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note from JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn about this F.A.Q.


This deeply thoughtful F.A.Q. based on a huge personal experience was written by the brilliant and kind and caring humanitarian man who created and produced all the subliminal audios in the Elprehzleinn library. He used to run his own internet company selling them. I bought A LOT of his programs and eventually got to know him and helped him with his business. When he moved on to other things, he allowed me to publish and share his work which I have found to be absolutely effective in my own personal life and still use the audios more than ten years later. I have one on right now in fact. In this F.A.Q. which he wrote while he still had his own business I replaced his reference to his business like this:

"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003"



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How much should someone expect from subliminal programming?

It's a subjective question that can't be objectively answered. We've found that nearly any change we've thought of so far can be boosted greatly by the use of subliminal programming. Things that seem magical can happen. All we can point to regarding the subconscious is merely a map we've made of a largely unexplored territory.


Expecting that life will no longer throw you some curves or that you'll wake up one day and be someone else is unrealistic.


You will certainly change though. The degree of that change depends on your own capabilities which the programming draws upon. Many of these capabilities may lie untapped as potentials until a block placed earlier in the subconscious is removed, which is what subliminal re-programming does.


A major consideration is this: Nearly every situation you currently face was brought about, to some degree, by activities that originate in your subconscious. If you don't believe this, take a good hard look at where you are now. You'll see, once you cease putting the blame on circumstance, other people, etc., that at the core of what's going on, your beliefs about not only yourself but the world around you have either made you free, or caused limitations to be imposed... often from within.


There are so many things that can be changed at the core level that it's almost impossible to list all of them. But you really don't need us to do that. Most people have two or three key things that they're aware of that, if altered, would make all the difference in the world. That's why we work to identify these areas and develop titles that address them.


One thing your program won't do is have an effect on everyone else in the world. Although you may see it differently, it will still be the same world you're living in today. Until everyone re-programs and we're not looking for that to happen anytime soon. Subliminal Technologies like ours are for people who aren't afraid to move ahead into the unknown. The fact that you want to make life enhancing changes alone is reason enough to do so. The majority of people are content to stay the way they are, a random mess of childhood programming that defines who they think they are, simply because that's how it happened.


Question: "How do I start to change my life when I've never tried to?"

Many people go through life content with their lot until a certain point.


Then for some reason they notice a gap between what they feel they could be experiencing and what they actually experience. Regret may set in that other paths weren't chosen, but eventually even the emotional sting of looking backwards begins to fade and either changes have to be made or the whole thing has to be forgotten. The latter nearly never happens.


The more progressive solution is to look forward to what can be done to improve your life. When this is the case, failure is almost always a matter of two things; a lack of tools to effect change (or you could say methods, systems, etc.) and a lack of emotional planning.


Emotional planning is an odd sounding phrase because we all wish we could control where these cycles of ups and downs go on the emotional scale. What this actually means, is making plans for what our emotions may, potentially, serve up WHILE we are trying to improve.


This is the most important personal element because it's the most volatile and unpredictable. If you can't guard yourself against these fluctuations, your progress will either be slowed or eliminated altogether. When you're down on yourself you can't work on yourself - you don't feel like it. When you're feeling good you don't think you need it. Hence, it never gets done.


While patience and determination are important, either can be easily dislodged by emotions which have the authority to control what you do. How do you solve this problem? With the right tools. Although most tools for self-improvement start at the point you want to begin walking on your 'new path', very few of them work retroactively to rearrange self-image and inner limitations before starting fresh. When self-improvement programs are put into action ON TOP of existing illusions, the result is often a more elaborate and complex structure of dysfunction. The best way introduce a 'fix' is to trace and uproot ideas which may prevent the future from being any different from the past. When attempted from the conscious side, which tends to be rigid, this is a major undertaking.


With the direct input into the deeper mind available by subliminal techniques the time is reduced because of a lack of conscious resistance. This sounds extreme and even frightening to someone who doesn't realize how often they're exposed to attempts, random or otherwise, to pry entry into this easily influenced section of the mind. Yet it has to be addressed because the majority of subjectivity is based on ideas from the past.


Unless you've mastered Zen or were born only minutes ago, very few experiences are actually sensed afresh. Your commentary will always be at least a little at odds with an objective view of what is happening.


If more tools worked from the past up to the present instead of forward only... they would work better. This is one of the core philosophies "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" subliminal messaging is based on because without it our programs could take you down a new path but you'd still be lugging the backpack and at least enough emotional luggage to carry onto an airliner. Not all of what we do is pre-event focused this way.


Our title that focuses on Nail Biting doesn't move far beyond changing preference even though a variety of issues may be behind the habit, nor Weight Loss which also works to change what you 'like'.


But when radical changes are in order and the stronger titles are used, clearing the way for them requires that this emotional planning, mentioned above, is taken into account. These are what are known as the Driver scripts. They move you forward and what isn't addressed as a potential past reconditioning is lost somewhere in the speed at which the new ideas are put into place.


