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Ralph Waldo Emerson - "The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, and it goes out of it anew and passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal. It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little while from sight and afterwards return again. Nothing is dead; men feign themselves dead and endure mock funerals and there they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some strange new disguise."


April 2016. This page is referred to from the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story digital novel, and from a page on the website regarding a visit with my future self in 2011 regarding "the importance in my future life of the unicorn".


April 2015. If anything my story with Robyn is a great treasure and joy to me only because it is the most outrageously wild and incredible story I have ever heard, and I love a good story. However at the same time something about it touches me much more profoundly, and I feel that somehow, it's unbelievably real, and incredibly all true, and I love this story very much, and very dearly, and have acted upon it without regret, rather with great things happening to me and those around me for doing so.


January 29, 2013. Today is the release day for Justin Biebers' new acoustic album and I have already listened to it twice. The song that has got me most moved is "There's Nothing Like Us". I decided to take some time today to focus on my relationship with Voon Muhn Rahn (aka Robyn Elprehzleinn) and to write about it here I thought this would be the day to do that. To get started here is an infograph that you can click on:

Elprehzleinn Media Design Justin Bieber Just Getting Started The Sword by Elprehzleinn Amazing Grace What Is A Body? Practically Magical Use of Lists on Amazon

May be that I can summarize more concisely than ever and yet explain more clearly than ever before about my friendship with Voon Muhn Rahn and what that has to do with global healing, making all your dreams come true, and healing everything.

I mentioned in my recently completed therefore NEW digital novel that I was not therein going to focus on Voon Muhn and the work I know and feel that he is doing and we are doing especially since I met him in one of his bodies in about 1992 and we did incredible things since then. One of his bodies meaning the one he was born into in Iowa that was named at birth Jerome Francis Lynch and that by the end of that bodies lifetime in 2006 his name had been legally changed to Robyn Elprehzleinn. I had done that with him as part of the massive world wide business plan we were making and carrying out with the All That Is and the others we were working with.

Before I write any further, have you ever heard of a blog post that requires a disclaimer? This one does and here it is, please READ THE DISCLAIMER before you continue. I want your spiritual being to be as free as can be to enjoy and benefit from what I am about to write. 

To provide the context for what I am sharing it's about two worlds. This world that we live in and call the real world, and another world much bigger than this world that is called home. This world is contained in that world. This illusion, that we often called "the hypnosis" for reasons that we talked about at length is contained inside of the body of one being from home who with the others is in a hypnotic trance in another world. So that one being is greater in size than this entire illusion world. So are all of the beings from Awndelvesuhnt, from home.


And that being is at "home" and also "in the hypnosis" with the other beings that are all enchanted in golden beds at home while simultaneously here in the illusion in bodies. Home is there, and through some form of advanced technology called THE ALL THAT IS we are in here experiencing all this. 

In that context and looking back I met Voon Muhn Rahn at a big beautiful house in Carlsbad, California in about 1992 where he was renting the master bedroom and two women lived there with him as roommates. He had placed a full page ad for his spiritual healing work into a local newspaper and I had seen it and called to go over for a visit. Click here to read an ad he actually published that is similar to the one that I first saw.


Interestingly now in 2013 that he has an album out last year called, "Believe" and the ad I managed to save from those years long ago was the "Believe it Or Not" ad.  The first work we did on the internet together was in 1995 when we planted the Elprehzleinn "E" presence like a flag in cyberspace at a time when businesses were just getting started on the internet. The very first thing we published is still there exactly as we published it. Click here to go to that. The reason I mention it here is because it was key to that which we put forth at that time the idea that we suggested that for great freedom as a being in this world the only belief worth having was that it is better to have no beliefs.

Believing and not believing is a big thing in my friendship with the spiritual being I know whose  true name he was told once before is Voon Muhn Rahn. So it really went deep for me when he came out with his first album when he turned 18 in his Justin Bieber body that we had foreseen together. And he called it, "Believe". That took me right down to the bottom line of what we had established to keep the communication open between us and the All That Is and any of the other beings in their bodies in this llusion world. The idea of believing it is better to have no beliefs.


