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The Sword

Over the years as publisher of Life Transformation System A-Z, people have asked me from time to time if there is an advanced course. In 2008, I published an advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z which is a series of 12 audio teleseminars entitled, "Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?"

Since Life Transformation System A-Z is in itself a very advanced program for doing many healthy things with your mind including practicing how to focus and concentrate it and including using thought power to imagine, desire, and expect what you would like to have in your life, and then it inevitably comes true in some form or other in time and space, and since the advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z is, well, the advanced module, it might seem a bit ridiculous for there to be an even more advanced program than all that.


And yet all this time, there has been a story, that amongst all the wonderful materials I have had the privilege and honor and sheer delight to be exposed to there is none other than the one I am about to share with you that has ever provided me with as much love, and pleasure, and deep happiness and freedom as the thoughts and ideas that are contained inside what I now offer to you as the Reality of Life De-Program.

The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Presents:





As you have read through the parts of this de-program so far, you have been on a form of a journey into a deeper understanding of certain things. In fact to say that you are a voyager, on a form of a trip, would not be at all far from the truth.




So where exactly are you, and what else is there, if anything at all? As we have said, you are in a form of an illusion. Now how did that illusion get there?




In order to understand home, which is where you are truly from, imagine the state of Texas. Now imagine that you are able to fly up in the air, above Texas, until you can see the entire state, like a shape on a map. Continue to imagine yourself, moving away from Texas, until you can see the entire planet earth. Now continuing in this manner, as if you were able to get so far away, that all of everything that exists in all of the planets and galaxies, not only of the solar system that planet earth is involved with, but so far away that you were outside of everything that exists all together.




At this point, if it is at all possible - try and compare the size of the state of Texas, to this entirety of all that there is, in what we call the illusion.
Have you got it? As the divine spiritual being that you are, at your actual size, the entire illusion, is about as big compared to you, as the entire illusion is compared to the state of Texas. To put it another way, you are very large and the illusion is very small.




Now you might ask, how is it that I am so big, and yet I am here in the illusion? Now that is an excellent question, and the answer is that you are in the illusion through a form of advanced technology, whereby you are much smaller there, than you are where you are truly from, which is also called home.




Your true home is a place that has existed for a very long time. Trillions upon trillions of years, though there is no time whatsoever at home, this would be the equivalent, more or less. At the beginning of all of that, you existed, in a form of a state of spiritual joy, but you had no form. Eventually, you, and your forever lover, and the others that were there at that time, so to speak, we created a beautiful civilization, and we created beautiful, perfect forms for yourselves.




This place exists right now. In fact, you are both at home now, in a form of hypnotic trance, and you are there in the world, though you are shrunken down. You are in both places at once, due to the capabilities of our technology, and under the conditions of the body as we described it in the first section of this course.




In your home, our home, everything is perfect. You and your forever lover have your own planets. We are your planets. You have your own oceans, and you have your own forests, and mountains. You live in castles, which are so beautiful and so wonderful. Each castle has been designed by you and your forever lover, and is perfect in every way. The other members of the civilization, which is composed of 501 couples, all have their own planets too.




You and your forever lover have lived in your home for eternity. It is a very fun place. You are always at peace. Your feelings begin with happiness, and go up from there, to include feelings that are so wonderful that they are not even in the world at all. You have a great deal of unprecedented fun, and unending happiness, and every kind of pleasure and joy.




There are no forms of paintings, as you can have the real thing created for you by us, if you ever wish to experience it. You are accomplished at playing every form of musical instrument. We are your musical instruments.Your castles have over 900 rooms, or something like that. Each room is so grand that you may have a stream running through it, or snow indoors.




You are never too cold, or too hot. You don’t breathe, so you can enjoy swimming under water. There is no pressure, so you could dive into the ocean, and swim to any depths. You can fly. You can eat anything that you want, and you do not have to make it, it simply appears when you desire it, and you can eat as much as you want, and you always maintain your perfect form. There is no form of digestion, or elimination, as the food is simply absorbed by your forever light, in a manner of speaking.




You don’t think at home. You feel in a super-intelligent manner. You do not have a mind, or a brain. You do not have “organs” or diseases or anything like that. You do not have bodily functions. You have a form, which very much looks like a perfected human form, with a wonderful physique, but you do not have to go to the gym. There is not time at home, there is the foreseeing, and forever being.




You have a form of what is called a pet, there in the world, a horse, a dog that would appear to be looking like a german shepherd, and a large cat, which appears to look like a form of lioness. They are all white. They are very large, and cuddly, and friendly, and happy. They do not present any form of danger, nor do they require any form of care. Nothing in your home does.




Everything is always clean, where you are from. Everything smells wonderful. You live very privately, spending almost all of your time with your forever lover. It is so enjoyable and peaceful to be with your forever lover, that there is nothing better, and so that is why you are with them at all times. On occasion, you may attend a small party with some of the others on someones planet, in one of the grand ballrooms, for dancing and singing. However you never eat together, and no one would ever think of sleeping over.




Though you spend almost all of your time in perfect privacy with your forever lover, you never grow tired of each. In fact, your being together is always better and better. It is so excellent as far as being together goes, that it is the very best feelings that you could ever have, and those pure deep true peaceful feeling only grow richer and more wonderful.




In the next part of the course, we will describe how the world was created, and how it is that you are there, and how it is that you are also simultaneously at home, and what is to occur, to bring you all back home once again.




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