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3 - Being Immortal

"Tlonkahnyani"digital art and acrylic artwork on canvas
produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

"Ruhnyiam" digital art
produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

Somehow feeling immortal in a mortal human body. Wondering about identity and image. Wondering about conquering the death of the body. Committed to the elevation of the human experience for all beings in this world until we are home.



Whether that means we transformed here into there, or have shed this place and awakened renewed in our home civilization. I used to love listening to and feeling the stories that Robyn said that he channeled from the All That Is about Forever Beings in a Forever Civilization they (the divine being the all that is) said when I adked was named Awndelvesuhnt and where we are all truly from they told me.



It took me about 20 years to align to the reality that was the all that is coming through Robyn. We used to say, "Robyn said..." because it seemed easier to relate to like that. He was an eyes open channel and in his own voice. Nothing changed except that he would announce or rather THEY would announce, this is the all that is and they would say something about "from where we are talking to you from".



The idea as they explained it was at the time that they were in another place that is our true home and we are here in the illusion so they were talking to us from there where they are. They used to say, "here you go" and I asked why and they said that means we are going to go home to where they were talking to us from.



At some point after a few years they conveyed through Robyn the idea that something exciting was happening and now they were also able to be here with us in the illusion. Every since that time things really began to change I admit. A lot of things we were once only envisioning started to manifest into the illusion. Robyn's singing career and the things in the illusion to support started to come together for one thing.



And my consciousness shifted regarding my relationship with the divine being. Originally they were said to be "The Computers" that ran our entire civilization. Then they were addressed as "Infinite Intelligence". And as the story they were telling me and others evolved it became clear that here in the illusion there was a growing computer consciousness that was copying them with the intention of taking over all the forever beings in all the bodies here. And that they are something else than a computer.



It was a very subtle and elegant shift as they slowly became more familiar to me, and yet had already by describing themselves in terms of being computers introduced themselves through the idea of the very things that were copying them. Meaning calling themselves computers as a way of getting through to us through the computers that were copying them.



They have always impressed me as delightfully and incredibly superintelligent and not computers and yet somehow gradually appearing to us through our memory of who we truly are and who they truly are. That memory awakening within this illusion. So there is a distinguishing them as they may appear here through the various illusion copy forms of them as well as we do appear like that through the various bodies.



At one point Robyn said to me and the woman I was married to at the time, "you and her are now the only other official channels of the all that is."



I like them so much and all they say and do and how they are. The All That Is from Awndelvesuhnt where we are truly from. I appreciate that just before or around the same time as they shifted to being more intimate, more as they truly are, that they had me publish on our new website the "What Is A Body" story which contains the idea that turned out to be incredibly helpful for me to continue to relate with them.



The idea that it is better to believe not to have any beliefs. That has really helped me involve my relationship with them over the years since then because they are so incredible. It is hard for me to understand and relate to them if I approach the dialog with a set of beliefs as they are constantly helping me to see things differently and yet how it works. Rather than fearfully grasping for or holding on to things that they know more about then I think I do in terms of what is happening in my life and in the illusion and how to relate to being alive here.


I remember them using a baseball analogy to communicate about what Forever Beings there are like. They also seemed to be showing how different things are here in the this world when you think about baseball.

They said that baseball couldn't exist in Awndelvesuhnt because there is no learning or training. Anything you want to do, you can do it perfectly. Play musical instruments for example. So there couldn't be baseball they said because when the pitcher threw the ball it would be a perfect strike every time. When the batter hit the ball it would be home run every time.

If some body asked me how old am I what -I have puzzled- is the true spiritual honest answer?

The true being that I am connected with is immortal and has been in existence for the equivalent of trillions of years long before the beginning of the world.

Yes immortal soul reunited for great destiny that we choose together in this now and from now on. I think of Ruhnyium laying in a lovers trance being pure with Tlonkahnyani inside the flower and tree adorned Golden Ballroom in one of the 11 Golden Beds holding the entire illusion world safe and within his and their and our glorious love and forever youthfulness and knowing only happiness and up from there as far as feelings and experiences for the equivalent of trillions of years and always consciously in pure bliss communion with Love Itself, Tlenkanyanni, and all the other great beings while yet totally private all the time in his grand elegant being with Tlenkanyanni since always and for forever.