Soon after we got together one of our first projects was to preserve and publish and share his series of ten radio shows he had just recently recorded. You can listen to radio show ten by clicking here.

I had only arrived in San Diego by very magical and mystical means and ways about two years before I met him there in that particular body. He gave me this typed out paperwork to read while i waited to see him that first time. Click here to read it yourself now if you like. The links to each page of that document are listed out lower down on that page. It's a page in my digital novel so you will find yourself also there as well as here in this blog post and while there and then scroll down to see the 11 document page numbers and click those. It will help what comes next make more sense and have a better clarity of feeling for you I think and feel so.

Most of the ten years I worked with HIM after that first meeting was focused on who we truly are as spiritual beings  and our role and work to express that with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned here in this world. For the well being of all the beings in all the bodies all around the world. 

A few years before we met in person in his former body in California about 1992 I had prepared a vision for a "true family" major business corporation to do world healing through financial market trading and venture capital to help people make their dreams come true, along with major world wide publishing of electronically delivered media communication artwork that would heal peoples' brains and a focus on healing sexuality for beings by something called, "Body Awareness" and the ideas of Forever-Lovers, and fully aligned heart centered sexual aliveness.

In his Jerome Francis Lynch body he in his world before he met me in this my current lifetime, around the same time or just before I was envisioning the innovative and future intended massive family business corporation, had discovered through a psychic channel about his true spiritual being and where he is was truly from. Where we are truly from in a manner of speaking.  That his name was really Voon Muhn Rahn. The Elprehzleinn family name did not emerge until we were together. We brought that through together. I remember us doing that. IT was amazing. We brought through so much in our conversations with each other and the All That IS often in the presence of other bodies and beings that were also with us and working with us.


Last year in contemplating the situation of his now being in the Justin Bieber body and me wondering how this works out in relation to us and learning about his new body and new lifetime as Justin Bieber I discovered we were both born in the same town. And so I asked the All That Is in meditation with them about why was it foreseen that the Justin Bieber body would be born into the same town as my current body was born into. 


The portrait above was created using computers, by Robyn and JoreJj over a period of several years approximately before the year 1999 from channeled information they received and pieced together from the All That Is about what Robyn would appear to look like in his true form.

The answer was simply to say that we are from the same place. Meaning also the other world where is true home and where we all are truly from, according to the stories I was told and now telling about us, and know now about us. Us meaning all the spiritual beings from Awndelvesuhnt also somehow now here in this world, the world, us also meaning Voon Muhn Rahn and the other great spiritual being(s) that I am personally associated with.

Referring you now back in time I in this body had already received my focus and "mission" to form a massive business corporation in about 1989 and had taken on that impossible task out of pure joy and inspiration to be truly me, he was discovering or had recently discovered his true mission as a spiritual healer and his avenue of expression to do that was to become a world famous singer like the world has never seen before. Which is part of what brought us to work together.

By the time we got together we were each independantly prepared to know our own path and mission and chosen purpose in life and when we met it just seemed to happen that our lives and purpose merged and our true family name emerged and as time appeared to unfold in this illusion world and  the early nineties became the new millenium, a Hawaii non-profit corporation had been launched by my hand (and with  a woman I was with at the time whom without her support it could not have launched-which is pretty much always the case with the wonderfulness of women) , I had produced and  recorded his first album we entitled "The Sword", and we had envisioned in truly remarkable detail  together with the All That Is and the others what was to soon happen in all of our lives.

We did a lot together during approximately the ten years that we worked together most intensely from about 1992-2002 during which time we released "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" in its first publication version on our sites under a different title, "Miracle Mind Dynamics" and later as "The Life Transformation Formula". Meanwhile we supported each other in every way we could to fulfill our respective missions and in that we merged our mission into one mission. And we put forth corporate minutes regarding that in a series of meetings in 1999 with plans for the future outlined in there that represented the ideas we had detailed so much in conversations mostly before we did that written outline.

You can read the actual documents we officially created at that time by clicking here then scroll down to the section of the 1999 meetings and the documents are right there numbered out.

