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Om Hreem Hreem Ayeim Shreem Shreem Om* Om Shreem Kleem Brzee Om Hreeng Greeng Hreeng

Sanskrit characters for YOGA

Here On This Page is An Introduction to our "Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic" life experience. Please keep in mind that this entire "Money, Sex, Love and Magic" program is now only available as part of our "optional full package" which requires the "Empowerment Script" at this link, click here.


And here is the link to a powerful program I made entitled, "Love Story Magic" for improving your inner love programming from whatever it is now to whatever is better. Based on a dialogue with your subconscious mind and a willingness to understand that the love that was programmed into your body as a teen and a child was perhaps what your soul wanted for you to be born into, but now the choice is yours...

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that all of the products and services on and relating to the Elprehzleinn websites are based on ideas and experiences of SPIRITUALITY including mind, soul, higher consciousness, destiny, divine being, love itself, the virtually unheard of field of true sacred spiritual sexuality, amazing grace, and various other spiritual values that cannot be guaranteed to work in any way. Everything on our sites is for entertainment purposes only and what may have worked for us or somebody else who used our products and services and/or interacted with us will definitely not work the same for you. We are all different and unique. You use our products and services at your own risk, there are no refunds, you assume all liability and responsibility for what happens in your life by interacting with us and our products and services with harm to none, and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, you agree to allow your highest consciousness and Love Itself to intervene favorably in your life in all matters regarding your interaction with Elprehzleinn, so let it be. Furthermore, we believe it is better to have no beliefs. Except for that belief ;) -JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


"A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things." Ecclesiastes 10:19



The topics of Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic are the things you did not learn in school and the things you were forbidden to talk about. There is programming in your body system regarding these things and you might need that to change dramatically so you feel freerer and more functional to express your true self. Now you have permission to talk about these things and to become excellent in your own way, in your own life, in these areas. And to enjoy that experience very much. You now have permission for that.

Citrine and Topaz
This is a Citrine Quartz Sphere Sitting On A Topaz, Citrine is Excellent for Manifesting Money and Business Success and Topaz Shortens the Time Between What You Wish For and When it Comes True.



"From a very early age, I've had to interrupt my education to go to school."
~George Bernard Shaw



In recognition that these are things you did not learn in school and yet you need to know about them to live life fully it seems to us. This page provides you with some words, some audios, some images, to get started getting a feeling of what this experience can be for you to do this with us, for the benefit of all concerned with harm to none and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. Before proceeding I recommend listening to the "Life Transformation Audio File" and seeing the brief overview of the "optional full package".


This is something you want to prepare for carefully and that Life Transformation Audio File and the audios on this page are what I feel is the most excellent first steps to realize the full benefits that the full work we can do together has to offer if you so choose.

Absolute Knowing Empowers Me Absolutely


In addition to what is presented below on this page you can know that we time the "Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic" program in alignment with the "tailor fit" that we make with you at the beginning. What we normally do is suggest that you include the two 28 day programs we recommend for total healing of the inner teen and inner child that you do consecutively and on your own meditatively. Click here to find out more about how this works. Then we time everything else of our time together and so on based around that and we look at a 2-3 month time frame for working together like that. We have an option that is for long-distance over Skype, phone, e-mail, and social media. We have a "physically in person option to this program, and there is the option to create something with some time physically in person in combination with long-distance.

Aum Gum Ganeshaya Namaha


While this program is designed to be done from anywhere in the world with us over Skype, social media, phone, FaceTime, messaging, e-mail, etc. you can choose and arrange to do this with us in person, or a combination of both long-distance and in person. With Love Itself this is an amazing experience to share. We hope that what you find on this page will inspire you to know more and open you to experience more and more excellence in the areas of what this is about. Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic and getting more skilled, more healed, and more aware of those in your life, and the incredibleness of doing that.


