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"The power of thoughts is real and we must learn to use it positively. The future holds the promise of our destiny. We can have a foretaste of it and live in its reality in advance, by projecting an image of it in our imagination. Positive thinking by the means of imagination becomes an effective exercise, capable of transforming our entire life."
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What It Is

Why To Do It

How To Do It



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I have noticed in studying success that whenever somebody is either being talked about for a success they are achieving or that they achieved or whenever somebody achieves a success that is great and wonderful the word, "unbelievable" is most frequently spoken. That seems to me to be the most common word that is used to describe exactly what we are going for here. Unbelievable success for your life. I have also noticed that the common advice and inspiration that is given to people that are wanting to create success for themselves but that don't have it yet is to "believe" or "believe in yourself" or "believe in your dreams".

It seems to me that if you want to produce a success then you need to get to the place where people see you and you see yourself doing what you are doing when you are successful and it is "unbelievable". It also seems to me that if you start off trying to find something to believe in and thinking that you need to believe in something in order to get successful then you are starting off focusing on the opposite of what you want to achieve.

On the Elprehzleinn website page that has been there since 1995 pretty much exactly as it is now the section entitled, "What Is a Body" anyways. That section provides us with an idea that could be helpful here and could monumentally improve your ability to succeed at anything right from the starting point here in this short book. The idea is that it is better to have no beliefs. And to only believe that. It's explained in more detail if you go and visit that page which you can do click here. However for the purpose of this book which is highly technical and based on only accomplishing one thing and doing that very well this idea is all we need.

The idea that it is better to have no beliefs. And let us translate that now for our purposes here. This is simply to say that what we are going for is unbelievable success for you and in your life. Can we accomplish that? And how?

Yes, and easily enough.

Please consider this is an extremely short book. It is meant to inspire and counsel you on a method that is devised from decades of research and application to be one of the most effective and helpful ways to actually fully capitalize on the power of your mind and how to use it to generate any success you can imagine, desire, and expect. By doing your best to actually apply the very simple idea that is all that this book is about conveying you can gain the gigantic results and benefits of both understanding and actually applying the very best knowledge on mind power. Without having to study it. This book gets you to do it, and then study will not be necessary as you will be studying your own success and living your dreams instead.

The basic idea herein is to make a very certain kind of list, using a particular word formula in front of each item, and followed by your own dreams and wishes as best as you can imagine them to start off with. And then you keep that list and keep checking those items off each day. Doing so you would find that your desire and inspiration to fine tune and focus your goals and dreams will be automatic as will the actual materialization of what you wrote down. We feel that if you do what we are counseling you to do in this book even though it is very short to read it might take you longer to set up your list. And that once you do it will be far far more valuable than the price of this book, in so many ways, and so many kinds of value to you. That is our feeling about it. We are very proud and very pleased to share this with you and the ideas contained herein.




JorYoolng Lourng Vunt Thrahng Corelng Borngejuh

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What It Is

This book is an advanced module to various other works I have published most notably "Life Transformation System A-Z" and "The Practically Magical Use of Lists". In particular this advanced module is what you might consider a way of taking everything that is presented in the entirety of those other books and condensing it all down into this one practice. In other words this is a very potent and very powerfully effective way of creating what Charles Haanel in the Psychology of Business Success terms "Dynamic Mind".

What that refers to is the thoughts that form your vision of what your heart desires for your life held strong and focused upon repeatedly. The power of mind concentration and how that works. You can read about how to focus and concentrate your mind for success all day long for the next ten or fifty or more years but it isn't the same as if you actually understand how it works and try it and do it for yourself. So this book is almost entirely about just showing you a very effective way of doing it for yourself that should prove itself to you very quickly.

This book in that regard stands on it's own as a extraordinary counsel regarding a way of forming and generating your own success. This is a way that is both succinct and highly effective we feel certain of that. Since doing the focusing and concentrating of mind is considered by the masters to be the most difficult thing to do and since the counsel in this book succinctly and effectively focuses on defining, building, and achieving your own success this book and the counsel it contains is both a gift and a challenge.

It is a gift because if you just do it, you can bypass so many of the difficulties and just have the success you want. It is a challenge because just doing it may trigger the very pitfalls and difficulties it is designed to help you avoid. Nevertheless the author feels certain that the elegance of the "Advanced Win List" method and practice is considerate of the difficulties and is a considerable advantage to any being that chooses to try it out.

Whether you have completely taken up the home study course which is "Life Transformation System A-Z" including "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" in it's entirety and on that basis now feel ready for something even more advanced and excellent, or whether you have the courage to simply go forward with this book only. Either way, this is a book to help you do what you need to do to be unbelievably successful in all areas of your life.


