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Creating Spiritually In This Illusion World

Now Let's Do It

How Long Does It Take to Manifest Money?


Engaging the Mystical Process


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This book is based on experiences I have had that have led me to know that creating things spiritually on the so-called inner planes and allowing and receiving and giving them permission to materialize into the illusion world that we call real life is not only possible, it is a way to live that I most enjoy. However that doesn't mean that it is a way for you to live.

This book is a sharing of what I know and have experienced with the intention of both inspiring you to help yourself to consciously and mystically create fun(ds) for your life. Real money as it is called. Into your accounts and pockets and wherever you keep it.

That being said, that I want to "inspire" you to generate money by spiritual means I want to also say that there is absolutely no guarantee that you would generate any money at all due to being inspired by me or this book. In fact I feel that many people have generated money because they were inspired by me, in various and sometimes incredible ways and amounts. However even if that was totally true, in fact, it would still NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT IT WOULD APPLY TO YOU.

In fact, I can guarantee you one thing for sure, that absolutely nothing whatsoever that myself or any body else spiritually generated in the financial arena in relation to being inspired by me is going to be what you might or might not generate in terms of monetary successes in your life. Because the better you do this, the more you will realize that your life is not like any other person's life at all. This book and the ideas in it are "spiritual entertainment" and are not in any way advice or counsel on how to make and/or manage or invest your money. In fact this is more about creating a spiritual chain reaction from the inner planes that ultimately results in what you intended to have happen and / or helping you to sort out what might have gone wrong if it doesn't work out the way you intended it to. And this book therefore is about the practical application and some considerations I can share with you about doing that, especially in regards to the financial situation.

I definitely want you to think and feel and thereby experience in tangible reality how the alchemy i.e. the blending of your conscious interaction with the ideas, and mystical forces conveyed herein is worth a lot of money to you, and that therefore this book is worth a lot more money to you than you paid for it, and therefore that this book is a valuable treasure in your life, and a gift you were certainly worthy to receive, and a gift you both received, and gave to your self, because you were ready for it and willing to have this knowledge and this experience. But I can't guarantee any of that will happen, even though I certainly know and expect that it will. With harm to none and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, and joyfully with fun. So let it be, with divine help, and angelic help, and divine abundance and the richness of your alignment to your true destiny and your true spiritual being, your soul and spirit.



Desire for money. That is really close to saying, "the love of money" or the "love for money". Some people say to feel and materialize all your desires. Other people say that controlling or subduing desires is best. I like what the Greek poet Sappho says about desire:

"Some say horsemen, some say warriors,
Some say a fleet of ships is the loveliest
Vision in this dark world, but I say it’s
What you love."

I dedicate this book to Love Itself, which is the source of all desires, and the source of all things. I dedicate this book to Love Itself the nameless one being that has no name and many names. The only one omniscient, all knowing, true being of pure love that is All That Is, mysterious and grand, peaceful and kind, powerful and all wise. Friend, always there, always present, always with me. I ask Love Itself, to assist all those who read this book to generate money from the spiritual being that they truly are, on their highest path of purest expression of their truest self and soul and being. With harm to none, with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. So that what each person who reads this book desires to do with the money, or why they want to have that money, and the skills of generating money easily, can be fulfilled and achieved. For joy, for fun, and for the sake of the All That Is, fulfilling their destiny and their will to re-unite with each of us in our purity of being, in the place where all that we desire and love is all that we live. And forever so.




"A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things."
~Ecclesiastes 10:19

Hello my name is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn.

I understand that it is customary before making a presentation to say something about your self to help your audience to get a sense of who and how you are being. Let me do that in a moment. First I would like to state what this book is intended to be, and what you can hope to accomplish and to expect from reading it.

The intention of this book is that you read it, you get inspired or you learn something about how to spiritually generate money in your actual life, and so you do, and you know you did that, and therefore this book helped you to spiritually generate money, and you can count on that. What I mean by saying, "you can count on that" is that I desire to accomplish and I expect that I will achieve the result of writing, publishing, and sharing something that will result in the reader YOU in your case, making some kinds of changes in your self spiritually easily enough and so that things come out differently for you as a result, in the financial area of your life.

