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10 - Managing Massive Money


On January 7, 1997 I filed the paperwork to incorporate the "Elprehzleinn Foundation of Forever Being". This was the mission I put forth on record with the Hawaii government where the corporation was made:


"The purpose for which the corporation is organized: is to bring together resources of all kinds to be used expressly and exclusively to support, to care for, to protect, to provide for all worldly needs, to nurture, to bring forward into full manifestation, and to other-wise empower in all manners, material, spiritual, legal and otherwise; the beautiful and kind True Being of Forever Light that is in all of us here in the world that must each be awakened with the power of this foundation to the true and glorious greatness of everlasting joy and harmony and freedom of expression and freedom of being in every way including but not limited to artistic expression and musical expression, and the transaction of any or all lawful acdtivities for which nonprofit corporations may be incorporated under Chapter 415B, Hawaii Revised Statutes."


That corporation lasted nine years and began with a time there with the Hawaiian people. That was one of "our" first acts of corporate business. When I use the term "our" regarding Elprehzleinn it refers to the all that is and all the great beings that have and are involved on whatever level and plane of existence they are involved.


The destiny card for January 7 (in any year) is the Seven of Spades.


This is the "card of faith" and became the "birth card" of the first "incorporation" of Elprehzleinn. Something I remember reading about that card is "pick the biggest dream you possibly can think of and hold it until it comes true."


Nowadays in 2013 the corporate entity is in an interim stage which has lasted for what seems a very long time and during which time much has occurred (type in Elprehzleinn Systems, INC to see the curent registration, click this link first to get to the page to type that in.) Legally speaking the new corporation was registered in 2008 and is on hold awaiting full activation. It's all ready to go in so many ways. Full activation. Now what does that mean? Financial activity.


That is what the world system calls it, whereas any activity that helps people in service as per the mission is to me, "active".


Meanwhile in the "official" interim I have been funding things myself and running things myself in my own name personally, eager to active the corporation that has been envisioned since 1989 and prepared for since that time. Our current mission is much the same as it was then. Also since that time much has happened and many phases of the corporate vision set forth in 1999 in the documents you can see below have unfolded exactly as foreseen. When I say "our mission" I mean the spiritual beings of the so-called Intergalactic Federation of Light who helped me formulate the original vision to do all this and to get this far with it, and I mean the Forever Beings from Awndelvesuhnt.


I hope that you have read our disclaimer and you are aware that this is spiritual entertainment, that I believe it is better to have no beliefs except for that belief and the belief that I have no beliefs, and that what we call the real world is an illusion that arises from the spiritual planes within where is the real world.


From the Bottom to the Top

As I walked to the coffee shop this afternoon in Montreal, Canada where I am writing this at three different places there were large quantities of gold ribbon.


Having never seen gold ribbon unravelled across my path like that I wondered what the universe was telling me three times?


When I lived in Hawaii I wondered what the universe was telling me because the way it worked out the adventure there included 11 months in the lowest poverty and 11 months thereafter in the highest place of wealth.

This farm home we stayed in for 11 months on Maui was as far as I could tell the highest home on Maui at about 4000 feet. Our backyard was 6000 more feet up to the peak of the mountain. George Lucas' ex-wife had a home below us, our front yard was a multi-acre flower farm with a view 4000 feet down the mountain we could see both sides of the island.


Certainly it was a message about going from the depths of poverty to the absolute pinnacle of success.


Back at that time in Hawaii we were there in that location with some of the native Hawaiian people for 11 months teaching computers and internet to the Hawaiian people and others as our contribution while they were helping us go forward with our lives. During the services we would cover all the computers with patterned sheets so the computers would stay in the room during the actual services, under wraps. We actually had some guest visiting missionaries try to have us and our computers thrown out in the street at one point saying we were from the devil. Kaahumanu eventually determined I think that they were and threw them out. We had a lot of adventures together there.

This guest pastor standing in front of the all native Hawaiian congregation in Hawaii that day in 1997 or 1998 he stopped his preaching and pointed at me and said " You! God has a message for you. You are a business man and you are destined to manage huge sums of money. You have a plan for this and yet you feel in despair because it has not yet come to fruition. God put that plan in your heart and God will bring it to fruition with you in Gods timing."

He went back to preaching and a few minutes later stopped again and said to me as I sat there in the crowd:

"What work do you do with children?" He said in his trance- like delivery of the divine message I was receiving conveyed through him in that way that he was being of service.