Why To Do It

The reason for reading this book and more importantly for doing what it counsels you to do is that there is only one thing you need to do to be successful. Every body does it who is successful it seems to me. Every body else tries everything else and eventually comes back to the same thing. The same thing, the one thing, the only thing that is common to all success is that you have to mentally image it first. Whatever you call that, and however you do that, it needs to be done.

CLICK HERE to listen to JoreJj speak about "The One Thing".

So the reason why to read this book, and the reason why to do what it counsels you to do is because there are a million reasons why NOT TO be successful and this method cuts right through all of them and helps you stay focused on what actually is your success. Your success is what you think it is before it happens.

Another reason why to do this is because if you can imagine what you think is best for your life in every area of your life, and you can actually hold that kind of mental image in your imagination and add to that your desire and expectation and feel free enough to be joyful about holding that then would you really prefer to have something else in your life? In other words, knowing internally and clearly what you most desire for your life to be would you choose to prefer something other than what you most desire?


Some say horsemen, some say warriors,
Some say a fleet of ships is the loveliest
Vision in this dark world, but I say it’s
What you love.


You can prefer what you most desire, in your imagination. You can. And when you do, it tends to come out into the illusion we call real life, as manifest reality. So do this and you can have your dreams come true is also the basic idea of why to do it.

Not only have I been exposed to some of the very best popular books on success in life. I have also been exposed to very private people that are experts on various facets of all this. People that I had privileged access to. And also people AND unseen beings through what is called channeling that are not readily known about or available to the general public. The point I am making is that for decades and no doubt lifetimes what it takes to be entirely successful is an area of study and expertise for me that I have been blessed to accomplish with marvelous and sometimes strange and unusual help and support of the finest quality. And it always comes down to the same thing.

What this book does for you is that it condenses all the best knowledge that is out there, and that I privately attained into a very reliable "compression" of that knowledge in a way that you can apply it. Even our own Life Transformation System A-Z which IS a fabulous home study course that already does this is compressed further into the gem that this book is. So why should you do this? Because this way you don't have to study all the other books and courses in order to finally come around to the same idea that what it takes is the same no matter how you get to knowing what that is. And what this book counsels you to do is what I feel is the summary of what all the other books and courses and knowledge point towards. And this does not point you to it, rather this is it.

This is what you need to do: You need to get clear about what you desire, focus on it, and keep focusing on it until it comes true. And here in this book I describe a way how to do that.

Another and final for now reason that I submit to you for doing this is because as much as you read or study or search and try to be successful in life or more successful in more areas of your life the great distinction is that your own success is never EVER going to be exactly the same as any other person's success. Think about that deeply and profoundly and you can realize your own success much easier. And here in this book you can learn how to do the one kind of list and practice focusing and editing and working with that list in a way that continually moves you more and more out of the wish for general success and into the wishing and dreaming and calling forth and spelling out and defining and knowing your own success clearly. And being able to focus on that. Which is all that it takes. Which is the most difficult and most rewarding thing you can do to be successful. So let it be.


How To Do It

For people reading this book that have already read and worked with "Life Transformation System A-Z" including "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" you may be familiar with and can refer to Chapter 1 of "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" where you learned to do the world famous win list exercise. If you did not read that book or are not currently using that win list exercise then you can go and do that first as a foundation for what counsel I am about to share with you on how to do an "Advanced Win List". Or you can just ignore that other material and simply use this exercise as is.

For those who are using the win list as described in that other book you can simply add the list items I am going to show you how to do here to that existing win list or you can stop doing that other win list and only do this advanced win list. While this list may start off fairly simply enough as I said earlier things are going to get unbelievable. So you might want to keep the foundation of the basic win list in place and just add this to it.

It's exciting to think about you actually using this advanced win list technology in your own life very soon. Let me explain to you how to do it now.

First thing is you need to find or maybe you already have a way of keeping a list that you can write out lengthy list items. Like paragraphs if you need to. And you need to be able to check off each item. For Apple devices, which is what I use the software I like is Easy Note. I can write out long lists of items and they have check boxes. When I check off the item it stays in my list.

So I can use it again.

Some reminder or list apps or software delete the item once it is checked off and that is not going to work. You need to be able to write out a list of items as long as you like and have a way of checking off the items, seeing them checked off and then being able to uncheck them and do that again the next day. Meaning check them off as done again the next day.

You can use paper to do this, only rather than physically checking off the paper you would be better off I feel mentally checking off the items. Otherwise you would have a lot of check marks building up next to each item as the days progressed.

Now you need the magic formula that I designed for this advanced win list, and a basic understanding of how to use it will be provided shortly. Here is the formula:

"Imagine, Desire, and Expect in Our Own Universe with our Higher Self and the Omnipotent Omniscient Divine One Being:"

For each, "to do" item on your list you begin each item with that full phrase followed by whatever it is that you want in your life as if it has already happened. We want you to work on this for however long it takes step by step until you have a list of items that you feel is comprehensive of everything you want in life. You can edit and change each item and each description of each item any time you like, and you should if you feel inspired to.