In other words, and based on much experience achieving this sort of thing before, I desire, imagine, and expect to inspire you and to share things with you that help you notice, receive, and achieve more money in your life. That a "spiritual chain reaction" starts up due to the alchemy of you and me interacting through this book on the spiritual planes in such a manner that every body and every being involved produces more money. With purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned.

Specifically what I intend to do with this book is to offer and share my awareness and consciousness and connectedness with you dear reader, dear person, dear fully realized divine spiritual being that you are in such a manner that as you move through the book you can move and change inside. Change and move so that what you become by interacting with this book is a richer person when it comes to money. That starts from the inside, and properly done, that leads to the outside. So let's properly do this.

When I speak about the inner you perhaps we can consider together that means how you think, how you feel, your sense of knowing, your sense of understanding, about who you are and how you are. To the depths of you, to the all of you. Who you are. And when we speak of the outer, the illusion world that we call real life, the place where the "real money" is we say, out there is the reflection of in there. In there where you are being. And it is sure that changing in there, changes out there. And that is how we spiritually generate money. We focus on the changes, and on the intentions that we want out there, knowing that how we are in our inner world, in the inner worlds, is being reflected out there.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
~Pablo Picasso

"The ability to imagine what you are wanting, rather than only observing what-is, is what takes you beyond. You are a physical being, but you are much more."

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
~Marcus Aurelius

As you prepare to experience whatever you experience as you interact with the pages and links and various connections to various things of wonderfulness that is contained in this book and linked to beyond the boundaries of this book, may I invite YOU to make a conscious intention? I would like to ask you to write down a conscious intention and put it away somewhere, or better yet to get a notebook or journal whether digital or not. For the purpose of helping you to spiritually generate money.

Give yourself a financial assessment right now. In amounts, and how you feel about it emotionally. And then simply intend by writing it down that you intend to use the inspiration in this book to make changes easily inside of yourself spiritually so that in your life there is more money that comes in for you as soon and as much as possible and in ways that bring you joy. Thus you intend to spiritually generate money simply by interacting with me here, and with the materials and such that I present to you. So write that down. Your intention as I suggested it or a version of your own.

I have heard that people that write down their intentions or goals have a much higher success rate of achieving them as compared to people that did not write them down. And that is due to the fact that when you put it on paper your intention is solidly held in place. That thought form is literally fixed onto that piece of paper, or in your digital calendar, or wherever you keep it. You'll need it because you can go back to it and see how that feels after you manifest more money.

There is great wisdom in the doing of this. And then you can do it over and over again. Writing out different money intentions or simply keeping the same money intention of having more money generate from within you in abundance and as needed and as desired by you. Later on I will share a way that you can continue to drive forth the intentions you make most powerful and build their energy with most amazing help, and with the super power of mantra, and your own inner super powers of your subconscious mind, your higher self, your friendship with the divine being who is Love Itself and source of all fun(ds), your soul and spirit, and your unconscious mind, and your energy, and even your own body. So write it down. Please.

I have a gift in store for you in fact many, however the one I am referring to is the "Empowerment Script". Keep reading and by the time you get to it, you will be ready for it. And when you get it and read it, if you choose to, remember your conscious intention to spiritually generate more money. And wonder how THAT is going to change due to what you read when you have read that script, if you so choose. My intention is that the doing that you are doing of actually reading, clicking, looking, understanding, feeling, and therefore changing by reading this book is going to lead you to receive, allow, earn, take in, enjoy, and in all the ways you can, have more and more and MORE money in your life from now on. With harm to none, and with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, and in support of the fully realized divine spiritual being that you already are.

“Do not be tense; just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not being set but being flexible. (Readiness) is being "wholly" and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.”
~Bruce Lee


Creating Spiritually In This Illusion World

I want to be clear from the start that spirituality is very wise, and sound, and solid, and practical, and real. It is not "airy fairy" or something you only do on Sunday morning. Have you read, The Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel? He was a major business success in his time and inspired many other business successes of the largest magnitude. And his "Master Key System" is all about the same ideas we are sharing here, how to make the spiritual into what you want it to be in the material. Spirituality is the most practical thing you can do.