Since this is a private consulting experience with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn over an extended period of time it's important to understand that during the first week we "tailor-fit" the program to your schedule, and your situation. So the program even though it has a structure and certain goals that JoreJj sets out to accomplish for every body, this is going to be YOUR personally tailor-fit program for your success and achievement and inner healing in ways far beyond anything ever before we expect.



You can contact JoreJj CLICK HERE. Love and Peace. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

Feel True Love

True love is a beautiful real energy that is well known to be the most powerful magic that there is. Most everyone knows what it is deep in your heart and soul but for so many it seems elusive. In this super-inspiring radio show JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is the featured guest on a major Montreal radio show in which his great power and strength for staying focused on true love helps make it easy for you to remember how easy it is to actually touch and feel the greatest magic of them all and to remember consciously how to use it.


Click anywhere on the image of the clouds or click here to download or listen to the radio show JoreJj was on speaking about true love and below discover the 46 minute audio introduction to the "Sex, Financial Matters, Love and Magic" program. Click here to see how this audio fits into "The Reality of Life De-Program" which is something you can also enjoy now by clicking here as introduction to the full "Sex, Financial Matters, Love and Magic" program:

"Faerie Clouds" artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


"For sure. I LOVED listening to the interviews. Beautiful. I feel so blessed and reassured to be living so close to a love expert. This is exactly the information I need to have a magical and financially rewarding love life." S.M.



Responsibility, Respect, Humility, Caring, Giving, Knowing, Courage, Trust, Honesty, Self-Love, Forgiveness, Choice.


Peace. I feel certain this an excellent and exciting choice you made to take the first step into the profoundly enjoyable and deeply satisfying "Sex, Financial Matters, Love and Magic" program. The first step includes a private consultation with me, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn, (in addition to the interview about lovers already presented above.










OPTIONAL MATERIALS: Our own "Ultra Money Manifesting" program. Very supportive of all that this full program can be for you and your life and body and health and well-being in every way.



"Something magical is happening to me, I am overflowed with love for everything and everyone. My creative being is on fire. Its blissful. My sis leaves the nest tomorrow. Will have more time to skype u then. I'm so happy!!!!!!! I wish everyday to be like this. I feel the shift. Are u doing work on me that side with crystals and stuff? Lots to tell, will try to get u on wed night. Love and light to u!!!! Thank u for being so caring to a complete stranger and trusting and taking me through this process. I feel It working!"


"Dearest JoreJj,
I am on my last week of the Inner Child Healing sessions (actually I want it to extend to 30 days). I am ready to receive the Adolescent Healing session audios. I have an incredible experience with the Inner Child Healing audio, and I think the changes have been imperceptible and subtle. Yet I can feel that it is there! Thank you JoreJj for your help. Looking forward to more and better changes."



Please keep in mind that this entire "Money, Sex, Love and Magic" program is also now only available as part of our "optional full package" when you enroll to receive the "Empowerment Script" at this link, click here.

This is truly designed to open the doors to your blissful and most wonderful fortune. This is the very best I have to offer in the arena of personal involvement in the arena of personal transformation.

Your brilliant exceptional personal true fortune. My intention is to help you brilliantly and concisely and clearly know and define what that is. How does your true fortune take shape it is different for everyone.




I wonder what happens in your life when the doors of YOUR excellent true fortune that you deserve open up for you, and roads to your fullfillment are spiritually and magically opened up BY YOU and Together with our help and Together With Divine Love and the spiritual help that is beautifully there and for you in new ways and you experience what that leads to and what comes next after that.

With Peace and Love Itself, With Pleasure, With Fun,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


p.s. make sure and use all 3 subliminal art images along with the recommended audios. You can get them all above on this page.


Please contact me whenever you like to set up your session or just call me and perhaps that moment will be the right time for us to talk and work together on this.


You can contact me by clicking here.


I am happy you have visited this page and am looking forward to speaking with you (or e-mailing) if you feel good about and interested in this rest assured of that. Peace. Love. Joy. Fun. Pleasure.


Yours Truly,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn