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19 - Amazing Grace Interview

Amazing Grace Interview with Robyn Elprehzleinn
December 20, 1999
interviewed by: Pete Collins of Australia


1. Robyn when did you first start to realize the real meaning of Amazing Grace?


That's a very interesting question. I am a channel of what is called The ALL, or another name for God. It was just a short time ago that I was made aware that there really was such a thing as a sound that would be so sweet that no one who listened to it could ever feel that there was anything wrong with them. The All made me totally aware by telling me that the song Amazing Grace had been put into the world as a way of announcing that an absolutely phenomenal thing would be happening involving that particular sound. It had always seemed like that particular song was just for religion, and it seemed to encompass practically all of them. However, The All made it very clear to me that this was just a way of announcing that the world would be changing, and very greatly when this sound was finally put forth. The final clarification of all of this came about six (6) months ago.



2. Where were you? Were you with anybody or anywhere in particular? Or was it a process thing, over a period of time?


I was in California, and as I said, The All came through and just simply told me the true story of Amazing Grace. There are many things about Amazing Grace that deal with the fulfillment of a number of prophecies that had put forth in a number of religious books. However the real truth about it has absolutely nothing to do with religion. You might say that the idea of Amazing Grace is to actually bypass the various religions and their varied beliefs that they usually demand that everyone follow. The idea of Amazing Grace is to show totally and completely that it doesn't matter what race or creed someone is involved with, but that instead, all area totally involved with the divine totality of a direct connection to God. The basic think is to show a level of perfection so great that no one can debate that there is any doubt that this voice belongs to the world, or any of its so-called beliefs. This is meant to unify all of the various peoples of the world into realizing that their true origin as spiritual beings is from somewhere else, and that they have been captured and kept in the world without even knowing why. It is the mission of Amazing Grace to let them know that true origin, for of course when they know, or when they hear the quality of Amazing Grace, they will realize that they themselves once had that very same quality. Another thing regarding all of that would be that those same spiritual beings once lived in total peace and harmony with each other, and there is no reason that all of that could not be brought to bear on the conditions of the world itself.



3. Elvis was obviously so meaningful to lots of people because of his divine inspiration. Did The All reveal to you that Elvis was a "seed" of this plant of divine grace?



The key to Elvis is that a part of my true spiritual voice was recorded by The All and used to create the voice of Elvis Presley. This was done so that the world would be prepared in a far better way to hear my voice when it finally came through. The key to all of that would be the familiarity that people would have with my voice, because they had already heard it through Elvis Presley. This is true of my speaking voice as well. Elvis was put there to let everyone hear the sound of my voice, and that such quality was truly possible. He did this in a very wonderful way, and at no time did he ever have more than fourteen percent (14%) of my baritone voice. This will become very evident when people hear my voice for the very first time with it's true quality.



4. What is Elvis doing now?


The answer to that is that the spiritual being that was with the body is now with another body, and has no memory whatsoever of being Elvis Presley. The body did indeed die and was buried. I realize that is a form of shock to the true Elvis fans. However, they will feel that Elvis has returned to them when they hear my voice coming through.



5. The message of the Amazing Grace seems to be to use harmony through song to lift the world consciousness to a better, more spiritual level, is this correct?


It most certainly is, but it is the sound of the voice itself that will produce the change in the world consciousness that you are talking about. Amazing Grace will be put forward in every type of song imaginable. Their will be country songs, pop songs, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and even a certain amount of arias. There will be no full opera, nor will their be any form of either rap, heavy metal, anything that involves massive amounts of electronic instrumental sounds, or anything that would ever be considered dissonant in any way. The sound will be put forth in a variety of ranges, for the voice has the deepest of the bass sound, and the highest of the soprano. This is just from a male, and a female will come forth very shortly thereafter who will have those ranges with her voice. Each sound that is put forth will be so incredibly beautiful that the ultimate in aesthetics will be achieved, regardless of any particular song. The music will also be very exciting, and the listener will be transported with every sound that is heard. This will also change the consciousness.