To make my point, let's consider a place where I feel spirituality and practicality collide in the money arena. In a casino. In there you have all sorts of magical symbolism like cards, and numbers, and almost every symbol on every slot machine is a spiritual symbol or a magical symbol. And at the same time it is all about the very down to earth practicality of working with your money in a place that is basically very challenging and at the same time can be fun and an excellent arena for learning some basic money principles. I am not recommending that you go to the casino. I am just saying that there is a place in which spirituality and practicality regarding money collide beautifully.

My gambling mentor is John Patrick. He has a phrase he uses on many of his books: "So you want to be a gambler?"

Here is one of his books I picked out for you to consider the preview to get you started soundly and practically with the idea of spiritually manifesting money. John Patrick's Money Management For Gamblers: How to Maximize Your Gambling Profits Now you might think that gambling is "not spiritual" so I thought I would make myself clear right from the start. Meaning that being spiritual to me is something that we all are. And if you can realize you are "being spiritual" simply by the nature of the fact that you are alive in a body here in this world then you can also realize that you have power that goes far beyond the power of your body.

Your power is as a spiritual being. How you think and feel about something is very important because those thoughts and feelings can destroy you, or can make your life great. Buddha says that "We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world as surely as the cart follows the horse." And our feelings, our heart, our desires and passions, surely follow our thoughts too.

So when John Patrick or anybody else helps you or me to think and feel more wisely about the crazy things we do in this life, that is spiritual. Being wise is spiritual.

The wisdom I have to share with you about CREATING spiritually into this illusion world is also related to John Patricks' proposal, "so you want to be a gambler". How it is related is because my proposal to you is similar. "So you want to create something into the illusion?"

What I learned about creating into this illusion is that it takes time and space. It requires you to be aware of who you are inside of yourself. It requires you to know something about your destiny, and your heart and soul desires for your life. It requires you to feel and think for yourself, about yourself and your life. So let's look at time and space in relation to spiritually creating money, and then let's look at actually getting started to do just that, spiritually create some money into your life.


Now Let's Do It

Having said "now" it brings up the idea of the so-called conveyor belt that goes across time and into space from where it starts inside of you in the place where everything comes from. That is the theory that I have found that when you try to practice it is absolutely incredibly true, and incredibly fraught with difficulties and incredibly fun and worthwhile. The very best summary of what I am talking about is a quote by Thayumanavar:

"You may control a mad elephant;
You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
By alchemy you may earn your livelihood;
You may wander through the universe incognito;
Make vassals of the gods; be ever youthful;
You may walk on water and live in fire:
But control of the mind is better and more difficult."

I guess it depends on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, or whether you "see the glass as half empty or as half full" as to whether or not that quote "inspired" you or not! However what matters is that we can definitely agree that things that are imagined, desired, and expected are definitely related to what and how we think and feel. Of which "control of the mind" is absolutely related to how we think and feel. And when we create something out of our inner world with our imagination and desire and expectation we are definitely working the magic of taking how we think and feel, and how and what we choose and decide into our own hands. Which means we have to use our mind to do that since we don't actually take our thoughts and feelings into our own hands.

And once upon a time that we actually do "take control of our mind" in the regard of intending to have some more money into our life, and focusing in on that somehow then whatever we come up with as an intention, and whatever we do with that mystically and/or magically speaking it "sets forth" a chain reaction that unfolds across time and into space arriving at the destination of where we consciously asked it to show up, and when we consciously asked it to show up, and how we actually asked it to show up. Which takes us back to the "control a mad elephant" idea that Thayumanavar put forth regarding the practical difficulties of doing something like that.


How Long Does It Take to Manifest Money?

Now that is not the question you should be asking yourself. The question you should be asking yourself is: "How will I even remember what I asked for when it does manifest"? In my experience with doing this, and with helping people do this, the time factor seems to erase people's memory of what they even asked for. As well as the difficulty in focusing and concentrating of the mind. As well as the intervention of the divine being, destiny, your higher self, and your soul and spirit, and your unconscious and subconscious mind regarding whatever it is that you asked for financially speaking using whatever method you asked for it.