While you don't need to work with us consciously to any great degree, if you're using "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" titles and you understand the disruptive nature of emotions and what are the nearly 'trained reactions' you keep exhibiting towards new ideas then you can better determine where these subconscious cues are taking your behavior when the program begins to work. What titles work best to overcome some of these predigested obstacles?


Our Question of the month brings up some interesting recommendations for those new to the idea of self-improvement.


If you're just starting to explore the world of your own potential these are three titles you need...

#291-SaboClear - If you've ever noticed the capacity celebrities and lotto-winners have for crashing their lives after sudden success you'll see the need for this title. Our MOST ordered title ever in part because it's so unique.


Remove the randomly built barriers in center of your mind with this self-Sabotage blocker. Develop unquestioned self-worthiness for comfort and freedom.


#104-Stop Procrastinating - We'd like to share a little 'subliminal joke' with you about this title that has an ironic and unexpected truth behind it. Whenever 'Stop Procrastinating' is ordered we wonder if now it isn't needed since after all, the person didn't 'put off' ordering any further!


The twist? Once you've keyed in on the existence of procrastination in your life and done something about it, the subliminal messaging works even faster because you've already 'done' something and given yourself a head start. The quickest way to make sure something never happens is to never do it... and this title changes your preference for delay over action in a simple way that you will find yourself applying over and over.


Don't be shocked if you find yourself finishing something quickly and thinking to yourself "Wow.. it did it again"!


#284-HyperZone/OverDrive - Don't let the word 'Hyper' fool you. Only the slowpokes will call you that!


We wanted to call this title 'Nitro' (because it sounds cool) but that's misleading. What it does is a consistent pushing towards whatever your most common true goals are. This doesn't mean some vague hidden goals, unless you're in the habit of hiding them knowingly, but the ones you've been working on but just need a little more energy behind on your own part.


Recognizing this and implementing the DriverScripts subliminally employed you may think Nitro was a good title too until you remember how smooth the ride was. A insightful saying is: "The traffic is light on the second mile". You'll know the second mile like your own driveway once #284 kicks in. How far ahead this puts you from the competition (assuming there is any?) Exactly one mile!


This title has the potential for bringing you a huge increase in momentum. #284 doesn't wreck nerves, it builds them.


For more details about the above titles, refer to:

SaboClear #291

HyperZone/Overdrive #284

Stop Procrastinating #104

"Messaging that conforms to you, instead of the other way around....."



Question: "How do I intervene in the life of a family member using subliminal programs as a tool?"

In his forward to the book Ethical Issues in Behavior Modification*, Social Sciences Professor Albert Bandura points out that "serving as arbiter of ethical matters is no easy task".


This is certainly true for what we strive to accomplish and given the choice, I'm sure anyone in the self-help industry who understands this statement from experience would rather not impose their will but would rather be providers of methods for the willing. To openly work with people as they seek to mold other people unaware is not the aim of "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" nor should it be the overall aim of any group dedicated to personal transformation (keying in on the word 'personal' it could even be argued that a person is best helped at the outset by allowing them to decide) although there are exceptions and that's what we hope to cover here, along with some basic ethical guidelines for thinking about imposed interventions.


That this personal deciding, even when it originates from the subject, is open even to testing is akin to the religious orders of the east that require aspirants to 'wait at the gate' for a period of time in order to determine their sense of commitment. Here we find another layer of common sense in the quest to demand 'permission' to help.


Behavioral modification has always divided itself along the lines of elective from the personal point of view and imposed on the social level. We don't wait until people are grown to see if they mind being given the basic codes of social conduct because it serves a greater good to do so. The aspect of the subconscious becoming unbalanced in the process complicates things greatly however, so there are still behaviors that slip through the cracks to the point where even these basics start to come unhinged and from this dynamic the question is born.


This is where the concept of intervention enters the picture but hopefully never as a cleverly disguised personal agenda of selfishness to force others to conform to our will.


Families often have Ministers or those with social skills speak with individuals who are having problems. Those close to someone are known to make their assistance conditional on certain terms of 'treatment' of the problem of one form or another.


So what about subliminal messaging programs?


As stated earlier, we'd rather you only use our products in an atmosphere of informed consent. Realizing as we do, however, that certain conditions may prevail in your life that require some form of intervention and that, after much suffering on the part of others besides the subject in question you have reached the point of considering using subliminal methods to assist in a change of some kind, the following should be noted:


Subliminal communications has a distinct advantage in intervention usage because the concepts entirely ignore the conscious will. Just like the first time (formative years) that certain information was passed into the core of your mind, you don't need to be asked.


If this were NOT the case, Madison Avenue would find any impulse towards subconscious targeting, direct or aesthetic, to be a useless waste of time! As it is though, a massive amount of effort is spent to sell to both our consciousness and subconsciousness.


So is it the best way to sway someone without asking them? Yes, it probably is. Is it right to do so under ethical considerations? This is a harder question that can't be answered. If you're considering altering someone via the use of a technology like this you should first and foremost consider the following.....


-Is this change directing at making my life better, or theirs?
(You may even uncover two answers, the one you want to give, and the truth!)