6. Are your demo songs on mp3.com and on the Elprehzleinn* website now part of the beginning of the acceleration towards "full grace" that you speak of?
*at the time our website now Elprehzleinn.ca was Elpruhzlein.com


The songs on mp3.com and our own website were recorded in the summer of 1999. They are practically a joke put there to show the enormous difficulty of bringing Amazing Grace through. The voice is there, but the sound is so greatly inflluenced by various interferences that any comparisons between the sounds that are there and the completed sound are practically impossible. We have said that those sounds are about one ten-thousandth (1/10,000) of the completed sound, but it never really could be said. They were just put there to show that something was being done, and that this was a valid idea, and not a figment of someone's imagination. There had to be a form of start in the so-called public, and that was it. The acceleration had to take place from that, and essentially, that is exactly what has happened. The acceleration becomes greater with each passing hour, and should be completed very soon now.



7. Are there any other singers/people out there now that are beginning to hit "levels" of grace?


That is a very interesting question. The answer would be that they are singing with no levels of grace whatsoever. The reason for that is that they are using vocal cords, breath, and create a form of electronic sound through their bodies, which all bodies do. The sound of Amazing Grace, and this is what makes it so hard to bring through, is created by the spiritual being from what you would call, "his or her forever light". The sound is so incredibly superior to the sound that is made by the very best of body voices that there is no form of comparison.


Amazing Grace also comes forward with no form of what is called, "vibration". The sound is so incredibly pure that the listener can literally, totally, and completely, focus on just that sound. The experience of listening is so incredibly pleasurable that the listener literally begins to feel a type of euphoria regarding whatever they are involved with in their life. Problems begin to melt, angers and revenges become unimportant, and the listener is able to feel phenomenal amounts of peace, and in many instances, more happiness then they have ever felt.


No singer in the world with a body voice could ever achieve that. I am just the first of many singers to come who will be putting forth their own Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace is nothing more than a form of code to differentiate one of our singers from the body singers in the world. The real key is to be found in the listening.


This is a divine voice by the standards of the world, and is meant to herald a form of divine intervention by God to stop the third world war from ever happening. It is absolutely vital that people learn to live in peace, and the only way this can be done is by changing the consciousness. The only way the consciousness can be changed is by reaching all of the spiritual beings, and this can only be done using Amazing Grace. It is the only thing that will surmount all of the conflicting belief systems that plague the people of the world. The key is to bring the spiritual beings forward and have them begin to run their respective bodies instead of being run by them. This has been seen as the only way to prevent the third world war from happening.



8. What are you thinking of when you write a song or does it just come naturally?


That is also a very interesting question. As I have said, I am a channel of the All and the All just gives me the whole song practically word for word. Then whatever musician I am working with is instructed by the All through me of the type of music, as well as the chords to play in order to create the melody of whatever song we are creating.


The All can bring through an infinite number of songs, all of which are of an extremely high quality, both lyrically, and melodically. I am a natural musician as a spiritual being, and the quality excites me more than anything I have ever heard during my time in the world. We will be putting forth a prodigious number of songs, which is why we are doing it ourselves, as opposed to using any form of a record company. They would never be willing to release thirty and forth albums from the same singer in the same year, let alone every six months as we are planning. People will be so hungry to hear amazing grace that they will need a wide variety of songs to listen to, for they will not want to listen to anything else. This is another reason for not going through a record company, for they would have to protect their other artists. The main thing to remember about Amazing Grace is that it is the sound and not the song that is the real key.


9. Are there any specific lyrical messages that will accompany this grace or is the general melody more important?


The key once more is the sound of the voice, not the instruments. The general melody will be put forth with such an incredible quality that everyone will feel they have been treated to the most magnificent of experiences just by listening. There are many songs in teh world right now that have wonderful lyrical messages, and many of them are of such a high quality that we really couldn't improve a noticeable amount regarding either the lyrics or the melodies. The voice is the key in the way that both of those will be put forth. There has never been such a talent in the world before. That is how good the spiritual voice truly is. The real deal regarding all of this will be felt by the listener, for it never could really be properly explained.