If you can remember what you consciously intend to see manifested in terms of money for yourself, you are way ahead of the game. For one thing that means you can hold a steady focus on what you desire, which helps you imagine it, expect it, and work through whatever thoughts and feelings you need to. It helps provide the force to work through whatever choices and decisions you need to or feel compelled to make. And remembering for example by writing down what you prayed for, asked for or otherwise consciously intended in the money department brings you the ability to stay focused on what you asked for. And focusing and concentrating of the mind is the true endeavor of yoga, which is the one success that brings all other success.

When you set in motion a sincere intention however you do it, writing it down, making a prayer, and then forget about it, that is a way of releasing it. However how will you know when you get it that this is what you asked for if you don't remember what you asked for? And if you do remember what you asked for, what do you do while you are waiting for the money to materialize? And what happens if it doesn't show up when you asked for it, or how you asked for it?

Time is an illusion so to really master this you would just hold the conscious intention of the money that you desire until you achieve that money that you desire, regardless of the timing of it. You would note that if and when you set a timing and amount and various ways that you want to receive that money or earn that money or get that money however you do. You would note all that and if your exact intentions are not met, then you set new timing, and make the adjustment to your conscious intentions just as if you are following a map to a destination. It will lead you there.

So for example if you desire a raise in your paycheck at work, and you desire it by a certain time and date, and things don't happen that way by that time and date you don't say, "it didn't work". You just reset the conscious intention and learn from your mistakes and keep going until you find that it is working for you.

I want to give you something now that I feel certain will greatly help you with your conscious intentions to work out, and then I want to move on and get you started with some things you can put into practice so you can enjoy the process of creating and then receiving and allowing and achieving the manifestation of more money in your life.

Another factor to consider when it comes to how long does it take is that we are making use of the power of mantra here. And mantra is a mystical way of doing things and therefore as much as you CAN and should put your own intention for timing for whatever it is you want to materialize, it is important to allow and receive the mystical divine timing and the totally illogical and often non-linear and absolutely miraculous timing and event sequencing that can and does occur to bring about what you desire, imagine, and expect regarding your mantra practice and the spiritual ways of generating money in general.


The Empowerment Script

I mentioned at the beginning that I would tell you a little bit more about myself. One thing about me is that pursuing the manifest expression of my own destiny and spiritual expression into the illusion of this world led me to becoming a somewhat world famous self-help guru for a few years. After I did that for a while with incredible results for myself and many other people in an incredible number of countries I found that there was still something more I wanted out of my personal practice of consciously creating my own reality with Love Itself as my partner in doing so. And I wanted human partnership for doing so. In any case what I came to in all that experience and my experience with yoga is that our conscious mind is not the only part of us. We are so much more than the "I Self" or what you might call the "Conscious Identity".

Therefore when "I" wish for money, or pray for money, or whatever technique I do spiritually to realize the manifestation of that money, "I" know that there are many other forces that are at work then just "me". I know that who I truly am is much greater than my "I" self, and includes a series of relationships with various aspects of myself such as my subconscious mind, my unconscious mind, my soul and spirit, Love Itself the great One Being that is All That Is, my higher self, and more. Even my body is not "I".

Therefore "I" realized that in order for my conscious intentions to be supported by "the powers that be" I need to take the responsibility that we can all take at the conscious level. That is the responsibility to make the choice of what we desire. We are not alone in bring that choice into manifestation in fact we cannot do it by ourselves and don't really do that much at all in terms of "making it happen".

You might not be surprised to discover how much power your subconscious and unconscious mind have to get things done. However only "you" have the power of choice.

And so I wrote the "Empowerment Script" to help myself and other people to set forth their conscious intentions in a way that is supported by "the powers that be". And I was so happy with how that script affects a person just by reading it that I was willing to offer my high end high price personal consulting services for the price of a donation to any person who bought and read that script. Why? Because I knew that person would have asked by reading that script that all the great powers would be on their side no matter what they consciously intended. Including their higher self, and therefore working with that person would be for the highest benevolence of all concerned including me. And thus way more fun.

I want to give you access now to that Empowerment Script because you paid for this book, and that means something to me about your willingness to approach life from the inside out, to express your spiritual being and to be a being that comes from your heart. And if you get that script, and you read that script, and you like it, and you bought this book, then you too will be eligible to take my "optional full package" which is my premium personal consulting service, for the price of a donation. Let me give you the links that people normally get that present the Empowerment Script and optional full package so you know what you are getting without having to pay the price for the Empowerment Script.


