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4 - Faith

To me faith is knowing and feeling that which is foreseen and living now with that awareness directing feelings and choices in the present moment. Therefore to me faith requires something to be faithful in. What is it that is the focus of my faith? I encourage other people and myself to have a dream, and how to hold that dream in a special place that it is not a plan. It is not "what to do" it is an amazing dream of what can be imagined for this life. For self and others, and it becomes therefore an art to form and focus that and to bring in the partnership of the divine being in doing so. This is what faith is to me. How to be faithful in life at all times. And what to be faithful in. How to focus my faith.


I put my dream into a safe place that has no limits that I call "my own universe". If I share it with others I say it is what I am "imagining".


This is how I hold my dreams and goals for my life. And then I have my life as it actually is to relate to each day. And so the faith is the holding of the dream within that sacred container like a light in my everyday life. And I keep mine in a journal too which is called the "Interactive Electronic Workbook" and I have other techniques for visiting and working with my dream, in other words for having faith in my life, my life purpose, and my life direction, and in the all that is.


Faith in my experience is a synonym to what certain humans who have so-called mastered the human experience have declared as the one success that brings all other success. Faith in other words is a form of meditation perhaps on something greatly hoped for. One can apply such faith to anything, and attain the desired results, and faith itself is a skill to acquire of lasting and great value.


Meaning the still point of peace focusing and concentrating of the mind. The one success that brings all other success. The place where the divine being more easily is known and dialogued with and felt and understood. A gateway of intuition. Inner knowing. These some of the rewards of practicing faith.


This kind of mental steadiness commands emotional steadiness and the awareness and empowerment to achieve that which is the true hearts desire. The ability to remain calm and at peace. Faith is beautiful.


Faith is more than a guiding light it's an action I feel. An action of doing that is felt. That produces chemistry. Faith is therefore a generator of a certain kind and set of feelings. I remember discovering the definition of the " birth card" of the Elprehzleinn Foundation of Forever Being non-profit corporation in Hawaii. Birthed in 1997. Lasted for about nine years and then like a rocket releasing an expended part it dropped away as I continued forward to the true corporation that was originally foreseen.


The Seven of Spades, the card of faith.


I remember reading in the Destiny Cards book by Robert Camp an interpretation of how to work with that card energy. Considering it is my personal Venus card AND at the birth card of the first corporation I put in place in this world in this lifetime and foundation for what I had faith was and perhaps is yet to come from Elprehzleinn it seemed important to me.


I had in Canada received visions of making a business corporation in the "family name" about 8 years earlier than the founding of the non-profit corporation in the family name in Hawaii. A spiritually based business corporation but not a non-profit. So I knew when we did that in Hawaii it was a step in the direction. And within less than a year from registering that corporation a pastor in a church I was attending stopped the service to tell me "you are a business man and you have received a plan in your heart and you feel unsettled because it has not materialized as you think it should by now. God put that plan in your heart and God WILL materialize that plan in God's time. You are meant to manage massive money and to work on a world-wide basis with the younger generation."


That entirely corresponded with what I was feeling and that yes I had received such a plan for a corporation "family business" on a large scale that was funded by me trading the financial markets and whose mission was to help people all over the world in various clearly defined ways, regarding amongst other things electronic healing through flat screen devices through electronic art.


I did have that vision since about 1989 and after I received it I nearly died. And now as that pastor spoke to me directly conveying "God" I knew it was really the divine being speaking through him.


I had my doubts and chose to put them aside and to have faith in my feelings of being touched by the divine being and that man's kind service.


Now as I write it is 2016. There are as always many challenges to my faith in this divinely guided family business corporation as yet to be in Canada. Yes, I have registered one in 2008 and later discovered that was the year that Justin Bieber began his career.



I only found out about the destiny cards and the certain interpretation of the Seven of Spades the most spiritual card in the deck several years after I registered the corporation on the date that gave it that card.


To unleash the full power of the card of faith, the Seven of Spades, the idea is the find the biggest dream you can find and hold on to it until it comes true. Seems the perfect card for the act of faith that is my life path regarding what has become the idea I have faith that there will be an active Elprehzleinn family business corporation exactly as it was foreseen. Such a big dream, and such fun so far holding on to it no matter what. And I must add that is a fun that includes walking through some of the worst nightmares of living and being in this world seemingly.


Truly amazing.


I am happy that once before I received a "master healing" in a spiritual community just before I received that original vision. As I sat outside the healing room I was handed a note that had been psychically channeled for me that was a handwritten note with a message from an unseen friend on the other side saying not to worry in life as I am a highly protected one.


I have felt that to be true, during those times when I never knew it was happening because it worked so well I never knew what I was being protected from. Meaning that good protection doesn't feel like anything because I am safe from even knowing what I am being protected from.


And during those times when it was quite clear what I was being protected from and how it seems sometimes I wonder how many times something it seems to me has tried to kill me one way or another or make me think I want to kill myself. But it never happens as I feel the protection overtake the danger, the darkness, the horror, the nightmare. Trusting that, is one way I have lived in faith. Choosing to have faith. Choosing to find ways to restore my faith when circumstances, time, anything that is happening or not happening becomes my excuse or my reason to fall into states of low emotion or low life condition. When my faith seems very little. But that is all we need. Just a grain the size of a mustard seed can move mountains and I have found that to be true. I find that to be true.


I would say that small amount of faith often acts like a light that shows the way through what may otherwise seem impossible both or either on the inside and or the outside. Emotionally, mentally, or how things are or seem to be in the material experience. Either my own, or the world, and both.


I have faith in my own path, even when it seems so veiled that I cannot even see my own dreams for my own future clearly. I have faith in my friendship and personal relationship with the omnipresent, omniscient, divine being that is Love Itself.


I have faith that all of us are heading into a brilliantly bright future of total well-being for all concerned.


Yes, often, that faith is only a tiny light in an otherwise situation.


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