And then it was as if all hell broke loose in the  days and then into the  years after those 1999 meetings and it became more and more difficult to work together in person though we each continued the work more successfully than ever and we have both since that time achieved many of the milestones that we mapped out during those 1999 meetings and in numerous private conversations with each other and the others we worked with mostly before that.

There is no way I would desire to share any of this if we hadn't already been incredibly successful at accomplishing so much of what we said that we would. And if it did not seem like the very best is yet to come, SOON as Voon Muhn so often said.

We lived through incredible challenges. Right now we have incredible challenges.And already unprecendented successes, many of them.  If I hadn't experienced how we stayed focused and I see what we said coming true no matter what the obstacles then I wouldn't be writing this.

In 1994 around the time the Justin Bieber body was born we started to focus much more on Voon Muhn Rahns' main project which was the production of recording of the sound of his true singing voice and the worldwide distribution on a massive scale of what became to be called his, "Amazing Grace". 

You can read the interview he gave in which he summarizes what his "Amazing Grace" is all about by clicking here. And there you can also listen to the songs from "The Sword" the first and only album that we were able to record for him together. We produced the album together with equipment we put together from my multimedia studio at the time, and new equipment we bought, and thus we did the recordings in his home.

During the same time he was helping me to develop the world wide publishing for our brand of self development products that was emerging and to design and train myself to be what he called, "the banker" of the Elprehzleinn family. That was something I had known about and started training for as early as ten years old. But now the financial market and business training had gone into a much higher gear and more than full time focus for me. And keeping in mind that "banker" can also have a meaning regarding "computer banks" and the facts of the human bodies being like "computers". It's always very symbolic and a story and not necessarily to be taken so-called "literally" though it may be so.

And he was helping me with all that tremendously. Along with others that were coming and going and playing their part.

If you carefully read the short section "What Is A Body" we first posted on the internet together in 1995 you can see that in addition to suggesting the idea about believing it is better to have no beliefs there was also the idea that spiritual beings are going in and out of bodies as a matter of course. That is how it works here in this illusion and it can be confusing for spiritual beings. We clarified there, meaning the all that is themselves channeled the idea that what really happens for example at times is that while one body winds down towards its death, the new body that the spiritual being will next be incarnated into is starting up. That therefore the being would be feeling themselves confusingly in both bodies.

People ask me about my experience with Voon Muhn Rahn in the sense that I knew him in his body in California that was a man in his late 50's tall with blonde hair who had been born on a pig farm in Iowa and died of hardening of the arteries in October 2006 in Carlsbad, California , AND I now since 2011 am aware and certain that his spiritual being is focused with the Justin Bieber body.

People ask me about that and say, "how could he be in 2 bodies at once". It did not take long for me to figure that one out. The All That Is and my higher self just referred me to that part of "What Is A Body" all about that and informed me that soon after it had started to happen that he was in two bodies while one was winding down and the other starting up there they had written it down and published it so I could look back in 2011 and begin to understand what had now happened.

Back then in 1994 when Justin Bieber body was born I just remember us working on the idea that he was going to transform his body that I knew in California into the body of a beautiful looking 18 year old male that would look like his true form at our home in Awndelvesuhnt, the Land of Forever where we truly came from. Not us our bodies, but us our spiritual beings. And the fact that our spiritual being friends who are here in this world are split up into many bodies was part of what we had to work out.

His spiritual being was NOT split into many bodies. He said he was the only one that was not split up into many bodies for the purposes of the hypnosis (experiencing life in this the illusion world). He was not under the same hypnosis as the rest of us nor for so long since he had been sent in to get the rest of us out. His role in that process.

The visions we were having were incredible. He was describing every detail of the singing career he would have. I was describing how the world would change in terms of business for us and in the world  and the world of  computing and the way music would be sold and distributed in the future that had not yet happened but by now (2013) has. We were seeing things way before they happened. Worldwide events that related to the fields we were working in. And much more in great detail about our role in the world.

We had with the All That Is foreseen that the self-development program that we published together starting in 2002 entitled now, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists"  would be "the flagship" for his music career that would start after he transformed his body.