And here is the actual "thank you page" that people get to on my website after they actually purchase the Empowerment Script. Just click here to go there now and get and read the Empowerment Script. Then we will be ready to continue here with going further regarding some practical application and more considerations regarding spiritually creating and manifesting money into your own life.


Engaging the Mystical Process

"The problem with modern (wo)man is that (s)he is too caught up in rationality and logic. (S)He doesn't allow the Divine to interfere on his or her behalf and fix things miraculously. In fact, your life would be easier if you would put your faith in miracles. Miracles make a person positive whereas logic leads to negativity."
Dattatreya Siva Baba aka Dr. Pillai

And here we are now getting into the mystical process even more. I feel that if you did read the Empowerment Script that is a fabulous first step. Actually your first step was intending to spiritually generate money while you proceed with this book. And then that intention alchemized with the Empowerment Script.

Now if you have some specific financial goals you can write them down. However at this point I encourage you NOT to write them down at least not yet. The reason is that I want to share with you a mantra practice that I put together inspired by many yoga masters including the man that spoke that quote above, and inspired by many experiences I have had and people I have had those experiences with. Rather than just read about it, would you like to actually do it and activate your spiritual money generating even more than you already have?

Go to my website after you read the instructions for doing so here:

There you will find a video that plays the mantra "Shreem Kleem Brzee" over and over again more than 1800 times. I put that together to help people get in a lot of repetitions fast. It only takes about two minutes and I did some sound design to go along with that meaning that I played Solfeggio tuning forks in a sequence that is meant to balance and harmonize your chakra energy centers of your body from listening to the tones as they play while you watch the Shreem Kleem Brzee mantra play. If you want to try watching the video over and over again repeatedly to get in a higher quantity of the mantra repetitions let me share how you can do that. You right click near the bottom right corner of the video on the icon for expanding to full screen and choose loop. I have sat for up to three hours watching that incredible mantra video repeat and had extraordinary experiences and realizations. How does it work? Hey, read that quote at the beginning of this section again :)

That is part of the "magic" you don't need to know how it works, only that it works. You set your intention, you do the mantra work, you expect the ideas, the opportunities, that lead to the money and the money itself to come about for you in a very smooth and happy and joyous way that is divinely protected and divinely beautifully timed, and divinely beautifully tailor-made for your situation and that answers your prayers for money. Answers your conscious intention to spiritually generate more money. If there is healing that needs to happen, it can happen. Whatever needs to happen, you know that it can happen spiritually through the mantra work, and mystically, and that means you don't have to know how it works, just notice when it works so you stay motivated to stick with it until all your financial goals are achieved. Or the one goal you used which I gave you. Or the one specific goal you might choose to use to try this out.

Remember, it takes time for a spiritual process to unfold into time and space. A chain reaction of events, energies, circumstances, and various mystical phenomenon must occur and that depends on your situation and on so many things and beings and so on. But it does happen, and you just need to keep doing the mantra and holding your intention. Not 24 hours a day, just on and off comfortably until it happens. Just writing it down, and then doing mantra work from time to time until it happens is totally sufficient because everything else you need to do you will be empowered to do it, inspired to do it, that is the kind of force you are generating within.

Just watching that video even one time should make a change for you in terms of spiritually generating money. However mantras are designed to be repeated and as I said you need to stay focused while the chain reaction happens. So I suggest that you bookmark the page and come and see it at least once most every day as a practice until you realize every single one of your financial intentions.

And just in case you noticed that on that page where the mantra video is located it is actually promoted a program called, "Ultra Money Manifesting". So just in case you did not receive enough gifts from me yet, here is the link that people get when they enroll in that program, as another gift from me to you:

On that page you will find many resources for helping you spiritually generate money. There on that page you will find my YouTube playlist that contains many helpful videos including quite a few that explain in more detail about the Shreem Kleem Brzee mantra.



