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9 - So Many Healings


The most abundant idea in my life so far is healing. Therefore the most abundant experience I have in this lifetime so far is healing.


It's unfortunately a very illegal and forbidden activity to be involved with healing in this world unless you are a doctor and perhaps doctors are not that much involved with healing anyways. More I would say with controlling healing.


And perhaps religions and many other things like the media and whatever is behind all that controls sexual expression and sexual discovery.


I think what it comes down to is that bodies are what some things try to control and own spiritual beings with.


I know that at first might be an uncomfortable idea. That idea can lead you to reclaim the vast powers of your body AND the even more greatly immense powers of your spiritual being. You can have both.


Identity is a major key to unlocking healing power in life I feel.


Pull out your ID and have a look at your "number" and current photo and ask yourself if that is an accurate mirror of who you truly are?


This gives you an opening clue to the experience of the greater you that has the power and the connections to be more healed in every way.


All my life since I was a baby boy the most common experience I have is healings. So many healings. Yes this has led me eventually to desire more healing, to want to share healing with others, and to know somewhat why there seems to be so much in the world that opposes healing.


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