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The Sword

Over the years as publisher of Life Transformation System A-Z, people have asked me from time to time if there is an advanced course. In 2008, I published an advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z which is a series of 12 audio teleseminars entitled, "Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?"

Since Life Transformation System A-Z is in itself a very advanced program for doing many healthy things with your mind including practicing how to focus and concentrate it and including using thought power to imagine, desire, and expect what you would like to have in your life, and then it inevitably comes true in some form or other in time and space, and since the advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z is, well, the advanced module, it might seem a bit ridiculous for there to be an even more advanced program than all that.


And yet all this time, there has been a story, that amongst all the wonderful materials I have had the privilege and honor and sheer delight to be exposed to there is none other than the one I am about to share with you that has ever provided me with as much love, and pleasure, and deep happiness and freedom as the thoughts and ideas that are contained inside what I now offer to you as the Reality of Life De-Program.

The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Presents:





The Spiritual Couple referred to in Part One “What is the body” is where we now begin in Part Two: What is a Forever Lover?



Let us begin.



The following presentation is about exploring the reality and ending the fantasy of forever lovers, in the interest of bringing the experience of forever love more and more to each person who wants it.




Of all the 12 areas of life*: "Sex, Romance Wife, Husband, Children a Family," is the closest one that deals with this area of forever lovers.




In my personal experience of helping people who want to have forever lover relationships The ClearTalk™ program is the technology of the greatest help that I know of in getting that going and handling all the issues that arise.




For lovers who are already together, again I recommend that to experience forever lovers, learn and do the The ClearTalk manifesting method together as lovers.



In my life coaching and consulting Life Transformation System A-Z sessions with both lovers and individuals they have told me that doing the session immediately re-focuses and helps them clear the way to improvements in the relationship they are having or the one they are wanting to get.




So The ClearTalk is best, ClearTalk is excellent for lovers.


There is also our Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic program, also very excellent for lovers who really want to experience the full potential of what lovers are capable of together. Beautifully so.



Forever love is very important to me. I spend a lot of time thinking and being with this. It is my life purpose, to be and share about this particular "energy". I have included here below something that I wrote that shares some of my thoughts and feelings about FOREVER LOVE.






Furthermore, joining the Life Transformation System A-Z program has shown good results for people who want to be with their forever lover.




What is a Forever Lover?…Let us begin.



You are a FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING and for this reason many feelings and ideas may arise to disqualify, dismiss and attempt to reinterpret what I am about to give you.


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Your body is first and foremost a kind of organic computer machine, it is fully involved in a drama of its own and anything in regard to forever lovers it will attempt to restate in a form of logic or reason and will attempt to delude what may be the actual truth about lovers. You might be reading this here now for a profound feeling of knowingness that is present within you as a FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING and that idea that somehow somewhere there is ONE SPIRITUAL BEING for you. Not necessarily one person, ONE BEING.




I call this SPIRITUAL BEING your Forever Lover, and you are the Forever Lover to this SPIRITUAL BEING. As you read this, your body might immediately tell you it knows what I am talking about. It might be sure it knows the truth about lovers, soul mates and partners of all variations and that there is a huge library of information it is ready to give you in lengthy detail and to disregard and mistrust any new information or points of view.




Your body and its' elaborate program system might even deny the existence of such a thing and attempt to convince you that reading this is wrong and what is being written here is impossible and mostly it will not accept the truth under any circumstances.




All I am saying is be wary of your BELIEF SYSTEMS about forever lovers and where do those beliefs come from?




Please keep in mind, that in no way, do I require you to believe anything, what you are about to read. This is for the purpose of your most intimate spiritual entertainment.




I do sincerely wish to meet people who are open to the idea of forever lovers, and willing to live life in such a way to experience this great thing more and more.




All forever lovers feel each other in profound knowingness and recognition of each other individually as FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEINGS.