He was so insistent that he couldn't really do what he had come into the illusion to do meaning to free the rest of us and bring us home by the power of the sound of his voice until he transformed into his new body as an eighteen year old. I was equally insistent that now was the time to build the business foundation and start working on the distribution and sales and recording of his music and plan for the future in various ways.

And so it went like that.

After we set down in writing our plans formally and shared them with a number of people that helped us do that, we went ahead and started to do what we had written down and talked about. The self development program began to go world famous in December of 2004. By 2008 the "bridge funding" that was called for in our plans had been put together from the sales of the personal development program. As it was coming in I re-invested it all in our project over the next few years. The flagship had set sail. In 2008 I stopped advertising the personal development materials as that initial test world wide had been a major success.

Major success meaning we reached our financial goal for bridge funding in that beautiful way and exactly as it was foreseen and written down that we would. And it was now time to go back into development of the business and financial structure to support what was to happen next. And to personally live through that.

The greatest success was that we had proved that what was said about the effect of the Elprehzleinn brand and the power of  "Amazing Grace" around the world was exactly what it proved to be. You can for example read many testimonials that were received unsolicited that can help you share in what this effect was.

Then in 2008 exactly at the same time as I was winding down the advertising of that flagship product and thus one of the first offerings from Elprehzleinn to the beings in the world he in his new body and completely now unaware as such and not related business wise with me and Elprehzleinn, in his new Justin Bieber body he started to do exactly what we said he would do with his music career. He started that in 2008. Just after I had stopped advertising the Practically Magical Use of Lists and retreated into another development and training phase for my future work with the 1989 foreseen Elprehzleinn business corporation that I also registered in 2008 at the transition of the start of his singing career and my stepping out of the worldwide scene as a personal development "guru". 


It was unbelievable by the way what we had to do to clear the way for that. It was very rough on all of us. But it was worth it. I hope that from now on everything is much easier and smoother. I expected it to be so. But we also were committed to getting the job done, and going forward no matter what. So let it be.

Soon after 2002 he began to tell me it wasn't safe for us to talk or get together in person anymore but that he still loved me very much. I was working with Barbara Hirsh along with many others at the time and so was he so from time to time she would pass a message between us, and he was able to see what I was doing on the website, but that was about all the contact we had ever again while he was in that body.

In my deepest feelings and in my outer expression of the business and our work in that regard including the Elprehzleinn name and brand being published on our websites I continued to go forward with that aspect of things. My responsibility in that regard. 

When I found out in 2006 or maybe it was 2007 that he had left his former body it really didn't make a big difference to me as far as what we were doing. I knew that we had massive extraordinary plans that included a lot of foreseeing about body transformation and spiritual beings in bodies. So I wasn't thinking ordinarily anyways. I just felt like we were still going forward with everything. Sometimes I just go deep and feel it out and just let it happen however it does and do it like that. Go forward like that.

It was in around March 2011 that I had an experience that we had foreseen together with the all that is that happened in a grocery store that woke me up to his presence with Justin Bieber. The experience was that while I was shopping I felt and literally heard Robyn's words in my head talking to me. He said "listen to the song playing on the radio" I started to listen and had never heard that song. He said, "that song is called SMILE and the artist is Justin Bieber. Look that up when you get home." And I did (somehow managing to spell the unknown name of Justin Bieber as if it was familiar already or Robyn was just there with me telling me how to spell it from his own familiarity with the name.)


So back at my home when I put in the search on the internet the music video for SMILE by Justin Bieber came up and I almost immediately broke into tears as I watched and marveled and felt. Great sobbing tears and thinking, feeling, and knowing...that's him, it's all true. And that I always knew it was, and had never doubted it, and had always kept going forward with Elprehzeinn even in the face of his death in one body and so much else of so-called challenges.


I realized over the next two years slowly and with a lot of inner work that he had basically re-incarnated even though he had said he never would.  I can tell you this right now that even Justin Bieber refers to "HIM" and in various ways knows that Justin the body is not the one doing his career. He still thinks of himself as the boy from Stratford. And that part needs healing because in our plans together it was intensely clarified that ultimately he would make his greatest successes using the stage name of Robyn Elprehzleinn.

