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Some parts of this story may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. Definitely not for children under 13 years of age. Parental Guidance is advised and required.


1- Dance and Yoga Experience

I think I have been a dancer in other lives. These are experiences that I have had in this lifetime, since the age of 18, which have been catalysts that sparked my reawakening of my dancing abilities. Although I started out as an awkward guy from the sports world, I eventually built quite a full set of dance credentials, ballet, jazz, modern dance, post modern dance, contact improvisation, shamanic dance, I have studied formally in all these areas and much more yet I feel that my real training has been the following experiences. There are more, these are what comes to mind now. Come with me into my experience. You are welcome.


Old loft studio downtown. Warm and artsy with wide board wood floors, theater lights empty space charged with the ghosts of a thousand dances the creative aura of last nights performance still fresh in the air, tonight’s set is waiting ready. Comfortable soft clothes and French dancers; artists flowing, stretching, rolling, enfolding, unfolding, caressing, touching, leaning, supporting, shoulder to shoulder, back to back. Slow, quiet, no music, the dancing bodies make a sweet sublime music of their own, the rhythm of character and personality. What is that you’re wearing? A get together, supper, talks afterwards, a sweet sensual dance with a stranger ends touching, massaging. Talking takes second place. Now that I have got it on with you I am ready to talk, a little. Drums, Piano. We all play, we dance to each other’s creative explorations, music never played before, never to be played again. Spontaneity. Laughter, acceptance, walking on the walls, jumping to the air, caught by experienced arms flipping, rolling, friends on my body. Hand to hand two strong men, two athletes, spinning faster and faster in a circle eyes locked on each other to center. Such fun. Such power to play. A beautiful woman, a beautiful sensual dance of purity and sexuality combined. A crumpled pile of happy loving bodies, breathing; entwined, embraced, after a long flowing, silent, careful, new dance: Pure clean fun. Banquets on the floor. Contact jams.


New York. Dance Theater of Harlem. Roaming Manhattan, black and white. Stretching, playing, practicing, learning ballet maneuvers on the streets of New York, completely immersed in ballet; ballet is his life and I am in his life for a time. Takes me to DTH watching rehearsals, massaging the principle dancer, Georgeous female dancers from the Joffrey ballet. A weekend together, skipping down Fifth Ave. hand in hand in love with Karen- a stranger thanks us for the childlike joy, and our beauty.


Nancy, Angel. Ifleuron. Druhnilon. Teachers, lovers, dancing right here, right now. In the street, the parks, the plazas, the subways, the studios. Practicing moves, learning steps. I learned dance from lovers in the street. Kings and Queens of the Faerie Realm taught me to dance through and with human bodies of flesh and blood with light and sparkle.


Tlenkinyanni, in a gorgeous model 34 French female body on fire, spiritually awakened by a life crisis, sparkling crackling radiant glorious sensitive. A wild horse, a wild flower. Met in dance class. Opening line: ‘I like your passion’ Eight months of passion, romance, intense love, dancing, we danced everywhere and we always moved our dance into lovemaking. Building pressure, letting go. Nights burned off like a sparkler turned to dawn. “We stayed up all night again". The moon. The moon has always been there, always watched me. All my lives, always. Hours and hours of stretching, pushing, holding, feeling. F E E L, feel so much you come in your pants she said. Jouir (come). Feel. Feel. Feel. She spoke these words to me with her mouth and backed it all up with her body. She was always looking for a place to make love in public. Dancing drunk in a black nightclub, proud to have the most gorgeous beauty in the place legs wrapped around my waist sharing wet French kisses and pushing hips and sweaty, sweet curves in, around, against my male energy. Again and again, over, and over, this girl could come to music. Music turned her on. Dancing is lovemaking, lovemaking is dance. Against the walls, on the furniture, every position, everyway, everywhere. In the river. On the bridge in the soft summer rain at black night. Drunk, happily drunk, 2 bottles of red wine, driving home naked. Sand and water and tears of joy. Lying in the grass in the park across the street, night. With all of our blankets, Dancing and lovemaking are one. The 17th floor rooftop, city lights are jewels under a starry sky.


Teaching classes, feeling 5,10,30 bodies mirror my movements, follow my words. Like being so much bigger. The excitement. The responsibility. The money.

My dance teacher driving bodies beyond and past limitations with pure joy and creativity and enthusiasm, handsome Scorpio. Death defying. He can do anything. Hero. And she in long dark hair. Urban Shaman. Yoga teachers in bodies and without bodies. Meditation in Motion. Posture flow.


Dance is free flow, universe connected, blissful, sexy. Loving, ongoing, long, long, hours of comfortable happy ecstasy for me and has always been, a lot of people think they are dancing and they are not. Am I resistant to dancing? Am I spoiled? Are my standards too high? Or are great dances like the ones I am describing: mighty, gorgeous, lusty, passionate, soul dances something that only happens when it's time? Do I love dance? Love is Dance. Anything less than ecstasy is a timid, uncertain, rigid over-disciplined robot who is out of rhythm and void of feeling.

Ballroom dance with an elven queen so light and graceful and beautiful-you learn so fast -they told us that. Laurianne. Smooth brown hair. Smells exciting. Inviting. Sex pouring from her liquid body. Air, she danced as beautifully as the wind itself.


Raphael. Black Man. 35. Famous choreographer. The world parts so we can see each other. Instant attraction and a dance by a lake as an interlude to an afternoon of dance on the grass by the river and Frisbees. Sitting on his lap listening to the intimate adventure of choreographing a rock video and the personal details and I gave him all my shoes. Did I worship his feet?