Now that you are on your way with this project of spiritually generating money into your life I want to share with you some additional practical considerations. First of all I want to ask you if you have ever noticed the phenomenon that the more you make the more you spend? So it's not really about just generating more money. It's about managing the flow in and the flow out. And that is where a real sense of financial well-being can arise. So I want to encourage you to gain the skill of balancing your money. I included some ideas regarding that in "The Basic Formula" which you can access through that Ultra Money Manifesting program link here:

Another consideration is about abundance and generosity and giving. You may have noticed I practiced that several times during the sharing of these materials. It works.

You may have also noticed that I provided a lot of images of gemstones here in this book. Just having them around your home or office, carrying them in your pocket, sets a resonance for financial well-being and financial healing and can help you a great deal. Even the pictures can inspire the qualities in you that can help you spiritually generate money. If you look up on google the "healing properties of " Aventurine and Citrine, you can find out these are great money stones to have around. And I like to use Topaz because Topaz is said to speed up the time it takes for you to go from the spiritual into the material in terms of your wish coming true so to speak. It shortens the time between what and when you consciously intended something and when it comes into materialization.

Now what happens if you go about doing all this and you find yourself saying, "it didn't work". Be wary if you find yourself saying so. Normally something happens for sure when you do this kind of spiritual work for generating money. The question is "How will I even remember what I asked for when it does manifest"?

It takes time to manifest. It can be a very short time indeed, or a long time, or any time in between. It is important to say when you want something time wise, however that doesn't always work. It is important to say what you desire in detail, however what you ask for doesn't always come through the way you asked for it to. It seems to definitely work, it's more about your ability to assess how it is working, then if it is or not. Try to set the doubts and other concerns and worries aside. Whatever you have already been doing to get money this is only going to help. And this is very strong and very powerful to set things up for yourself spiritually the way it has been laid out here for you to do it.

Keep in mind that the even though I have given you a very super-charged methodology for spiritually generating money you can be creative and do the process in your own way. The way I shared with you is that first you assess where you are at. For example, "I need more money, I want more money, I have such and such amount of money, I feel like I don't know how to get it, If I don't get more money soon I will be in trouble, I want money for such and such purpose, etc." You just stop and get clear about where it's at right now.

Next you INTEND what you desire for money to materialize. "I want a new job with a great paycheck, I want more sales revenues in my business, I want to have an extra sum show up out of the blue, I want X amount of dollars, I want to be financially rich, I want to live in financial ease and abundance." Those are some examples but only you know your intention. Write it down. Ask yourself why you want it, and what it's for, and when you want it. There is your intention. Keep that. Why? Because keeping that is HOLDING your intention.

How you keep that has many variations. Tuck it away. Make a note with a date in your calendar. Write it out in an artistic way and use it in a magic ritual. Say it as a prayer and ask for help to receive it. What matters is that you HOLD the intention until either you change it, or it comes true. So try and pick something you are willing to hold as constantly changing your intentions takes away the power of holding it.

And then I gave you an absolutely free copy of the Empowerment Script that people normally pay for on my website. Which actually gives YOU the same opportunity that they give themselves by paying for that. They qualify to take my unbelievable "optional full package". You read about that hopefully at and you understand that you got the Empowerment Script as a gift and yet you still qualify the same as if you paid for it to take the optional full package if you want more personal and tailor-fit help from me.

Hopefully you READ the Empowerment Script and thereby absolutely commanded and demanded that the great powers that be align to your request, with harm to none and you spelled that out most clearly and brilliantly.

And then you watched the Shreem Kleem Brzee video and plan to continue watching it whenever you feel the desire for that money to show up. And you perhaps also took up the practice of saying mentally, or out loud, or writing out over and over again, that mantra. You kept holding your intention like that, and working the magic and mysticism like that, until you got the money you wanted. And you can do that over and over again.

I definitely expect this to work for you. I even designed this book with the various links and images and subtle energy embedded into it to help you have money miracles and money manifesting in your life simply because you bought this and own it. Like a magical talisman for making more and more money in your life, by the magic of spiritually generating it, by the magic of Love Itself, and of the benevolence of our interaction. So let it be.With peace and love and harm to none and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned.



Peace, Love, and Fun,

With Love Itself, With Harm to None, for Purely Benevolent Outcomes for All Concerned,

I am that I am,

Sincerely and Yours Truly,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn