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Some parts of this story may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. Definitely not for children under 13 years of age. Parental Guidance is advised and required.

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You are a fully realized divine spiritual being living a human experience in a human body in this illusion world. That is the the premise of this fictional novel. The world that extends as far as you can imagine into and beyond the stars into every galaxy and every realm is an illusion. This world we call real is the dream. Home is real, and that is where this illusion is inside of. Home that is far away, and yet so very near.


Therefore this digital book, this digital story is a story about my life in this illusion, in this lifetime so far and beyond. Any resemblance to real or factual characters, situations, or places is purely coincidental and is not to be construed as real. This is a fictional novel and all the names, places, people, and experiences are entirely illusory, transitory, not real, and a fictional account that I made up in my imagination.


This is the legendary Elprehzleinn family story. A story about the spirtual beings that we really and truly are.


We believe it's better to have no beliefs. So when I tell you that the most wonderful story I ever heard is the one where Robyn Elprehzleinn is actually the spiritual being Voon Muhn Rahn from a beautiful civilization that is not of this world it's just the beginning of that part of this story.


This story is NOT about Voon Muhn Rahn nor about the three bodies I have known him to inhabit so far. Those being Elvis Presley, Justin Bieber, and his appearance in the body in between those two lifetimes as Robyn Elprehzleinn himself.


This story is about Amazing Grace. Your amazing grace, my amazing grace, the one true one being, the all that is, the love that has no name. It is a story about a true home and a story that starts off concluding that every single one of us here on planet EARTH are nothing but pure beautiful and loving fully realized divine spiritual beings on our way home to a home that we never left in the first place. Everything else is an illusion.


It's about ending the third world war before it really starts and so it never happens. It's about true love and fully aligned heart centered sexual aliveness and freedom and being what you truly are.


Being what you truly are here in this world and discovering that's partly how we all together generate, allow, create, and receive as we are already doing the manifestation of a beautiful earth a beautiful life for all and a beautiful representation of the glory of love right here and right now and from now on.

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