Alone, drugged and happy. Leaping, stretching. Running dance steps, private choreography on a wet football field at night. Alone, hundreds and hundreds of sweet dances with ME. With Spirit with sprites and fairies, elves, and angels. Music? Sometimes, but so much in nature, no music from the outside, just inspiration so thick and real and full that it forces my movement. Many moonlight nights not able to let caring about other people’s reaction stop me anymore. Yoga flows, martial arts, unfolding, bursting through in parks or downtown terraces, fountain-side meditations, Dancing with the night, dancing with the desert, dancing with the ocean, dancing with the moon and the sand and the grass and the trees and the rocks and the dark vast universe. The music feels so good, so richly good. Its squeezing pleasing, twisting. Writhing through every cell. Sweet, sweet music. Head rocking against the wall, eyes squeezed shut and rolling back, so much pleasure. What to do with it? Where to Move it? How is it going to flow this time?


These are my real dance credentials.


The thing is the last woman I "really danced" with was also my lover. And she was I feel the first time I felt the spiritual being of Tlenkahnyanni come through and awaken me and be with us and awaken her lover RuinYiam in my body. And somehow in that relationship my body and spiritual awareness took a permanent shift. Combined with what I was learning about spontaneous yoga and the experiences I was having with all the places we would make love and dance together it suddenly became clear that sex was the only dance that really mattered to me. Spiritual sex, sex that had the connection with Tlenkahnyanni and RuinYiam and true home and their beauty and forever. Even though it would be years before I would even know their names or even glimpse who they really were and are and more years after that before I would begin to settle in to truly being comfortable with them and allowing them always.


At that point in my life, meaning the ending of that relationship with her I was thrown into a very transformative internal and external reality.


That experience with her over a 6 month or so time period that started at the end of a dance class in Montreal when I told her I loved her passion which was amazing in that class. She started to cry when I said that, or maybe she was already crying. And then we were french kissing on the bench in the hall while we put our shoes on and planned to meet later next week at my dance and yoga studio.


I never realized until much much later how powerful that transition from dance to sex really was for me. Not to say that dance was out and sex was in. To say that really great sex is a dance, and I could never dance with any body again after that. It's just that simple.


I guess I am still waiting for the dance partner that also makes love, and the dances that are making love.


In any case something happened and my path turned to California, computers, California girls, and the unfoldment of the next 13 years of my life.


After that time 13 years later I knew it was time to come back to Montreal partly because I saw her again. A few blocks from my downtown San Diego apartment there she was! So strange. Had not seen her since 13 years. I didn't go up to her, she was with someone in another life, in another world. But I knew it was a sign.


I have never danced again since her. Not really.


Like I said, I think something really deep happened and I realized that if I was going to be dancing together, we might as well be going all the way. Meaning if you like I have tried and studied and experienced and enjoyed many types of dance, and gone deep enough with your yoga practice then you realize that it is a pursuit of excellence.


You are striving for something when you dance.


You are going for something when you do yoga.


And I found that all of that was being achieved in bed, and wherever else sexual love was being made and turning sex into a dance was the new frontier for me. And it held all the secrets and mysteries of the universe. Maybe that is why I never danced again since then, or maybe that is how my dance evolved into bed, into everywhere, into everything. Into every second, and every moment.


And maybe that is how and when my consciousness irreversibly shifted to a new knowing about life, and really living.


And I do still wish and wonder like listening for a whisper on a gentle wind if one day I will make love and dance like that again, only so much more than that.



JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

(2016) JoreJj has practiced yoga for over 35 years and has been certified to teach Kripalu Yoga for over 20 years. He played college level sports, and once he started to dance was told he could be a professional dancer if he pursued that avenue. He did in some ways and ended up dancing with professional dancers but never performing. That led to a relationship with a woman that transformed his consciousness about "dance" and everything related to being in a body.

This a photo from 1992

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn 1992

JoreJj is also certified in first levels of Shiatsu, Reiki, and has many years of personal and professional experience with various types of massage and bodywork although he long ago gave up professional practice of any of those due to realizing that the power of touch was something he only wanted to share with intimate female partners.


Coming from a traditionally male sports background it took the presence of female lovers in my life to open my mind to dance.


At first my girlfriends gained my curiosity and sparked my interest against macho protests as they showed me their dance steps in the street or at home. And then they dragged me into dance class.


Finally realizing this was a whole new world to discover and I needed some help getting into it I took a classical ballet course. 10 weeks. I was the only guy in the class.


At first I was horrible. At the end of the ten weeks the teacher took me aside in the hallway after class and said that I had transformed and improved so much during the ten weeks that she felt I could be a professional dancer and said that she would help me if I chose to go on that path.


After that I took every kind of dance class for years and ended up dancing and hanging out with professional dancers. And then I met the woman that danced so beautifully and perfectly with me and was my lover that I never really danced again after we broke up. Something had changed inside of me that we had discovered together.


Dance took on a whole new meaning for me after that. I suppose all my work with touch healing and everything else I was doing with the body just all collided and merged and coalesced into a new direction for me.


I mean it certainly did. In a way I am still trying to share and explain and live out.


My "Life Transformation Audio" is a 24 minute audio recording you can get that derived from the last style of hands on bodywork sessions I gave professionally which was in the year approximately 1992. Thanks for help that was given to me in the form of guidance I transformed what used to be my various types of touch and massage professional work with clients into using words along with only very light touch on fully clothed clients. This was the last client work of that type meaning so-called "bodywork" that I ever did.


JoreJj has studied various forms of martial arts, and found that Aikido was the best to his liking as it is based on the idea of constantly being in a state of loving energy.


JoreJj participated in many sports and school and played college level hockey in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.



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