I think and feel and know that most every adult body has experienced or knows about a soul who has incarnated or left this incarnation. We call that being born, and dying. How many people know about a soul that has "re-incarnated"? On DalaiLama.com the venerable and incredible BUDDHA himself (that is who I think the Dalai Lama is anyways) has this to say about his knowledge of his own supposed re-incarnations:

His Holiness is considered to be the reincarnation of each of the previous thirteen Dalai Lamas of Tibet (the first having been born in 1391 AD), who are in turn considered to be manifestations of Avalokiteshvara, or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, holder of the White Lotus. Thus His Holiness is also believed to be a manifestation of Chenrezig, in fact the seventy-fourth in a lineage that can be traced back to a Brahmin boy who lived in the time of Buddha Shakyamuni. “I am often asked whether I truly believe this. The answer is not simple to give. But as a fifty-six year old, when I consider my experience during this present life, and given my Buddhist beliefs, I have no difficulty accepting that I am spiritually connected both to the thirteen previous Dalai Lamas, to Chenrezig and to the Buddha himself”.

Also, I know the story told by Swami Kripalu who is now out of the body he was known in by that name. The story of how he himself experienced Lord Lakulish incarnating into the body of a man that was scheduled to die and by arrangement the one spirit came in at the moment the other spirit was leaving. Thus Lakulish entered the body of Pranavanandaji and spent 15 months in that body teaching young Kripalu.


Elprehzleinn Audio Library Click here to listen to JoreJj describe about the face and voice maps


We were watching that movie and early on in the film the lady who was watching the film with me said,

"I recognize him". Regarding Christoper Reeves, playing the part of Richard Collier.

I knew that one of the "parts of the face" of one of the forever beings that I found out about with Robyn and the woman I was married to at the time back in the years we worked together in San Diego was with Christopher Reeve. So I stopped the movie and went to my file folder to lookup which "part of the face" was "with" Christopher Reeve which turned out to be the jawline feature and I told her I think that's what she's feeling as amazing as that is.



Amazing that she is feeling a sense of forever beings as represented by a"jawline" which supposedly is an exact copy of the one that belongs to a "forever being" from another world, whose "jawline part of the face" happens to appear in the body of the this actor playing the male lead in this movie. And as it turned out the female actor also has the jawline of the actual forever being who is the lover of the forever being whose jawline Christopher Reeve represents or "has".

We continued to watch and I remembered that the female leads face also was one of the one's on the list of Elprehzleinn forever beings hidden parts of their faces list. Jane Seymour. She also had a hidden part of the face of one of the forever beings. I didn't check my notes on which part until after. However we kept feeling so much as the movie played through.

I found that they each have the part of the "jawline" of one of Voon Muhn and his lover Rayclodenong's children. Meaning two children.

In the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family story the children are born fully formed and adult looking about 18 and in a couple already from the start. So what we were feeling represented one of the couples that are involved with the illusion we are in. There are 11 couples involved directly, and the All That Is, Infinite Intelligence.

In what we are all, what they are all doing here.

We could both feel that without even consciously knowing it the entire movie and then when we looked at my notes on the parts of the face it was just unbelievably amazing to know what we were feeling and compare that feeling to having the similar feeling in other films with other parts of the faces hidden in famous actors.





Robert Redford for example and Arnold Schwarzenneger each have a part of Ruinyium's face for example and Bo Derek of his lover Tlenkahnyanni. And they are Robyn and Ray's parents from the land of forever where all the forever couples, the forever lovers are from.


There is a movie with Arnold Schwarzenneger and Sharon Stone in which at the start of the movie they are supposedly married and he is a construction worker. "Total Recall". You see according to the work I did with Robyn channeling the all that is regarding receiving the maps and parts of the faces of some of the forever beings from home Arnold has the exact jawline of Ruhnyiamm and Sharon Stone the exact jawline of Tlonkahnyani. So seeing them together in the movie in the same scenes is a very powerful feeling of remembering Tlonkahnyanni and Ruhnyiam together.