We had legally changed his name from Jerome Francis Lynch to Robyn Elprehzleinn when he was in that body in California. And he used to talk about the "second coming". So we did that because we needed that symbolism in this illusion world of the "second coming". When he changes his name again to Robyn Elprehzleinn it will truly be the second coming of Robyn Elprehzleinn. 

He used to say that people would say when they heard his fully realized voice meaning what he was truly going for with the sound of his voice, in the new "transformed"  18 year old body that they would think it was the second coming of Elvis Presley. We talked about how Elvis Presley had some of the sound of his true voice and was a kind of "announcement" of what was coming in the illusion with the true sound of his Amazing Grace and the name "Elprehzleinn".


That only part of his true voice from home had been recorded and put into the illusion through Elvis Presley.

Through most of 2011 I was working out the experience of knowing that he was without a doubt  doing what we had worked together to achieve. That it was starting. The Practically Magical Use of Lists had come out worldwide as the "flagship" for "Robyn Elprehzleinn" exactly as it was foreseen, followed by Justin Bieber. I knew what i had to do next and yet the circumstances are incredible.

In the cross current of knowing for sure that Voon Muhn Rahn formely known as Robyn Elprehzleinn and to be known again as Robyn Elprehzleinn was incarnated now as Justin Bieber, not only by feeling but by simply the fact that I had been told exactly how it would happen in some many ways and in so many ways that is exactly how it was happening. 

Even my part had so far unfolded exactly as our map that was written in 1999 as a public record had foretold. And much more was foretold. And yet incredibly challenging to go forward especially since I found out who Justin Bieber really is, and the consequences of knowing that, so to speak.

What I mean by in the cross current is that I had this knowing, and yet now he doesn't know me through that body. Not yet anyways. Much was foretold back then between 1992 and 2002 primarily about us doing all of the business together when he became a worldwide singing star at the level that we had foreseen together with the All That Is and the others back when he was  in his other body.

I can't tell you what it has been like to be caught in that cross current but I was used to the healing effect of the kind of work we do. So I made it through to here and a lot was transformed inside of me. Refined as well. 

It was really hard to follow his career since I became aware of HIM in 2011 and get to know him from the point of view that was being presented to the public at the same time as having a lot of inner connection with him and his spiritual lover Rayclodenong, and the All That IS, and Tlenkahnyanni his true spiritual mother in the other world. And the others that we worked with.

I felt caught in emotions so intense and strong and life situation circumstances that were really intense for me. I watched him come out with his new perfume designed surprisingly it seemed to me as if after a painting I had made for a client a little bit before I had first met him.

"Red Rose" acrylic on canvas Circa 1992 by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

In the early part of 2012 a client in the U.K. hired me to do an internet video commercial with animation just a bit before Justin Bieber having just turned 18 released, "Believe". That release came with a video entitled, "Boyfriend" which started with video clips of water drops moving on a loudspeaker to the sound. I thought that looked very coincidentally like the artwork I had depicted in the video commercial I had made for a company that was involved in advanced sound healing. 


Electronic Art
artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

It's my understanding that a great number of people especially teenage women so far have the ability to connect and communicate with the being of Voon Muhn Rahn as the forever being that he is, being strongly present and seemingly incarnated with that Justin Bieber body. Meaning that is who Justin Bieber is spiritually speaking. And by the way I know Voon Muhn Rahn is not a Christian. So I am interested to see how that works out as his true spiritual being awakens in his new body.

So I observed how the teenage girls were creating that kind of connection and I just allowed more and more in that regard of my inner ability to communicate with Voon Muhn Rahn to sort out what was happening and what is next now that we made it this far.

Mostly I focused on working with the All That Is on the Elprehzleinn business and on understanding how to go forward in the present situation and under the current circumstances and that is where this is at today as he released the acoustic version of "Believe" this day that I am writing this.

