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12 - Channeling


Considering that the best channel I have ever known told a person that we both know that I am the best channel in the world it may seem a bit odd to add that I don't channel and I don't consider myself to be a channel. I remember how we use to do it with Voon Muhn Rahn. That was his "spiritual name" that the beings from the civilization we are truly from told me is his true name. He talks about that in "Radio Show 10".


We first got together in California when I answer his full page ad in the newspaper. Maybe not this exact ad but something like it, click here to look. I thought he was going to be looking like a man from India with that name. When I got to his house in Carlsbad, CA he was over 6 feet tall blonde and youthful male in his 50's. We worked together for about ten years and during that time looking back on it from now I can see how the channeling was very sophisticated.


It seems to me that we performed various "tricks" to get the information from the All That Is about the civilization where we are truly from and about how to proceed with the divine plan for us here in this world with Amazing Grace, Managing Massive Money, and stopping the third world war with love and peace and the beautiful divine plan of the true All that Is.


When I say tricks what I mean to say is that now in retrospective of those times working together with Voon Muhn and the other beings and bodies at that time that worked closely with us it was very elaborate how we managed to bypass the various egos and bring through the All That Is.


I have had the opportunity to indirectly and in many cases directly be with some of the finest quality channels in the world. When I say that I mean that the quality of the material they conveyed is my measure of "best".


Why don't I channel? First of all I suppose I developed a great distaste for it from the start being born into a family with a Minister for a father. His role was to supposedly channel GOD to the followers every Sunday and at every other opportunity he would get. I became familiar from the beginning of my life with how both the channel and the entity they are supposedly channeling can make up a very tricky con game. Meaning you cannot hold either one responsible for what is being said. The one coming through is only available through the channel when they are channeling which is usually done in such a way that there is an authority relationship implied. And the body doing the channeling can act totally irresponsible about what is being channelled and play all kinds of sick psychological games and manipulations because they are supposedly not the source of the information coming through.


At the same time my experience is similar to a story I was told by one of the so-called illegimate daughters of Mick Jagger whom I made a music video for once told me about her situation growing up around the stage.I became very familiar with the circumstances of channeling early on. Just as she had grown up hiding as a child inside of massive amplifiers and playing on the stage, so I was familiar since childhood with channeling. So later when I was first exposed to materials and in person channeling of high quality I was already set up to relate to it all in my own particular way. And then my training and experience just kept coming and has not stopped yet.


One of the ways that is my own is that I don't relate to the performance that well. I have a tendency to relate to the person doing the channeling and to the source of the channeling each independantly of the other. The bottom line is that I have had some really extraordinary experiences due to the nature of the information I have been exposed to is absolutely unbelievably excellent and amazing and the training I had since birth regarding the potential dangers and problems of channeling has only helped me to make the most of it and take it to places that I wonder if any body else has.


And that brings me back to what the body I considered to be the best channel I ever met said about me being the best channel in the world. Even though I don't claim to channel at all. When I work with people professionally in the field of success coaching or whatever you want to call that work that I do so expertly the way that I do it is that I ask to line up with that person's higher self and my own higher self and with their subconscious mind and with the divine being itself. I take full responsibility for myself and the other person as conscious participants in whatever happens.


Therefore I am not channeling. I may be aware very accurately or not of many aspects, dimensions, entities, and so much of what and whom is going on spiritually. That may be and almost certainly is going on and I have my ways regarding all of that. It all comes down to the manner of communication and the way I involve myself and the other person.


Whatever experience I do or do not have with channeling I certainly have had my mind blown over and over again by accepting and allowing that it would be more crazy to dismiss all the evidence that was coming my way. The evidence that we truly are spiritual beings and these bodies are well, our bodies. And some spiritual beings don't have bodies and you can still talk to them anyways. And it can be a lot easier when you or they have a body to communicate through. And that can also be VERY tricky and VERY problematic.


The analogy I use to keep myself sane is that we now have these so-called "mobile devices" in our world. And they communicate with each other. And so do we use them to communicate with each other. What I do is imagine that A BODY is one heck of a mobile device. Meaning the technology of a body is way way far beyond a mobile device. Now not every person knows how to use a body. I am sorry but that is the truth. And I don't mean use and abuse I mean to make the most of the equipment.


I have come to experience that certain spiritual beings that I know come through bodies that come around me. I would think that at some point the persons in those bodies may have said they are willing to be an open channel for the highest good of all beings, or something like that at some time and so the next thing you know I am not only relating and talking to that person but to spiritual beings I know.