" We teach them how to use computers and the Internet," I answered since we were doing that as a charitable contribution there as a first act of my newly formed at the time, Elprehzleinn Foundation of Forever Being.

" Not that! " He boomed as if God speaking himself through the man directly to me.

" Something huge on a massive worldwide scale."

"Nothing like that. " I said.

"You will." said the preacher. "You will work with the younger generation."

I immediately thought of some PEPSI-Cola ads regarding the younger generation idea as he went back to his preaching and there I sat knowing that stranger in a far away place had conveyed a message directly from my forever friend the All That Is to me in the name of God. So to speak.


A message only I could understand. I felt alone and encouraged both at once. I knew that it was all true.


As I sit writing this in a coffee shop in the year 2012 knowing all that has surely unfolded in alignment with that divine plan for my life, and all that seems to come against it being released in my memory and body now.


Here and now as I write this sobbing and crying tears of joy, tears of love, tears of intimacy, tears of sadness for the losses along the way. Tears of pain. Tears of soul- filled excitement and enthusiasm for the world and my life in it.


This memory came to me long forgotten this morning it came to me. This morning I wake up facing the reality of handing over my last thousand dollars for another month of rent and bills and thinking that unless something changes in the next 24 hours I am going to be completely broke financially like I have not been since that day in that church in Hawaii!

Knowing nevertheless that somehow, someway I am part of taking the Elprehzleinn business corporation from where it is now to being one of the largest corporations on the NASDAQ exactly as it was foreseen and for the purposes of helping beings in this world and the world itself to live their beautiful dreams and manifest their brightest future. Yes I have been given a plan for that and stuck with it for the last 23 years or so since I received it.


Even today facing death-like fears of complete loss and ending also around me now swirling a vortex of miracles abound and somehow someway this is ALL most excellent and it divinely richly works out that I and all involved in whatever ways they are we go forward with it all to certain success with this and total achievement. For the fun of it, for the glory of love, and caring about me and every being in every body in the world.

We called that first project of the Elprehzleinn Foundation of Forever Being non-profit Hawaii corporation, the "Trinity Project". Here is a banner image we used for the website at the time with some pictures of the area in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii and also some of the people using the facilities we had set up. It was an incredible time in so many ways.

1999 Corporate Meetings with Spiritual Beings And The All That Is

The idea of managing and generating massive money came up again in the two 1999 meetings where we set forth the bylaws and visions for the next steps of the Elprehzleinn business corporation. At that time we still had the non-profit corporation and there were 5 of us in the meetings. The thing is that each BODY was legally representing a spiritual being from Awndelvesuhnt. When I look back now from this November 2012 and realized that four of those five bodies are no longer representing those spiritual beings I marvel.

The reason I marvel is because what was set forth in those visions and bylaws has exactly come true so far.


I have written more about this in Chapter 13 regarding the aspect of this that refers to the very strange feeling of having things once written down come true. I still have some of the actual corporate minutes (notes from corporate meetings held in 1999) that were written down and so strangely have almost all come true since then.



To make it a bit clearer I can say that long ago in the mid-eighties I received counsel from the spiritual planes channeled to me by a person who was a very respected channel at the time to move into a certain neighborhood in Montreal and find a place that had many rooms. In that home I received over a period of time extensive corporate business plans and certain encoded timetables for how it would unfold. By encoded I mean that there were no dates, there were events that were foretold to me. Not when, but what.

This is the 6 room apartment I rented for several years in Montreal where I first started to consciously create my own reality and also during that time received these massive corporate business plans.


Many years later and much having already unfolded quite miraculously I found myself in Hawaii having the experiences that have been described above regarding the divine being talking to me through a guest pastor in the church about the plan I had been given.


Two years later a series of meetings were held with myself and four other human bodies present all of whom had just before those meetings legally changed their names to represent the names we had received for the "true names" of the fully realized divine spiritual beings that we were each representing as such with our respective persons (bodies) and that so many people all over the world are connected with according to the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story in the sense that the world is filled with only 22 beings split up into all the many bodies across all the lifetimes.


Very soon after those meetings in California in 1999 within days after the first meeting it was incredible to me how fast things got very difficult. I remember Voon Muhn seeming to me to experience some kind of psychic attack I think right in one of those meetings and he was never the same after that. Now I realize that having completed those meetings he had spiritually set forth something so grand that no doubt he immediately began the process of vacating his body preparing for his next body and that left his body at that time more open to those psychic forces. But it was too late to "attack him" as we had already set forth what we needed to which I still carry forward today, and which he has carried forward into his new life in his new body that he took up in 1994, and left his old body in 2006. So yes, he was in both bodies somewhat for a time.