-Will this change, when it occurs, actually increase the chance of their true personal happiness?

(Again, a brutal sense of self-honesty is required here.)


-If this person changes and I tell them I played a role by using this technology, will they be grateful?

(No way to predict this when you think about it unless self-abuse on the part of the individual is obvious.)


This is one of the toughest questions we can be asked about subliminal messaging. We know it works, we know how to do great things using it..... but we can never answer how it should be applied in the same way that scientists developing a nuclear bomb cannot understand the political ethics behind its actual use.


What can be advised when considering your actions is that you look to yourself for a solution first. In other words, make sure the other person actually HAS a problem. It could be your perception that is telling you something is wrong!


That question having been resolved, you should proceed with caution and consider carefully the use subliminal messaging in intervention use.


*"Ethical Issues in Behavior Modification"

Stephanie B. Stolz & Assoc.

©1978 Jossey-Bass, Inc. Publishers

ISBN 0-87589-368


Q.: You must see a lot of interesting combinations of titles, what's your favorite so far?


A very satisfying element to being the Director for "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" involves dealing with some of our customers one-on-one via e.mail. This is especially true when their initial order involved a combination of titles that I'd never thought of but one which I found rather amusing nonetheless.


There were 3 titles: A lady ordered (#409)HeartMender to recover from a relationship gone bad, (#291)SaboClear to help her deal with an annoying lifelong habit she had pinpointed as 'choosing problem-partners' and then (#279)Attractor/Magnet to get herself looking for 'Mr. Finally-Right'. These are all phrases she later used in her letter to me telling us that everything had worked out well..... at last. Our products got the credit, but I had to tell her that her creativity and self-honesty in CHOOSING the right titles played the major role in her personal transition from someone who felt trapped in a circular circumstance of unhappiness.


That's how it works too because all of our titles work well together. Once you can put your finger on the problem(s) you're facing and you have the tools, it's a matter of letting the tools work their natural course at the core of your thinking. THEN things change.


While this was one of the most refreshing combinations I recall seeing, there have been dozens of orders that showed me how carefully people were able to select tools for serious transformation. While we do have a few titles combined into special packages, most of our orders are composed of combinations carefully selected by individuals who don't want to spend another day just wishing things were different.



Question: Does Success = Happiness?

Does the accomplishment of success, measured by whatever terms = happiness? Well not exactly. And if not, why bother to become motivated?


Often, motivation = achievement. So the question then becomes, does this equal happiness?


Again, no not quite. But motivation and achievement are components that CAN equal happiness if what you're doing is removing sources of concern/suffering.


For example: Let's say I'm in a highly stressed state of mind because I'm having financial trouble. If I find sufficient motivation to take some action to earn extra money or find a better way to budget what I do earn... then I am able to pay off pressing debts.



Does this equal happiness? Not directly... BUT... neither does my stress stand in the way of my happiness because I have taken actions which reduced or removed that source of stress.


When a person is under extreme stress, they can't allow themselves to be happy because concern over basic survival issues causes a state of high alert that doesn't as readily permit contentment. If you could be in a constant state of high alert and be content it might even indicate a split personality. As with many opposite emotions, there is a point of balance. Excitement need not carry a state of constant high alert to be exciting... and if it's negative excitement the imbalance is bound to take its toll quicker than otherwise.


On the other hand contentment and a lack of concern about whether or not some form of suffering will be enforced on your person creates a state where happiness can be blocked or never even approached, especially where a lack of responsibility brings about a steady stream of unpleasant consequences.


In the most basic - although almost by default contrarian terms, happiness can be vaguely defined as a lack of suffering.


While you can find rare individuals for whom suffering represents a twisted fulfillment, we couldn't call that happiness. Happiness is the noted lack of suffering where an individual recognizes and takes comfort in both their current and expected future UN-suffering.


True happiness is also an 'in-spite of' state as compared to a 'because-of' situation. A lot of being happy has to do with your determination to not allow outside (or interior) forces and ideas to make you miserable.


I think it's interesting that the American founding Fathers promised that we could have the pursuit of something without promising that we would all attain it. They knew, as I have realized, that being happy is a personal choice not always dependent upon certain criteria being met. While we can certainly predict what might make most people unhappy, knowing what actually makes them happy is tricky indeed.


There is also a case to be made for the observation that some individuals are made uncomfortable with a certain level of comfort, as well as unhappy by a certain level of happiness. 'Too good to be true' is a slogan that pops up a lot for these types. These ideas are often instilled young in life in the form of success limits and inner beliefs about unworthiness.


We have a title called SaboClear which clears this self-Sabotaging behavior from the belief center in the core of the subconscious. This is one of the ways I have learned a lot about happiness. It isn't something you give to someone else. You can really only give it as a gift to yourself. Someone else can provide the elements for it if YOU have decided ahead of time what those elements are. But only the person in question can indicate when they feel they have reached that illusive point of true happiness. Like 'Love', it's universal yet always self-defined.


Can't let yourself be happy? Try SaboClear, which is designed to remove success barriers and wipe away self-image issues regarding unworthiness.