Now try that out because there is something that happens in the brain when you actually do it. It may seem confusing if you do not try this out now, or soon. If you feel like continuing to read first, and then do it later, please understand it will become clearer when you try it. The entire purpose of this book is to provide you with the knowledge so that you can do this exercise and make and keep this advanced win list. You can think of it as a wish list, or you can think of it as your magic dream book, it is up to you what you call the list. You will find if you make it, and then keep it, and check each item off each day that miracles of manifesting what you wrote down will occur.

It may be that for those people that did go through all the steps involved in doing "Life Transformation System A-Z" that this exercise will make more sense and might possibly be easier to make and keep. However I know that for any person who does this list the greatest things can happen. It is in the doing of this that every benefit of focusing and concentrating your mind can come to you. You can literally write out any success you desire to achieve in any and all areas of your life and by the process of making and keeping this list you can experience them come true.

Any effort other than making and keeping the list would seem easy because you would be inspired by the mind power forces generated.

Now let's clarify how to do this. Take the phrase that starts with "Imagine, Desire, and Expect..." and put that full phrase as the beginning of each and every item on a "to do" list in an app of your choice that you can check off item by item. If you don't have an app or to do software then adapt our counsel to paper. After the magical formula we provide you write out in any format you prefer whatever your heart desires for your life now and in the future. You write it all out as if it is already achieved.

In the present moment. So that even if you want something at a certain date you time travel to that date and write it out as if you already have it, on that date.

You can write out items, or paragraphs that describe entire realities. Fully and completely list out like this everything you can possibly imagine until you feel there is nothing more you could imagine. If this takes you weeks or even months to feel that way, just keep going when you have time until you feel it is fully listed out. Then start each day to read or scan or review each item and then check it off.

Make sure the item does not get deleted as you will need to clear the check marks and then repeat again the next day. If you miss a day, or longer, don't worry. You will also find that as you read and review each item each day that several things will occur that are very important for you to know about now. The first thing is that you will notice a desire to change what you wrote. To edit in other words. So do that whenever you feel inspired to. Sometimes you feel a kind of urging to make some edits but not yet the feeling that you are ready to do so. But when you feel ready, make the improvements or changes or deletions or additions that come to mind.

Like that you refine your dream, you commune with your soul and higher mind, you tune into the highest form of your dreams and desires. If you have a kind of to do list app that allows for images, feel free to add images.

The next thing I feel you will inevitably notice is that items you have written out as dreams or wishes as if they had already occurred will have occurred. What this means is that what once you wrote as a dream and then you kept seeing it and reading it and thus focusing on it each day and checking it off has materialized in your life. The act of writing it down and reading it or reviewing it has brought forces into action that cause a chain reaction. The chain reaction starts with your thoughts and is catalyzed by your concentration upon them to set forth a chain reaction.

"Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition, are like highly explosive vibration bombs which when set off shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired...sincere words or affirmations repeated understandingly, feelingly, and willingly, are sure to move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force to render aid in your difficulty!"
Paramahansa Yogananda

When you observe this chain reaction to result in the fact that you reading an item on your list that was once your wish and is now your reality you can delete the item from your list, or if you desire it to continue or to repeat again then you can certainly leave the item on there. The more items on your list, the better. However any items on your list and using the list is far more effective than avoiding this practice. Whatever you start with will evolve magically you can be sure if you use this practice the way it is described by checking off each item each time you look at the list.

Then you "uncheck all" or however you can uncheck the items so that the check boxes are ready for you to check again the next day.

Now what exactly are you checking off as a completed item on your advanced win list? You are checking off that you have done exactly what it said, you imagined, desired, and expected etc exactly as it was written, whatever you wrote. And so it is. The power of this is so incredible I can only hope you try it.

All the best.

Oh, and one more thing, even if I already alluded to this. The idea of your own success being not the same as any other person's success is a critical benefit for you to realize from doing this. The more you craft and rewrite and edit and improve on what you have written as times goes on the more you are "doing it right". By focusing often on reading what you have written and evaluating how you feel about it and evaluating the quality and content of what you have written you can discover the experience of what seems to be spontaneously desiring to make improvements to what you have there.

Appreciation, eVALUEation, and forgiveness. As you get the list made in the first place that is the first achievement. Then as you keep the list it grows in value until this list you can find is one of your greatest treasures. It's your own power, computer assisted, or paper and pen assisted if you do it that way. Your own thoughts and feelings formed and then focused on like that is an expression and even a container for your power. It's a place where your personal power grows and builds, that list is. And it also becomes a valuable generator of your success. That list contains and holds and helps you build the power of your own inner reality, your own thoughts and feelings. That list is a place that shows what your best choices and decisions for your life are clearly made. And you can appreciate that. You can value that. And that also happens automatically by doing this list.

