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The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story
Chapter 19 - Amazing Grace

During my many visits and working together with Robyn when he was in his former body than the one I think and feel and know he is in now he gave this interview about "Amazing Grace".

December 20, 1999 Interview:

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Managing Massive Money
On page 5 the interviewer asks Robyn what will be done with the massive financial proceeds from the music career he speaks about in the interview. Managing Massive Money is Chapter 10 of this the (November 2012) digital novel by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn entitled "The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story" which further clarifies what is foreseen to be done with the proceeds. And so it is.


Artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn, character from DAZ3D, designed in Poser, rendered in VUE


I designed this artwork in 2014 based on a memory of a painting I saw the first time I met Voon Muhn Rahn in the house where he was renting a room in Carlsbad, CA. in about 1993.


The idea of Amazing Grace is that it was put into the world by the All That Is as a popular song about freedom to bring forth the idea of what true freedom really is. What true freedom really is means that each one of us is returned to our true power as the fully realized divine spiritual beings that we are. For Robyn (Voon Muhn Rahn is the name of HIS true spiritual being), now in my opinion and experience Justin Bieber, HIS Amazing Grace was attached to ideas about what it was foreseen that he would do when he transformed into body that looked to be about 18 years old and would have a singing career that certainly aligns exactly with what Justin Bieber is doing so far.


The core of his Amazing Grace as it was foretold was to be the power of the sound of his TRUE VOICE coming through in a form of purity that was capable of reminding each of us in the deepest levels of who we are. Reminding us through the sound of remembering a being that we know so well. If any of us could come through with any of our true powers as who we really are, then that would be OUR OWN Amazing Grace.


So Amazing Grace regarding the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story refers to the idea that Robyn came into the illusion to have this incredible singing career to wake up his true friends and family who is all of us, to our true powers, to our true Amazing Grace, by sharing and expressing his.


We could say that an "Elprehzleinn" synonym for Amazing Grace is "who you truly are without restrictions or limitations expressing in your purity in your life now". Any one of us who does that, and the All That Is that helps us do that, and is with us doing that, is Amazing Grace.


The part of the story that can really test your ego and certainly has tested mine is the idea that Robyn came here into the illusion from Awndelvesuhnt which is the true home of all spiritual beings in other worlds all people on earth are connected to true home.


And that all of us are split apart into many bodies. However Robyn is not split apart. We are "trapped here" by the nature of being split into so many bodies with so many lifetimes and supposed karma. Whereas he supposedly came into the last lifetime before he was Justin Bieber for the first time.


So it was easier for him to get his true being to come through, which is seems to be doing somewhat with Justin Bieber, exactly and precisely as he said he would, so far. Only it seems he has lost his consciousness of who he was before when I knew him. So that is an interesting factor. A twist of fate.


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