This is a feeling of connection and feeling and experiencing what you want to feel. Your body at this time will tell you that you are a fool for even considering what you are reading is true or real. It will tell you that this is boring and self indulging, delirious thinking and more than anything else it will tell you it is a fantasy. As you read this for the first time you will also feel for the first time a powerful confirmation of a precious and secret feeling you have kept in side your heart that what I am telling you is true.




Forever Love is real. Yet the world is full of programs and ideas that attempt to shut it down at all costs.




In reality, what usually happens is that to keep the ecstatic feelings and experiences that are constant for forever lovers, flowing between you and another body, there are challenges which arise that are usually just about everything and anything.




What if your bodys' life has been living a drama to cover over, block, and keep you dazed, asleep, unconscious and tricked to not allow your being to feel that you have a Forever Lover?




What if you were awakened for a few moments at various times in your life to feel this truth? Then perhaps you were put, or put yourself, back to "sleep" for your safety or practical survival regarding any memories or longing or knowing or divine spiritual feeling to know respect care have the courage, humility, and take the responsibility to remember that you have a Forever Lover and act accordingly?




Your Forever Lover is a real spiritual being as you are and here in the world remembering the same feelings of who you truly are that you are feeling. This will come to you in a calm and comforting manner and you will simply know. However they are not necessarily one person, or even in one body only, but rather one spiritual being.




This being said is perhaps the most important and valuable piece of information you can get from this entire advanced program. For truly the only thing that is of real value and importance to the SPIRITUAL BEING that you truly are, and that your spiritual being LOVER truly is, that which is of the greatest value is to be together with each other.




And that is what this is all about. Making that happen in whatever ways it truly can.




YOU HAVE ONLY ONE FOREVER LOVER in the illusion world. This lover however may be split up among many bodies. There are fragments of ideas that are in the world that you might have heard about, like the idea of being split apart from your lover.




In fact, your lover is quite present all around you in many of the people that you know, which is very confusing when compared to the rules of dating and marriage and proper conduct, so to speak.




It is not so much, I think, that you are split apart from your forever lover, but that you and each being is split apart into many holographic pieces. You can actually test this theory as I have, and what you might find is amazing. For each one should know about the other in some way, and you can actually test this.




The FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING that you are in the body you have and your Forever Lover who is also in a body is also a FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING.




All the bodies in the world are connected by Karma, the multitude of relationships and the many variations of these relationships come together because of this Karma.




This karma is designed to make you feel bad about feeling good, and of course it is more complicated if YOU are considered to be a being that is holographically split into perhaps millions of bodies and each one of them supposedly has their own karma. Did you ever wonder why so many people say they were Cleopatra in a past life? That question is an example of testing.




There are also karmic feelings of complete and total rejection of any physical partner in any relationship or variation of. These karmic feelings are all from the body and set programs to run in all bodies. How did it get to be this way? Does it matter? Sure, it is good to know, but since we are in this situation, it seems the most important thing to focus on is how to get to feel and experience more of what we want to feel, and that in this case is forever lovers.




Life Transformation System A-Z is available as an enormous help in bringing about much more feeling of forever lovers.




As you focus on what you can experience and have experienced in your love regarding forever lovers, you begin to feel the difference of false karmic and genetic and social program feelings of the body and your true FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING feelings in the body. All of this is very complicated and your body or other people might tell you this is not part of its belief system and will feel threatened and even angry.




Sometimes this anger arises because there is a third party involved regarding forever lovers, whom some call the ALL that IS. This third party is a friend of forever lovers but due to the bad things that happen to lovers, mixed in with the good things, there can also be mixed feelings about the ALL that IS.




YOUR SEARCH FOR THE ONE (The Divine Being known as Love Itself) IS THE SAME AS YOUR SEARCH FOR YOUR FOREVER LOVER. However your true spiritual lover and the divine being are each unto themselves and yet always present with each other.


