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This program and this imagery just below were first released for $297.00 USD as the "9 Week Mastery of Mind" program in the early part of the year 2009. Since then it has been updated several times. Enjoy this is the latest version which is packaged inside of the book series, "Life Transformation System A-Z". Furthermore, this is the development of something that was originated in about 1983 in a miraculous way and then became published for the first time as a digital book originally entitled, "The Life Transformation Formula" circa 2000. That same book is now entitled, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" and is part of the three book series. Enjoy.

artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

UPDATE April 2015:

I have just now completed putting together a new version of this method for consciously creating your own reality. While there are many ways you can devise to do this depending on your circumstances, and while it is highly advisable and can be tremendously beneficial to work through all the steps in this program, if you CLICK HERE or on the picture below then you can get to the Youtube video playlist that describes the new method and gives you access to it. I am no longer inclined to call it ClearTalk, now I just refer to this as the "Elprehzleinn method of consciously creating your own reality". Or something like that :) I feel that by giving you this new form of the same system UP FRONT, it can help those sincere about doing this to feel and experience it from the beginning. Whereas it can then be even more powerful when you go through the steps outlined in the program. Enjoy.


Sri Yantra

artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn





Above is the link to a large printable size image of the "magical talisman" that we designed that is central to using ClearTalk. Click here for the full version of the talisman. Above is the "zoomed in" version that is easier to see while you work with the audios. When you can print that out or see it on your phone screen, or computer screen while doing ClearTalk that enhances and empowers and protects the magic. It is a benevolent talisman and you literally activate it when you use it to do ClearTalk. Eventually it becomes internalized.


CLICK HERE to go to our subliminal audio library and there please find and start using the subliminal audio title 001 as part of taking this program because it helps reduce "change shock" which is what can happen when you successfully get what you want to manifest and during the process of doing so. This audio played in the background when you can as you work with the Elprehzleinn materials can help things go smoothly. Rather than having the very success itself become an obstacle due to unwanted "change shock".



NOW in harmony with Divine Love, and your higher self, get completely trained in ClearTalk by listening to the one hour audio training and demonstration below. Make sure and have the magical star talisman symbol in view while you listen, (you can use the version of the symbol above on this page, either on screen or printed out. Get ready, you are about to know the finest method for manifesting what you imagine and gaining every benefit that success has to offer, in the next hour:


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CLICK HERE to listen to the audio teleseminar.

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CLICK HERE for the direct link to the book, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" and get started with that as soon as you can once you reviewed everything else presented above on this page. Enjoy.


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