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6 - Relating With the Future


There are certain checkpoints on my life map where I seem to download the future in certain ways that I then follow.


Most people that I have met strangely enough have little or no interest in the future. Therefore being heavily guided and more and more interested and skilled with relating to the future I have found so far to be a great challenge when communicating about the future with other people.


At this point in my life there is absolutely no doubt at all and plenty of evidence that I correctly and accurately see into the future in many ways.


There are several factors in addition to the sharing factor that I find yet to be challenging.


First of all the future is different from now and thus relating with it from the current point of view can be and often is confusing and disorienting.


Secondly there is the time and date and location factor. Rarely so far do I have THAT kind of information when I bring in the future, or go to the future. I keep telling my future self I need to see things with dates and times and locations. The way it is so far is more based on what I call event sequencing. Event sequencing is working with ideas about seeing that something will happen and what it is and what kinds of other things are happening to confirm it and then I just have to wait and see it when it happens. Therefore it is challenging to fit the information and experiences from the future into my current ideas of time and space. The future me and the future he lives in is a different man who sees the timing and order of things differently than I do.


The best thing I like about my future self and knowing that there is an exact path to the future and only that path even though there are truly many possible choices is that I love that my actual future self actually knows my exact path, whereas I don't! I am still faced with all those choices. I am learning to enjoy considering all the choices and taken power from each potential future. At the same time I am learning how to distinguish potential futures from the actual future. This is so important for so many reasons.


I love resolving the paradox each day that my future path is absolutely one hundred percent down to the finest detail already ordained only a certain way. At the same time I have as many choices as I can think of and it seems there are many possible paths. Resolving all that for me involves knowing both are true and working with both as true. Very enjoyable. Very helpful for living more and more fully and for experiencing alignment.


The more I work with it the more I tend towards becoming more skilled with ideas that don't rely on time date or location. Rather considering and feeling is this an actual future or is this a hypothetical or potential future as in is that an idea or possibility or projection of what might happen but is actually not going to happen? Clarifying it down to feeling the true path from the potential paths.


Another challenge I have with my futures work is that I often don't know things I really want to know about the future and I do know things about the future that I don't know why they are important for me to know. I know that in 1995 there was an important coming together of major events in my life. At that time I drew a unicorn imagery that is now on the very cover of this book. It has never really been used until now in 2012. I was visited by my future self in 2011 telling me in about a two hour meeting with me that the unicorn would be very important to me in the future.


My future self (from what time date and location?) also reminded me in March of 2011 that I had drawn that unicorn in 1995 and reminded me how it had felt different than other art I made back then which was a lot of art. I started my own advertising agency in California at that time and I was doing all kinds of art for that. When I made that unicorn it was something else all together of a feeling and I knew that then. So in 2011 when my future self was pointing that out to me I was able to confirm with them YES that was a different feeling. And they said that we in 2011 had traveled back in time to me in 1995 and inspired that illustration because they in 2011 were telling me that they in the future needed it and it was important!


So I started using it and then in 2012 about a year later a woman was staying with me and she saw that artwork and just said so clearly...THAT IS THE COVER FOR THE ELPREHZLEINN BOOK!


Now later in 2012 I started using it for this strange new kind of digital book and I still do not have any idea other than outrageous ideas of wild things happening with the Elprehzleinn story and a knowing that the Elprehzleinn Digital Book Publishing System is very amazing. I just don't really presently have much of an idea about where this is really leading or how this is important to me now. So that is a recent example of I know about something (the unicorn) yet even a year later, and even with this book come out, I still don't see how this is important to me or my future, YET. And it is more than a year later. And all that year contained the experience of becoming certain that an incredible future that Voon Muhn Rahn and I had with a few other people predicted was coming true in many many extraordinary ways in the life of Justin Bieber. All that experience of which came just after the future self visit about the unicorn in 2011.


So I am still sorting all that out. I wish that I could go and sort it all out with my future self but it just isn't that easy. I have received a lot of clear accurate and later verifiable contact with my future self but it seems to just happen whenever it happens. Most of my attempts to do it whenever I want to end up with me knowing I did connect but not really bringing back much of value it seems. I am still learning to call up the connection at any time I want to.


There are a lot of factors involved. I remember once on a successful connection with future self after we met they gave me an experience. They asked me to be the future self for me that was any time I wanted to choose in the past. They said take 5-10 minutes of the chosen past selves time and present to them whatever you think is most important to tell them.


Wow did I develop a lot of more compassion for my future self when I tried being them! You can try that exercise too it is an amazing experience and helps a lot with future work. I often don't understand what they or the divine being or my higher self are saying to be honest! So I learned to just receive it more and more to take it for what it is even if I don't currently understand it. And it doesn't necessarily ever make more sense to me and often it does. Sometimes the exact future as they told me does come true and it still doesn't make sense to me. And yet obviously it guided me right to it.


So rather than trying more and more to force things to make sense I am more and more becoming a man that enjoys knowing the future without understanding it and relating to it without it having to make sense. Relating to it therefore in other ways. With other senses and intuition and feelings and the like.


In my rapport building with the future there is a lot of trust involved. A clear precise and later validated vision or idea can still be emotionally and physically problematic due to communication and emotion.


There is communication with my own future self. There is communication with other beings and the one being that is to say Love Itself who is the supreme authority on the future unfoldment of everything.


I trust that they absolutely know everything about the future and are very happy to share every detail about the future with me. Being the receiver of their communication and responding to it accordingly by choice and with freedom and giving that to others is a monumental challenge.


The power of the future and the value of a better and better rapport with the future is absolutely immense I feel and have experienced.


The challenges are equally immense and worth working out I feel and so goes my developing rapport with the future and the events and circumstances and beings and the divine being regarding the actual future.


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