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This novel is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatization purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person in entirely coincidental and unintentional.

I purposely misspelled that word, "foreword". Because when I started to write and accidentally misspelled it triggered one of the strongest word formulas I have come to know. A simple set of words that wraps up into one small thought a very big adventure. Moving forward. Going forward. Just keep going forward. That's what I recall. That is what I lean on when I need to know what to do or how or so many questions flood my brain as I live in this world reality and wonder. That is always there for me to lean on. Just keep going forward.

"Wide Open Inner Space" digital artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


Time I suppose is what that really refers to. However I know that time is an illusion and just keep going forward refers to our true home in Awndelvesuhnt where the foreseeing is the only time we have. Yes there it would be that the oldest beings that the All that Is first gave birth to from themselves would be considered the equivalent of trillions of years old.


Only there is not any time. That is just a reference idea for us here. Therefore going forward is a concept directly from there, that helps us to know how to get back to there. How to get home.


Whether going home means transforming life in this illusion world to being beautiful and wonderful in every way, or whether somehow someway the illusion ends and we end up back home. Going forward.


Either way this digital book is for the purposes of opening the reader to ideas and feelings that may be supportive of living more wonderfully. That is all this is. In other words a form of spiritual entertainment. The way to read this digital book is very new. Books usually begin at the beginning and end at the end. Which is a sort of time based idea now isn't it?


This is a book about being forever, and therefore it is non-linear. Just reading it means playing with the ideas and feelings of being forever so why not build that into the way of actually reading the book?


This digital novel has no beginning and it has no end. I can keep adding to it and changing it at any moment. I plan to. And yet already there is a complete story here for you that you can start and continue to enjoy as much or as little as you prefer. It has numbers, it has pages, it has links, it even has this foreword and it has a table of contents and other familiar components of a book. And yet it also has video, it has imagery, it has moving imagery in some places and sounds.


Depending on what kind of device you are on it is going to look and feel differently and the way you interact with it through bookmarks, or following the links, or touching or clicking is all part of the experience. Not only is the content of this book something I am sharing with you it is also the design the digital book design itself. A whole new medium that is only just now emerging in this November 2012 as I write this part.


So jump into the experience of this novel at any place. Follow links that seem to take you outside of the novel and yet actually are all part of this novel. Bookmark the cover page. Realize by experience that each page like this one has a small picture of the cover page unicorn lower down in the bottom navigation menu that takes you back to the cover page. Use your back button in your browser.


This novel is a digital novel. It was designed for a new kind of novel reading experience, on the new devices that seem to have never been on this planet before now. Enjoy the new experience, and the new story.


The main theme of my life in this incarnation and the main theme of this novel is an esoteric concept called forever lovers. The way I have come to understand and experience forever lovers is that it refers to the sexual balancing of male and female spiritual beings. The experience of sexuality in bodies in the world is in relationship to the spiritual sexuality. The complexity and unusualness of this is the reason I have chosen to write this book.


"Love is the teacher from which thunder learned to whisper."


Please keep in mind that while any concepts of male and female balancing together in the human bodies is paramount to everything I am writing about and fundamental to the ClearTalk system I designed for lovers to consciously create their own reality together, and even though I have my own strong preference for that kind of balancing I understand that the sexuality at the body level and the sexuality at the spiritual level are basically two completely different realms.


Living at the body level as we all are I understand that there are sexual preferences. I feel that it is very important to find out what your sexual preference is and to be free of any limitations that any consensus reality or fear-based ideas would put on your discovery and expression of your true sexuality with the kind of body and the kind of spiritual connection you personally prefer.


To be free with your own sexuality means more than knowing what you prefer, it also means understanding and being free from the ideas of what you are supposed to prefer and what you are supposed to do or not do with your sexuality. Free from ideas about what you true sexuality even is, and free from any body, or any organization, or any thing trying to control you by controlling you with what I can call "false ideas about sexuality" which is going to be anything that misleads you with various types of programming about anything other than what you truly are sexually.


I advocate fully aligned heart centered sexual aliveness which is ultimately something that you define personally through a self-discovery and self-healing process and by living it and feeling it more and more and recognizing what it is for you. Of course I am absolutely here to help with that in whatever ways I can that is what Elprehzleinn is fundamentally all about. That is the true source of your true power. And there at your source also is your great friend the one being, the all that is, the source of all love, Love Itself. You find them there where you find your true lifestyle and your connection to your true being.


In my sharing about how I personally have experienced my own life and my own sexual preference and my sexual understanding of spiritual sexuality and how that relates to body sexuality I hope that I can inspire you to feel strong and happy with your own sexuality whatever it is, and with whomever you love to have it. As long as it is with harm to none, with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, and with Love Itself fully present then to me there is nothing more wonderful than lovers making love together. And it is important that we do.


Love ALL ways and only love forever, with peace, and joy, and marvelous fun,

Yours Truly,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


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