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16 - The Unseen Friends


I often have to free myself from the consensus reality programming about being forbidden to look within and have real connection and real communication with the unseen worlds. Being a person who does go within and does connect and communicate spiritually as a way of life in various ways the ideas of "going crazy" and of "not fitting in" are ideas I continue to release and feel free and clear of as I find my strength and balance more and more.


Navigating so-called real life in this illusion with the help of the unseen friends involves for me both defining who they are, and being willing to trust that whomever they are my closest unseen friends include those that protect me from things I don't see that they can see. And when I say see I mean more than seeing.


At a certain point in my life the knowing and experience that the inner realms are the more real added to my long time experience that the best help for living life comes from the unseen friends. At the same time I often dialogue with them about the realness from my perspective about the illusion. Relationships, health, money, work, in fact all the areas that are delineated in the very Magical Star Talisman that I work with to define the world I seem to live in and the world where it matters to me in terms of not only life and death and survival and meeting my needs but also beyond all that to matters of having great fun and doing great work in the world living a grand life.


I find that at any time ever that I have honestly carried out the inner relationship and inner dialogue with the unseen friends about any matters at all that they are also more than helpful. It is always worth the while to include them so much so that I do as a matter of course now on my life journey.


My path in that regard has evolved from seeking out and or attracting people that are excellent channels and helping them or paying them to help me communicate with my unseen friends towards the point where I found that was not working so well for me anymore and I needed to evolve to making those connections within more and more without the help of other bodies to do it.


The more and more that I pursue my own ability to inner dialogue with the unseens it seems that the more and more I value those bodies that I do get the chance to look within together. The more and more I end up going on inner journeys within WITH other bodies and the more and more that I find myself speaking of the presence of the divine being with other bodies.


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