TidalWave/BlissGenerator brings in nice waves of euphoria in a strictly organic and mentally induced style for those who prefer their 'oasis' to be a portable, always available aspect.


Pesky Subliminal Gremlins Discovered -


It isn't always your biochemical response cycle which causes the ups and downs of everyday living. Often, emotional states (good, bad and indifferent) can be triggered via another medium which becomes increasingly hard to control in modern society.


"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" titles have a unique messaging scheme which on our introduction program 'installs' some security features. Unwanted subliminal content can be blocked, and while we were the first to bring this into play as part of a total approach to the technology, there are some other spots where subliminal triggering is a little more difficult to circumvent.


These 'triggers' are the random replays of pieces of the past. We've all heard music, smelled something or even driven through parts of our hometown rich with memory. Tapped as real places within the subconscious structure itself, what our deep mind responds with can often be similar emotions or thought patterns that have been dormant for years on end.


This is why nostalgia is tinted with an array of emotions good and bad. Most stable individuals presented with these old cycles of feeling, can sort them out for what they are and move back smoothly into the present tense, hopefully without a trace of residue.


Other times, these same sources of nostalgic stimulation can hide to the point where only the dis-attached emotions come forward! Because of a subtle triggering technique which nearly everyone can be subject to, the end result is a sudden emotional shift which, when negative, can derail the best of days.


While the solution is being aware of your nearly unnoticed surroundings, vigilance is the key.


A perfect example would be a middle aged woman who, when young, had suffered a deep emotional scar from the rejection at the end of a relationship. During that same time in history, a popular song was at the top of the charts. If she is shopping one day and hears the song, it could bring forth conscious nostalgia which re-creates some of those painful memories. Although unavoidable, she has at least been able to connect the pain to the memory and the memory to the song. Armed with this connective perspective, resolving the feelings produced is easier.


What if, on the other hand, it wasn't that clear. Let's say that due to a random event in her day she went through the check-out stand a little earlier. As she is going out the door the bag-boy drops an item, bends over to pick it up and begins to apologize. Meanwhile in the store, just under the threshold of her consciousness, that old song begins to play in the background. She's thinking about her dropped item and listening to the apologies of the store employee. Because now the sound stimulus is just beyond the grasp of her consciousness, but detected as part of the background by her subconscious, some interesting things begin to happen. By the time she arrives home she feels a vague sense of disconnection and rejection and is in a state near panic trying to attach the 'feeling' produced by this event of long ago to some situation in the present.


By now some of you have discovered the reason why those who try to live a quiet more spiritual life surround themselves by both the beautiful and the mundane. It's far easier to meditate or focus on prayer, for example, in a comfortable but near empty gray room than to sit in the middle of a field of television stimulus, advertising, magazines and whatever happens to be on the radio.


Even more ironic is that the stimuli most ignored is more likely to cause problems difficult to locate the source for.


How can you avoid it? There are a couple of ways, one of which is preventative and the other a possible cure after the fact:


1- Control as much of the stimulus in your environment as possible. If you grew up in a negative home environment where the house was crammed with early American antiques, furnish your home in modern styles. If your time in Vietnam was a nightmare, don't let a radio station that features continuous hits of the 60's drone away day and night in the background. Eventually, the sounds, textures and patterns connected to past events will be just unnoticed enough to bring back painful memories.


Besides, we all know that information clutter is the content of most coffee tables, catch-alls and any place else we can lay a piece of advertising graphics. These are all candidates for not only distraction, but even worse, the source of some hard to pin down triggering responses when ignored by the conscious.


2- Understand an important truth all too often ignored: Vague emotions which 'come out of nowhere' do not beg for a connection to the present unless you allow them to.


Sudden mood changes, while possibly the work of the biochemical cycles we're all prone to, can also flag that something has triggered a previous emotion to float into the conscious mind. Once there, it's like a party guest that everyone accepts as real but no one can remember their name. Emotional havoc comes shortly thereafter.


In closing, don't fear the unseen. While these events of environmental triggering of the subconscious can and do happen, the entire world isn't driven by them and neither are you. Like nightmares, they exist, but only sometimes.


Overall, while our subliminal programming approach includes security measures against the inevitable abuse of the technology by Madison Avenue via the popular media, these other subtle links to your past exist in bits and pieces.


Until we address it directly using our technologies of masking and messaging, try to notice the things that create links to a past best left behind, especially when those things can enter into your space unnoticed by their very familiarity and cause undue confusion.


As for addressing the issue with subliminal messaging... could we? Yes, for "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" that's right up our alley.This is only one of a variety of complex subliminally generated zones of mental discomfort that can be challenged. We're taking them on one by one.

The Components of change and your own personal agenda -- How what motivates you determines your level of success
Sometimes it's helpful to examine your motives for personal change.


Are you seeking to change the overall direction of your life or are you generally happy with the bigger picture, just dissatisfied with a few minor details?


Are you seeking change due to restlessness, which is likely to remain a factor and leave you on a constant path of movement, never really arriving, or are there external pressures driving your motives which need further examination?