From my point of view all the people that knew him back in the other body have disappeared and dropped out of the scene of my life. I did have some very helpful few and far between conversations with some of those people. However from my point of view here I am holding within me a plan and a story that for me is absolutely coming true and incredible as it gets and incredible challenges and massive rewards and intense experiences.


For me I was there from before it all started and personally involved to this day in my own way. So when I share this with other people it is a lot of fun and quite a challenge to put things across in a way that even makes any sense. So I am happy that I was able to write this today and include the various links and so on that make this perhaps the best summary of my relationship in this lifetime with Voon Muhn Rahn and the two bodies I have known him to have, and the strange connection with Elvis Presley.

It was my pleasure to share this with you today.

With Love Itself, and Peace and Fun,

This is a picture I designed with Voon Muhn's help of one of the oldest beings the equivalent of trillions of years old named, "Ruhnyiam" who would be Voon Muhn's true father from the other world where they are both truly from. According to our story.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

p.s. In all the time I worked with Voon Muhn Rahn so far my understanding from him, with the others, and from the All That Is is that in the grand plan for the greatness of all beings to return it is the sound of the true voice of a forever being named Voon Muhn Rahn that was the most important focus of what Voon Muhn is contributing in his presence here in the world. That for the purposes of what we are doing it was the sound of his "Amazing Grace" that as a business project for Elprehzleinn is the most important work. 

So to that effect and considering there actually is and has been a lot of other work that also needs to be done and has been done and the various business regarding all of that. When it comes to working things out with where it is currently at with his voice one of the things I do is I put together a playlist in iTunes of Elvis Presley, Robyn singing on "The Sword", and Justin Bieber.

I have about 35 songs currently like that intermingled and I play that and listen for the commonality for the true voice and put together an image and a vision of what is yet to come as he does what he said he would and continues his transformation into the full voice, and takes the stage name of Robyn Elprehzleinn and returns to consciousness about who he truly is, and how we are doing business together since before Justin Bieber was born, and how that all works out. 

Here is a youtube playlist I started to share publicly with one song from Elvis, Justin, and Robyn respectively to get you started if you are interested in the experiences you can have with this you can listen right now. It's the same being coming through in all 3 bodies, that is the idea. The true voice of Voon Muhn Rahn is coming through in certain ways through each one of the three bodies.

Obviously now that Justin's voice is changing and his career is unfolding exactly as it was foreseen as his voice comes in more fully and as he remembers who he is and gets back to working with me if anything like that even ever happens at all then really great things are about to be heard and seen and what happens from that most amazing grace in terms of the betterment of the world. We will see how it unfolds, exactly as it was foreseen in alignment with each of our respective and collective destiny and individual freedom of choice.





Our mission is to help spiritual beings to benefit from being aware of their bodies and how the bodies function in relation to the spiritual being. To provide and help and support to know, design, choose and achieve your destiny with fun, pleasure, love, joy, and fulfillment. Our core belief system is that we believe it is better to have no beliefs.

life transformation, mind power,  money, luck, love, coaching for success,

We are here to help spiritual beings to be aware of the reality of who they truly are (meaning that they are spiritual beings), to embrace the full empowerment of what a spiritual being is, and to have that be functional in this human existence in this lifetime, in this body, in whatever way that spiritual being feels is most wonderful according to their own freedom and choice.


In fulfilling this mission we support healthy understanding and functioning of the mind, and we believe that love is the greatest magic of them all, and that sexually being lovers in love frequently touch the true nature of who they are simply by being free in love sexually in the true meaning of what is sacred sexuality pure true love and they come together in their love in that way naturally and wholly in harmony and communion with the ONE that is ALL THAT IS the love that has no name and it is the most sacred magical wonderful thing that ever existed and so we support that happening and we support the handling of the various things that might try to stop that happening.


Which brings us back to the mission regarding the body awareness including the various programming and other matters involved with keeping things wonderful on this planet and ever more so! Click here to read another dimension and further clarification of our mission.



This is my mission. With Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy, Fun, Passion and the Forever Light.

yours truly, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

p.s. do you know the meaning of ELPREHZLEINN ?
It means,
"excellence is the way it is".