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The Sword



This is the first time ever that this radio show and this de-program have ever been presented together. Many years ago, in the mid nineteen nineties Voon Muhn Rahn recorded ten radio shows which we distributed at the time to a very small number of people. After that, the radio shows were put on the shelf and never again released or shared with anyone until in Feb. 2008 radio show 10 was released as a supplementary audio file in teleseminar 10 of the 12 part advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z.


One year later, in Feb. 2009 we felt ready at last to release the text version of the Reality of Life De-Program and it seemed perfect to issue this radio show as part of the de-program. It seems as if the de-program text and this radio show were always meant to be presented together. Strangely, it took many more years than anyone ever imagined for that reality to become now. One day we might feel ready to release all 10 radio shows as a package. For now, enjoy the benefits that you can feel by working with this radio show 10 and the written text part of this complete Reality of Life De-Program.

The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Presents:



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radio show ten from about 1992



Note from JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn concerning this radio show and some of the content it contains:


Over the years Voon Muhn “chanelled” the various ideas and the story that he speaks of in this radio show ten and the nine shows that built up to it and privately with me and others in un-recorded sessions and visits.

In this particular audio he speaks of “the civilization he is truly from” and he reads a sort of poem about it that was channeled in. This was approximately in the earlier nineties and he was speaking about in this civilization everything is wonderful partly because all the needs of the beings are being serviced by wonderful computers that do everything for the beings that are there.

As the story evolved years later and he announced that our forever friend from home, according to the story, our forever friend the ALL THAT IS was THE ONE that provides for all our needs at home in a kind of relationship that is very intimate and pure and that the idea of computers was ONLY spoken of to represent them earlier on because, “it wasn’t safe” to speak of the All That Is in the way they related to us at home.

It wasn’t safe because the entire illusion world that we currently inhabit in our bodies in human form was designed by the All That Is to give us an experience as the beings that we truly are of why we would not want to create from our own essence in the civilization that we are truly from.

As the channeling evolved he revealed that we are literally IN the illusion in a particular way that is generated by computers and telling us (and them listening and monitoring all that occurs in the illusion) that there was a home civilization that DID NOT have computers was like announcing to the world that it would end and that all the computers would be terminated eventually by the ALL THAT IS and since we were in the computer world (this illusion) in a manner of speaking for the time being it was told at the time that at home the whole thing was run by computers.

It was told that way in the radio show at that time until it was safe to tell the story in the way it is to this day that home is where there are no computers, where the ALL That IS generates our homes and food and all that we need and we as beings are friends with them and they are NOT a computer.

However the world was started by computers, this world, and computers that the all that is designed for the purpose of this world are running it, though of course the all that is runs them in a manner of speaking so that things eventually turn out exactly as foreseen.

All this is to clarify that when you hear Voon Muhn speak of the civilization that we are truly from is run by computers he totally changed that several years after the radio show was recorded and thus upgraded that story of who we truly are and what is this illusion world and where are we truly from more in alignment with what I have just shared and stuck with the newly aligned channeling until he left his body years later.

He announced the upgrade to the channeled story was possible because it was now safe to know that the ALL That IS was and is now present in the world whereas previously they were said to be “there” where we are truly from while we were said to be, “here” in this illusion world, trapped in a form of experiment that we would be released from.

And here is the link to the tiny animation video that has clips of him live on video, interspered with an animation that we made to help him and us imagine him famous on stage!

The character animation may look awkward and simple by today’s standards but back then in 1996 when we made this ambitious test project it is a miracle that the woman I was married to at the time, who never worked in computer animation before, could follow my guidance and apply her choreography skills to work with me to design this dream vision.

That is actually Voon Muhn Rahn, stage name Robyn Elpruhzlein, doing the singing!

Thank you Robyn for the greatest inspirations, for all the healings, and for your forever love.





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