Among a number of possibilities, take a look at few of the scenarios which tend to create motivation to alter parts of your life..


1- "I need to change everything about myself"


While harsh and often exaggerated, the pressures of obligations can cause someone to fantasize about switching nearly every element of their lives and/or personalities in order to escape what seem to be sources of stress. Chances are, this is a positive move only when the same types of overwhelming commitments are avoided in the future.


In many cases, if you feel like every element of your life needs change it could be that you're missing the few details which if improved would allow the other parts of your life to flow better and yet remain unchanged. For instance, someone may think that they're overworked and in debt. It may not be that they're doomed to a life of being in debt, just that money management is a problem. Again, this may have even deeper roots. Those roots could be found in an attitude towards spending or in an attitude towards earning. Often sources of problems lie a few layers deeper than your emotions would have you to believe. The tricky part is to never mistake the web for the spider! Doing so can knock you off course by several degrees.


A good rule of thumb when faced with a recurring desire for overall drastic change is that the source of pain, like in a toothache, is often tiny although the area of pain looks huge. Don't neglect the details...


Then there are the rarer cases where the person wanting a blanket change of direction knows intuitively that indeed, nothing short of a complete turnaround will suffice. This is best identified by a total lack of doubt, ease of transition and an almost charmed set of paths to the new lifestyle. (see our title RutBuster)


2- "I'm fine, but there are a few areas which could use some work"


An overall healthier assessment than the previous motives if only because dramatic change is best approached in small doses. The person who slowly changes a habit or belief may not even notice, until some critical moment, that change is occurring! Compare this to the stress caused by a smoker or drinker who has assigned themselves a date on the calendar to quit. The last few days are likely to be feasts of self-abuse followed by the likelihood that their program won't get off the ground at all because of the finality of their plan.


3- "I don't know what I want, I just want something different"


Here is an approach that says "I'm bored, so give me something new. Thanks. Okay, now I'm bored again".


It's normal during certain points in your life to wonder if there is an undefined treasure waiting for you that you're not even aware of. A constant draw to explore that next valley over the mountain however, not because of what may be there but simply because things aren't perfect where you are, can create a lot of momentum but lacks the purpose that will allow you to ever feel fulfilled as you dash from one area of experience to the next.


4- "I believe I'm fine, but someone else or a structure outside of myself demands I make personal changes"


One of the toughest decisions you'll ever make is whether or not to alter something you've come to believe is basic about yourself on behalf of another individual. While we may be willing to make changes on behalf of loved ones it doesn't mean we should become a blank slate for them to re-design who we are.


If this applies to you, ask yourself if this is a reasonable request.


Is the demand isolated and would anyone else agree with the logic behind it, or is it part of a bigger scheme someone else has to add stature to themselves by constantly making demands on someone they are unwilling to fulfill themselves?


Some people actually justify their own stagnation by trying to convince someone else to change and when they don't using that as their own mental ammunition for why they don't need to change either!


Nothing can be as complex and unreadable as someone else's motivations... while trying to discover your own motivations... try to avoid second guessing theirs.


All things being ethical, and yes, sometimes they are, loved ones and associates may actually have your best interest in mind. The best way to sort this out may be to look for their gain from your personal alteration and go with your instincts from there.


How do you measure up in knowing your own agenda?


Ask yourself these questions and see if some highly honest self-interrogation doesn't include surprising insight:


1- Have you often thought that if you were someone else living somewhere else that you wouldn't be as dissatisfied?


2- If you answered yes the above question, try to name two factors that may be underlying that which have NOTHING to do with drastic change. One of these should be an obvious underlying factor while the other should be one that you feel may NOT be obvious until reflected upon.


3- If you only think your life needs a little 'trim' work -- is it just one or two items, or are you willing to admit that once you've altered a few things you could examine new areas for a variety of possibilities?


4- Have you ever drifted constantly from one self-improvement feast to the next, yet never getting what you need? Like religion and politics, self-help methodologies have ways of self-propagating towards the systems themselves and not the people seeking stability. Instead of following simply to be moving in any direction at all, try deciding exactly what you want a certain system of improvement to do and scrutinize whether those are the shared goals of the system itself.

"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" titles address not only the specifics of change, but the specifics of planned change.


SuccessFactor (#403) is a highly advanced subliminal messaging program that looks for overlooked contrary information and behaviors that could cause you to plug ahead regardless of an invisible obstacle, never accomplishing what you'd set out to do. Awareness of these obstacles is then pushed forward into the conscious so you can confront and eliminate them, while at the same time hidden success keys are also emphasized subconsciously and presented to awareness for increased focus.


SaboClear(#291) is an optimum approach to knowing why you're doing anything by it's very nature. After all, how can you know what you really want and why you want it until you know that it's okay to have it. People who self-sabotage themselves start at the planning level. This is one of our best selling titles because it takes self-sabotaging behaviors, regardless of their mental source, and clears them so that now the person doing the thinking and acting does so out of a fresh sense of self-worth.


Text Files Not X-Files. How "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" is mistaken for something else.


