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18 - What Can Be Accomplished in Bed?


The first time I had a "real bed" as an adult evolved out of experiences with futons and waterbeds and beds in hotels, and then eventually for the first time I had a real bed. It felt like all that experimentation and evolution corresponded to my awakeness and awareness of the body and what can be accomplished in bed.


This November 2012 I feel excited about the future possibilities of living outside the normal boundaries and rules of what a bed is for and how to use one. Based on my experiences so far in bed. Certainly bed has become the most important piece of furniture in my home by far. The most valued place in the home.


I remember soon after starting to do the spiritual healing work with Voon Muhn Rahn in California how my experiences in bed changed dramatically. Sleep was never the same after that. Going into other levels of consciousness, being partly awake and partly asleep in some kind of in between worlds state became the ordinary.


He had channeled to me from the All That Is so many tales of "our true home" where we are truly from. He conveyed that there we are as the great spiritual beings we are. There in his golden ballroom in his and his lover's castle, one of their castles. There the 22 oldest beings in our civilization, 11 couples. Laying in bed asleep, under a form of hypnosis experiencing this world here as we know it to be.


Each couple in a bed. There in a garden like massive ballroom converted into a science-fiction like experimental hospital room. Each female sexually on top of each male sliding slowly up and down suspended in hypnotic sleep like that. Each consciousness therefore fully connected to each other, sustaining and being together while experiencing behind closed eyes this other world. This world as we know it.


Each of the great beings split up into various bodies throughout this so-called illusion world. Experiencing all the lifetimes, all the experiences for a great purpose and then to go home once again, even though already at home always and forever.


I wondered how that story of great beings far away and yet so near in another world from this one and yet we inside of their world and only here because of them has affected my experiences of bed and being in bed.


I remember asking to go home with my consciousness and awaken to that ballroom. To feel myself there. I have brought others to that awakeness. I remember being advised and forewarned of the wonderful feelings of true home being such a contrast to life here on earth that as easy and yes I can as it is to go home and be somewhat awake at home that to feel there and then come back here could lead to depression due to the contrast.

Nowadays I feel comfortable somewhat staying at true home all the time with my consciousness. Keeping the connection. I feel more and more interested in spending more and more time with my future female lovers in bed. Working from bed, living from bed. It used to seem strange as if getting up and doing things and accomplishing things in this world is so important and the less time spent in bed the better. I certainly accomplished the ability to spend minimum bed time and maximum work time. And yet it all keeps leading me back to bed.


There are more wonders to be felt and experienced in bed, and more wonderful work to be done in bed in the highest states of consciousness than any other place in the world. I know this is my truth and my dream for my life from now on in certain very specific ways. So let it be:)


And my next territory that I have been discovering that has great power for me is the floor. Floors after all are made for dancing! Mastering the power of the floor indoors and outdoors the earth. Having that relationship with life, and living from what happens in bed, what is accomplished in bed, dancing it out onto the floor.


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