And he explained that, or rather the All That Is explained that channeling through him very clearly in that first piece we published together with divine love in 1995 on the internet. "What is A Body" is the name of it and it's still on our site and here is a reference excerpt from that that relates to what I am speaking about here:


Each SPIRIT just automatically transfers from one body to another at death, and sometimes before, to increase the confusion of the SPIRIT even more, This is because the SPIRIT in this 'tranced, 'confused', state, will now be looking at two bodies, instead of one.

One will be growing up, the other running down. The SPIRIT will then be caught, in whether he or she is living or dying, because the SPIRIT is doing what is called, 'living vicariously'. To make the trap even more vicious and cruel, the SPIRIT has not only the lives of its own bodies go into its consciousness, as though the SPIRIT lived the lives, but the lives of all bodies, that all the SPIRITS are connected to.



Within a few months after the meetings no body was the same any more. Within a few years after the meetings no body except for me that was at those meetings was even in contact with each other anymore.


The entire group had entirely disbanded and Voon Muhn died in 2006. Now looking back it is incredible to me that those plans were actually made by the actual spiritual beings that were coming through those bodies at the time, even though except for me the other bodies have completely left the picture soon after. I was to experience this many times again as I had in the past carrying out these plans. That bodies would come and go in the most unbelievable ways.


The strange thing is that even though there was all that difficulty with the bodies right after those five spiritual beings working with our 5 bodies brought through those corporate plans for the future corporation and the bylaws for that corporation that the plans unfolded anyways. With one step yet to unfold.


Now in 2012 is the first time I have taken those former corporate documents out of the sealed box that I have kept them in these past years. I took them out earlier this year when there was a special woman here for a time to balance with me so that the light was strong enough for it to be safe for me to bring out the documents. Nevertheless soon after we did that I nearly died.


Whatever it is that comes against this divine plan to manage massive sums of money doesn't seem to be able to stop this plan and yet it is quite an adventure.


As I looked over the then corporate minutes and the then corporate bylaws I marveled at how it was outlined in those meetings that certain things would happen. Before I outline them here to make it more clear and evident I want to point out that the original ideas I received for a business corporation were for an actual business corporation that sells shares.


While we tried to put that forth at one point earlier on around 1996 it ended up that I co-founded the Elprehzleinn Foundation of Forever Being in 1997 as a non-profit corporation. I always knew that was not the actual business corporation because it was a non-profit. It was difficult for me to accept that because I knew that the plan is for a business corporation and here I was managing a non-profit corporation. Yet I understood that it what had to come first for various reasons. And so it was aptly called a "foundation" for what was to come.


So in those 1999 meetings it was all about the non-profit corporation. And I can tell you that as much as we did go forward from there and the non-profit corporation did many things up until it was completed in 2005 that it was really soon after those 1999 meetings that things really started to fall apart. It was tremendously difficult in so many ways and tremendously amazing in so many other ways. Nevertheless looking back at the 1999 proposals you can read that we with the spiritual beings and the All That Is wrote down the ideas that I would go forward with for the next ten years. All the details and steps that were laid out I know now have unfolded exactly as it was foretold, and the remaining steps I expect to fall into place miraculously.


All of those things came true REGARDLESS of the fact that every body disbanded and one of us even died (and I feel certain moved on to do exactly what we had envisioned he would do in many ways in a new body which was part of what we had envisioned, a new body.)


As I look back on those documents today having just spent the last three months digesting them and re-considering them over and over in comparison to what I have actually lived since then I see that there is one step remaining. It was mentioned in the above posted corporate minutes that eventually we would raise $5 million dollars for the purpose of funding the establishment of certain revenue streams that I have been clear about since the beginning of first receiving corporate visions long before 1999.


Having lived the extraordinary experiences that are so mind-blowing that I have had to follow our own Elprehzleinn idea to believe that it is better to have no beliefs otherwise I am sure that I would not have been able to live through any of that. It was all too unbelievable. And now as a whole experience and with that $5 million dollars funding yet to be put together and yet with all that has come to pass already in place it seems inevitable. And soon.