The One, meaning the ALL that Is by any name they are called is always present when true lovers are together. In fact they are always present no matter what since they are omni-present, the point is that lovers open up to THE ONE more easily when they are together because that is the way it is with true sacred spiritual sex.




Being with your Forever Lover also seems to coincide with being with the ALL that IS. Ever wonder why the whole world seems to light up when you are in love with the person you want to be in love with, and they are in love with you? There is a harmony that happens that makes perceiving and being with the ALL that IS more easy.




All forever lovers truly have an additional "partner" when it comes to sex because the All That Is is with the lovers all the time.




The ALL in many ways is what makes forever lovers such a great thing, because it wouldn't be much fun to just be in love without being able to share it, or to have a life to live it all in.




We have an affirmation called the Invocative Affirmation Version II which can actually make this all more real for you simply by memorizing the affirmation.




As you read this you may already be married to a body that is connected to your Forever Lover, or you may be dating each other, or you may be close friends, or be on the other side of the world from each other, or have or know or have been with many or several bodies that are connected to your forever lover.




Whatever it is for you, you can be assured that to free the FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING to be together as lovers more and better here in the illusion world is what I am interested in helping you to enjoy.




How will you know your Forever Lover ?








To feel this remember all the experiences that you have actually had of being in love, and add those to the ones you feel each day. Get the Love Story Magic audio program at our sites, listen to it, let it's magic work for you to re-program your subconscious mind.





Experience for yourself how and if the feelings of love that you already experience match up at all to the true and deep feelings that you remember.




You are already together now in some way on some levels as your being only knows and only is together with your true love. And in everyday life, in the foreseen times, circumstances and situations. It is just a matter of making the everyday life match up with the fullness of what you feel inside, and clearing away ideas and feelings that do not go along with what you want.




This is what it truly means, essentially, to bring HEAVEN to EARTH. To ground forever lovers in this world, in YOUR LIFE and in this lifetime now. For the most benevolent outcomes indeed for all involved.




It is complex and it occurs at the precise timing for the best and fullest experience for you as a FULLY REALIZED SPIRITUAL BEING considering all the things in the universe.




You and your Forever Lover may be somewhat blocked by your bodies rules and the bodies of people you know and social barriers, karmic relationships and karmic programs that are going on in the universe.




It is important to note that you as a FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING are being told by your body and it will tell you as you read this and after you put this down, that all behavior on the part of your SPIRITUAL BEING is fully responsible for everything the body does and everything is your fault. Your body will tell you as FULLY REALIZED DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING that you are responsible for all of your Karma and that you will never be worthy to be with your Forever Lover.




As you awaken and feel your true feelings cherish them, expand your feelings in the calm and loving remembrance of who you are and feel what you are able to feel. Be patient, and continue to feel who you are, your forever light will join with your Forever Lover's light because YOU ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER.




You can open up to feel more and more of what you already feel and you will meet your Forever Lover in whatever body or bodies it can be, or if you are already with your Forever Lover you will then recognize each other as in such a way that you can have those feelings of being together more and more. Your lives can change for the better and you can be more happy and prosperous together.




You can live more and more attuned to the forever light, to the reality of the light you make and are as a FOREVER BEING which means as FOREVER LOVERS.



You are never alone.




Forever Lovers are together all over the world through the contacts they make, in the ways and times and places they can align in the bodies. Do what you can to expand and explore with your forever lover, with whomever you can find those special feelings.




You can distinguish through feelings of joy and pleasure and fun and success and happiness and love and peace and all manner of the finest quality including ecstatic feelings that go way beyond happiness with whomever and when and how to be together with your FOREVER LOVER in whatever body or bodies she or he is able to come through at the time.




If you would like to talk to us about your forever lover, to find them, to know if the one you are with is the one, or to discuss any of this, then please visit our sites and explore the possibilities of how we can help you further to be with your FOREVER LOVER, more often, and more beautifully.









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