An interview with "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" Question about Conspiracy Theories and Subliminal Programming, and why "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" doesn't work for a 'secret government'.


Question: The volume of e.mail you get about subliminal programming is high sometimes. How much of it is related to solving personal problems as opposed to topics connecting conspiracy theories to subliminal technology?


Answer: Most of it comes from sincere people who are tired of trying to change things about themselves and their circumstances. A small number, probably higher after we publish this due to the mischief factor, come from people who, while I can't say whether they're sincere tend to worry about problems more on shall we say the global level. Most of our customers and the people we hear from are just regular folks who think this is a good idea and they want to know a little more or they're trying it. Some have tried nearly everything else and this is sort of the last stop in a long line of efforts that lie just beyond the mainstream, but not so far that their idea of reality is stretched out of shape. I think we have good ways of explaining what we do so that you can understand the concept behind the technology.


Question: Why do you think subliminal technologies fit so easily into conspiracy theories?


Answer: I think it's the overall idea that since subliminal techniques are powerful and they're also easy to hide, that the powerful are hiding somewhere using them on all of us. But I also think that anyone paranoid about the government is going to suspect some subliminal influence is in effect and that if subliminal technologies didn't exist, these people would create at least the concept of it for us, which would have been a great favor, only somehow it was created otherwise.


Question: Do you think any government or group of powerful people is using this technology on the public?


Answer: What's a little scary is that I learned about this technology by being a broadcaster. But that doesn't mean all broadcasters know about it. I've met several who didn't have clue. At least they said they didn't know about it... but maybe I've been reading too much of my e.mail by adding that last part.


One of the advantages of having so much media, so many channels of entertainment, is the idea that it would be far more difficult to 'load' the general public with subliminal generation when people can watch any one of hundreds of channels carrying very different unique programming from multiple sources or listen to many different radio stations or musical recordings that come from so many different production facilities. The government can't even keep up with who is doing what or who owes what taxes, and yet they're supposed to be helping to program all of these sources of media. If we had say, one or two state run television and radio stations and all the electronic media was that closely controlled, then the idea that a government or one group of powerful people could do something like that would make more sense. Even then, if they were doing it, I think we'd see a different level of the public embracing more common ideas and trusting the government or one power group. Yet I think it's going the other way.


So if they are trying to do this, they aren't doing a very good job of it.


Question: Could you 'teach them a thing or two'?


Answer: I'd rather not say I'm up for that challenge just in case there are takers!

Question: Do you think the government has experimented with this technology?


Answer: Well they don't call up to give me updates you know!


If you're talking about the U.S. Government, I think almost any country with enough resources, like we've had in this country, has taken it upon themselves to experiment with almost anything you can imagine. The more cutting edge it is the more likely it is to be seen as a waste of money, so sometimes maybe not much is said. The more likely the technology is to alarm people also the less likely it would be revealed.


In the case of subliminal messaging, it's got both of those factors going for it.


If a government, even in a very open society, announced they had developed this great technology for influencing people, you'd have a lot of problems. There would be acts of terror blamed on it, people 'hearing' things where nothing existed. We already have enough people in our country that hear voices every day. I don't think it would even be wise to announce that you're working on something like this if you are in a position where anyone suspects you because of your power in society, which government and big business certainly has.


"the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" can announce every month, and we do in fact, that we're working on things and so forth, because no one is particularly intimidated by us. They know they have to make a choice to be exposed. But if I owned a cable channel and made mention of forays into this, you would wonder wouldn't you?


Question: Has anyone done that yet?


Answer: Not that I'm aware of! We get requests from commercial entities to thief-proof stores or some other security measure using the technology, and while we could do it we haven't. We're not as interested in that as we are personal transformation. I do think it works, and there are companies doing it. I just doubt that their slipping the same message into every bit of media you're exposed to. It's too diverse. This - from a government that has a hard time operating in the normal world? Naturally, conspiracy buffs think all of the glitches in the government are planned to make them look weak, so explaining this point doesn't do much good.


Question: What about the use of it commercially at all in the media?


Answer: From what we can tell, and this is one of the factors we use to get the technology to work, the messages take hold in the subconscious only after an extreme frequency of exposure to the same message. So if you understand that, a widespread use of subliminal messaging by a wide range of media all trying to get different or even slightly different messages across would be evened out in the end, since none of them constitutes the majority of peripheral information passed into the core.


This may be different if you're ONLY watching one channel with perhaps one or two advertisers or subliminally transmitting groups exposing you, but very few Americans do that. If major advertisers do have subliminal content it's probably just to get above the surface noise of all the other ads, and where this lands them is just in the top 100 because of every other one using a similar technique but with a different message.


Question: So the effect is weaker?


Answer: Yes, it gets blurred greatly by all that's going on. We programmed 001 to have some elements in the script of subliminal security so that when someone starts with our titles, they use this first a few times. It will do some interesting things in blocking out a lot of the frequently presented content from unknown sources, media or otherwise, that you may be a target for. There is nearly 0% conscious resistance for this script, so it goes in rather easily, we suggest about 4 - 5 hours of exposure and you're good to go with the title you've selected.


