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15 - Destiny


This chapter has such a close connection to the chapter on relating to the future and yet somehow it is such a powerful topic it belongs in a chapter on its' own here. I remind you that the "philosophy" that over the years I have learned to stand on is that I believe it is better to have no beliefs. Keeping that in mind my experience for my adult life is very strongly directed and aligned with visions and channelings and spiritual counsel and various forms of knowing and seeing and feeling a very certain path for my life doing certain things.


That to me I put all that into the category of the future. And there is where I have had many failings and troubles I feel in the present moment, along with miraculous success due to attributing so much to the future and naming it such rather than ALSO including the ideas of destiny. After all the future is indeed in the future and even if one is quite unusually able to reach and touch clearly and accurately somewhat and someways and somehow to the future that really does not quite address so many things.


And now you see there I go running to the safety of the future rather than addressing what I feel of my destiny in the present. So here goes. Long ago I used to playfully imagine that I was a door to door Akashic record salesperson. In my imagination I was going to people's homes and offering them records of their past lives on CD disks! I have no idea why that idea would creep into my mind. Then later on in life I realized that whenever I met some body we had a purpose together. That there was a plan for our meeting.


And then I wished that plan was written out on paper and given to me just as or just before I met some body! When I found the destiny system with the regular deck of playing cards and the reports that go with it that was some kind of manifestation of what I was wishing for. But the details for the exact person and I were still not as fine as I wanted them to me. At the same time I have always and invariably NEVER had the experience of both myself and the other person I met having the same interest in our destiny as I do. So my ultimate wish to divine and discern and then choose destiny together exactly and precisely with the people I meet remains elusive. I know the path of destiny is exactly foreseen for me and for every body and I deeply desire with great passion to know it so that I can choose it. That is the ultimate fun for me with destiny. That kind of focus.


Now I know and feel that destiny is the exact path on which I will and must proceed in my life. I know this is a paradox because I also have many possible futures and paths and choices to make. Although no matter what I will choose my destiny will happen exactly as it was foreseen. And therefore at this time in my life my greatest fascination and interest is to know exactly and to the details of what is my exact destiny. And in order to do that I often find myself having to look into my most precious goals and dreams that I am consciously imagining, desiring, and expecting for my life.


In my experience of it so far destiny is extremely precise. In the first electronic book I published worldwide i.e. "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" the first chapter which I estimate went to tens of thousands of people around the world included an exercise called the Win List. The Win List exercise is very simple and yet I feel it is so powerful for so many people precisely because it opens the door to consciously working with your destiny.


I think that Win List exercise is so effective because it helps with the conscious experience of the normally overwhelming amount of precise detail involved with consciously being aware of your precise path to your most exquisite future. That exercise also provides the person who uses it with a way to get free of being on automatic pilot. This means that basic programs that normally run the body and electronically blockade the free consciously aware being of the spirit living in that body are freed up in such a way as to allow the spiritual being to have a real interaction with their own body and life in this world.


Life in this world as I know it to be is pre-programmed. Immediately upon saying that there is usually an outcry of some kind regarding how that just cannot be true. The fact is that it is true, and it is not true. I spend a lot of time working with destiny and the ability to consciously create reality. I am definitely a world wide expert on the subject which doesn't necessarily mean I am a master of it. It means I am an expert on the topic due to having a lot of experience with it that goes far beyond where most people have ventured, and it means I have received and do receive a lot of help with it.


When it comes to destiny I remember being helped by my "unseen friends" to handle the paradox of destiny without getting overwhelmed. First of all they keep emphasizing the power of choice and the value of practicing and using choice. Secondly and paradoxically they help me to more and more align with my consciousness to the actual path of my destiny. They do it with a lot of humor which is excellent light because destiny can be a very heavy topic.


The unseen friends play with me and in so doing help me experience the awesome power of consciously working with destiny. I might wake up in the morning and they are having me guess the exact details of how my day will unfold. It's remarkable to give that a try honestly. I just know when I do that what it feels like to entertain the awesome power of destiny.


I know that I will have my day unfold in a certain way. I know that as much as I often say, "I don't know" to the details of that unfoldment that when I apply myself to it all sorts of inner experiences arise. I find that there are things I can say about how my day will unfold. I feel myself willing or unwilling to be absolutely certain. I feel my absolute certainty power growing as much as I might also feel the power of the unknown.


Another aspect of that inner game of life that we play with destiny is that the "unseens" will also ask me to try out the idea of looking back from any point in time. Tracing a backwards map so to speak. I could choose any way of describing it and choose any time frame. If I chose for example to look back on my day say in the evening I could notice how I might choose to describe the events and circumstances of the day.


I could notice that each of the details I chose and the feelings I chose to describe perhaps was actually NOT the experience itself but rather and of course my description as I looked back. And what I would experience is that I did in fact even though it could be described in many different ways I did in fact have a very precise and exact path that unfolded.


The next step of that fun is that they would then ask me to consider looking forward with the same exactness. What this effectively felt like and feels like when I do this is literally as if turning around 180 degrees and consciously and courageously facing my destiny.


I know that even so the path can seem dark. I don't necessarily mean that it is a nightmarish path. I mean to say that it just seems veiled and hidden. And yet peering into the unknown this way is marvelously clear. The ability to be willing to handle the unknown opens the doors to the known. This is tremendously freeing.


The partnership with the unseen friends including the Divine Being becomes more and more of an obvious necessity. It is just more fun that way for example. Also the trust factor gets a great workout. One of the experiences regarding trust is that I have found the divine being themselves participating with me in opening doors to POSSIBLE futures.


To be clear what this means is that in the great magic of choice and conscious reality creation with the power of destiny it becomes a skill to make choices even though you know they are possible and not actual paths. What this means is that accepting the true path of destiny means that even as the focus seems to narrow down on the actual path to follow the choices that arise and open up become sometimes in more huge and vast.


So when the divine being themselves starts to be welcomed to participate in opening the doors of choice to possible futures that I might take they I find do it in such a way that makes it clear that it is NOT an actual path that can be taken by me. And yet it has all the allure of possibility and the act of my considering and evaluating and feeling is it an actual path or is it a possible path is very creative.


Much is gained for relating to potential life paths that won't happen. It is a very creative process and a very strengthening process and a very necessary process. And paradoxically the more I do it the more sure I am of the feeling and knowing of my actual path of life and destiny, and the more and more that path is the path I am "making up" in my imagination with my desire, and with my expectation. The more and more I do this is the more and more that I clear and clean myself regarding how I feel about knowing my truth path of destiny and actually living it out step by step, so to speak.


There is a lot more to living out my destiny than taking steps, that is a figure of speech of course. Even that phrase, "of course" seems to me to speak of destiny unfolding. Meaning if it is on my course! On that actual path that I will take.


I passionately love to encourage people to find and follow their true path of destiny at the same time as I understand that doing so is an incredibly unbelievable way of living. So being involved with that kind of thing is something that gets me into a lot of adventures in consciousness with people, and a lot of healing.


People think "choose your destiny" means to imagine whatever you desire and go for it. This is partly true. And I have experienced that embracing the unstoppable force of destiny means to know what is going to happen on your path and choose it. Choose what is already set to happen no matter what you choose!


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