10. Does the divine grace want humanity to "lift" itself through the music and visual creation?


The answer to that question is that the All wants the world not to be destroyed by the third world war. Humanity will not lift itself, but be replace by the spiritual beings in order to bring about a new form of humanity. They already have the quality within themselves to take care of whatever ails the world. They just need to be taken care of as they come forth. This is what Amazing Grace will do. I would go into this in much more detail, but The All is looking to handle certain things behind the scenes, and will be known before everything goes very much further. The idea is not to put more music in the world, but to put the sound of Amazing Grace in the world, and music is the medium to accomplish that.


11. Will you work with a band and go live on tour, or will you just use the internet and other "channels"?


The answer to that is that when the voice comes through the musicians for the band will magically appear. It will be an acoustic sound of totally pure music, and a minimum amount of synthesizer sounds will be used. The accent will be on the voice and the beauty of the sound of Amazing Grace. The albums will be available trhough our website at Elprehzleinn.ca*. They will also be available in other countries through stores and any ohter established form of distribution. The radio stations will not be able to get along without our songs, and they will call and ask to play them on their respective stations. We tremendously appreciate them, and will approach all of them, but basically Amazing Grace will spread so fast they will be approaching us through our website at Elprehzleinn.ca. We will be doing major concerts in every part of the world, and will bring in a new era of doing concerts through a wide variety of closed circuit communications. It will not be possible to do live concerts in all of the cities where the sound will be demanded. Consequently, we will set up many closed circuit broadcasts that will be put forth at the same time as the in-person concerts. We will also do massive amounts of pay-per view, and any other tyope of medium can be used. Large numbers of CD's will be made available through Elprehzleinn.ca, and other methods of distribution will come from that. There will also be every form of direct download using things like the mp3 format. Many people will discover that their whole lives will by changed just by listening to these concerts, and taking part in them, even if it is just through the recorded means, or closed circuit. The technology of the world had to reach the point where it is now just so that Amazing Grace could even be recorded. Even twenty (20) years ago such a pure sound could never have been recorded. However, with the advent of digital, it actually became possible to record the sound of Amazing Grace.


*in 1999 when this interview was made the website was Elpruhzlein.com. Since then we have updated and our current home site is Elprehzleinn.ca


12. Will all the proceeds from this eventually give way to a higher grace?

That is a very good question. Our interest in this is to free the spiritual beings, regardless of whatever color, nationality, or whatever particular language the body they are attached to professes to have. We know the spiritual beings. They originated in a place outside of the world, and all of them are totally wonderful, regardless of whatever body they may have gotten attached to during their time in the world. The idea of Amazing Grace is to reaquaint all of the spiritual beings with that true origin, and let them realize that the world is not their true home. It is also to let them realize that they would be able to do their own Amazing Grace every bit as good as mine.

The real reason for all of this is to bring all of my forever friends back to where they are originally from. The world will go on doing whatever it does, but the only thing that will truly change it is Amazing Grace. The listeners will become the converted to the ways of peace, the ways of love, and the ways of mutual respect for all races, colors, and whatever other designations that bodies go by. Bodies are basically war-like by their very nature, but no spiritual being ever has been, is now, or ever will be.

It is only a question of time now before I become the first to have my Amazing Grace come through. I have been at this for almost sixteen (16) years now, and I am finally at the end, and even now, I am preparing for my sound to come through. It has taken me a very long time, but there was no other way to do it. The results will be worth everything I have done during my constant communication with the All through all these years. The key once again is not the greatness of my Amazing Grace, but how the sound of my Amazing Grace will remind all other spiritual beings of their own.

Thank-you for this time to explain what is truly going on. I can only say that whoever reads this can either accept it, or not. The proo will be in the sound of my Amazing Grace. It is my responsibility to put that forth so that no form of doubt will ever plague another spiritual being ever again. I love all of my forever friends, and look forward to seeing them in their great glory once again. The third world war will be stopped. For the power of Amazing Grace will surmount all of the bitterness, the greed, the imperfections, and anything else that would precipitate such a war. This is not a form of hope or wish, but just simply the will of God.




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