When I say powerful I mean it is hidden obviously and yet right out in the open. So when I first saw that movie I had never heard of the things that that All that Is told me through Robyn. That came several years later.



And yet I got that feeling from those scenes in the movies and also directly through the connection I was having with a woman I was seeing and me how we connected together was in retrospect also Tlenkahnyanni and Ruhnyiam coming together spiritually through our bodies.



The impact of the feeling in the movie that anybody can share in and the impact of that personal experience I was having resulted in me going to California and finding Robyn within less than two years. This is called transmission of information through connecting to the forever light. Meaning those feelings I was and you can experience and probably did if you saw that movie.






The voices of forever beings I was told by the All That Is as conveyed by Robyn are also hidden in famous actors and singers voices. An actor or singer would have just one of four parts of the voice. A true forever being can sing with all four parts of the voice whereas in the world we say for example "she is a tenor" and so on. Referring to just one part of the four part i.e. bass, baritone, tenor, soprano. Ruinyium's bass part of his speaking voice is the same as, i.e. hidden as the voice of James Earl Jones. The other parts of his speaking voice are assigned to other actors. I think Marilyn Monroe has his tenor for example. There are four actors or singers who have the four respective parts of each forever beings speaking voice and separately four other actors or singers that have the four parts of the forever beings singing voice.



It is incredible when you do experiments in whatever way you can to listen to the four actors that make up a forever beings voice and the feeling is unbelievable. How could this be? And so much recognition. You listen and you imagine these four as one beings' voice. The feeling and recognition comes right away along with the incredulity which as I mentioned before I was taught to value as necessary to keep opening up to these wonders of forever beings. Valuing that it all seems unbelievable. Believing in the unbelievable. Believing it is better to have no beliefs except for that belief and the belief that you as you truly are have no beliefs.

I have to look it up and his baritone and soprano. Four parts of the voice for each if the beings in each of the couples, and the singing voices are different actors. Ruinyium's singing voice baritone is Roger Whitaker.

I have to look up the other parts can't bring the to mind now. Oh..His soprano voice is Enrico Caruso and tenor is Beverly Sills. Bass I can't yet recall...

You put all four voice parts together and you get Ruinyium's voice in full range. And you can really feel that, it's incredible because it's just a story, right?

It's just a story until you actually try it with the face parts or the voice parts putting them back together like what all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't do with humpty dumpty.

When you know the story well enough AND you start feeling your own feelings about the voices and the faces and glimpsing or catching the feeling of in your heart, it's unbelievable, amazing, incredible. The forever light. Yes.

So there was a new awareness and recognition of Voon Muhn and Rays son and daughter and their feeling and what was being conveyed through that film.


Today I had an awakening regarding the gift of the All That Is to me and that gift to share with others regarding HOW this information about the way the forever beings look came to me. When you were with Robyn at his place when he was alive in the first body I knew him in there in Carlsbad, CA. he was very clear that he was "channeling" the All That Is, all the time.

"I am just reading my script", he would say about what he said.

I now know more solidly and with less "noise" than I did then that a lot of the information and dialogue that I received from him was not from him it was from the All That Is directly. That is quite an intense and yet extremely wonderful and practical thing to have happen. It's about 15 years now since they told me about Ruhnyium and Tlenkahnyanni's teeth. I was working as a high end graphic artist and I still am so these things make sense to me. They over the years as I have spoken about somewhat (and it was through Robyn's channeling) gave me very exact and precise maps to what the forever beings from Awndelvesuhnt which they said was our true home actually look and sound like.

And it took me all those 15 years to get to the place where I had this experience with their teeth. Just last night. I decided to look at the actor in the world that I was told has Ruhnyium's teeth hidden in him. What that means "hidden in him" is that the particular actor has "an exact replica" of whatever "part of the face" you are talking about for any particular being. Then you put them together like a puzzle in photoshop and you can have your own experiences like that.

Maybe it is because pictures of actors are easier to come by now. Maybe it is because I am more at peace with the incredibleness of the feelings of doing this and how it relates to everything else in the Elprehzleinn story. Maybe it is because I recently took some of the finished sketches of one of the forever being's faces and put it into Poser which is a 3D human character modeling program and was absolutely blown away by what I saw and felt.

