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The Money and Health
Subliminal Audio Files

Please READ OUR DISCLAIMER before using these audio.


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In 2006 I (JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn) received an enormously wonderful gift from a talented musician friend who is an expert on producing subliminal audio for life improvement. He offered to produce two custom titles for me because I had helped him improve his business in the past. His subliminal technology is first class quality.


I have used almost every single title he produced with great results. I wrote two scripts (with excellence) and he took the words I wrote and embedded them with his advanced technology into two titles approx. Seven minutes each.


There is one title based on ideas and intentions for manifesting, accumulating, and enjoying money and the second title based on ideas for manifesting and maintaining complete body health. Read the scripts. It is truly important that you read our disclaimer before using these audios so that you know that these audios in absolutely no way guarantee that you will manifest money or health by listening to these audios, and you understand that the words are just ideas meant to inspire change. These are for entertainment purposes only just the same as if you would buy a computer game or watch a movie. The entertainment in this case is the idea that focusing and forming thoughts and repeating them to yourself over and over again at a subconscious level somehow brings about a chain reaction of seemingly magical connections and interactions between a deeper you and the universe that starts to re-direct you actions and behaviours and may even mold your choices and decisions just like advertising does. Only this is advertising that you choose. And choose how much to expose yourself to. For entertainment purposes only. The entertainment factor of seeing if you can make your life better and seeing if and how it might feel to do this.



"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."
Morpheus / The Matrix


Benefits: Sophisticated scripts and high performance subliminal embedding make taking on these new programs joyful and wonderful and as easy as listening.


Here are the Money and Health Subliminal Audio Files

If you like on most computers and devices you should be able to simply click the links to the files below and they will start playing or you can download them with a right click usually.


Here are you audio files. Enjoy and experience the rich benefits. On Windows computers right click each audio file to download and save to your computer. ( Save Target As)

On Macintosh ctrl click to download and save to your computer and load into your iTunes)



These are high quality subliminal audio programs that I wrote. They were produced by a talented and knowledgable subliminal artist using all the best technology to do so. Visit the Life Transformation Subliminal Audio page and read the FAQ to learn about the methods used. Click this link to download the scripts that are embedded in these exclusive subliminal audio programs that are only available here on this website.


Currently these titles as well as our entire subliminal audio library and our Ultra Money Manifesting program are being offered without financial obligation. If you can make a financial contribution to Elprehzleinn we use the money to pay the costs of continuing to expand and improve our mission which has been online for a long time and helped a lot of people. We want you to benefit from what we offer without having a financial obligation, so we are doing the money part differently and we hope you agree it's a great way to be financially excellent and spiritually excellent both at the same time.





Download Instructions for Subliminal Programs

Thanks for choosing our digital mp3 downloads for your subliminal programming needs.

Here are some tips to make using this feature easier.
1. These are recommended only for high-speed connections. Attempting to download these titles on a dial-up connection may take a longer period of time but because the files are zipped, once they have downloaded and been unzipped and saved as mp3 files, they will play normally.

2. Remember what these programs are: A white noise 'sound mask' that conceals spoken messages mixed just below the threshold of conscious perception. For instructions regarding usage see our instruction page, linked below. We suggest you print this information if possible for future use.

3. Each program is about 7 minutes long. You can play the title on loop to get a longer listening time.

4. Once downloaded, do not change the compression rate, audio equalization or any other sound related feature of the program as it may effect the overall performance of the product.

5. These are the same exact files that have been used by thousands of other people in c.d. form over the years. The only way they have been altered is by conversion to MP3, an accepted audio format that reduces the overall file size. If you are able to convert them back into .wav files for inclusion on a c.d., that is okay. Otherwise, your c.d. version will need to be played on a playback device that reads mp3 files. Other devices such as iPod or personal audio equipment that utilizes the MP3 format will be fine for playback.

6. If you have ongoing problems downloading a title please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know the nature of your technical problem. We may not be able to correct your difficulty if it is on your end but we'll try.

The Sun, Archangel Raphael.

"I just turned one on and read the script and walked into my inner universe and bathed in the sun of the water. It was glorious, soothing, refreshing."


"I observed a woman who was very concerned about money because she was making changes in her business and her income level was anticipated to drop to almost nothing while she made the transition out of one business into another. She was very worried and there was a tightness and a lot of negative energy around her money situation even though the cash was still flowing she was worried about what was going to happen. I gave her the money subliminal and she played it a few times.

At first she said she felt resistant to listening to it and then she started to listen to it while she was working on her computer every day. I started to notice that she was not mentioning her money concerns at all even though her cash flow was now in its lowest point. I was amazed at how relaxed and happy she was. Then I remembered that she was listening to the money subliminal and I realized how it must be relaxing her.

I am very confident that she is going to be telling me how much larger her finances are once she makes the business transition complete. What amazed me is how much she transformed in her state of relaxation about money during the worst times of all. It was beautiful to observe the effects of the subliminal audio bringing such a profound peace to her financially speaking.

I know this is the gratitude element of the script and I am excited about what is going to happen next for her financially. I am also feeling more relaxed and smooth about my finances since listening to the money and the health subliminal files myself. I am very pleased to offer these products to the public."
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn




Basic Instructions


The volume does NOT need to be high for the program to work.

If our sound mask is annoying, it's too high.



Program 001 is an introductory title (also subliminal) designed to lessen change shock. It also contains other important programming that will allow the titles you've selected to activate more quickly. If you feel the effects are too strong, please run 001 again.

When starting our programs you should listen to 001 at least five times. After that you may put it away unless long periods of time (6 months) pass between programming schedules.


Time Frame

Results should begin to occur at 20 - 29 days of nearly daily use. The more frequently the programs are used the more quickly you may see results. When using more than one title, try to select 2 that are similar in function to be used together. Frequency, the program and the individual are the 3 key factors in determining activation times.





A moderate amount of exercise and fresh air will not only help you feel better but may also help speed results since the human body / mind mechanism is relied upon. Yogic or other soft exercises are also positive in this respect.


Peak Times

One of the goals of the producer of these titles has always been to define the best times for programming although the titles may be used in nearly any situation. Peak times identified are:

1. The brief period between waking & sleeping [Our programs are not, contrary to urban legend, effective during the sleep states.]

2. Sexual orgasm [including the building period and also the afterglow]

3. Times of great distraction [reading, television etc..]


Substances that can interfere

Alcohol [during actual use], recreational drugs and large amounts of white sugar can create some obstacles in certain individuals.


Accidental Programming

One of the features that make subliminal programming powerful also make it contagious! After all, if subliminal programming depended on intention it would be worthless in commercial advertising applications. Whoever is exposed to the same degree you are will also be programmed. Informed consent is the best policy when using around others. Use caution when programming on a regular basis while children are within earshot.