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8 - Extraordinary Conscious Awareness


What we are actually aware of. A lucid dream. The ability to conjure up imagery and ideas and feelings. The negative ego. That which is beyond ordinary conscious awareness.


Those are my notes for this chapter. What I would really like to make clear from the start is that there is a tremendous power of being that I have experienced accessing and all kinds of amazing things that can happen with a certain awareness about awareness.


Ok, I know that sounds like some kind of Zen koan like what is the sound of one hand clapping? Don't answer that! Truly what I mean to say is that I have noticed how much of an impediment it can be to identify self with only that of which I am consciously aware.


And therefore allowing self to extend beyond the boundaries of conscious awareness is both an exercise and life experience of allowing so much more being to be happening than I would ever consciously be able to be aware of, at the same time as stretching and reaching and relaxing and training my conscious awareness to be more aware of that of which it is not.


I have heard that a body sizes up another person they meet for the first time within several seconds. And yet we all know the experience of "getting to know somebody" where you ask them all kinds of questions and spend time together and share your stories and do things together and so on.


And yet we know each other instantly and always at other levels of consciousness.


Now there is a term for you. Other levels of consciousness.


Getting past the idea that all that I know is only that which I am consciously aware of is a huge door opener. Let's start with that idea.


I remember this woman in another country far away from where I was at the time in Canada. I remember connecting with her a little bit over internet or something like that. And one day she recounted that she had gotten trapped for some time in an elevator and that I had been there with her with my arms wrapped around her protecting her while she waited for help.


I was not consciously aware of being there doing that with her. And yet I know of many many experiences where I have felt and imagined the presence of people that I know with me and checked with them and compared notes and so on and I can tell you this is so happening all the time. It is as if time and space at some level don't even make a difference and I have found that when it is with some body that is willing to connect with me and I am willing to connect with them that it in some ways feels as if we are right there with each other.


I remember for several years feeling that my "true love" meaning a woman that would actually live and work with me as lovers and partners that I dreamed of having such a relationship was somewhere in Europe. I just had this uncanny and unfocused general feeling that she was there. A feeling like a whisper on the wind.


Eventually I found out that there was a woman in Europe, a doctor, and she had felt an energy when she saw my picture online and since that time has started imagining having a relationship with me that included her making prayers and doing magical spells so that we would be married. She never told me though! And yet I felt it.


When I did eventually tune in to who she is and connect over the internet and she revealed what she had done I said to her great then we must be the true love's for each other and I laid out plans for us to immediately get together and start our life together.


Suddenly she was not interested in actually doing it and became impossible to actually get together with! All that is to say there are many many experiences I have where I was feeling something on some level of consciousness but not consciously aware of it.


This intrigues me to no end. I continue to develop my ability not only to stretch my conscious awareness beyond it's ordinary boundaries and to free it from set programming limitations I even more than that do what I can to communicate and connect with the other levels of who I am using various methods and meditations and trusting that so much that it is a lifestyle to live that way.


Being locked into ordinary consciousness due to identifying with it is way too limiting for me in terms of being in touch with the resources I need the inner spiritual resources the inner powers of the greater and more of me than what I am consciously aware of. Yet I do still identify with my conscious self and I am indeed eager and enthusiastic about finding the ways to live with a new perspective and to build my image and identity more and more to include the greatness of the all of me!


For example I wake up in the mornings that I recall some parts of a dream and I marvel at how after all these years and all this work I do with the inner realms and consciousness and personal development and creativity and so on I to this day remain fairly clueless as to what my dreams really are communicating to me.


And I am learning how to simply accept them, be lucid with them, allow them, and make the shift like that into a new way of defining my reality that expands into the awareness that is greater than my I self.


Meaning so that rather than me trying to fit and frame everything into my conscious I self limited thinking I am moving towards accepting and allowing that the point of focus and concentration and choice that is my I self identity is a very small part of me.


To put it another way: what I am consciously aware of "knowing" and "understanding" is far greater than what my conscious ego identity self is able to fit into it's framework. I have come to adapt to that in such a way as to allow the greater awareness of things to be delivered into my conscious awareness on an as needed basis directed by the conscious reality programming that I do as a practice and as a lifestyle with my conscious ego self. I use the Elprehzleinn technology to form and focus my dream for my life in whatever ways I can describe it and I use the technology to hold the focus on my so-called dreams and goals like that.


And that is how the party goes on. Because almost entirely the control and the manifestation and the way that all comes about is beyond me. So to speak. Funny how that works huh? And even funnier that people all over the world have told me over and over again that the only technology that works that well out of all the many they have tried is the Elprehzleinn technology for doing that. I find that really strange. I am happy about that too. Happy when I can share it, and happy that I have it to work with in my own personal life.


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