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The Sword

Over the years as publisher of Life Transformation System A-Z, people have asked me from time to time if there is an advanced course. In 2008, I published an advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z which is a series of 12 audio teleseminars entitled, "Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?"

Since Life Transformation System A-Z is in itself a very advanced program for doing many healthy things with your mind including practicing how to focus and concentrate it and including using thought power to imagine, desire, and expect what you would like to have in your life, and then it inevitably comes true in some form or other in time and space, and since the advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z is, well, the advanced module, it might seem a bit ridiculous for there to be an even more advanced program than all that.


And yet all this time, there has been a story, that amongst all the wonderful materials I have had the privilege and honor and sheer delight to be exposed to there is none other than the one I am about to share with you that has ever provided me with as much love, and pleasure, and deep happiness and freedom as the thoughts and ideas that are contained inside what I now offer to you as the Reality of Life De-Program.

The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Presents:





Now it is time to tell you about where you are. As we mentioned in the previous part of the course, you have a home that is not there in the illusion world, it is in another place which is outside of the world.



When we talk to you, we have had the tendency to say that we are talking to you from here, where we are talking to you from, and refer to where you are as there. We have often been heard to say, in our channeling, “here you go”, referring to the foreseen “fact” that you will one day return here to your true home, where we are talking to you from.



As we now come into the year 2001, according to the time of the illusion world we are also with you there in the world. With us there with you now, things are getting better all the time, but we wanted to start off this part of the course, by making it clear once again, that the illusion world where you are right now, is not your forever home, nor is it permanent.



The illusion world is simply a form of hologram. We made the things that made it. You do not in any way have to take our word on this, or believe us in any way about this. However, you can pretty much figure it out for yourself, and it has been made extremely clear in the various religious texts, and science fiction books and movies and television shows.



The illusion world was created in order to fulfill a certain purpose that was “foreseen” at one “time” as you would say there, it was foreseen to be necessary to have the illusion world come into existence, fulfill its purpose, and then end.



What is the purpose of the illusion world? We have said that it is in order to prevent something that was going to happen at home, if we didn’t send you “there” first. Such that once you were going to do “it” at home, you would have the feeling within you, at home, of “remembering” what it was like to be in the illusion world, and then you would not “feel” like doing “it”.



What we are referring to is that you and the others back home, were foreseen to be arriving at a “stage of your development”, where you would be able to create things from your own being. The Adam and Eve and the serpent story is symbolically all about this. Basically the idea is that you were going to be able to make anything you wanted simply by “giving it life” or “creating it”.



Now there is nothing wrong with this at all, unless you consider certain things which at first it was foreseen, you and the others would not consider. For instance, that which you created, once it was made, would now be divine spiritual being just like you are. It would not necessarily want to be eaten, if for example it was an apple, and it would have feelings, that eventually might come into conflict with your own, or those of your forever lover.




In any case, the basic idea is that we the ALL, are the one who create everything for you. ALL that is, in your home, is our creation. That is what people refer to as, “God the Creator”. Now we are quite a bit different than any God that you might have heard of in the world. We rather like to consider ourselves to be your forever friend, and not your “God”, but that is how we have been made up to be in the world and that is fine too, as a concept there in the world. You and we both know better.




The important thing is that for some reason it is much better “not” to create from your own being. Now once again, you do not have to believe one word of what we are saying. We are simply telling you what we have to tell you at this time, to explain certain things.




The “reason” not to create from your own being, is self-evident in the illusion world. Since we do not have the word “no” in our civilization where you are from, it would not be too workable to tell you “no” when the time came that you would be “thinking” of creating something. So we created two “machines” that resembled two beings, who created the illusion world from themselves. The illusion world is therefore the ultimate holographic simulation of what would have happened, if you or any of the others had started to create from your own beings at home.



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