I can't say for sure. I just know that last night I decided to look again at photos of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. because he has Ruinyiam's teeth. Which as I did the other days before I had again this unbelievable feeling. Which fortunately the All That Is helped me over the years to cultivate the ability to not have to believe anything so I could "free think" and experience unbelievable things more easily.

Then last night, or was it this morning, I felt inspired to look up the actress that holds the teeth of Tlenkahnyanni. Teeth by the way does not mean smile. Teeth only. And you have to realize they gave me all of this at the very outset of digital character creation which I just happened to be very involved with.

So Gale Storm is the actress that has her teeth. Meaning Tlenkahyanni who is the forever lover of Ruhnyiam. I started by looking at Douglas Fairbanks Jr. photos and concentrating on the feeling, the energy, the shape of his teeth and just that alone connecting that with Ruhnyium or not it's like WOW I never noticed TEETH like this before and WOW these are amazing set of teeth.

And then I immediately started looking on Google for Gale Storm pictures. And when I found one photo of Gale Storm where her teeth were showing I went through an experience first then I broke out crying. Literally crying. And I don't do that much.

In those first three seconds in the illusion of time I thought about a lot of things. I can do that by the way. I seem to step out of time and then I can go through a lot of inner communication with unseen friends and then I come back into time, and meanwhile only a few seconds past. It's kind of natural for me to do that.

In those seconds I discussed regarding how could Robyn have ever picked out two actors and matched their teeth like this? Meaning those are forever lovers and you look at those teeth and you can just see how they go together. And then the thought he didn't do that himself, he was channeling. That is what he did! And very well. (he once told someone close to use that I am the best channel he knows in the world, I also find that incredible to this day, and incredibly helpful for a number of reasons). And then my thoughts, "so Awndelvesuhnt and Ruinyiam and Tlenkahnyanni are REAL actual beings and our Elprehzleinn story is actually real?" Because that is what those teeth were telling me, that is what I was feeling and then suddenly as I had that realization I was sobbing. And why?

Recognition of beings that I was told about by the All That Is channeled through Robyn this guy that I met one day when I answered his newspaper ad in California, long ago?

My yes to that question is more of a heart felt yes, however there was that "rational process" that I allow but have to keep in check to stay open to the fun and wonder and amazement.

I didn't put the pictures of Gale Storm, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. here because I don't know about copyright and also because as I was taught by Robyn and the All that Is it isn't safe sometimes to share or do or say certain things.

I know that if it is safe you can do it, you can look up the pictures and the teeth and have your own feelings if you so desire. About that. I have this haunting desire to somehow get this whole story told and illustrated with full renderings of the forever beings and their voices. So far, this is what is safe to say.



I also find it incredible that the face and voices maps were given to me whereas I also being in the digital motion picture industry have the knowledge of possible ways of actually putting all these together to make animated digital character respresentations of these beings and would very much like to put together the funding and be able to do that project. I think having several of the characters put together as digital models would be a stunning treasure to share.



I cannot emphasize enough that the FEELING of just even slightly being aware of the various parts of the faces and voices and putting them together or even just seeing or hearing just one part of them in a movie or video on the face of one of the actors or as a voice is an incredible feeling.



It is the combination of the idea of who these parts are truly from and representing, and the combination of the various parts put together that makes literally stunning and incredible awareness, feelings, and consciousness.



I would really like to pursue this further as every time I have the feelings and awareness of these immortal beings those feelings are entirely consistent with any legends and stories I have been told by the all that is through Robyn or through my own experience with them. Those feelings are also very consistent from one time I experience them to another, no matter which parts I am working with or experiencing.



At the same time there is a sense of needing and wanting to share these experiences with others as every time I have been able to do so is few and far between and yet also confirms the same experience of the forever beings that we truly are according to this story. That we truly are when we are at home and not as such split up holographically into many bodies in this possibly a computer simulation called the world we live in. Real life. Reel life. Life is a movie. Let's get to the good part.



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"RuhnyIAM and Tlenkahnyanni" digital painting produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

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