For one subject, it enabled him to meet someone in a new industry who was able to get an idea further developed on his behalf. But for another person, they took the summer off and followed a band on tour, relying only on the kindness of strangers he attributed to 'being there' because of the programming on PowerCircle. For yet another, they were able to break into a line of work that was normally very exclusive with high walls around the 'inner circle'. But each individual was pleased with the results they got and the time it took to achieve them.


Everyone responds differently.


Most of our titles will show some effect after 2-4 weeks if the instructions are followed regarding the introductory (#001) that comes with each program. You may see results faster if you spend more time running the program. The important thing is the 'number of passes' of the program with you in audible range. Second would be the overall time period.

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