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21 - Forever Lovers

Elprehzleinn Audio Library Click here to listen to JoreJj describe about forever beings in bodies regarding experiences he has had with that.

To be able to write this part of the story with a sense of true feeling and experience there are many experiences I have lived now. Forever Lovers is an idea from another world that I know from experience can be felt and realized somewhat in someways in this world. Therefore the ideas of a pure male and pure female spiritual being have nothing to do and don't really know anything about the various laws and rules and concepts and ideas about dating, marriage, sex, roles, gender and the like of which the world is full of.


The names of the forever lovers that I know of that are from outside of this world have been presented to me as such. They appear in couples according to the age of their appearance in our true civilization going back what would be more than 40 trillion years according to the timing of this illusion world. The first couple is:


MareonVorng Lahrng Floorng Jornk Torng Stroon Elprehzleinn (aka Tlonkahnyani)
with her male lover

Jorjulng Loorng Vuhnt Trahnt Corelng Borenguhjah Elprehzleinn (RuhnYiAM)

their descendants include:

Glahrng Broont (aka Delahng) & Vuyani Elprehzleinn

Voon Muhn Rahn YouStrawnd Vuhn UaNorduh (Robyn) & his female lover MareeleeOWN MonRayU (aka Rayclodenahng ) Elprehzleinn

Arielana and her forever lover Ifleuron (descendants of Robyn and Ray) and their other daughter and forever son: Ariana and Druhnilahng.

Pon and Ru ( son and daughter of Delahng and Vuyani)

Morkdruhnk and BlunTrahnt

Marhnk and Tohrng


There are many more. The legend as we know it so far involves 22 beings in 11 couples whose spirits are present in various forms within this illusion world and 500 couples all together that make up the forever civilization.



The idea of living the feeling and reality of forever lovers here in this world is the idea of being free in terms of your body to discover your own preferences for how you want to live and living that with the awareness and freedom to be awake to your full true spiritual powers and to those of your lover(s) and whomever you choose to be with and to be able from your true being to work out all the paradoxes and strange confusion of the fact that here in the world we experience with our bodies and yet the spiritual being is not our bodies.


Fully realized divine spiritual being is the same I feel as fully aligned heart-centered sexual aliveness. Whatever can be attained from an awareness of the beings that are forever lovers must be translated and applied into the body experience. This is to say that any ideas of male and female spiritual beings that are forever together is NOT to say how it is or how it can be or how it should be in this world. It is to say I know the experience of true lovers more than I know anything at all and I know that experience is important to many bodies and beings in this world and yet kept from them. So here we attempt to open some doors to tap into the power of forever beings and get more free from the ideas and practices in the world that prevent you from experiencing your sexuality in whatever way you want and without cutting off your true source of knowing and being and your connection with the divine one being the Love Itself that is friend and only friend to all lovers of every kind and orientation everywhere no matter what as long as your love is true and your love is really loving and heart-centered and filled with your being.


And this is to help find the way to that. So that it can be a world with Love All ways and forever and only love more and more and from now on.


"Words are the most powerful drug used by humankind."
Rudyard Kipling


Forever Lovers is the idea of another world and the story they are living that is our story in this world.


Keeping in mind that the Elprehzleinn philosophy is that we believe it is better to have no beliefs and that this novel is pure fiction I know that nothing feels more real and true then forever lovers.


Why and how I can experience them and how bodies relate to those two beings is certainly what my existence here on earth in this body is fundamentally concerning.


Forever Lovers are spiritual beings. Bodies are identities and various levels of consciousness of their own so they think. Forever Lovers are outside of this world and live in a perfect world of their own that has existed for the equivalent of trillions of years.


Pure true ecstatic lovers love is in this world and lives beyond the boundaries of things that hate it with jealous scheming programs like romance, marriage, couples, sex, dating, tax laws, terms like in a relationship, going out, just seeing each other, we don't know each other yet, and millions of other verbal mental handcuffs of pain.


True lovers heal, enjoy, and flourish in the light of undefined kisses and the feeling of holding hands and where that leads them.


True lovers are beyond ideas of soulmates, and live in the strength of consciously shared ideas and heart connection to the deepest depths beyond and past and through anything else or other than the greatest magic of them all.


This magic renewed in their sexual joining and cultivated, grown, and developed in every possible way at all times with the great power of focusing on living, defining, and refining together and within the massive never-ending support of qualities, character, motivation, image, identity, destiny, creativity, and personality infused with active responsibility, caring, knowing, trust, giving, respect, courage and knowing. These with the true happiness that comes from focusing upon and practicing consciously - forgiveness, trust, honesty, choice, intimacy, and self-love.


On that foundation building and sharing ideas with shared thoughts and ideas of heart centered dreams and desires with freedom.


To live like that. I live like that with All That Is as partner and friend with higher self and unseen friends as family.


You can infuse your well-being and eradicate your so-called pain and suffering somewhat or all like this with help from our modern esoteric digitally delivered "Elprehzleinn handbook for lovers" and the training and materials how to use it.


To be able to feel the concept of Forever Lovers it might be helpful to read " What Is A Body". The reason being is that I feel certain there is nothing more wonderful and nothing more challenging on earth that truly waking up to the feeling and knowing of forever lovers and living that experience all the time.