Question: Are you ever concerned about the conspiracy theorists causing trouble for you?


Answer: I may be a little more concerned if we sold our products directly face to face, but mostly I think these are just people who have let their fear get a little out of hand. Some of them also like operating at this level of fear. Somehow putting a name to something you can identify as the reason for your uneasiness gives you just the right amount of distraction from certain issues closer to home that you would rather not discuss. I'm not saying that abductees by aliens are hiding some previous abuse event from themselves or anything like that. But allowing your complete focus of what is 'wrong' with the world to be on 'them', and the them is invisible and all powerful, doesn't do anything for the person except feed their curiosity and keep the wheels spinning a little too fast long after the light is out at night...looooong after.


Question: You've had to be open minded to develop a company and product line like "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003". Aren't you as open minded when it comes to possible ways the public could be getting kept in the dark? Do you ever listen to Art Bell?


Answer: I love listening to Art Bell on late night radio! And yes, I have had to be open minded. But I really prefer the chunk of reality that I can get my hands on. If an alien walks up to me in my yard I want to be opened minded to ask a question or two, not that I expect an answer. I will be able to find some use for that experience later... But believing that bankers in Europe own everything and that even our President is but a pawn in their court doesn't give me whole lot to use in my own life today. Conspiracy seems to be like rumor|squared! There are all of these threads running through history and everything....


Question: Do people write you and go into great depth in following where they think these threads go.


Answer: You know, fortunately for them there are lots of web sites for those kinds of things. Most of the letters I've gotten along those lines are just to drop me a note and ask if "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" is a front for some creepy underground government project that is brainwashing people. I have to wonder about their asking, since I can't imagine being a part of some secret agency like that but having to disclose your involvement if asked by a stranger on e.mail. I'd also have a lot more ad coverage with a federal budget, I would think!


Question: Do you have any way to assure these people that all you want to do is help people reach their personal goals via subliminal techniques?


Answer: No. They won't listen to the programs. That's the only way they would know. That's the saddest part to me, not that they think their being followed by men in black cars, but that they'll never use one of our programs. Developing a title to help them refocus from this idea about the way the world is or may be down to something more local, like themselves, is a waste of time. What conspiracy theorist in their most extreme condition would trust a subliminal program?


Question: Are these your favorite types of e.mails?


Answer: They're among the most lighthearted if you can believe that. A lot of people write with very tragic problems. Most just have really good questions about what we do. Sometimes, I think we are getting mail just because it all seems like such a great technology. They want to make sure it's really a commercial web site and that we're here and we really DO this. The odd stuff is a break in the day, yes, but as I said, I can offer very little to someone who doesn't invest a small amount of trust at the outset. If they're thinking there is even a chance I could be doing something unsavory with their brain I'd rather they didn't try our products actually, because you never know when they will then think we've DONE it!


Question: What are your favorite types of e.mails then?


Answer: As you can probably imagine, the ones where there is a breakthrough for someone from using the programs. I can be having a rough day for whatever reason or the weather is bad or there are stress factors coming at me and if I get an e.mail with a good report it makes me ecstatic. I can't tell you how good this feels. I never feel like the cause personally, I just come away feeling like part of a rescue team that did an efficient job and now someone is going to be okay. Sometimes it's someone who has written quite a few times and now things are turning around or sometimes I'm hearing something great from a customer and it's their first letter to me, but I always know that whatever I've been through and had to contend with in the process of doing this has paid off just in that one person writing. And then it happens several times. I wake up every day both amazed and genuinely thankful that I have been granted one of the rarest jobs on earth. I always respect people who make the effort to transform themselves for the better. It's almost as rare as my position at "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003".


Answers are by the musician who produced all the titles.


Why you can't scream loud enough to hear it in your subconscious


In the grand scheme of things, I can't possibly understand why this wall was placed in our head between the hemispheres. Mind you, I've never split some ones head open to look, but that's where I hear it is.


It exists on different levels, but there's a good chance they're connected in function. The blood barrier that stands between the lobes is like the doorway that long ago slammed shut in our conscious faces so we couldn't get into the 'gearbox' and fiddle around. [gives you a clue about the name "the former company of the man that created and produced these audios before 2003" doesn't it?]


Speculation about the mysterious way our world is constructed has been around ever since we first noticed starlight streaming into our caves at night. It's healthy because it leaves you feeling like a bigger something/One is looking over a smaller you, and that somewhere an invisible line of access exists between what we see and what sees us.


The vague nature of this desire for being connected to the larger universe is found in every culture. It's made specific, again and again, through the establishment of belief systems based on a variety of explanations. But devoid of any particular version and left alone, we are prompted by something deep in the mind to create a new explanation if none exists.


Sitting deep within our mind, this desire for an awareness bigger than what we can see doesn't sit alone. We have in that same core the potential for the creation of almost anything we can imagine. On a level of power, we each walk around with this TNT locked away in our heads while we seemingly struggle to create sparks of sense out of anything. This looks like a waste of power, but when you combine human nature and the actions which come out of a damaged sense of normal behavior, you can see why, possibly, certain things were placed off-limits to most people in the realm of realized potential. Striving, yet at the same time holding themselves back an inch at a time, has been the norm for so long it's considered almost heroic to effect any lasting positive change in your life at all, much less in the world around you.


