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Join Us For Fun, Magical Transformational Empowering and Achieving and Enjoying of Your Heart and Soul's Dream For Your Life. With Love and Love Itself i.e. the Supreme Authority, The All That Is, Forever Friend, With Happiness and Joy, and wise empowered Choice, and Pleasure living YOUR life the way YOU love to live it more and more and from now on. So let it be, gloriously.

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We believe it is better to have no beliefs. The foundation of all that we're talking about with "Elprehzleinn" is quite simply an outreach on various levels throughout the world on a scale so large that we imagine that it will prevent the next world war from being as serious as it might have been. It is our opinion that what is happening in the world since September 11, 2001, is the third world war although much less frightening and horrible than it has been foreseen in many science fiction stories for example. The basic idea is that the more that there is peace and beautiful love projected into the world and received from a beautiful bright wonderful future of the world by and to and from people then and now having beautiful, fun, joyous loving peaceful thoughts, words, and deeds, the less the negative war-like energies materialize. Ultimately our choice is world peace and life improvement for each person who wants it. We are with certain aspects of the plan to do this based upon a form of divine intervention by Love Itself at this time.

Our Elprehzleinn brand "Health" subliminal audio is the soundtrack for this video. Video editing, digital nature art and animation, words and subliminal scripting by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn.


This page is presented in the hopes and knowings of:
Robyn Elprehzleinn At Last ("R.E.A.L.") who legend foretells is the second-coming of Elvis Presley, who was the announcement and preparation and foretelling for Robyn Elprehzleinn (Amazing Grace), and so our story goes from there to here and everywhere with fun and play and peace and the forever light.


click to access all the songs from the $1000 per copy album he formerly released. You are allowed to download or play them now.


The way that this is being done is through an outreach based upon an overall spiritual awareness. An awareness which comes directly through connecting and interacting with the being that is responsible for the creation of the things that created the world. That being we know as the one true all that is, the nameless one being love itself. If you are reading this page, you are probably involved in these endeavours that we have described above, in some way or other, in your own life. Our sites, products, and stellar services are designed to support you in doing what you do and to support us in doing what we are doing with all of this regarding Elprehzleinn and the world, the illusion, the hypnosis, and this place we call real life.

The basic idea that we are working with here, is that you have a form of divine calling, a soul guided direction for your life meaning a high calling that you are following your hearts wisdom and dream for you. If you could fulfill that your divine calling, "live your dream" as it is often called, then we feel it is likely that means you would be expressing your true being more not only for yourself, but for the entire world. That is what is our objective to do that and to support people doing that and feeling that way.


It is the spiritual beings that are awake and awakening that is generating more and more of a force of peace and kindness and fun and happiness and well-being, of love and well-being in this world. This is because of all and each of our true spiritual beings waking up, our AMAZING GRACE waking up each spiritual being within a body that is being freed of karma of the old programming that started as a child in this your current incarnation does not necessarily share any of the karma or the prejudices that any other particular body may exactly have. It is our intention and mission to use spiritual and tangible means to help each and every spiritual being to be free in their current bodies and free regarding the endless wheel of what is called reincarnation, while they are still incarnated, for those who wish to be involved in something like this. Some persons may choose or end up re-incarnating, or moving on to other dimensions, or we may not be able to succeed in helping any body to achieve the total freedom that we are working on helping each being achieve, while incarnated.


To playfully explore this experientially with exceptional expectations and possibilities for personal development and personal freedom like never before you can work with our "Empowerment Script" & "optional full package" to help you to dream and materialize what you want in life beautifully with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. So let it be.

Peace, Unlimited Happiness, and Love Forever

this is an extremely old and fun video vision we made a long time ago at the beginning of the computer animation industry!

"Believe It, Or Not"
-magazine advertisement from years ago. If you click the link to read the old magazine advertisement channeled by the All that IS for Voon Muhn Rahn you will read at the end of it about the radio shows he made in 1994. You can listen to radio show ten now by clicking here and near the top you see a link for "radio show ten".

This is regarding experiences of unprecedented fun, unprecedented happiness and joy is our vision for you that we offer and share now for you and us from now on with the ability and capability to love healing and increasing and being the way we choose, and we envision that we are and you are expressing the fulfillment of goals and dreams most precious to build and achieve, and we are helping each other do that together with divine love, the nameless one being. We invite you to consider our exquisite and elegant help and support on your path of building and achieving your goals and dreams beautifully and easily.