I am very happy for all the time I feel I have experienced a certain amount of clear awakeness to the true reality of being that is forever lovers. To have experienced that so far in this world on so many occasions and to also be able to remain aware of it all the time since many years now. One of the challenges of literally living and feeling something so wonderful and so often is realizing when you are not, and why.


The experience that the spiritual beings that we truly are and their wonderfulness and power has to and can express through bodies in this world can be the worst nightmare or the most heavenly experience that extends far beyond the experiences in bed into every area of life. That the world and the things in it including the bodies seem to be adamantly programmed to prevent forever lovers experiencing each other in the bodies also seems to be true.


Being in a body is an experience of identification with that body and the life of that body. Being aware of the reality of forever lovers and forever being in the same body is an incredible experience. I will do my best to share what I can about it here when I can.


Our Invocative Affirmation was given to me in 1991 from the All That IS that channeled it in specifically for me to share and use to help build the strength and awareness with the divine being to stay awake and aware of forever lovers. I later re-wrote it and there are two versions you can read in the meantime click here while I find it within me to continue to write this section of the novel.


“I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Here I am now back and ready to say that Forever Lovers has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the world. So to bring the idea of Forever Lovers into the world and live them is indeed a paradox. Forever Lovers are not soulmates because that refers to the idea of re-incarnation and Forever Lovers do not re-incarnate. They always were and always will be together in the forms they were first created in.


Forever Lovers don't get married and don't become a wife and a husband or anything like that because that would imply they weren't together at some point and that somehow they had to find each other and get together and have that arranged into an agreement of some kind. Forever Lovers were always together and always will be together with each other.


"Did you know? Someday, some 1 will walk in 2 your life-and u will know WHY it never worked out with any 1 else."
Christianna Caeliss


“Make a room for love and it always comes.
Make a nest for love and it always settles.
Make a home for the beloved and the beloved with always find their way there”

~ Marianne Williamson ~


"True love's kiss will break any curse."
Once Upon A Time- ABC network


"The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together."
-Robert C. Dodds


"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles."


"Love is the greatest magic of them all."


Forever Lovers are not a family such as family is known in the world because in the true forever civilization where Forever Lovers are from named "Awdelvesuhnt" every being and with the All That Is are all part of the same family. And that family name is Elprehzleinn.


And Elprehzleinn means, among other things, "Excellence is Just the Way It Is" because just being is absolutely everything.


Forever Lovers don't break up and go out with some body else. They don't get tired of each other and they never argue. They don't even know what it means to argue. Therefore when I experience those things with some body here in this world I know that it is a body experience of family, arguing, divorces, and so on. Nevertheless I maintain my awareness of Forever Lovers because it is easier and easier to go there and be in connection with that and to bring that into here in this world.


In this world the ideas that men and women are in two separate camps from each other in a war of the sexes is something that does not exist at home where we as true spiritual beings are all from. I know how real it is here in this illusion that there is a male domination since several thousand years and before that a female domination.


"When two people love each other, they don't look at each other, they look in the same direction."
- Ginger Rogers


I can tell that as the absolutely horrendous male domination is finally somewhat giving way somewhat only very recently in our modern world in some places and in some ways that there is already a tremendous force of female domination or in other words females joining together in a way that excludes males. Just going out with the girls for example. The idea is that at a deeper level in this world are forces I know of and experience that have filled the world and the bodies in it with ideas to keep spiritual beings from knowing the truth about Forever Lovers.


The truth about true love is that there just is no such thing as male or female domination of any kind. There is no such thing as not getting along with the opposite sex or not knowing what to do with the opposite sex or not being able to get together with the opposite sex or abusing each other most horribly. Any and all ideas of anything like that I already know are all part of the underlying programming to keep true male and female beings from waking up to who they really are and the power they really can have, even in bodies, even in this world.


So much effort is put into this by forces that are the actual forces that want to dominate the world and every being and every body in it. They know that pitting males and females against each other by creating false ideas about sex, and sexual values and family values and soul mates and dating and romance and so on is the way to keep lovers endlessly apart. And that is the only way to dominate. To keep lovers apart. For lovers together would have no part of anything like what goes on in this world in the name of sex, family, soulmates, twinflames, lovers, marriage and so on.


"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
Carl Jung


“I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see.”
Jimi Hendrix


Lovers truly together and truly connected to their true spiritual beings is the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a wonderful world that we know here now. That is the awesome true power of truly forever lovers, even if we only bring it into this world in whatever ways we can. As much and as often as I have felt that it is a hopeless ideal my very experiences of being together with the lovers I have been together with and the experience of the knowing of the true spiritual beings we are connected with when we are together beautifully already has shown me that forever lovers are very possible and real in this world.


To be aware and stay true to forever love in this world strangely has a great deal to do with understanding bodies and how to be in a body with your lover. This is I know from great experience is also very true, and much more powerful and wonderful than anything else and worthwhile and valuable to the extreme.