Tlenkinyanni for example has come to me through MANY if not ALL of the women I have ever had a close relationship with. The first time that happened it was so strong of an experience for me that it completely changed my life and my location and everything about my life. And that time I didn't even know what was happening. Which caused me no end of confusion. Eventually I sorted that out.


The experience of having a conversation with her in one body and then carrying on that same conversation meaning continuing the conversation in a new body that those bodies don't know each other is something that I eventually grew to accept. It just happens. Now she lines up with those bodies in such a way that most of the time the body themselves is not identifying with Tlenkinyanni at all.


It is a bit hard to explain. Beings can come through bodies just as easily as a text message can come into your phone. The only thing is there is various permissions and there are rules and there is also and most importantly knowing how to identify when it is happening and how to not go crazy!


After all these years I have experienced many phenomenon. For a long time it was very strange for me until I realized that I connect and communicate with some bodies subconscious mind more easily than I do with their conscious mind. This was very disconcerting because as you may know what a person is saying subconsciously is not usually the same as what they are saying consciously. So there I am carrying on a conversation with their subconscious mind and the conscious mind is saying no I didn't say that, or I didn't mean that. And then I check in with the subconscious mind and they said yes they did mean that. It can be very weird. To me the person is more strong usually and more true at the subconscious level.


Later I started to connect with people's higher consciousness mind. And that became even more weird because relating to the higher conscious there is a great beauty and the person says yes to their higher path and I am interacting with them on that level and then suddenly the ordinary consciousness comes back into control due to fear or whatever and it's usually all over. Not many people I know so far sustain a steady conscious relationship with their higher self.


The point is that in my experience most people are not that conscious of their body and what it is capable of and all the levels that it operates on. Most people especially are very unaware of what is sometimes referred to as the "reptilian brain" that governs the primal responses. It is absolutely unbelievable how much that part of the brain is capable of governing people's lives through basic survival instincts and programming and the person does not even know it is happening. I do my best to help empower people to make their goals and dreams come true by assisting them to understand how the communication within actually goes on all the time and to help them be more aware of all their various aspects and levels of consciousness and unconsciousness and the primal level and so on. It is a lot to be aware of and most people seem more comfortable not knowing and running on automatic pilot. However part of my work is offering beings the experience and ability to get off automatic pilot and actually experience their body for what it is and what it is capable of as a separate entity from the being that is connected with that body.


Strangely most people seem to identify with their body as if their body is who they are. This has never ceased to amaze me. The more the person is awake to their true spiritual being which is rare the more the awareness game of life changes. The more a person can then relate to more of them, and more of others.


Then the power and respect of choice and the power and respect of freedom becomes very important and also the ability to exercise freedom increases. Which is great. Sometimes I have found that people are not so great with their choices or their freedom when they have it but that is the human condition. I value choices and freedom very highly so I try and cultivate and support that as much as possible.


It's just crazy what I experience talking to just one person for just a little while. Once I get to know people for a few hours it gets even more wild. Nowadays the whole experience is just getting so intense for me that I can tell it is evolving even more. I am not always sure what to do with it. I do mostly try and stay focused on helping other people realize their goals and dreams, to get in touch with their higher self, and to be present with my own goals and dreams and each others needs and so on.


I often hear from a persons higher self so clearly what they could do to solve their problems or reach their goals and I wonder sometimes about if people's higher selves send them to me because they want some help getting their message through! Of course I don't usually say, "your higher self told me this to tell you" oh no way are you going to usually find me saying something like that! But the higher self I feel tells me anyways, and then I might repackage that in someway and represent it into the conversation or the relationship. I am having a relationship with the whole person afterall and I don't ever remember thinking or feeling or acting like relating to a person is ONLY about their conscious ego self identification or their body self identification which are often the same. I am aware of much more of the person usually and I relate to all of them. It is more fun that way despite the weirdness and the challenges. That all just makes it more interesting really.


One thing that I have noticed that is pretty funny and poignant is that people that play control and manipulation games or things like that tend to realize after a while that I see through that kind of thing and it is really funny to watch how those people try and continue to relate with me and yet they end up saying next to nothing after a while. It is a very strange experience to have a person keep wanting to relate to you but they say less and less to the point of almost not talking at all.


I really like to help people sort it all out and to make the most out of the human experience. It is just that there are some very severe things going on like defense systems that protect programs that are often running most if not all of the persons life and behaviours and speech. So in order to actually connect to the awakened free true being in the person in my experience I have found that it can be much harder than playing the most difficult computer game!


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