Forgiveness? It just helps a lot in the process as you start to realize that things are showing up that you put on your list. It just helps you as you create and focus on your list because you have the courage to expand beyond the limits of what you think can have in the illusion we call real life. You have the courage to expand your limits because what you write on your list can be anything you can imagine. It doesn't have to be realistic or practical. It just needs to be yours. What you most prefer, the best you can imagine. And that is a process to come around to and evermore define and redefine what that is.

And that is how this works so well, and how to be successful so relatively easily. Forgiveness plays a role because as things materialize you can see how it is actually coming to be what you once only wished for. And as you experience what is actually coming in, there can be honest evaluation, true appreciation in all its facets, and forgiveness.


The basic idea you have here is to begin by determining and working out a method for keeping lists that you can check off and then recycle without having to write the item over again. We recommended Easy Note app for Apple Devices because we know that works, however anything you like is preferred. What you do with that list is precede it with the magical formula we gave which is "Imagine, Desire, and Expect in Our Own Universe with our Higher Self and the Omnipotent Omniscient Divine One Being:" and then you write after that anything you desire or wish or otherwise can imagine you want in your life as if you already have it. No limits whatsover. You write out simple items, or you write out long paragraphs. You make as many items as like in your "wish list" otherwise known as your "Advanced Win List".

By doing so you can enjoy the many benefits of doing the win list which are more fully described in our book, "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" in Chapter 1. Here let me just elucidate on the matter by saying that the benefits of the win list are first and foremost that this literally allows your mind to be taken off automatic pilot. In other words practicing this list allows you to think creatively and freely with the permission of your subconscious mind. Rather than having your subconscious mind shut you down or blockade you.

You can truly practice and succeed at the art of consciously creating your own reality like this. You can form and focus sufficiently on thoughts of what you imagine, desire, and expect for your life and enjoy the way those thoughts can and do become reality. You can enjoy the ease of living that way. You can accomplish feats of mind power that previously were unattainable for all but a few people. Easily enough. There are innumerable benefits.

It is important that you simply read and edit as you feel inspired to as often as you can, as much as once or twice a day spend time with your list. This is because the art of this is to form and focus on the thoughts and thus the feelings of what you desire you life to be. In that way gaining the power of your own destiny and heart and soul counsel and the unstoppable magic of doing so.

As mentioned this advanced win list can be done on it's own without any further exercises. However there are a number of possible enhancements to keeping this list that I highly recommend. Those include taking our full "Life Transformation System A-Z" program, and also obtaining and using our "Empowerment Script" which you can attain by clicking here.



You can write anything you want to in the list as long as you make sure and protect yourself and others by using the magic formula as provided. You can see here in these screen captures of my personal advanced win list in Easy Note in my iPad mini that the main list screen looks totally identical. Then when I click in on any one particular item there only do you see it all written out.

So as I said above it is vitally important to release all limitations about what you can write. I understand that privacy could be an issue and this I can assure you is well worth working it out. Also vitally important is that you realize for yourself and make sure and tell anybody else that you might share your list with that this is IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. This is not in any way what you have in the illusion we call real life. This is an imaginary listing that does not play by the rules of ordinary reality. This does not have to be practical. This is a "game of life" where you are working with your thoughts and feelings and creativity and choices and decisions in a safe place you have created for yourself in your lists under the protection of your higher self and the divine being and because you know this is in your imagination.

Just as actors do not go to jail for portraying crimes in a TV drama series, neither should you be guilty or punished for what you write out and read and focus on and create like this in your own universe. The caveat is that it is ESSENTIAL that you write that magic formula I gave you at the beginning of each item. ESSENTIAL and for your protection. This is strong magic.

And if I have not yet made it absolutely clear it is also critically important that you realize that what you write in your lists is NOT so-called REAL. It is imaginary. That list is your own universe. What happens and what comes about IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE is probably going to become a version of what you have IN THERE in your lists. However do not mix the two worlds up in your mind whatsoever. No matter what materializes on the outside even if it is identical to what you wrote in your list please realize that what is in your list stays in your list. When and if it shows up or not in some form or another in the so-called real world then it is something else in another place and you can make lists of appreciation for what you attained like that if you want to. But it is not the same world as the lists were made to describe and call forth and create.

The lists are being made in the more real world of imagination. What occurs in outer manifestation would have come through under the auspices of the All That IS the divine being that is and your higher self because that is how it was set forth. In our book, "How To Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win" we describe how to make a results journal. You can do that if you want, make a separate list that contains a description of what you materialized. Possibly start each item with "I appreciate" and then write out that which materialized as you would describe it. Call that which you gained in the illusion meaning what showed up on your "Appreciation List" or your "Results Journal". Just do not mix that list up with your Advanced Win List, or whatever you call the list this book counsels you how and why to make and keep.

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