I have always known in a deep way that everything I was doing was going to take what seemed like a long time from a human stand point. Meaning that the work and training and studies and personal financial and time and emotional investment into all of this was a grand project. I knew many of the details in an outline form from the beginning including many things that when I first got the ideas and plans were not even possible YET in the world. And they all became true and very possible. They all happened. So as much as I wonder how that $5 million dollars comes to pass or if it even will at all I am really excited about what happens as it does. How massive that really is. All things considered. How wonderful for the world and every being and every body in it exactly as we have foreseen and exactly as we have declared in our corporate mission in Hawaii and the revised mission on our websites that I uphold today.


In 2008 emerging out of the most fantastic experiences with two women that traveled from very far away to come to Montreal for a short time with me there was a great light that was made at that time. From that light emerged the actual registration of the actual business corporation that I envisioned from the start. It remains actively registered today as "Elprehzleinn Systems, INC" a Canada Corporation.


At the time it seemed very possible that combined with what I had put together over the years and what the two women were potentially bringing to the table that a partnership was forming with the three of us that would finally put the REAL full corporation into full activation. However once again just as the plans were set forth and agreed to BOTH women completely left the picture and once again like in 1999 I was left to go forward in whatever ways that I could.

I wonder and expect and participate in the next steps unfolding. I marvel at how and what did come true so far. And I contemplate that which was set forth in the divine plan I have known about and working with for so long now regarding "managing massive amounts of money" for the purpose of working with the younger generation in ways that fulfill the benevolent mission of the Elprehzleinn business corporation.



Sri Yantra


Some of My Financial and Business Experience

My family name which has been destined to become the name of one of the largest business corporations in the world has been spoken directly on my behalf to President Bush when he was in the oval office.


I have lived with the King of Hawaii to help his people and become aware of their business with the United States.


I have done business with the President of the largest pornography producer and distributor in the world whose last words to me were " I guess I will owe you for the rest of my life."



I have many times taken next to nothing and transformed into into outrageously successful business projects using extraordinary (magical) means. I have studied and trained in financial market trading with some of the very best in the world for many years including with a member of one of the most elite families in the world whom I lived with for about six months.


I helped many business people to double their sales, increase their assets, and took care of a lot of those people personally as well when they needed a place to stay and other care.


I have made a music video for the daughter of an extremely famous musician.


I was absolutely instrumental and fundamental in launching the biggest musical act in the world today already worth hundreds of millions probably over a billion dollars already.


That person told me that when they were famous and rich that we would do all our business in my family name and that only I would manage all their money and publishing rights and we would do our business together in every way.


I have already published what many people from around the world have said is the finest quality personal development course in the world compared to all the rest.


I have helped many people in various places around the world to launch successful businesses starting from next to nothing.


I once had a psychic remark that if I ever decided to re-incarnate would I please do so as a race horse so he could bet all his money on me.




Now as I said up front this is a digital novel and so it's an experiment in writing. In the sense that I come here to edit, and re-shape what is written as time goes on, as the story fills in. As I feel like writing. Now this part I am writing in 2015.


During the last two years an extraordinary thing happened regarding a class action legal settlement that I was a plaintiff in, and which resulted in success for the plaintiffs. It was a matter that had been unresolved since I was 14 years old so it went back a long time.


The actual case was in play in various stages for about ten years.


At the time just as the settlement was announced the official paperwork we got stated that the total amount that was possible to be paid and then shared among the plaintiffs and the attorneys and for various fees was exactly $5 million dolllars. This being the same amount that was written down in our 1999 corporate meetings.


It was just too strange to ignore. Afterall, was this "the long foretold five million dollars" that I was to use to fund what was foreseen to become one of the world's largest corporations with a focus on the benefit of all spiritual beings in bodies in the world?


It was strange because the amount was to be shared about all of us, and so I would not get anything near that amount myself. And yet would that amount I did get be "enough" for me to start the corporation by somehow working with what I did get to grow it into more?


I determined after about a year of contemplation on the matter during which time I did get my share of the settlement that the mention of the five million dollars in the setttlement documents was a milestone letting me know that the five million dollars was on it's way. And that the money I received was obviously not THAT money.


I turned to my personal life and came to understand that things had to be done after which I would be in the place to receive the full funding after now ten years of visualizing it, or more, and so I did those things. And now...


My business here on earth is first and foremost the business of forever lovers and their world healing powers. To bring that all about so each person on earth that wants to live the way they choose to can do so in a beautiful world.


That is what Elprehzleinn is all about. Restoring forever lovers and their balance with each other and the All That Is and what that generates as a way of life.

"UponAFar" digital artwork produced by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn in 1999


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