Unfortunately in my experience so far being spiritually aware of forever lovers brings about the awareness of the body phenomenon that we introduce the idea of in "The Reality of Life De-Program" home study course, on the first page of that there is a section entitled "What Is A Body." Therein is the idea that I now summarize here and can tell you for absolutely certain in my own experience it is incredibly and consistently and horrifyingly and yet ultra promisingly true. It is promising to me because as much of a nightmare as it is to experience the real awakening of forever lovers AND the way the body programs try to stop it and often do, the fact that all that happens at all is every time to me a testimony of the incredible truth of forever lovers, and forever lovers in this world.


This experience that bodies on their own without any awakeness on the part of the spiritual being are absolutely pre-programmed with the most intense jealousy, envy, and hatred of forever lovers. Thus any awakeness of true spirituality is attempted to be stopped at all costs. There are numerous programs in the world that the body accesses to keep the spiritual beings from ever awakening up to their true ability to make love and consciously create their reality together.


In my experience it is very easy to overcome the body booby traps against forever lovers waking up and this is why I designed ClearTalk with help from Voon Muhn Rahn and the All That Is and many others. This is why I have been given a very extensive experience with sexuality in various forms of Kama Sutra, Tantra, professional Escorts, Pick-Up Artists, and Romance and Dating, Marriage and Family, and so on in my own personal experience along with the various knowings and experiences I have about true spirituality and forever lovers and the powers of the mind and consciously creating reality. To truly offer a way to join forever lovers in the bodies. And so it is.


And this is fundamentally the mission of the Elprehzleinn foundation work that has been done for that so far to share my experience of helping forever lovers wake up and do what they can do in the bodies here in the world to transform the world.


Forever Lovers are very powerful and that is why the things that think they control the world want to stop them at all costs and so far do a great job of doing so.


I can tell you that in my own experience for whatever reason the joining of forever lovers is considered by the bodies and whatever it is that designed and programmed them to be the greatest threat the most hated thing. And so it is no wonder that lovers often have so much trouble even though lovers can and do have such a great time together.


I feel I have a very extensive and full understanding of this and how to make the way for lovers. At the same time I can tell you that in a very science fiction fantasy kind of way my experience of being a highly protected being in a highly protected body is that somethings are constantly trying to kill me and stop me at the same time as so far it seems that nothing can, and this person that I am that is so invested and so passionate about Elprehzleinn and what that stands for in terms of putting forward Forever Lovers and each of their own Amazing Grace in the bodies, here in the world, in this lifetime.


Now I am coming up to the threshold of a time of my life in this body where all of this seems to be at the breaking point! Just now as the 2012 year is days from ending. Will I break through with my work in this area of forever lovers and all that means, or will I finally be stopped in this body in this lifetime? It all seems to be right on the line, right now. Very exciting. May the All That Is make the next steps of my destiny so very clear that I may choose them with consciousness and will and the magic of choice with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned so let it be.


“Constantly take refuge at my feet, my dear. Be gracious, beloved, and give me pleasure with your diamond sceptre.Look at my 3-petaled lotus, its centre adorned with a stamen. It is a Buddha paradise, adorned with a red Buddha, A cosmic mother who bestows bliss and tranquility on the passionate. Abandon all conceptual thought and unite with my reclining form. Place my feet upon your shoulders and look me up and down. Make the fully awakened sceptre enter the opening in the centre of the lotus. Move a hundred, thousand, hundred thousand times in my 3-petaled lotus of swollen flesh.”
unknown Tantric Yoga quote


"The Elixer of Life...Others believe that this magical potion can be produced naturally by a woman during the act of sex. It is known as the divine nectar of the sacred waters and is believed to contain the fountain of youth. Researchers have shown that this fluid, ejaculated (squirted) from glands in the anterior vaginal walls, contains an enzyme that extends the life of cells and hence has been called the enzyme of immortality. The same nectar is even mentioned in fairy tales in which the princess is "awakened" by the kiss of her handsome prince-a metaphor for an intimate, sexual embrace."
Christine R. Page M.D. "
2012 and the Galactic Center, The Return of the Great Mother."


The ideas about how bodies are programmed in the world to consider lovers is something that has been at the foundation of my current incarnation and at the foundation of what Elprehzleinn mission is all about in terms of bringing about more well being in this world through the freedom and empowerment of spiritual beings as lovers.


I remember something that the All That Is used to tell me about as channeled through Robyn. They talked about a program called "starting over". When you watch many of the Hollywood style romantic movies the story I find is usually the story of how lovers get together and begin to have a long term relationship with each other. And then the movie ends once they are together.


So the being watching those movies is getting the body they are with programmed to think that is the best you can have for lovers. That is romance. Getting together, starting a "forever love affair to last a lifetime with that special person and no other" and then the story ends.


So the programming works like all programming. It encourages you to do what the program says to do. Get romantically together and then that's it, no more. And so IF you ever even got out of that programming and didn't get caught into it, you would still be in the position of only knowing how to get into and get started in a relationship with no help from the programming on how to keep it.

I am pleased to say that for all beings in a body Elprehzleinn represents a place, a feeling, and technologies here in the world to assist and support lovers to enjoy being in love more deeply and more powerfully effective with that love to have a wonderful life in this world.

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