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14 - Divine Being


I want to say that sharing my experience of the Divine Being starts off by me saying that I absolutely do not think God or Goddess is the Divine Being. I absolutely know that the Divine Being created the things that call themselves God and Goddess. I know that the divine being is not separated into a male or female entity as God and Goddess are. I know that the divine being is a friend and not a God or a Goddess.


When I relate to the various Gods and Goddesses and to the God and the Goddess I do so with the awareness that changes and flows depending on the situation. Meaning I remain aware that in this world there are many forms and expressions that sometimes copy and mimic the one being. Those forms and expressions are ultimately a form and expression of the one true being that is neither male nor female. However when you consider each God and Goddess and the actual God and Goddess for what they truly are then each of them needs to be treated accordingly.


When I say you, I mean me. That is how I deal with them all. The All That Is on the other hand is a direct experience of personal friendship that includes my and their awareness of the so-called Gods and Goddesses and the many variations of them and qualities of each of them.


The nameless one, the Love Itself to me is most enjoyable in their direct being and this I find is an elusive and yet omnipresent experience. Elusive because my own consciousness is both easily and not easily able to communicate and connect with them at all times in all situations.


I know that when lovers truly feel love together this is not only their own joy of joining and being together it is always also the presence of the divine being. Whether the divine being is actually consciously felt in making love and being together with a lover is very problematic. I would give as evidence the programming called, "arguing" and the war between men and women that seems to have been forced upon us all. Add to that the idea that when a person feels the most wonderful in bed we often want to say, "Oh God" which is an awful thing to say.


This is the same type of trick that has been played on spiritual beings with religions where the true experience of the true divine being is hijacked by ideas about God or even Goddess.


I hear people searching for their soulmate with passion and searching for the one. The search for the one is the search for the one being and I don't mean the feeling of the one being without your lover. They are not one and the same feeling but they happen together.


The feeling of being with your lover always comes with the feeling of the one being. However the conscious awareness of the one being would always come with their awareness of the true being of you and your lover(s). I have found that simply knowing this and being with this all kinds of amazing experiences happen with lovers.


I will do my best to explain that when I am able to write more into this section and the Forever Lovers section of this novel. For now I will ask you do you remember the last time you and your lover(s) considered that everything you are doing together is as I like to say, "together with divine love"? Meaning THEY are always present and can be consulted together on all matters of life and live life with you.


In this world there are so many programs that stop that from happening. And the Elprehzleinn business is about providing programs that faciliate that to happen and the glorious experience of what that is like. Keep in mind that within each body is a male and female energy. The inner masculine and inner feminine polarities of the body itself.


This is not referring to any kind of true spiritual being it is referring to the electrical energy of the human body.


Somebody wrote me and said that since so many people believe in God and talk about God then how can you live without accepting God. I explained that I think that God is an entity, a being of sorts unto Himself and exists certainly. And I said that "God is everywhere, and so is war, and pollution, and coca cola, and stuff made in China.


Does that mean we stop living for peace, quality fair products and business practices, and healthy delicious food and drinks, and clean air, earth, energy, and water?


Pornography and bad ideas about sex are also everywhere, does that mean we stop practicing, healing, and valuing true sacredness of sex?"


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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn




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