The barrier which stands guard and judges every notion you have against every notion that was dumped into the core during your formative years is a fortress. Trances, theatrical rituals, metaphorical belief systems, fear, guilt, drugs, and every other extreme have been enacted with one purpose, to open this gate just a LITTLE, so that the interior may in some way be reset.


Subliminal messaging is something new along these lines. While the distractive nature of ritual and trance could be said to create a somewhat subliminal condition for information to be passed quickly and effectively into the subconscious, it still required some conscious acceptance.


Subliminal methods are 'sneaky' from the perspective of the subconscious. They make use of the most interesting aspect of the subconscious because this subconsciousness shares its weakest point with human nature... the ability to be over-informed by what it believes in inside information.


The subconscious mind accepts information as somehow slightly more 'high priority' based on the fact that it never was 'passed through' the conscious mind and that it must therefore be from a 'higher source'.


This model only works in the real world when you increase, greatly, the frequency of identical information as the subconscious is taking in large amounts of peripheral information at nearly all times. It can't act on ALL the information in a way that shows up as an event, so the frequency factor either:


a. overtakes the subconscious perception that since it is being delivered over and over, it must be true, displacing other 'one time' subliminal information.


b. mimics in some way via high frequency a 'higher transmission' of information so as to mistake the point of origin since the conscious mind doesn't have a record of it passing through that direction.


c. actually rewrites previous information, which may have been programmed local and only for that individual (traits, preferences, habits, beliefs, etc.).


The frontier-like landscape of this technology means that ALL of the above may be equally true and that other factors may be at play that we don't recognize yet.


Yet what would happen if you could chisel a tunnel into this area for free access. A conservative model presents a picture of someone who could overcome any mental obstacle, learn anything, become anything in terms of self-image and belief... If we were to speculate without our conscious minds limiting us (a microcosm of the whole issue to begin with) would we see men fly and morph into other 'things'? So far, we can only simplify and find a quick way through the wall that we were born with, which grew and grew as we developed as children until one day every random word entered in had become driven into the stone of our personalities to forever serve as our own incomplete set of instructions for living.


Finding a way around this wall of limitation is the tool for transforming yourself. Remolding the substance of who you are. Subliminal messaging products do well for a variety of reasons. They are also prone to abuse for the same reasons, ease of activation.


In addition to creating new perspectives, we've designed 001 to help guard against these abuses by unknown sources which may be using the technology in covert programs. But the possibility is always there for an attack.


I've concluded that the process of limitation for access to our subconscious was for our own good. Just like in other areas however, we've gotten enough of an understanding to start tearing down walls that have grown up over time. I think we're seeing now, the beginning of access to this part of our mind that is so powerful and contains so many answers. Getting there quickly is the mission of any subliminal entry point.


With each advance, something about our model of how the bigger picture works always changes a little. Something gets added at each step. Subliminal programming may seem to have been the 'fad' that became a technology when in reality, this was an advanced technology that performed a parody of itself as a fad to reduce the fear of everyone in our culture.


When the subliminal scares of the 50's calmed down, the provision of subliminal programs for self help applications only made its way into our view again openly as a form of new age therapy in the late 80's. Prompted by these demonstrations of what could be done, I started around that time to develop what would surpass any trendy applications and went looking for the right targets to aim at. I keep finding them and as long as our readers and those using the products have an open channel to me, I think I'll keep learning things that build on our already quick delivery system.


Do I wish we could enact major changes quicker. There was a time when I hoped I could figure out a way to implement a subliminal program causing MAJOR CHANGES in five minutes (there still may be, but I haven't found it). Now, having seen the power of our products to create changes over a slightly longer period of exposure, I view it like the five day waiting period for a weapon. You're probably going to get it anyway, but it's good to consider everything while you're waiting. I still think it's the quickest way to get into our mental gearbox.


So far, any attempts to convince me that this area is still off-limits to us are met by my observation that for every new discovery, a new door is created.


Knowing how to do this one thing could effect the future for everyone, and solve most of our most pressing human issues. Unlike some who are using this technology and would like to keep it to themselves, this is a new path that has to continue. I'm always encouraged by the professionals who are discovering it for the first time and are moving the technology closer to the mainstream.


Once proven on a mass scale and accepted, it not only can create solutions, but professions. If we can see an entire profession of people as rewarded as I have been by creating these programs, this would be a great thing.


While for all of these centuries, we were prevented from screaming loud enough to reach the center of our minds, we may now have finally discovered that the way to do it by a whisper, hidden in a field of sound.


Soft low volume white noise conceals powerful subliminal messages. Click here to hear a thirty-second sample of our sound mask [this download contains NO subliminal messages, a new window will open on your PC].


Repeated exposure brings life changing results. Here is your chance to call the shots in your own life. Thousands of happy users already know about the power of this technology. You can join them starting whenever you want.......click here.