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The Sword



Over the years as publisher of Life Transformation System A-Z, people have asked me from time to time if there is an advanced course. In 2008, I published an advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z which is a series of 12 audio teleseminars entitled, "Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?"

Since Life Transformation System A-Z is in itself a very advanced program for doing many healthy things with your mind including practicing how to focus and concentrate it and including using thought power to imagine, desire, and expect what you would like to have in your life, and then it inevitably comes true in some form or other in time and space, and since the advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z is, well, the advanced module, it might seem a bit ridiculous for there to be an even more advanced program than all that.


And yet all this time, there has been a story, that amongst all the wonderful materials I have had the privilege and honor and sheer delight to be exposed to there is none other than the one I am about to share with you that has ever provided me with as much love, and pleasure, and deep happiness and freedom as the thoughts and ideas that are contained inside what I now offer to you as the Reality of Life De-Program.

The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Presents:



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In our home, which has been said is not in this illusion world, we are always with the ALL. Lets say that the name of our home is Awndelvesunht, the land of forever, where everything is always perfect. Each forever couple, enjoys a perfect relationship with each other, and the ALL, at all times. This is the true meaning of the Trinity. The ALL has always been, and always will be. At a certain point in our home civilization, there was only the ALL. Then the ALL created the first couple. The first couple, and the ALL, lived in formless state, until the first couple had created several other couples, and then the civilization began to take on form.



The form, of each forever being, and the forms in the civilization, are made up of the ALL. The castles that we live in, at home, are the ALL. The food is the ALL. Everything is the ALL, except for the fully realized divine spiritual beings, who enjoy being with the ALL in the many forms of the ALL at all times.


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The bed that forever lovers make love on, is the ALL. The ALL feels everything that the forever lovers feel, and this is a form of divine union with the ALL that is constantly ongoing. As a forever being walks on the grass, they are walking on the ALL. The ALL is feeling them enjoying the feeling of walking on the ALL in the form of fresh sweet soft grass, and the ALL is enjoying feeling the feelings of the forever beings walking on the grass, feeling the ALL.




If you are hungry, the ALL knows what you would most like to eat, and it appears before you. This is the perfect friendship.




In the illusion world, for most of the illusion world, the ALL remained in our home, and did not appear to be present in the illusion world at ALL. The only way that anyone in the illusion world knew about the ALL, was through a form of symbolism, and misrepresentation. What this means is that the ALL was perceived as God, and before that Goddess, (as if they were or could ever possibly be separate) and the ALL was a concept around which religions were created, and ideas were formed. Since the ALL was not actually in the world, there was no way that the ALL could say anything about this. It simply went along exactly as it was foreseen to go along, until the ALL started to make themselves known personally to certain individuals in the world.


Now, you can communicate with and relate to the ALL, yourself, here in the universe. Your forever friend, is with you here now.



You can call them by any name you want, GODdess, Love Itself, the Divine Being, the important thing is, they know you, and you know them. And that is just the way it is.



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