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7 - Electronic Art for Your Brain


I remember Voon Muhn Rahn channeling the All That Is when I was working with him in California in his body that he had there at that time. They through him were telling me more about what our true home is like. And they conveyed the idea that we don't have any art at home.

Being a professional artist I related strongly to this idea. However when they explained that it is a perfect world and anything our heart desires the All That Is creates it for us. So why have a painting of a beautiful seaside sunset on the wall of your home when you could have the actual beautiful seaside sunset itself to admire and enjoy?


That made a lot of sense to me. And today I wonder about how that coincided with the fact that at the time I was proposing to build a digital motion picture company. I had visions and future dreams for my career that I had been following for a long time before I ever consciously and in person met Voon Muhn Rahn. Those dreams included an extraordinary fore knowledge of what was to come in the computer industry.


I knew when desktop computers were coming out that in the future I would design electronic art that would be shown on all kinds and sizes of flat screen devices. And I knew that this art I would design would heal people's lives by the way the light and sound and motion of what was depicted on the screens would reach the true spiritual beings through their brains.


Who knew back then in the mid-eighties that spiritual beings and human beings would be trapped by computers and tracked by computers and that the only way to really reach people was like that? I knew on some level as a future vision and dedicated my life to that path.


My business plans included ideas about financial market trading and personal development and the idea of computer graphics was in the forefront of all of that. It's funny that day I realized years after becoming an expert in computer animation I was noticing how similar the view in the software is of an old fashioned wireframe of a computer model and what I was seeing in my trading software as I studied and trained in the financial markets.


I was happy about the way my inner guidance seemed to have picked things for me to specialize in and put that all together in an overall business plan that integrated various seemingly different components.


This ability to synergize various things together like financial market trading, personal development, and computer art and animation never ceases to amaze me and is to me a sign of the divine being and higher powers that I work with all the time. It's their dream for my life and I have followed along and not regretted a step of the journey.


Now in November 2012 I am really amazed because so many things I visualized that would happen in the world regarding computers and flat screen devices and computer graphics are becoming so so important to every body. It seems as if I was exactly and precisely in touch with the actual future that was to be and now is.


At the same time I also feel confused in some ways and am working to clear that confusion as there are other pieces of my life and business plan that still need to fall into place and I wonder what my role in all of this is going to be in the next few weeks and days and months and years. It is all very exciting, and very challenging.


The feeling of seeing something that would be a future vision and then being in the experience of it coming true is one of the common skills and abilities that runs across the main fields I work in.


In personal development I focus on sharing with people how to form and focus your true hearts desire for your own life and hold that dream until it comes true. Along with supporting whatever healing work can happen on that path. In computer graphics and animation I foresaw or was in touch with the foreseeing of pretty much everything major that has happened and that is happening in great detail.


And in the field of financial market trading I can just imagine how helpful it is to have a strong and beyond chance ability to know which way the price is going to turn and what is going to happen in the future with the financial markets. It seems to me it might be helpful to have that ability if you have a live and funded account and are sitting in front of it with the training and ability to know what to do with that knowledge!


I have to admit that has been part of the challenge all along in all three fields. Personal development it is challenging to have products and services that definitely work.


It is challenging in the computer graphics field to have seen it all coming and to try and find the right way for me to get involved. Challenging to have innovative ideas and yet to be clearly also destined to share those ideas only in a certain way and only within the protection of my own corporation.


And in financial market trading it is also challenging to have unconventional ideas that work.


Challenging and so fun. Sometimes, often in fact, I have to deal with my own fear of what I know and how I know it. Or to deal with my feelings when things are way off in the future yet I am seeing them as if they are happening right now, and then they do eventually happen. Sorting out the ego regarding "I predicted that" in comparision to being in touch with the divine being who has let me in on the exact visions of certain things that are foreseen.


I knew that mp3's would become huge when they were just barely getting started. I knew from the foreseeing that songs would be sold for a dollar or two on iTunes before iTunes existed. I knew that DVD would replace CD. I knew that computer animation would become huge business producing billion dollar properties, before Toy Story was even completed.


I knew that the whole world would be staring into flat screen devices of all different sizes and that I would need to be an expert on making that art and animation and sound and music and interactivity that goes there so that I could reach my true family and true friends in this world the spiritual beings that we all and each are connected with through our individual bodies.


And here we are now on the verge of something amazing with all that. And as much as I know so clearly and was informed about these things for so long and in so much detail and as much as so much as already come true it seems that what this was all about has not even really started yet, and just might, at any moment. It's exciting and I am also working on "penetrating the boredom" of having worked on and with all of this for so long "getting ready" for great things that have yet to fully come together.

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