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This novel is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatization purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person in entirely coincidental and unintentional.


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1. Dance Experience


2. The Machines


3. Being Immortal


4. Faith


5. Get A Job


6. Relating With the Future


7. Electronic Art for Your Brain


8. Extraordinary Conscious Awareness


9. So Many Healings


10. Managing Massive Money


11. Death-Like Transformation


12. Channeling


13. Consciously Creating Reality


14. Divine Being


15. Destiny


16. The Unseen Friends


17. Get On Your Knees


18. What Can Be Accomplished in Bed?


19. Amazing Grace


20. The Second Coming of Robyn Elprehzleinn


21. Forever Lovers



author's note:
this is a digital novel. Therefore I have chosen to write it online live so to speak. Meaning that you will find that I am actually adding, deleting, editing, and putting it all together and discovering the all of it as I go along. I have known for a long time generally the ideas and experiences I wanted to share by writing the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story and that they did indeed need to be written and shared.


I am happy that you can already read the novel, even though it isn't "finished" yet. I am writing it in such a way now that any body who reads it such as it is at any time will have a complete and wonderful experience at that time of the reading. You can bookmark the cover page or any page on your device to come back to read more, or to see what new has been written. Below in the table of contents are the chapters that have something written so far. They may change, evolve, be edited and I certainly plan to write and illustrate more in each of the ones already written, and there are obviously more chapters to be written.


You can navigate this digital book by noticing there is a small picture at the bottom of each chapter that is similar to the unicorn imagery on the cover page. You can click or touch that and it brings you back to the cover page. The cover page is clickable and touch sensitive. Each item on the cover page takes you to the various chapters and sections. You can even click the unicorn on the cover page, the author name, the Elprehzleinn name, the website name, everything pretty much on that cover page is clickable, touchable and hyperlinked. You can check below on this page to see what i mean about the unicorn icon that you can click or touch to get back to the cover page.


I hope that explains a bit how this is being done so that you can enjoy the experience of reading the book to the utmost. Peace, with Love Itself and Joy and Fun, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


p.s. digital book publishing and digital book creation is just now this year of 2012 I feel coming into its' own. I pioneered as a publisher in this field with our e-book only publication, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" which went worldwide and was a contribution to the worldwide development of the electronic publishing industry and among the early success stories in the worldwide digital book publishing industry. Thus I am an expert on digital book publishing and the start of this digital novel coincided exactly with the completion of the Elprehzleinn Digital Book Publishing system which I am also very happy to share with any body that is interested in publishing digital books.


I just want to ask you to consider why there is a letter "E" associated with so many things that are important in the world in the nineties, and the next two decades after that. At the same time as all that has been developing so "E" lectronically so has "E" lprehzleinn" been steadily and slowly emerging. E-commerce, E-book, e- this and e-that and E stands for Elprehzleinn after all. It's our world, and we are waking every being up in it to go home despite the things that think they are trapping every being forever in a world they want to control. Who really "owns" anything in this world after all, other than our true forever friend the divine being themselves that created the things that think they own the world and all of us in it. Indeed. It's time to shine.

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